View Full Version : [ubuntu] GigaFast on a Acer 3680-2684

December 4th, 2008, 09:05 PM
Ok, here are the facts upfront:

Got tired of Vista on my Acer 3680 laptop, blew it off and loaded Ubuntu 8.10 on it.

Got the famed Arethos Wifi card built into the laptop, though i suspect it's removable/replaceable

This is the Arethos chipset that doesn't like anything, including MadWifi

I have a GigaFast WF748-CUI (USB), though it doesn't use the ZD drivers that I've seen (here), that other WF748-CUI people are using

If I try to use the ZD driver's, the GUI in Ndis says that it's the incorrect one and the hardware's not detected

The correct drivers (From Windows) for this WF748-CUI SEEM to work as the device is seen, however when I run gnome-network-admin as the config tool, ALL the connections are grayed out including the umbilical cord that I have plugged into the router that I used to download the files

The driver that i use for my WF748-CUI is (sis163u.inf)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been messing with this for a little while now and would love to be able to keep Linux as the WIFI is important since I take this laptop with me to conventions.