View Full Version : [ubuntu] Which Laptop to buy?

December 4th, 2008, 10:55 PM
I'm needing a laptop. I heard that Ubuntu was getting released on several price point laptops, but when looking it looks like the companies are still getting Microsoft incentives to keep Xp out there. How can it be that the same hardware cost more for a free os vs one that charges as much as the laptop to actually buy it?

To go under the 300 mark it looks like I have to go without a HD (4 gig HD? I have Ubuntu running on a OLD p2 pc with a 6 gig hd from an even older pc in it, and Ubuntu REQUIRES 3 gig, so why are these things coming with only 4 gig. Users are not going to be happy.

Anyway, these are the 3 I'm looking at, and yes, 2 of them are xp home... Sad as I know I’m wiping XP off of it as soon as it arrives. Anyone else out there have suggestions? Are these manufactures truly trying to put cheaper pcs out there without having to inflate the price to include Microsoft licensing fees?




And yes I've also looked at the Dell system, but 512k ram, 4 gig solid state hd for 350? price rises to over 500 to raise it to 1 gig ram and 32 gig solid state hd with no actual hd available??


How can the systems shipping with an supposidly 90 dollar software on them cost less???

I don't know if this is a place to complain about this, but the way I'm seeing it is the largest complaint I hear on Ubuntu users is finding games to run on it. I see wide acceptance of Ubuntu or any Linux distro as nails in the coffin of Windows. I see EA following the users. And if the users are all using Ubuntu, I'm thinking we might see more releases of say Battlefield being both linux and windows. I was very hopeful of Ubuntu released cheaper laptops as bringing more to the ubuntu crowd, and it looks like the powers that be, like the electric car, are undermining this experiment.