View Full Version : [ubuntu] external HD recognition or mount

December 4th, 2008, 01:31 AM
I have struggled with external recognition , googled, pestered other folks and now I am where I should have been in first place. Typically If I am able to boot I am in ubuntu 8.10 then power down come back power up and receive either grub loading wait error 21 or 22. I power off, unplug USB, re plug usb go to BIOS and sometimes its there sometimes its not. Eventuall I go to advance go through the drill and there it is and save, power up and back in ubuntu.
So I tried another approach:
allen@allen-laptop:~$ su
root@allen-laptop:/home/allen# /mnt/usbdisk
bash: /mnt/usbdisk: No such file or directory
Now lest you think I know more then I do please be advised I am fairly new so I need to know how specifically to create this file or will this work.
Does someone have a better approach as this is new ground, but I have a small HD and this is a necessity