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  1. Please share your experiences with System76
  2. [ubuntu] Some More Questions About Ratel & Keyboard
  3. [ubuntu] firefox is gone
  4. [ubuntu] DVDs dont play
  5. [ubuntu] Suggestion
  6. [other] Wireless on hardy with Pangolin panv3
  7. [ubuntu] Partially working Pandora
  8. [ubuntu] Amazon MP3 Downloader stopped working in Hardy
  9. [other] Serval Performance
  10. [other] New driver and forums
  11. [kde] does sound work with other distros?
  12. [ubuntu] Suspend doesn't work proppely - 8.04, Darter Ultra (daru2)
  13. [ubuntu] World of Warcraft? Other Sys76 Computer Probs?
  14. [ubuntu] Just to clarify, is S76 is recommending AMD64 installation across the board?
  15. [ubuntu] upgrade to 8.04 affects serval webcam
  16. [ubuntu] xampp & ubuntu 8.04 64bit
  17. [ubuntu] Cheese slow after Hardy upgrade
  18. [ubuntu] Getting Sound to work on Serval Performance
  19. [ubuntu] Wireless Problem - Koala
  20. [all variants] Where all the old messages are
  21. [ubuntu] No sound on Gazelle Value gavz4 after Hardy 8.04 upgrade
  22. [ubuntu] Quote key quark?
  23. [ubuntu] CD/DVD won't read CD/DVD's
  24. [all variants] Power management (daru2)
  25. [ubuntu] RAM in Darter 1st generation
  26. [ubuntu] Serp4 Upgrade to 8.04
  27. [all variants] system components and their effects on battery life
  28. [ubuntu] PanV3 no wireless after suspend
  29. [ubuntu] SERP2 built-in webcam and Hardy?
  30. [ubuntu] Having lots of problems
  31. [ubuntu] java problem
  32. [ubuntu] Daru1 Lost wireless with Hardy install!
  33. [ubuntu] ustream.tv issue but Flash is otherwise fine
  34. [ubuntu] Question About Hebrew Fonts On Ubuntu OS
  35. [ubuntu] Complete dissapointment! My gazelle wireless does not work!
  36. [ubuntu] Several general questions about the Pangolin laptop
  37. [all variants] Questions on the system76 Laptops. (Hardware)
  38. [other] problems with audio in gentoo
  39. [ubuntu] Question On Passwording BIOS And Root
  40. [ubuntu] System76 Driver Installation
  41. [ubuntu] DARU1 8.04 Sound problems
  42. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Desktop Effects
  43. [other] UPEK BSAPI SDK for Linux is out!
  44. [ubuntu] Question About 'Wild Dog' Machine
  45. [ubuntu] To Tom--Two More Questions
  46. [other] graphics cards
  47. [ubuntu] warning message while burning cd...
  48. [ubuntu] panv3 - system beep on battery warning
  49. [ubuntu] Serval Performance mouse pad settings?
  50. [ubuntu] When Building 'Wild Dog' Box Can Opera Be Substituted
  51. [other] Gazelle Batteries
  52. [ubuntu] Changing laptop touch keys' functions
  53. [other] System76 forums link leads to archive
  54. [ubuntu] New Gazelle and Wireless Troubles
  55. [ubuntu] GNOME settings error message
  56. [all variants] Gaming on these laptops? (8600GT)
  57. [ubuntu] 8.04 cups bug?
  58. [ubuntu] System76 Driver 2.2.1 Released
  59. [ubuntu] A few pre-buy Serval Performance questions
  60. [all variants] gparted not allowing resize
  61. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Mobile System76 Device?
  62. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Slow bootup time
  63. [other] Adding TV Tuner To Koala Mini - Possible?
  64. [ubuntu] Serval monitor broke - require IMMEDIATE assistance
  65. [kubuntu] Upgrading from 7.10 to 8.04 on a Daru2
  66. [ubuntu] New Pangolin
  67. [ubuntu] To Tom: Copying CD's On Two Different Optical Drives
  68. [ubuntu] Yet more Flash issues
  69. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 and battery status problems
  70. [ubuntu] quick question about system 76
  71. [ubuntu] Serval Perfornance and external speakers
  72. [ubuntu] Dim Screen after upgrade to Hardy
  73. [ubuntu] gazp5 - sound barely audible
  74. [ubuntu] Very Serious Security Warning About Debian/Ubuntu
  75. [ubuntu] Keyboard and Mouse buttons unresponsive (Gutsy)
  76. [ubuntu] Help files missing
  77. [other] Logo/Sticker
  78. [ubuntu] Dell or System 76?
  79. [kubuntu] 7.10->8.04 upgrade, Wireless dropping is back
  80. [ubuntu] Daru2: Slow DNS
  81. [ubuntu] Fan seems continuous - Temp around 50C
  82. [other] Academic Research Box
  83. [ubuntu] Report on Serval Performance 3, Hardy Heron 64bit clean, and Skype.
  84. [ubuntu] glitchy sound/midi problems
  85. [ubuntu] For Tom
  86. [all variants] MSI PR200/1221 / Darter Ultra
  87. [ubuntu] Graphic's Card
  88. [ubuntu] fun with usplash
  89. [ubuntu] Strange Boot issue with wireless.
  90. [ubuntu] Daru2 memory card problem
  91. [ubuntu] System76 Drivers on Mint
  92. [ubuntu] panels missing after boot
  93. [ubuntu] Tom
  94. [ubuntu] Wireless (oddly) stopped working
  95. [ubuntu] Thank you System76 !
  96. [ubuntu] SD card reader doesn't work
  97. [ubuntu] Open BSD Unix On Wild Dog ?
  98. [ubuntu] System 76 User Manuals
  99. [ubuntu] Pangolin screen dimmed
  100. [ubuntu] Upgrading from 6.1 to 8.04
  101. [ubuntu] Do System76ers like the glossy screen?
  102. [ubuntu] Compiz cube
  103. [gnome] [SOLVED] Capslock led when switched through the keyboard preferences
  104. [ubuntu] Hey, what happened to Firefox?
  105. [ubuntu] disk check + micronode + orphans = glacial boot
  106. [all variants] Koala Mini DVD drive has no "region" set, DVD playback is rejected (solution)
  107. [ubuntu] Pangolin versus Gazelle physical comparison (identical specs)
  108. [ubuntu] Annoying YouTube issue
  109. [other] Koala TV with intel modesetting driver
  110. [SOLVED] How can I upgrade from edgy?
  111. [ubuntu] loud continuous beep computer wont boot solution
  112. [ubuntu] Skype, Pangolin 8.04 Hardy
  113. [ubuntu] mic wont work
  114. [ubuntu] Question to system 76 support.
  115. [ubuntu] Poor costumer service.
  116. [other] Darter Ultra?
  117. [all variants] [Hints] Disassemble your laptop
  118. [ubuntu] Daru2 - Hardy 64bit , Internal MIC won't work.
  119. [ubuntu] Cant instal on Ubuntu ?
  120. [ubuntu] control master volume with shortcuts
  121. [ubuntu] Hardy Gazelle does not detect external monitor
  122. [ubuntu] help needed
  123. [other] Phones Down??
  124. [ubuntu] Suspend Issues on a gazv3?
  125. [ubuntu] Kernel version's don't match after upgrade....
  126. [ubuntu] shut down messages
  127. [ubuntu] touchpad going bonkers
  128. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Reinstalled 7.10 Now I Can't Install Flashplayer Plugin
  129. [all variants] Darter Ultra (daru2) wireless button.
  130. [ubuntu] Dropping Wireless
  131. [kubuntu] Can't Set Correct Resolution In Virtual Windows
  132. [ubuntu] New Sys76 Driver?
  133. [ubuntu] Getting an error when updating
  134. [kubuntu] Secure Wireless: I'm not going to have any hair left....
  135. [ubuntu] Similar to Serval Performance
  136. [ubuntu] Microphone not working - System76 driver breaks alsa-source
  137. [all variants] Downgrading your DarU2 Kernel in Hardy
  138. [ubuntu] Wireless is no longer functioning
  139. [ubuntu] New nVidia Free drivers and Serp2 (Serval Performance)
  140. [ubuntu] Serval 1 wireless encryption does not work
  141. [ubuntu] Sound stopped working
  142. [ubuntu] Serval boot problems
  143. [ubuntu] external mouse and touchpad
  144. [ubuntu] Reformatting back to System76 original setup
  145. [ubuntu] Gnucash
  146. [ubuntu] Built in webcam stopped working after upgrade to ubuntu 8.04
  147. [all variants] Boycott NVIDIA, use AMD/ATI discrete graphics or Intel
  148. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Skype's fonts too small on Hardy
  149. [all variants] [SOLVED] SATA drive on Daru2
  150. [all variants] Upgrading hard drive and ram in pangolin value?
  151. [ubuntu] DVD Grinding Noise
  152. [all variants] How fast can you ship a system?
  153. [ubuntu] Movie Clips
  154. [ubuntu] Console Bell (Beep) Not Working in 8.04
  155. [ubuntu] Pangolin vs Serval
  156. [ubuntu] Is LVM Needed for Re-Install?
  157. [other] My ubuntu sticker peeled off...
  158. [ubuntu] Urgent Keyboard Problem
  159. [ubuntu] Serval Performance configuration question
  160. [ubuntu] Power management configuration
  161. [other] I desire RAM upgrades
  162. [ubuntu] Trackpad/mouse
  163. [ubuntu] Software Sources
  164. [ubuntu] Serval Performance: External monitor output now COMPLETELY broken
  165. [all variants] Intel X3100 graphics max resolution
  166. [gnome] Built-in mic troubles - Pangolin
  167. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mysterious Freeze-Ups Occur Seemingly At Random
  168. [ubuntu] Dual boot option?
  169. [ubuntu] gazv5, 8.04, suspend and hibernate not working
  170. [ubuntu] Keyboard NOT working on FL92 laptop
  171. [ubuntu] Gazelle Value Out of Stock
  172. [ubuntu] serval temp sensors
  173. [ubuntu] serval mini-review
  174. [ubuntu] Pulseaudio broken?
  175. [ubuntu] New laptops...
  176. [ubuntu] Java sound problem on Gazelle
  177. [all variants] Duel Booting and the Warrenty
  178. [ubuntu] frequent wireless dropouts
  179. [ubuntu] Sable Performance / Intel X3100 issues
  180. [all variants] Fingerprint Reader How To: All System76 Laptops
  181. [all variants] Ask the experts - What do the System76 guys think of Ramlog?
  182. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] kernel update - Low graphics mode
  183. [ubuntu] From a Technical Support Perspective
  184. [all variants] Serp 3 without fingerprint reader but want to add one
  185. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Gazelle V3 Beeps on resume from HIbernate
  186. [ubuntu] Weird Sound Problem (Koala Mini)
  187. [all variants] Keys / buttons on serval performance
  188. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] My keyboard went crazy and my cat hates me
  189. [all variants] All Aluminu Laptops
  190. [all variants] What model Serval is this?
  191. [ubuntu] flaky DVD playback
  192. [ubuntu] Daru2 Says errors on resume from hibernate.
  193. [all variants] Pangolin or Serval ?
  194. [gnome] Duel or Tripple monitors out of the Box setup
  195. [ubuntu] Water Spill
  196. [ubuntu] Hibernation broken after last kernel upgrade
  197. [ubuntu] odd serval resume noises?
  198. [ubuntu] Load Cycle is high
  199. [other] Chinese Arabic or Russian?
  200. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Distribution Update
  201. [ubuntu] Wireless LED goes out on Kernel 2.6.20
  202. [other] Gazelle Value Celeron option
  203. [other] AMD cpus
  204. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] sources.list problem
  205. [all variants] what architecture for packages? (i386, amd64)
  206. [ubuntu] Can't play DVDs, libdvdread can't open /
  207. [ubuntu] Boot/Wireless problems Serp
  208. [ubuntu] Pangolin review
  209. [ubuntu] URGENT!!! Partitioning hangs when using LIVE CD
  210. [ubuntu] new ADSL Gateway improves access
  211. [ubuntu] system errors (logs pasted)
  212. [ubuntu] Serval: Replacement LCD?
  213. [all variants] Laptops with Nvidia G84 & G86 chips are failing
  214. [all variants] [Suggestion] Sell Ubuntu / Tux keyboards.
  215. [ubuntu] Setup DARU1 Dual Monitor with External LCD
  216. [xfce] Special laptop buttons and XFCE
  217. [ubuntu] Any sub-notebooks in the future?
  218. [ubuntu] Meet the New System76 Laptops
  219. [ubuntu] Disabling the Touchpad Tap
  220. [all variants] Laptop with Via processor?
  221. [ubuntu] Help Please [System Failure]
  222. [ubuntu] Wireless does not enable
  223. [other] windows xp drivers for serp4
  224. [ubuntu] Dual-booting with Windows XP
  225. [all variants] Coreboot preinstalled?
  226. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] F drive data is missing
  227. [all variants] Laptop lock and other details
  228. [all variants] nvidia 9300M GS
  229. [all variants] Serval Performance Screen?
  230. [other] Extra Battery?
  231. [ubuntu] where is my post?
  232. [ubuntu] rescheduling interrupts
  233. [all variants] Managing daemons
  234. [ubuntu] Wireless N and Gazelle's Compatibility
  235. [ubuntu] System 76 Laptop Drivers in HH
  236. [ubuntu] Upgrading Memory?
  237. [other] [SOLVED] Purchase
  238. [all variants] Kernel updates and breakage
  239. [ubuntu] Power Manager is confused
  240. [ubuntu] Advice. what do you think?
  241. [all variants] OpenSuse?
  242. [other] What is the exact motherboard model of Ratel value?
  243. [all variants] Laptop Keyboard Cover?
  244. [all variants] need system for mythtv
  245. [other] Speakers not recognized if pre-plugged
  246. [ubuntu] Startup and system programs free for shutting down??
  247. [ubuntu] Darter 2 Shutdown Freezes
  248. [ubuntu] Serp4 is great, touchpad is annoying
  249. [all variants] linux-rt
  250. [ubuntu] Daru1 Suspend Problems