View Full Version : [ubuntu] 8.04 LTS Can see workgroups but can't see windows shares

December 5th, 2008, 04:15 PM
I have been using 8.04LTS 64 bit for 6 months now with no problems. I decided to try 8.10 64bit and after getting a new video card, got it working. Then I found out that samba didn't work correctly so I followed the info I found in posts here and downgraded the samba stuff to the older one to get it working. I then went to set my static IP addresses and found that the network manager did not work properly with static ips. I followed the info I found here and got them set but they did not work properly (had to restart networking every reboot)and I lost access to any shares on the network here at the office. All the other machines (windows and mac) see them fine.

I decided to wipe out 8.10 and go back to 8.04LTS 64bit. I formatted my drives and installed it clean and fresh. Unfortunately, I can not see the network share just like in 8.10. I thought that was weird so I wiped it and reinstalled again to be sure. Still could not see them. I thought maybe something was left over from 8.10 on the hard drives so I bought a new 250G drive and popped it in and removed my old ones. I reinstalled fresh and still no network shares.

I have tried every trick here and have had no luck.

Any suggestions?