View Full Version : [ubuntu] Installer restarted Gnome right after partitioning

December 5th, 2008, 11:20 PM
I have installed Ubuntu as dual boot many time before but I have never encountered the following issue.

I booted the live CD and started the install. Since I had Windows on the disk prior to this install, I went ahead and gave Windows 50% or the disc and Ubuntu the other half. Once the partitioner finished I was presented with the preview screen, just like it always does and once you hit Next the installation will begin.

When I did that this time, Gnome crashed and dumped me out to the login screen. Since it was the live CD, I was logged in again after 10 seconds, but the installer has stopped. So I started it again, but this time it does not find any partitions to install to.
I can still access the Windows partition via Nautilus, so I backed up everything I needed to one of my servers. This Windows partition is half the size of the physical hard drive, so it appears as if the partitioner succeeded to split it in half.

What happened and what do I do from here?

When I restarted and booted with the lice CD again, it now detected the other partition as Unused. So I had to manually create partitions on the unused space. It works now anyhow. Very bizarre that this issue came about.