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December 4th, 2008, 10:24 AM
I'm having serious problems installing Silverstripe (both 2.2.3 and 2.3.0 RC2) on Intrepid.

I have LAMP stack installed as follows:

apache 2.2.9-7ubuntu3
mysql Ver 14.12 Distrib 5.0.67, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2
PHP 5.2.6-2ubuntu4 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Oct 14 2008 20:18:13)

When installing Silverstripe in /var/www (or anywhere else for that matter), is get an error from the installer as follows:

Friendly URLs are not working. This is most likely because mod_rewrite isn't configuredcorrectly on your site. Please check the following things in your Apache configuration; you may need to get your web host or server administrator to do this for you:

* mod_rewrite is enabled
* AllowOverride All is set for your directory

mod_rewrite is installed and enabled. I find it under Loaded Modules when running phpinfo() and the Silverstripe installer claims to be happy that mod_rewrite is enabled too.

I've put the directive below into the /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file (which is included by apache.conf) and also straight into apache.conf and then restarted apache.

<Directory /var/www>
AllowOverride All

None of this has helped. Has anyone run into the same problems? I'm convinced that it's some small setting somewhere that will get it working.


December 4th, 2008, 11:25 PM
I got a reply for a Silverstripe user on their forums and his advice was to add the following to the Apache config file (apache.conf or httpd.conf)

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On

I'll post back if this works.


May 27th, 2009, 05:02 AM
I just ran into this myself while trying to install silverstripe into a subdirectory of /var/www. My best guess is that the AllowOverride directive doesn't automatically apply to subfolders since using a more specific path worked for me. Adding the following to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf allowed silverstripe to install without errors:

<Directory /var/www/test>
AllowOverride All

In this case I had uploaded all of the silverstripe files to the 'test' directory.

October 20th, 2009, 03:26 PM
Has anyone gotten SilverStripe to install? I can get it to install, but can't get the modules (this case event_calender) to install. I am having difficulty using the /dev/build function.

I am using Ubuntu 9. PHP 5 ans mySQL from a LAMP install. Any help would be appreciated.