View Full Version : [ubuntu] hard drive config, live cd install, password PROBLEMS!

December 6th, 2008, 09:40 AM
i am lost i hope i am posting in the right place. i need help! please! i have spent 4-5 days trying to get the live cd 8,10 to auto format and partition and download "into" my computer. further more i do not know where to start to explain my problem. i was making upgrades from ubuntu 8.04 desktop to server 8.10 and my computer crashed. as best as i can explain i downloaded a live cd and tried to install it into my computer. it boots but does not install to hard drive. i have reinstalled a million times and have got thousands of error messages. (mostly error squashsf, error 15, 17, and so on. i have repartitioned a thousand times because of memory. now as best as i can tell the grub, mbr, usr, etc directories, disk drive are not in the right directories. i started "building" a base system now i cannot do anything because of passwd problems. i have no password, cannot change, reset, or anything. how do i get the live cd to install and now how to i wipe out passwd default so i can reset it. i cannot use any commands such as sudo.
i am sorry if i am having trouble explaining i am highly frustrated and weary plus hard drive stupid. i am computer suave but for some reason i am stuck. i believe it is hard drive problems that is causing directory dysfunction. i had ubuntu 8.04 on my computer before the upgrade to 8.10 server. ubuntu is the only system. i have an exterior drive that had the system on it i believe it is gone along with windows xp from old system.
thank you ruby