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  1. Guidelines
  2. Ubuntu App Developer Showdown
  3. I get a lot of erros when i try to compile
  4. Glade crashes if I use it
  5. Quickly design crashes
  6. Desktop Development for Beginners
  7. curses/ncurses
  8. Graphic Interface with Shell Script
  9. Zenity on the server side
  10. use truetype fonts in c++ programs
  11. Ubuntu Speech Input
  12. New on Ubuntu. Need to start programming!!!
  13. Gtkmm problem to delete widget
  14. How to click on pictures using Quickly
  15. ubiquity slideshow error
  16. [SOLVED] Running App from firefox in Ubuntu
  17. How to change language of Wine 1.4 ?
  18. UBUNTU UDEV RULES for USB ports question...
  19. error in connecting to mysql using C program
  20. Unable to install nzbget 8.0 will not compile
  21. How does Adobe Air on Ubuntu?
  22. İntroduce Program
  23. Desktop Apps on Ubuntu?
  24. Installer crashed
  25. Project
  26. Help!
  27. error building deb package
  28. A developers laptop and some gaming info.
  29. Build custom deb from Unity source code
  30. So, how to improve the software center entry of a software?
  31. AAOI library install?
  32. Nead help to create a shortcut with Xlib in C ...
  33. Mono
  34. Suggest some Source Editor Tool
  35. Building Windows Azure Cloud Storage Desktop Apps for Ubuntu
  36. [SOLVED] How to have a bunch of recommended packages?
  37. need help on linux kernel scheduling
  38. Problem with GCC/C/header file structure
  39. Style issues with Python GTK app in Unity
  40. wxWidgets 2.9.4
  41. Wallch users please read!!! (Wallch albums)
  42. How to use Ubuntu Kernel Headers
  43. MS Access like tool to develop simple applications?
  44. Intalling wxPython on Ubuntu 12.04
  45. Integrating Application Indicators
  46. C#, MonoDev, System Time & Date Problem
  47. sending email recommendation
  48. Developing a new music theory program
  49. Logic Documentation
  50. Appindicators Icons
  51. Text/Console-based dialog programming tools: anything more versatile than dialog?
  52. Pager and Tasklist
  53. Packaging : Suppressing Editor in dpkg-source --commit
  54. redirect output boot script
  55. Simple Linux driver, unexpected multiple call of copy_from_user
  56. Patching GTK. Breaks existing package gtk2-engines-pixbuf
  57. Unable to make makefiles for maverick
  58. Development with DataGlyphs or MicroGlyphs
  59. save terminal responce to string in python
  60. Voice Control
  61. Emerald
  62. Getting a unique ID
  63. GUI applications in C
  64. Testing for App Indicator Library in C
  65. Desktop integration in languages OTHER THAN the supported ones?
  66. segfault freeradius
  67. Arduino serial ouput to file?
  68. Can the app use gtk library run on KDE environment ?
  69. More Resources / Database
  70. Push-button access point
  71. LMMS: Outdated package needs some bug fixes.
  72. Totall Wired:a music player
  73. Help with libpcre-dev
  74. Quickly. Display sqlite3 inside treeview or component like this.
  75. FACEBOOK - bitcoin concept generic facebook
  76. Trying to build GTK. Please help with pango/cairo
  77. Pending review for 3 months
  78. Catching whiptail checklist results in bash script
  79. Anyone want to test an app?
  80. Can apps created using Quickly for Ubuntu be used in other linux distros?
  81. Questions about submitting a closed-source app
  82. Mortiskoim -- a text adventure engine
  83. Error trying to compile Objective-c++: 'cc1objplus' No such file or director
  84. I have an app how do i promote it
  85. QTQuick is not installed
  86. Ubuntu Mobile App Development
  87. Pull only 6 character words from a text file
  88. Special Desktop
  89. communicate with a driver from a kernel module
  90. Which software can I use to develop a multiplayer game?
  91. Error installing Ubuntu Phone SDK
  92. Shell script to browse installed package documentation
  93. Looking for an app that I can use to create a self study test
  94. Monkey Studio IDE Crashes
  95. quickly package command crash
  96. Looking for start-up advice in App Development
  97. "resource temporarily unavailable" in recv in socket programming
  98. Application in "Pending Review" since 1 month
  99. problem following packaging new software directions.
  100. Bluetooth 4.0 support
  101. Shell Script problem using double quotes inside double quotes and storing in variable
  102. Slight interest in developing for Ubuntu Mobile, but where do I begin?
  103. Question about packaging a new indicator app
  104. Ubuntu Touch App Ideas
  105. Ubuntu Live CD Casper Manifest files. Anywhere on the net?
  106. Undable to get QT Creator to run
  107. createQmlObject - does not add Tab to Tabs
  108. BASH - service --status-all
  109. How can I prevent my main application window getting black?
  110. /usr/local/lib/libgmodule-2.0.so.0: could not read symbols: Invalid operation
  111. Problem:GModule-CRITICAL **: g_module_close: assertion `module->ref_count > 0' failed
  112. Getting money from Ubuntu Application Center
  113. Making A Program
  114. Ubuntu mobile app/software development
  115. Eclipse "An error has occurred. See the log file..."
  116. Puzzling Behavior with Qt, Eclipse, and blkid
  117. How to publish application in Ubuntu Software Centre
  118. Quickly (program) development for different OSes
  119. Cat is executing commands
  120. Blueman Crashing/Bug
  121. Publishing?
  122. Make USB device mounting require authentication
  123. will QML work for desktop applications?
  124. Drawing to a Window in C++
  125. Migrate Java app to Ubuntu 12.04
  126. Hows the best way to import iptables rules?
  127. Python 3 program logic ok, some unexpected screen behaviour
  128. Questions about Java on Ubuntu Touch
  129. Window layout design
  130. (un)mute master
  131. ubuntu style icons for phone app
  132. Help installing QT on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  133. ubuntu I/O ports programing reference
  134. Netbeans with Qt designing button to do action.
  135. Permissions and home folder
  136. How do I grab the source code of a package
  137. Start Menu + Applications
  138. [SOLVED] Very simple bug tracker with Bazaar explorer
  139. [SOLVED] How to reinstall Ubuntu and link it to the same 20 GB folder made for it on D drive?
  140. Google Music WebApp
  141. Beginner introduction to PyGTK and Quickly
  142. How to Become Maintainer of an Abandoned PPA
  143. kdbg 2.5.1 broken on Xubuntu 13.04?
  144. storing threads in a vector, c++
  145. LSB Qt4 applications segmentation fault on start-up
  146. Flash Drive Auto Dump
  147. Working on app in C++ and QML, MainView not resizing with window
  148. Qml MainView with PageStack and other components, not working as it should
  149. looking for a php development tool
  150. Ubuntu 10.04 I want to make my first script to run with Xchat.
  151. Guide for Glade?
  152. Learning Genie and Vala with GTK
  153. Can some one make me unity revamped for 13.04 and keep it updated?
  154. Using libcheese
  155. About Qml learning !
  156. IDE for ARM project
  157. How can i develop applications for Ubuntu?
  158. How to handle nan in following code
  159. GUI building help please?
  160. Created the currency converter app with QT, now what?
  161. Display windows on top of a fullscreen window without the Unity panel also popping up
  162. Processing and QML
  163. Starting a project and need some advice
  164. how to build two packages for one source?
  165. Editing .bashrc
  166. Want to start with qt but can't find Ubuntu projects
  167. small project on unix using C
  168. Drawing graphics outside windows using python
  169. Confusion over where to start with developing apps
  170. glfw-3 build questions
  171. ALSA Audio Capture - PCM Works - MPEG Fails
  172. Tkinter clear screen
  173. g++ works in CodeBlocks IDE but not from console (unrecognized option '--sysroot=/')
  174. QEmu/Wine to run windows .exe on ARMS
  175. QML Indicators?
  176. [SOLVED] Can anyone help me determine if there is a version of libudev shipped with ubuntu?
  177. How to make a program that requires verification from both parties?
  178. Who wants to join my development team!?
  179. Sound api
  180. [SOLVED] Qt library problem: linked by .conf file in ld.so.conf.d
  181. Writing a system app for use on Ubuntu
  182. Getting Scancodes
  183. Plymouth
  184. [SOLVED] Using Cairo and having text rendering problems
  185. App idea - office dashboard
  186. Tenuous, hidden processing involved in shell variable assignment
  187. Ubuntu SDK graphics glitch
  188. MySpotIsHot - Ubuntu AP GUI app
  189. Shut down from User Program
  190. Fullscreen Ogre App freeze on exit
  191. Where's my app?
  192. Ubuntu Development Pages SDK (Desktop?)
  193. Editing and pushing source via bzr
  194. -lssl -ldl -lpthread linker flag is not working in ubuntu
  195. Unable to locate rtl.mk
  196. GLFW_VISIBLE’ was not declared in this scope - GLFW 3.0
  197. sdl 2 keyboard
  198. Gedit Output
  199. Where's My App?
  200. gdb does not work after installing gcc 4.8.1 on 12.04: "Unable to find dynamic linke"
  201. I wrote a program and need user feedback if installation went o.K.
  202. Getting support with Glade
  203. LÖVE2D having issues running code/packaging
  204. Rebuild a mini libreoffice
  205. Structuring Python Source Code For Release On Launchpad
  206. C++ Serial Reading and Writing the Right Way
  207. How to Install PySide and Qt Editor
  208. Gdk::Pixbuf does not load images
  209. Ubuntu SDK Qml2Puppet error / Missing Help files using F1
  210. OpenLDAP reseting, removing content
  211. pipe failure
  212. Spin-Button Look&Feel Ubuntu 13.10
  213. Smart phone instant messaging: on Ubuntu
  214. [SOLVED] PyGobject Callback Signature
  215. Developer.ubuntu.com app draft state
  216. Questions about classes and pointers
  217. Can't boot Ubuntu 13.10 with OpenCV
  218. eclise 3.8, menu doesn't scroll
  219. Application don't start
  220. nodejs: node-sqlite3 Error: Module version mismatch. Expected 11, got 1.
  221. Tools for Cache analysis
  222. Is anyone interested in making a good image viewer.
  223. Ubuntu online account and gnome online account
  224. How to install Ubuntu SDK on Ubuntu LTS 12.04
  225. Has anyone been able to write HTML5/Phonegap apps with Ubuntu SDK?
  226. Building C/C++ application from latest Ubuntu release to LTS and avoid probl w/ glibc
  227. cannot link to libavcodec
  228. Possible to get libavcodec54 from 14.04 into 13.10?
  229. Sharing script to create virtualhost
  230. Relating entries in recently-used.xbel to desktop files
  231. -fopenmp not working
  232. How to create custom thumbnailers
  233. Check out a new application I uploaded
  234. Cannot locate a library libx264.so.138
  235. Problem Installing Lazarus
  236. Linux + ARM + KINECT + C# + MonoDevelop, is that possible?
  237. A few sdk questions
  238. [SOLVED] GTK+ and freetype lib problem with saucy?
  239. ONiCU - OpenNIC for Ubuntu Linux
  240. How to add global menu support?
  241. Python & HTML5
  242. Valgrind gdb incompatibility
  243. AutoRunner
  244. Use udevadm to test for printer offline?
  245. Problems with Unity 3D loading projects
  246. Yoga - Program Idea
  247. [SOLVED] QThread - Writting into a file
  248. [SOLVED] QtCreator 4.8 in Xubuntu 13.10?
  249. Multilayer Perceptron [C/C++]
  250. glade 3 questions