View Full Version : [ubuntu] RDP to corporate servers requires administrative access?

December 5th, 2008, 08:12 PM
Using XP I can RDP into anything on the corporate network (both our own servers and the ones at the corporate offices).

Using Intrepid, I can RDP into our own servers but the servers at the corporate office say that I must have administrative access. I can get the server's login prompt, but no matter what, it says I must have administrative access.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I would need to do to get the corporate servers to allow me in? I'm conducting a trial run to see if we can move to Ubuntu for the corporate network and this is one hurdle I definitely need to solve.

December 7th, 2008, 11:43 PM
3 things:

1. Are your Corp. servers Server 2008?
2. You are logging in with your domain account right (username@domain)? Not trying to log in locally to the servers?
3. Try the rdesktop app as another test