View Full Version : [ubuntu] BB8330 - Modem not responding

December 3rd, 2008, 02:45 AM
So I have followed different guides and after successfully compiling/installing XmBlackBerry and Barry my phone is recognized, XmBlackBerry successfully connects to my phone and can authenticate and see a list of databases.
I even got this to lift my spirits:
XmBlackBerry.c:OptionPopupCallback(1026) - GPRS modem device /dev/pts/3
as in many guides.

But it is unresponsive... using pppd, wvdial, etc all says modem not responding, i tried using CuteCom to see if i could get any response and no luck. I have been able to use Bluetooth to connect with this phone but after searchign for a couple days i have been unable to come up with a solution, any ideas?