View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem printing certain files with CUPS (in Hardy)

December 4th, 2008, 11:29 AM
I've had problems in printing some OpenOffice files through CUPS. CUPS would process the job and mark it as Done but in the Page number column it would read "Unknown" and the printer acted like nothing ever happened.

I devised a quick and dirty fix, exporting the document to PDF and printing it from Evince. To my dismay, I've now notice some PDF documents won't print either!

Perhaps fixed in Intrepid and Im planning a switch but having a hard time finding a free weekend for it (it's a server and I want to do a clean install..lots of work getting the users and setting back in place again)

Here's a link to a PDF I've been unable to print:

Anyone had the same problem?


Solved by upgrading to Intrepid. Still need Acrobat for a few rare files though.