View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem with WICD

December 4th, 2008, 04:01 PM

I had a problem with Gnome network manager - it would always drop the connection in few minutes an I needed to manually click on that particular network to reconnect, otherwise it would not do anything. So I decided to try wicd. I downloaded following file: wicd_1.5.5_all.deb form the website. Then I uninstalled network manager and installed wicd. now I am can't even bring wicd to work:

When I click on wicd icon in menu>internet>wicd, the icon gets activated, as if going to start, but nothing happens and nothing starts, just some increased background CPU activity. Then I tried to open the terminal and type wicd - here is what I got: "Root priviledges are required for the daemon to run properly". Then I typed sudo wicd, and it brings up following line as an answer: "/var/run/wicd/wicd.pid" - and gets frozen there, nothing else happens.

What would be the best way to bring wicd alive? I have Hp Pavilion DV2500t and ubuntu intrepid. Since I have no internet connection, I can only use my usb to transfer files. I don't really want to try network manager again, I would be happy to bring WICD to work.

Thanks in advance