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  1. Android app testers please?
  2. is there an Android app for Ubuntu forums?
  3. Testers please: AppGarden, an Android app with a collection of useful utilities.
  4. Android smartphones not compatible with Linux?
  5. Nokia N900 - anybody own one?
  6. Help me Decide: Samsung Galaxy S III 32GB vs iPhone 4S 32GB
  7. No Nexus 7 for me
  8. Firefox OS smartphones due 2013 as Mozilla reveals partners
  9. Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on the galaxy s3
  10. My first smartphone -To be decided
  11. Android Worth Upgrading to Class 10 micro sd?
  12. Mobile Technology Discussions
  13. mbm editing
  14. types of mobile markets.
  15. Article: Mozilla opens Firefox Marketplace, brings apps to Aurora on Android
  16. Have anyone tried this tutorial ?
  17. Problem rooting HTC Evo 4G
  18. ASUS Padfone 2 + Ubuntu
  19. How to gain the root of Samsung GT-S5830?
  20. Jellybean update > access to the software update service is provided to users in the
  21. Ubuntu image for Exynos SoC
  22. Does anybody have Linux on a tablet or phone?
  23. Someone told me that these are not CGI???
  24. ubuntu 12.10 on nexus 7: anyone have it running?
  25. Are the days of the desktop numbered?
  26. Nexus 7 now runs Ubuntu 12.10
  27. Why is no one making useful devices?
  28. No permission on my mobile phone
  29. applying wind blown effect
  30. busybox, cmus, vim, alpine mail, lynx and weechat on phone?
  31. Ubuntu on Android; any news?
  32. Alcatel x230d - does it work in Ubuntu?
  33. Android 4.x on Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830i)?
  34. How to create socket over PPP connection and NOT over ethernet
  35. Batch .epub to .mobi conversion?
  36. Android: Media Server Start-up App
  37. Mobile Device Choices
  38. Phone manager for android
  39. Blackberry hardware with Firefox-OS/Ubuntu-OS
  40. Device for my Mum...
  41. Heavy Fan Use Under Ubuntu
  42. Is android all that good?
  43. Ubuntu on Nexus 10?
  44. Is Ubuntu HD Ready?
  45. Anyone ordering a Pengpod?
  46. Ubuntu On Android
  47. Switch User Sessions via Android tty App
  48. aria2 rpc download error
  49. Mobile Site Conversion
  50. Automount in Ubuntu but not in Xubuntu
  51. Blackberry&Evernote
  52. Control your blackberry
  53. [Q] Dual Boot On Galaxy Note 2 ? (Android/Ubuntu)
  54. Ubuntu in your Pocket with good Keyboard?
  55. Android alternative?
  56. New app for Android phone and Iphone
  57. Ubuntu's Top-Secret New Product
  58. Which is more secure: The iPhone or Ubuntu?
  60. Ubuntu phone OS
  61. Hacking Old phones
  62. Clipboard Admin - testers please? :)
  63. Installing Ubuntu QML Toolkit on 10.04
  64. Ubuntu Phone os??
  65. Ubuntu mobile is an opportunity or a threat to free software?
  66. Ubuntu Phone OS!!
  67. Ubuntu hardware
  68. New ubuntu OS for phones, but cant run android apps?
  69. The Inquirer - Ubuntu for Smart Phones
  70. I would prefer Ubuntu tablet
  71. Running Ubuntu (Lite or something) on ZTE (or something else). Possible?
  72. android rooting question
  73. Ubuntu mobile, I have some questions
  74. Ubuntu Phone OS & Padfone 2
  75. install ubuntu 12.04 on HP Touchpad
  76. OLPC tablet
  77. My KnockD client for android - free on google play
  78. Ubuntu for Android and phones with good match.
  79. Ubuntu On A Phone Or Firefox OS: Which Scares iPhone And Android Most?
  80. What's On Your Device Wishlist for Ubuntu Mobile?
  81. Ubuntu for Android question :)
  82. ubuntu mobil os with a8 cortex cpu work?
  83. Italian company starts selling Android/Ubuntu dual-boot tablets
  84. Ubuntu Phone OS on Nexus 7?
  85. VMWare on Kindle
  86. New Polaroid Tablets
  87. Android : downloading APK from Shop with Linux?
  88. What Ubuntu-capable apps do you want on your phone?
  89. Tech Talk
  90. Ubuntu Phone device ?
  91. lyx on nexus 7
  92. Generic 7 inch Tablet (ANDROID 4.02/ICS
  93. How much like the desktop do you want the phone to be?
  94. When will Ubuntu Phone be available?
  95. Are you ready for Ubuntu Mobile OS?
  96. Nokia Lumina 920 with Ubuntu
  97. Using a tablet to view home files?
  98. What web browser will Ubuntu Phone OS use?
  99. Will Ubuntu Mobile support Nokia devices?
  100. Emulator for Ubuntu Phone
  101. Unlocking contract phones in USA: Illegal
  102. how to setup opengles for ubuntu mobile...
  103. Best Music App for Android Phone?
  104. Serval Mesh: Mobile telephony for the rest of the world
  105. iPhone Wireless Monitor
  106. Ubuntu on a mobile device?
  107. ubuntu on Xperia Play?
  108. Lg Doubleplay SIM card problem.
  109. Phone tablet hybrid: what's the best choice?
  110. XDA and Ubuntu Phone
  111. First Ubuntu Phone OEM?
  112. Upgrade Samsung Android firmware on Ubuntu?
  113. Connectivity ?
  114. Boot tablet PC to Ubuntu
  115. Ubuntu Phone on BBC
  116. Nexus4 connecting to Ubuntu 11.10
  117. Linux tablets?
  118. Ubuntu OS phone beta testing
  119. iOS 6.1 Evasi0n Jailbreak
  120. My Top 10 Cydia Apps and Tweaks
  121. How to install Ubuntu on the Mobile phone?
  122. ubuntu tablet coming today?
  123. Ubuntu 12.04+ PB TE11HC LCD dimming doesn't work.
  124. JavaFX on Ubuntu (phone and tablets)
  125. GVFS-Update and Android
  126. Streaming Sound to Android Tablet
  127. Two questions about Ubuntu for Tablets.
  128. Will installing Ubuntu Phone be illegal in the USA?
  129. Who has a Galaxy Nexus?
  130. ubuntu @ tablet instead of android ?
  131. Ubuntu on Nexus phone today?
  132. Where's The Ubuntu Tablet Image and Source Code?
  133. Who's installing ubuntu touch right now?
  134. Faults and Failures, Installing Ubuntu on Tablet/Phone
  135. restoring to android
  136. loading ubuntu on tablet
  137. Tablet OS question
  138. X86 support of Tablet OS?
  139. Ubuntu mobile/tablet - will it support Flash and Java?
  140. Ubuntu dual-boot?
  141. kindle app for linux
  142. [PORT] Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6
  143. Must you use 12.10 for the mobile SDK or will 12.04 suffice?
  144. Can you design buttons on Ubuntu tablet that will be a virtual keyboard for desktop?
  145. Dual Booting Android & Ubuntu Touch (Nexus 7 ONLY!!!)
  146. Ubuntu Touch, based on Cyanogen mod?
  147. MeshBox
  148. Firefox OS and Ubuntu OS opinions
  149. How will upgrading to newer Ubuntu releases work on Ubuntu tablets?
  150. [SOLVED] hook up ubuntu phone to computer
  151. What is the best solution for ubuntu on a phone?
  152. Installing Ubuntu into rooted HTC?
  153. Lojack for Linux ? :)
  154. Ubuntu Touch Comments & Suggestions
  155. Driving mode safety app for tablets?
  156. Programming & professional use of Ubuntu touch
  157. Android phones supporting the Ubuntu desktop?
  158. Still can't view files on android phone in Ubuntu
  159. NX client for Android?
  160. Ubuntu Phone & Ubuntu for android, can u explain?
  161. Ubuntu on "intel" tablet, experiences?
  162. Ubuntu for Asus padfone
  163. Wacom bamboo vs Wacom bamboo one?
  164. How can install ubuntu in HTC 8S
  165. Ubuntu for androids -on SD card
  166. Need perfect Tool for College (eWriter, Tablet)
  167. Minimum hardware for wifi connectivity from tablet to pc?
  168. ios6 backup ?
  169. Running Parallel Applications on Ubuntu Touch (in ubuntu_chroot shell)?
  170. Call for testers - Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  171. What's my tablet choice now if I want Ubuntu in the future
  172. Six hours troubleshooting email on Droid X
  173. Issue with Ubuntu Touch, On-screen keyboard
  174. Is anybody currently working on trying to get Ubuntu tablet edition working on a Gtab
  175. Pantech Flex has Linux support
  176. Install Ubuntu on Android
  177. Stability of future Ubuntu phones?
  178. Ubuntu on Smartphones - Ubuntu and Android both?
  179. Running Ubuntu on a Tablet
  180. Any blogs talking bad things about the "Google Settings" app?
  181. anyone know of a how to use ubuntu phone document? or post?
  182. Ubuntu Phone questions
  183. Ubuntu touch
  184. Ubuntu Phone Distributions
  185. Ubuntu Mobile Apps
  186. Linux software on Android
  187. Nexus 7 or Nexus 10
  188. connect a Windows-phone to Ubuntu
  189. Porting Ubuntu Touch to Pantech Burst
  190. What Android phone do you recommend installing Ubuntu on?
  191. App packaging model for Ubuntu Phone/Touch: LGPL friendly?
  192. Anyone hear of the aura slate? Would they fit my purposes?
  193. Nexus 4 with Ubuntu Touch
  194. Encryption with the new Ubuntu OS for smartphones/pads
  195. Ubuntu Phone Podcast App
  196. An exploration of Ubuntu Touch
  197. How Do I root an LG Optimus Showtime smartphone? LGL86C
  198. Tablet and Ubuntu
  199. Anyone heard f the Ekore python s3?
  200. [SOLVED] Would "UnlockRoot" be able to root my Kyocera Rise?
  201. Combined Power
  202. Ubuntu phone and tablet - graphics
  203. Help me to choose a single board computer
  204. Stripping Down Ubuntu Touch for HTC Desire
  205. Installing Ubuntu Touch (Daily) on (old) Android Phone
  206. Using a tablet as a PC
  207. [SOLVED] Ubuntu for Android
  208. Make a new thread for ubuntu touch or ubuntu phone ?
  209. How does Ubuntu-Touch silence ringer?
  210. [SOLVED] sero7 pro
  211. Dual boot iOS with Ubuntu?
  212. Samsung Brightside SCH-U380HKAVZW‎ - Mass Storage does not work
  213. Circular Scrolling in Ubuntu Phone
  214. Coby Kyros mid9740
  215. will Galaxy S4 GE work with Ubuntu Touch?
  216. Should I buy the Nexus 4?
  217. Ubuntu phone/touch superphone / desktop convergence, hardware requirements?
  218. Ubuntu Touch on Samsung galaxy Nexus yakjuxw 4.2.1
  219. CyanogenMod will run on Samsung Galaxy S4; will Ubuntu Touch?
  220. How can i install ubuntu to my adroid phone??
  221. ubuntu touch and dual sim smartphones. is it possible??
  222. Can I copy mp3 file onto Android/iPhone via Nautilus?
  223. ubuntu phone app store?
  224. Ubuntu Phone OS & the new Google phones
  225. Xorg, gnomeui xfree86, sdlui blah blah - How to build a lightweight solution
  226. Petition: Release Ubuntu for Android
  227. Ubuntu Touch on Alcatel
  228. Dialup without DUN support
  229. Running ANDROID Emulator on Ubuntu, but speed is really slow?!
  230. ubuntu phone related :D
  231. Are there any reports of successfully installing Ubuntu on a current tablet?
  232. Unable to usb tether on Android ICS:usb0 interface is not created
  233. Tablet
  234. Can I use Ubuntu-Phone on Nexus 4 in October w/ T-Mobile?
  235. Ubuntu Touch for HTC One & Privacy
  236. Connecting iPhone4 to Lubuntu netbook
  237. Ubuntu Mobile OS for Samsung Galaxy S4 available?
  238. Ubuntu Edge Superphone Indiegogo Campaign
  239. Converged Demo on Nexus 4
  240. Ubuntu Edge Infographic and comparision
  241. Flashing Android Firmware from UBUNTU (Samsung)
  242. Is it possible to install desktop applications on Ubuntu Touch?
  243. Chromecast from Ubuntu on Nexus 7
  244. PlayBook and Ubuntu
  245. nexus 4 support?
  246. Ubuntu Mobile PC Cooperative
  247. Pocket support in libfriends?
  248. Ubuntu Edge: Explained (a video for sharing)
  249. Canīt get any network on my Nexus 4
  250. Trouble flashing ubuntu touch