View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dell E1705 unstable after installing 8.10

December 4th, 2008, 01:24 AM
The PC is pretty much unusable for anything other than casual web browsing. Here's the list of problems I'm having with 8.10 (fresh install)

- Keyboard randomly locks up. Only solution is to logout/login.
- Windows / Desktop / Menu-bar randomly freeze. Solution: power-down/up.
- Wireless (Intel) unreliable - randomly drops connection.
- VPNC won't stop or re-start after wireless drops and reconnects. vpnc-disconnect will not kill it, kill -9 won't stop it. Solution: re-boot
- Keyboard auto-repeat and delay cannot be tuned to reasonably low values.
- tsclient will not shut-down once wireless disconnects/reconnects. Solution is to logout/login
- tsclient leaves artifacts on the desktop, then the desktop freezes. Solution: logout/login or re-boot.