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  1. How to package a python project?
  2. Compiling lcd module for gpsim
  3. Compile xmms plugin error
  4. Learning to patch and compile the kernel.
  5. help with installing ns3 in fedora 10
  6. Cross compiling arm with (cx)freeze for python
  7. Creating .debs - not exactly easy
  8. Torque Compilation Errors
  9. Compiling Broadcom STA driver in kernel 2.6.30RC
  10. New package sblim-cmpi-fsvol (v1.4.4) for jaunty
  11. Launchpad compiles with wrong architecture for hardy
  12. User interface made by GTK+ and arm cross copiler
  13. Cannot find -lXtst
  14. Compiling ProjectM 2.0 from SVN for Jaunty
  15. ubuntu-kernel 2.6.28 compilation problem
  16. Compiling network-manager-applet in Jaunty
  17. How Do You Get Python 2.6 as Default?
  18. Automatic package creation
  19. screenshot in synaptic
  20. Scripts for deb packages - what are the options?
  21. [SOLVED] cannot find c++ and fortran compiler
  22. [SOLVED] What is the c++ compiler for ubuntu?
  23. Creating dev package
  24. Packaging for Karmic in Jaunty
  25. make reinstall best practices?
  26. Compiling a linux kernel
  27. Patch dependency after install
  28. Java classpath
  29. Compiling Amarok 1.4.10 in Jaunty Jackalope
  30. Cant get c# programs running under linux
  31. Findings Header Files in Library's
  32. Executing several bash scripts in succession even after reboot
  33. Editing a file using sed/ed
  34. Automization of server installation
  35. Qutecom Compilation Problem(can't find FFMPEG)
  36. Make dpkg-source include removal of debian files in diff?
  37. compiling with "c" commented lines with gfortran
  38. Trying to include <gst/gst.h>
  39. linking to debug libs for use with valgrind
  40. Do you need apt-get for MS Windows?
  41. compiling kernel
  42. Package updates for libsoap-lite-perl/SOAP::Lite 0.71
  43. Compiling OpenGL in Ubuntu 9.04
  44. Which licence is better
  45. Packaging Games
  46. joomla hiccup
  47. Why are Python programs usually put in "Source Packages" rather than "Binary"
  48. How do I compile Gtk applications?
  49. Compiling driver against custom kernel fails
  50. Compiling Jack-Rack 1.4.7
  51. error at ./configure - dmraid upstream patch
  52. How to prompt information from user during postinst?
  53. QT Creator build error
  54. Make variables.... lazy-simple expandable?
  55. create deb from java project
  56. CDBS Issues
  57. creating python modules from Pascal
  58. veryvery simply question about complieing c
  59. How do I create programs (in .deb format) for ubuntu?
  60. [SOLVED] Script for Xubuntu Share 9.04
  61. How to run C file
  62. How to 'compile' a .py file?
  63. clapack.h missing...
  64. Trouble with Boost on Ubuntu
  65. Adding a command to menu using terminal
  66. Help building USB core drivers
  67. problem on importing modules
  68. Problems with QT build dependencies
  69. scons - compiling GTKmm program
  70. Fail to load the *.so files in the same directory ?
  71. How to see the ./configure options for a binary package?
  72. Make Program Look In Right Place for Shared Objects
  73. Building the latest rubygems into a debian package
  74. expected ')' before ';'
  75. How to specify dependacies libwxgtk
  76. Apache and ssl
  77. The bar is _WAY_ too high for people to get involved
  78. I am trying to get HTML Tidy to work on Bluefish
  79. Reproducing a build
  80. Looking for help packaging my project
  81. How to create an executable from a ".o" file?
  82. QT Won't Compile
  83. Force my custom debian package to resolve R dependency from specific repository
  84. Building a debug build of Firefox-3.0 from the source package
  85. build dependencies automatically
  86. QT-programs won't compile
  87. Making an ubuntu application.
  88. Pkg-Config Error
  89. header file <linux/config.h> not found
  90. Need help on MAKE variable value transfer up the hierarchy
  91. Include a plugin in the main repo
  92. Can't locate ExtUtils/PkgConfig.pm
  93. portable java?
  94. kdebase-dev Dependency Wait
  95. ldconfig without root permissions?
  96. Need Help With Firefox Build
  97. Improve translations offline
  98. Help with broken distutils
  99. cpp fails sanity check
  100. unable to backport gtk2-engines-qtcurve from karmic to jaunty
  101. dpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable
  102. Profile-Guided Optimization questions
  103. Makefile compile question
  104. How to change compiler parameter of dpkg-buildpackage
  105. distro independent script
  106. Building firefox on 9.04 64bit - configure can't find gtk+-2.0
  107. confliction between python and trac
  108. sometning must be wrong
  109. Creating static packages
  110. How to build Kftpgrabber from SVN? Problems encountered
  111. Cross-platform compiling.
  112. gcc-4.4 with intrepid?
  113. info documentation missed vs man files for libgsl
  114. Induction needed for an Ubuntu Fresher
  115. Makeing a small custom kernel
  116. Multiple Series Changelog Conventions
  117. Compileing Gyachi!!
  118. Issues creating Makefile with Autotools
  119. Packaging a Firefox extension as deb?
  120. Noob needs help compiling first Tarball
  121. Problem with GSL
  122. Building Evolution
  123. Cannot make libocap
  124. Packaging Pidgin plugins?
  125. Help with LFS
  126. package 'mozilla-gtkmozembed' not found
  127. Need help compiling kernel 2.4.31 for the xbox...
  128. Error compiling Python's matplotlib from svn
  129. How do I perform an Android (Linux) kernel patch?
  130. custom kernel ppa on lunchpad - how-to?
  131. installation error
  132. after compiling, do you remove dependency packages?
  133. QT4 problem
  134. Make .deb from binary.
  135. C++0x error - "error: braces around initializer for non-aggregate type"
  136. tcp server compilation
  137. error compiling open obex
  138. error gedit externel tool
  139. Problems seting up g++ for compiling gtk stuff (complete newbie to ubuntu and c++)
  140. Packaging Notalon as a DEB file?
  141. Compiling USBIP staging modules
  142. .deb vs. repository .deb, difference?
  143. Problem of compiling 32bit binary in 64bit machine
  144. MonoDevelop VB Compiler?
  145. Newbie .deb build : apt-get build-dep after install + more
  146. Error in compiling firefox, missing iwlib.h
  147. Can anyone help me with cross compiling?
  148. make file that links in sdl
  149. Compiling Acetoneiso
  150. [SOLVED] make deb file for ppa
  151. can't find pygtk-devel
  152. Build a package without patches
  153. 2.6.31 kernel patch compilation help needed.
  154. having the same problem with many different music players
  155. Deb Created : gdebi-gtk does not show "Reinstall Package" after successfull install !
  156. Copied a C++ class but my version fails to compile
  157. Convert ISO file to many CD (bootable)
  158. Update Ubuntu's eclipse package
  159. Python 3.1
  160. Ubuntu Developer Week
  161. Problem porting aircrack to mips with ubuntu
  162. Making a vector of func. pointers accept funcs of all types
  163. Errors making Synergy
  164. Meta package for build toolchain
  165. Recursive Makefile Help
  166. powerpc-linux-gnu cross toolchain
  167. a question about makefile
  168. sprosslnk/ sunwsproc issues.. needed help asap.. Please
  169. Help to compile Pisces simulator
  170. unable to install any pkgs,please help
  171. Open-dent
  172. How do i start building .deb ? (Is it necessary in this case)
  173. How to crate .deb package from svn?
  174. Can't compile Epiphany in Karmic
  175. Help releasing my new project
  176. Building Device Drivers - Kernel Source or Headers Required ?
  177. malloc problem
  178. c++ error. iomanip.h
  179. Multicore / Multithreaded Debuild?
  180. tool to add new line at the end of file
  181. How do I change permission for a file in debian/rules
  182. Directing linker to debug library
  183. No module found in the object
  184. Compiling Custom Kernel
  185. Package for application with a plugin
  186. [SOLVED] Attempting to package Aptana... unsuccessfully.
  187. How to downgrade to gcc 3.4?
  188. How to build a deb with check install?
  189. Compiling a MacOSX source on Jaunty 64
  190. How can I install libusb and libfprint form source code?
  191. code does not compile after upgrading to jaunty
  192. can not run it on server? weird?
  193. Libexif and ImageMagick header/src issue
  194. Error on compile: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXrandr
  195. Help Adding brand new packages to a ppa
  196. Compiler Error: undefined reference to `_install_allegro_version_check'
  197. [SOLVED] pbuilder build dependencies.
  198. Really can't figure out how to install g++
  199. glib version confusion when trying to compile atk (for gimp)
  200. [SOLVED] GSPCA make error 2
  201. [SOLVED] How do I add a screenshot in the description of my package?
  202. installing shared object files
  203. configure errors
  204. MPX: The Multi-Pointer X Server
  205. Boost - cross compile - "Windows libraries" from "Linux"
  206. Inserting text in for loop variable of makefile.
  207. Installing Netbeans IDE
  208. compiling hello.c
  209. Permision denied
  210. Pbuilder --create fails
  211. Debuild packages the wrong folder?
  212. packages from debian sid into ubuntu?
  213. Rolling a package with dpkg-deb
  214. [SOLVED] pbuilder and "virtual packages"
  215. Any fully-standard-compliment C++0x compiler?
  216. Compiling MXML to SWF
  217. Writing A Script To Make Then Execute A File?
  218. [SOLVED] How to pass options to checkinstall?
  219. Eclipse can't find mysql.h
  220. clearsign failed : Answers
  221. Compile php 5.3 and build deb package
  222. Public CVS server for everyone to use?
  223. need good C++ IDE
  224. Need help with a complicated package - salome
  225. package a binary server and create a user that run it as a daemon
  226. Linux source\headers needed for compiling
  227. Darkroom(KDE4) 1.3 not building in hardy
  228. network manager missing after update
  229. Strange gcc error
  230. GCC installed cannot run
  231. Looking for 3.1.1 equivalent of python-dev
  232. Running python3.0
  233. netbeans and mysql connector
  234. How do I get single patches applied to the Ubuntu kernel?
  235. gedit install command and location
  236. will nubuilder be in karmic??
  237. MINGW Cross Compile Linker problems
  238. How to make a .deb create menu shortcuts?
  239. Error compiling gcc 4.4.1
  240. Python Help
  241. How do you force setup.py to use X compiler?
  242. monkeystudio crach!
  243. My First .deb: Have I Done it Right?
  244. [SOLVED] Prevent package from being upgraded - how?
  245. error running pkgsrc bootstrap
  246. Dual GCC
  247. G++ - option to don't register system/compiler data in binary.
  248. stdlib under Eclipse 3.2.2 w/ CDT & gcc 4.3.3
  249. Missing asm/io.h when compiling?
  250. mplayer with ordered chapter support...