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  1. [SOLVED] installing gutenprint 5.2.6 in 10.04
  2. Compiling with mingw32
  3. please help me compile dsgrid
  4. [SOLVED] Help with PPA and uploading
  5. What dependencies to include?
  6. [SOLVED] HOWTO (wiki) - Package Ruby Programs and Libraries
  7. Creating install programs with MonoDevelop
  8. Packaging python
  9. Help: Geany
  10. Program compiled for 10.04 doesn't run for 10.10
  11. Really confused with packaging and uploading an app
  12. Help with PPA needed
  13. Help with lintian error!
  14. urgent help needed with sqlite3
  15. FSV - 3D File System Viewer
  16. Multiple rpaths and priority
  17. ircu compiling issues
  18. libACE-5.6.0 DLL::symbol failed for function _make_Logger: Error: check log for detai
  19. [SOLVED] vloopback-source-1.3.2 will not build
  20. can't compile mplayer
  21. [SOLVED] Monodevelop make error
  22. How to Package Java programs
  23. Memory allocation in Ubuntu
  24. [SOLVED] C eclipse help
  25. Compiling the kernel - 8.04 or 10.04?
  26. update libxml2
  27. Compiling the Kernel and CFLAGS
  28. making Geany projects compile together
  29. Confused about version numbering
  30. Packaging my software: how can I make it easiest on the user?
  31. [SOLVED] Makefile that does everything?
  32. Eclipse 3.6 Helios won't build project, compile, or run application
  33. Help installing 32bit app on 64bit Ubuntu/help with building a chroot
  34. org.eclipse.core.jobs
  35. sudo by default? permission?
  36. Cannot access git
  37. [SOLVED] Code::Blocks (G++) Build error
  38. Header files issues
  39. Net::pcap prob
  40. WAR files packaged as source DEBs for Tomcat container +/- source from SVN?
  41. recursive use of Make
  42. DevCpp and OpenCV in lucid
  43. Dependency not satisfiable: libcdio-cdda0
  44. I wrote a script, I want to make a deb
  45. What version of KDE do I have?
  46. size of my compiled binary much larger than packaged binary
  47. help with simple ASM
  48. [SOLVED] C error passing structs to functions with header files
  49. [SOLVED] Making a DEB........ :-/
  50. pip and scapy
  51. How to find resources when --prefix passed to configure
  52. having problems installing glade on lucid
  53. XPLAB ocr pattern recogniton
  54. Help setting up gnuarm on eclipse in ubuntu 10.04
  55. Proper Policy for creating configuration folders
  56. Modify php.ini in php5 package
  57. Using ieee80211_radiotap.h fails
  58. Have pbuilder build a debugging package
  59. 10.10, Why there are so many packages depend on gcc-4.5-base
  60. Cross Compiling for Windows
  61. Trying to Compile a Program Using Glade.
  62. [SOLVED] C simple program, HELP.
  63. Porting autoconf to cmake
  64. compile mplayer + vdpau + maverick
  65. Cross-Compiling libgimp for Windows
  66. Types.H missing
  67. Make Command
  68. [SOLVED] pdebuild using cmake and gdk-pixbuf fails
  69. Trying to compile a MUD (multi user dungeon) in ubuntu
  70. A bunch of errors without even modifying
  71. dh_install missing files
  72. Help compiling LUA 5.1.4.
  73. Bundle two debs
  74. apt & dpkg
  75. Meerkat: QT Creator: QAudioInput missing
  76. GCC can't find stdio.h?
  77. Compiling PDO for PHP5 fails
  78. Compiled in Terminal. Will not open from Desktop.
  79. Compiling very basic c++ program, need help.
  80. Linking trouble with libpHash c++ library
  81. [SOLVED] What does this mean?
  82. svn list coming up empty
  83. compileing programs prob
  84. Mac OS x86_64 Program on Ubuntu
  85. Need help compiling custom kernel using make-kpkg!
  86. gcc in makefile with pkg-config doesn't pickup PKG_CONFIG_PATH
  87. ubuntu application development
  88. Looking for contributor or guidelines for jMonkeyEngine package
  89. Netbeans will not compile Allegro code!!!!!!
  90. How do you create a sym link via a python based deb package?
  91. GTK Linker Problem "undefined reference to"
  92. How to unpack libc6 source on Hardy using debian/rules?
  93. Compiling packages on/for OSes with no gcc or make
  94. [SOLVED] ld.bfd.real: cannot find -lGL
  95. [SOLVED] undefined reference to `main' -- but main is defined
  96. Circular dependency dropped
  97. AUTHOR file?
  98. openssl 1.0.0a make FAIL @ multiple missing header errors on Ubuntu 10
  99. Compiling Firefox from source on 10.10
  100. anybody managed to compile insight3d ?
  101. Question with apt-get remove of my DEB package.
  102. Packaging according to the standards for getting a program in the repositories
  103. How I could package a self-hosting compiler?
  104. Need help compiling Kernel with ARMv6 support
  105. Unable to load custom compiled vmlinux - please help
  106. Creating a Evolution 2.32 PPA for Lucid/Maverick
  107. running Georgs Melon Adventure
  108. Error compiling vis5d+: conflicting types for 'round'
  109. Autotools AC_CONFIG_FILES Question
  110. Compiling issues with a Camera Manufacture’s Software
  111. Why is Ubuntu still frozen?
  112. Cross Compiling MIPS from x86(emdebian)
  113. python script installation wizard
  114. Ubuntu Customization
  115. CMake for package version, how to?
  116. Where to install program
  117. MAKEFILE - LAPACK problem
  118. Octave Script Question
  119. libgfortran.so.3 _gfortran_copy_string
  120. [SOLVED] Error in installing Sun JDK in 64 bit Server 10.0.4 LTS
  121. Patching ALSA, kernel from GIT
  122. my shared library cannot be linked
  123. GLUT on Ubuntu Not Compiling
  124. java question
  125. Using xmpi
  126. uuid_generate bug?
  127. How to create a ".changes" or ".dsc" files?
  128. problem with gcc?
  129. [SOLVED] Prevent overwriting symlink by update-alternatives
  130. Compiling kernel from source
  131. kernel debuild help
  132. what is rule file in debian/rules
  133. [SOLVED] compiling lifeograph
  134. [SOLVED] compiling lifeograph
  135. download ubuntu kernel patches
  136. Good c/c++ IDE that works/compiles code out of box
  137. How to add packages to a Launchpad PPA?
  138. Uninstall gcc 4.4 and install gcc 3.4 for Qemu ?
  139. Self dependence in PPA
  140. Recommended way to have user upgrade PPA
  141. dbconfig-common and dkpg-reconfigure
  142. error compiling on a remote server from ubuntu
  143. Can't rebuild ubuntu-keyring .deb
  144. Cant compile using libsensors4
  145. perl gtk+ question
  146. order-only prerequisite in makefile
  147. GCC not working?? - real newbie
  148. Can't install libunique-dev dependency
  149. installing kernel patch
  150. plumbing a port
  151. hello
  152. [Ubuntu] Visual Studio 2010 compile to Ubuntu
  153. Gcov : Produces empty .c.gcov files
  154. Shc
  155. Screenshot in Ubuntu Software Center for my PPA?
  156. problem compiling firefox
  157. Suggestions for Package Training Sessions
  158. [SOLVED] problem installing sctplib
  159. [SOLVED] debian-watch-file-is-missing lintian error !?
  160. Howto: An easy way to enable CK patches
  161. RANT - packages
  162. Compiling against shared libraries
  163. Help for cross compiling test program for openmoko neo free runner phone
  164. Creating a package without makefile
  165. building boost
  166. How to run a Python file just from clicking on it
  167. Can't compile GDK
  168. [SOLVED] Full Guide -> How to package your Qt application and include it in ubuntu!
  169. [SOLVED] Gcc options while compiling for .deb packages?
  170. compiling software with crosstool-ng's toolchain
  171. How to install AMD Catalyst 10.12 in Maverick with Kernel 2.6.36
  172. Problems with pianobarfly - pianobar works
  173. prevelant linking error in natty
  174. (newbie) module build environment
  175. gcc 4.5 won't compile my programs which uses MPL from boost 1.42
  176. [SOLVED] redirect to rc.local
  177. [SOLVED] cannot find -lgfotranbegin
  178. GUI tool for making deb file of my own simple Java application?
  179. Using Automake for BSD licensed project
  180. Error compiling FUSE 2.8.5 Under Ubuntu 10.04
  181. Kernel Startup Sound
  182. My applications in the ubuntu repository
  183. How can I build a metapackage?
  184. Confusion with compiling kernel
  185. [SOLVED] Recommended Project structure in Python
  186. [SOLVED] Should I use bzr-builddeb or just plain Bazaar?
  187. Custom Kernel and DKMS
  188. Phototourism:Compiling of PMVS2
  189. [SOLVED] Strange bash script behavior
  190. Problem running compiled program
  191. Compiling GMP on Ubuntu 10.04 with Code::Blocks
  192. strange compiling errors encounted
  193. Install Java 1.5 not 1.6
  194. Compiling Firefox 4.0 Beta to .debs
  195. [SOLVED] TCP congestion window size mods
  196. How to build a .deb package from Git repo?
  197. [SOLVED] Builds are fine, can't install
  198. [SOLVED] Compiling and running a java program
  199. Staying on top of Ubuntu Development
  200. Can someone help compile this Canon driver for amd64
  201. runtime and developmental libraries
  202. Distributing BlitzMax Games. Which packages that should be bundled for convenience?
  203. Compiling for Windows
  204. Help with DSDT
  205. Re-building .deb from an existing one
  206. Radio Explorer GPL?
  207. Trying out gnome-applets after compilation
  208. Running powerpc harware on little endian mode
  209. Customize TCP
  210. php5: "configure: error: libpng.(a|so) not found."
  211. Home-made package always seems to need upgrading
  212. packing with upstart
  213. Conf files and static files in a package
  214. Distributing Libraries
  215. an error with curses.h library in gcc
  216. Can we get a refresh on Editra
  217. libgfortran underscores
  218. Compile on one machine, make install on another
  219. [SOLVED] .deb refuses to create a menu item
  220. executable flash file for ubuntu
  221. Problem compiling driver - please help
  222. Error cross compiling for windows
  223. How can I run JOGL in Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.10
  224. How can I run JOGL in Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.10
  225. dynamic linking, g++/gcc
  226. How to compile and build ACE library?
  227. gsettings and/or gconf
  228. install openssl from source (+ libssl-dev!!)
  229. Can't install .deb package on different system.
  230. Need help compiling ZSNES 1.42 on Lucid
  231. Versioning question
  232. compileing prob
  233. [SOLVED] C++ compiling problems (boost/regex.cpp)
  234. error: glib.h: No such file or directory
  235. php error: php5-gd undefined symbol: gdFontCacheShutdown
  236. Undefined reference to all JACK functions
  237. Problem with Gnat (Ada)
  238. convert debian *.deb file to tar.gz
  239. Problem compiling 'Hello World' with gcj / javac
  240. Compiling PHP source code [Replacement for ZEND]
  241. gnome-volume-control-applet source code
  242. [SOLVED] Very Basic C++ program error
  243. Building Nautilus 2.91 from source
  244. Building DEB
  245. Is there an Xcode type IDE for Ubuntu?
  246. gcc: autodetect my library, please?
  247. Post install script question
  248. compiling Mappy map editor
  249. One .deb package with multiple programs
  250. Compiling a 32 bits program with libcurl on Ubuntu 10.10a 64 bits