View Full Version : [ubuntu] tried to install HPLIP and now my keyboard and mouse dont respond

December 3rd, 2008, 04:58 AM
My Linux Distribution and version: Ubuntu intrepid ibex (8.10)
printer make/model: HP psc 1350 all in one
I am unable to run 'hp-check -t' so I cannot post the output... I'll see if I can get it done in recovery mode or something and post a followup if I can manage it.

At the moment, I am using a windows partition on my laptop. This laptop is now unable to allow me into Ubuntu because the mouse and keyboard are not responding. Since it's working fine in another OS, I can be sure that there is no issue with the actual hardware. It just seems that once the installer failed, it made many vital things in Ubuntu break.
The first thing I noticed was that the wireless died and went missing from the top dashbar, as well as a couple others such as the update manager. A number of icons such as the ones for wine and amarok in the top dashbar also changed to some other icon (a shiny black square) and were unresponsive while all others which were unchanged such as terminal responded just fine.

All that I did was download from here:
and then follow these instructions:

After putting int the root pass, it reached an area where it mentioned needing quite a few minuets to process, so I left it in the background to work. After some time I noticed the wireless dropped, so I went to check on the installation, afraid that it was messing up because of the disconnection. Sure enough, it had a bunch of errors, but unfortunately I didn't note them down.
And here I am. :(

Any recommendations?