View Full Version : [ubuntu] motorola wireless card works in Intrepid; NOT Hardy

December 5th, 2008, 05:15 AM

Apologies if I get any of this wrong. I've tried Ubuntu for the first time.

I have a ghz AMD hp box. When I first installed Intrepid, it discovered my wireless card, a motorola broadcom one, without any real effort from me.

But I couldn't get the monitor resolution better than 800x600, so I downgraded to Hardy.

Now I have the monitor working properly (1280x1024), but the wireless card isn't detected and network config says wireless is disabled.

Can I rip out the wireless driver that I know works from Intrepid and use it with Hardy?

December 8th, 2008, 06:35 AM
Just to keep this current, I've now installed Ubuntu 8.10 once and downgraded to 8.04.

I can get the wireless card working with the 8.10 live CD. I grab the Broadcom B43 wireless legacy driver from System > Hardware and it works fine.

Even when I go here:
and try their driver, it fails on startup.

according to winblows my wireless card is a Motorola Broadcom WPCI810g

it seems with Intrepid I can have wireless but no better than 800x600 res
but in Hardy I can have 1280x1024 but no wireless.

I'll take any help u can give me but I'm sick of chasing my tail on this one...