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  1. [ubuntu] Starling and Ubuntu 10.04
  2. Starling Keyboard
  3. [other] Congratulations On Blog
  4. [SOLVED] Windows 7 FAX Drivers
  5. [ubuntu] Sales Question: Pangolin Running Solidworks & Autocad in Virtualbox
  6. [ubuntu] Sound mysteriously stopped working, other problems
  7. [ubuntu] Regarding lemur BIOS, other OS etc...
  8. [other] Possible Lemur
  9. [ubuntu] synaptic package manager problems
  10. [ubuntu] Daru1 WiFi hosed
  11. [ubuntu] Anyone running 10.04 on PanP5?
  12. [ubuntu] Suggestions on external backup device for laptop
  13. [ubuntu] Serval (Karmic) Email Client / Exchange 5.5
  14. [ubuntu] Games/Graphics
  15. Beeps codes
  16. [SOLVED] Pangolin Hard Drive Upgrade
  17. [SOLVED] Should I buy in June or should I wait?
  18. [SOLVED] KVM virtualization on wilp6
  19. [ubuntu] Max memory a PanP5 can handle
  20. [ubuntu] Kudos to Thomas Aaron and System76
  21. [ubuntu] How to disable hyperthreading?
  22. [ubuntu] Classic Ubuntu option in 9.10?
  23. [ubuntu] rsync: problem with --delete
  24. [ubuntu] New Serval won't boot.
  25. [ubuntu] 10.04 on Panp4n
  26. [ubuntu] Wireless fails after sleep on starling
  27. Does The Starling Ship with a Backup disc?
  28. [ubuntu] change resolution in Serval to non-standard
  29. [ubuntu] Testing Lemur with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  30. [ubuntu] unsuccessful first upgrade - going from 8.10 to 9.04.
  31. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion (mini-review)
  32. [ubuntu] Upgrading to ubuntu 10.04
  33. [ubuntu] Lemur
  34. [ubuntu] Anyone upgrade to 10.04 yet?
  35. [all variants] Pan5 reads CDs, but not DVDs
  36. [ubuntu] gazp3 10.04 shutdown stuck on plymouth screen
  37. [ubuntu] Question about 64 bit Ubuntu and Pangolin
  38. [SOLVED] PanP5 on Lucid: wireless is disabled
  39. [all variants] Does my Serval Performance support SDHC?
  40. [SOLVED] Confused about a clean install
  41. [SOLVED] Cannot enable wirless
  42. 10.04 Starling SD card
  43. [ubuntu] New Serval.. application crashes cause X reset
  45. [ubuntu] npviewer.bin is just killing my cpu
  46. [ubuntu] fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 on Lemur hangs
  47. [ubuntu] Suspend broken on Darter Ultra with Lucid Lynx
  48. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 10.04 on a Panp6
  49. [ubuntu] ClamAV
  50. [ubuntu] 10.04 splash logo. Problem with NVIDIA?
  51. [ubuntu] Dual-booting Linux versions on a PanP5
  52. Starling + 10.04 and Skype
  53. [ubuntu] HDMI audio on Pangolin Performance laptop
  54. [ubuntu] touchpad scroll not working
  55. [ubuntu] incremental backup to DVD-RW on PanP5
  56. [ubuntu] 10.04 no webcam
  57. [all variants] 10.04 borks Sys76 Driver on Starling and overheats hardware
  58. [ubuntu] Audio skips or stutters in Lucid
  59. [ubuntu] Burning. . . Hole. . . Pocket --- Must. . . Buy. . . !
  60. [ubuntu] New Serval - boot from battery - sometimes work and sometimes not
  61. [other] More Stickers
  62. [ubuntu] Dim screen after waking from Hibernate
  63. [ubuntu] Extremely slow 802.11n connection after upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04
  64. [ubuntu] System76 driver not liking 10.04?
  65. [ubuntu] Computer won't shutdown
  66. [other] does the System76 Pangolin Performance laptop have user removable battery?
  67. [other] Lack of support
  68. [star1][lucid] problem with System76 driver after `do-release-upgrade`
  69. [ubuntu] Issues with new panp7
  70. [ubuntu] panp7 has worse video with proprietary ati driver in 10.04?
  71. Module kvm-intel refuses to load Pangolin Performance panp4n
  72. [SOLVED] Starling hangs at shutdown on 10.4 UNR
  73. [ubuntu] new install misses network, no interface
  74. [other] 13" Offering from System76
  75. [all variants] Lucid vs Serp 5 ...
  76. [ubuntu] Suspend broken on SERP3 + 10.04 Lucid
  77. [ubuntu] Anyone install 10.04 of a DARU1 or 3?
  78. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion or Ratel Ultra?
  79. Starling 10.04 System Monitor
  80. Slow web browsing in Ubuntu
  81. [ubuntu_mobile] Full HD (FHD) on Pangolin?
  82. [ubuntu] Darter Ultra - speakers no longer work after 10.04 upgrade
  83. [other] Hardware question about Pangolin Performance
  84. [ubuntu] cpu usage in 10.04
  85. [ubuntu] Any reason to expect problems w/Luced on Panp4?
  86. [ubuntu] Panp7 locking up on return from standby/hibernate
  87. [ubuntu] Logitech Wireless and 9.04/.10
  88. [all variants] How do I install ram on System 76 Lemur?
  89. [all variants] snd_pcm_avail() returned a value that is exceptionally large
  90. [ubuntu] YouTube "issue".
  91. [ubuntu] I am tempted to buy one any info on performance
  92. [all variants] Serval with Nvidia GTX 285M... HDMI and DVI out?
  93. [all variants] Enabling CPU security (NX)
  94. [gnome] pangolin laptop issue
  95. [ubuntu] Unable to suspend/hibernate on 10.04 w/ serp3
  96. [SOLVED] Error When Trying to Install Windows on PanP7
  97. [ubuntu] Enabling NX Features on the Starling
  98. [ubuntu] Which version of 10.4 to install
  99. [SOLVED] starling 10.04 netbook edtion wireless gone :(
  100. [ubuntu] New Pangolin - First-Start Ubuntu Update Glitch
  101. [ubuntu] How is the ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 graphics support on 10.04?
  102. [other] Future Laptop Specifications: A request
  103. [ubuntu] Pangolin P7 Review
  104. [ubuntu] Problem Connecting External Monitor
  105. [all variants] checking lemur camera status
  106. [ubuntu] configure ubuntu for adsl access
  107. [ubuntu] my panp's screen decided not to turn on, apparently.
  108. [ubuntu] Pangolin P7 turns off randomly
  109. [all variants] SSD drive question re: Pangolin Performance
  110. [ubuntu] Yay! It shipped!
  111. [all variants] How often are the systems refreshed?
  112. [ubuntu] Daru2 + Fresh Lucid Install = Odd Power Management
  113. [SOLVED] Need a new CD/DVD-RW Drive - IDE or SATA?
  114. [ubuntu] random reboots
  115. [other] Macbook Pro, Pangolin,or Bonobo?
  116. [all variants] Just curious
  117. [other] Earth Picture
  118. [SOLVED] Serval Performance--how do you turn it on
  119. [ubuntu] Brand new Pangolin beeps and won't start :|
  120. No Wireless in Starling
  121. [ubuntu] Serval Performance Manual or instruction booklet/sheet
  122. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion HDMI
  123. [ubuntu] Pangolin RAID configuration
  124. [SOLVED] 10.04 install loses old /home files
  125. Doing a re-install or an upgrade
  126. [ubuntu] 10.04 Lucid upgrade issues.
  127. [ubuntu] VDPAU playback in Gnome MPlayer and SMPlayer
  128. [all variants] BIOS for panp4n?
  129. Installing 10.04 broke my wireless ...
  130. broken filter
  131. 10,04 password
  132. starling ubuntu 10.04 networking disabled
  133. [lubuntu] Serval Performance and logging in
  134. Wireless problems with UNR 10.04 on Starline EduBook
  135. [SOLVED] NVIDIA drivers updated now running in low graphics mode
  136. [ubuntu] "restore complete" message box is empty
  137. Incorporated microphone stopped working in 10.04
  138. [other] 76 sounds like a great company. Will you be getting any Tablets? Other distros?
  139. [other] User guides / manuals for 2006 Serval Performance?
  140. Starling and Visual Effects
  141. [ubuntu] help! cant log on after enabling finger print
  142. [SOLVED] Serval Performance--Cheese does not find the webcam
  143. [ubuntu] cannot mount usb volumes: "Not authorized"
  144. [ubuntu] Weak wireless on Wild Dog
  145. [ubuntu] Lemur mini-review
  146. [ubuntu] Reliance Broadband Configuration Problem
  147. [SOLVED] GTK themes work for some applications?
  148. Starling 9.10 battery charging problems
  149. [ubuntu] I think I deleted some VERY important files!!!!!!
  150. [ubuntu] wine
  151. [ubuntu] Will the ULV Core i3/i5 be coming to Lemur?
  152. NoMachine NX Shadowing on Serval Pro
  153. [ubuntu] Can't change common-auth after trying to enable fingerprint reader
  154. [SOLVED] panp6 - not fully receiving power
  155. [ubuntu] Two Gazelle Ultras for Sale
  156. [ubuntu] Can I map XF86AudioNextTrack & PrevTrack
  157. [ubuntu] Damaged LCD Screen
  158. [ubuntu] Top Right application button doesn't work
  159. [SOLVED] Places --> Home Folder equals (by mistake) Places --> Desktop
  160. [ubuntu] GAZV4: No window decorations after 10.04 upgrade
  161. [ubuntu] Serval P3 drops wireless connections with 10.04
  162. [other] Lemur UltraThin video review ?
  163. [other] New system76 user here.
  164. [ubuntu] want to upgrade my daru2 RAM
  165. [SOLVED] Mouse scroll in serval / fingerprint scanner mouse functionality?
  166. [ubuntu] Adobe drops Flash 64-bit for Linux ... What the heck?
  167. [other] Bonobo battery life?
  168. [ubuntu] Serval Professional Review
  169. [ubuntu] Suspend/hibernate not working, GAZP5 Ubuntu 10.04
  170. [ubuntu] Question about Lemur performances
  171. [ubuntu] Fn +F2 doesn't trigger LCD display on Serval Professional
  172. [ubuntu] Starling upgrade - observations and questions
  173. [SOLVED] Serval Perf. 4 Blank Screen on Start Up
  174. [ubuntu] Serp6 won't booting
  175. staring shuts off after 30 seconds
  176. [ubuntu] Charger pin for old Pangolin Performance is loose
  177. [SOLVED] Updated Starling, now Flash Doesn't Work
  178. [other] Any System76 Laptops support dail up?
  179. [ubuntu] So here's a silly question about the Meerkat
  180. [ubuntu] Couple questions about my Pangolin
  181. [all variants] Browser Crash Crashes X Server on Lucid / Serval
  182. [ubuntu] Unecessary Packages?
  183. [SOLVED] Ratel/8.10 boot from usb stick
  184. external keyboard breaks starling keyboard
  185. [all variants] What is the upside down 'W' key for on serval pro?
  186. [ubuntu] Best USB Powered Cooling Pad for Pangolin?
  187. [ubuntu] Need help installing System76 drivers!!
  188. [ubuntu] Syncing HTC Legend to 10.04
  189. [ubuntu] Mouse scrolling speeds in 10.04
  190. [SOLVED] Dual booting XP, can't get internet to work
  191. [ubuntu] Sales interest in Meerkat or Ratel, more info please?..?
  192. [SOLVED] Audio input with Plantronics USB headset using Skype with Ubuntu 10.04
  193. [ubuntu] Can't create a LiveCD to save my iso
  194. [ubuntu] Which System76 laptop has the best battery life?
  195. [SOLVED] Why is shipping to Canada so expensive?
  196. [other] New Starling Info?
  197. [ubuntu] Wireless Network Manager has become extremely sluggish on Pangolin Performance panP5
  198. [all variants] nVidia being phased out?
  199. [ubuntu] Update Manager not working
  200. [SOLVED] system76 processor?
  201. Starling Edubook nearly inaudible sound
  202. [other] Pangolin Preformance?
  203. [all variants] Enabling PAN-P4 VT-x
  204. [ubuntu] microphone disappears upon installing Lucid
  205. [SOLVED] Lemur headphone sound too faint
  206. [other] Considering a system 76 laptop...
  207. [other] Whats the deal with the new netbook?
  208. [ubuntu] I broke my gf's webcam while trying to fix hulu
  209. [ubuntu] Brand new battery for Daru2 does not charge all the way.
  210. [ubuntu] Want a new graphics card for my Pangolin
  211. [ubuntu] Filesystem Checks Always Happen
  212. [other] How to turn off or turn down blue internal light on Leopard Xtreme system?
  213. [other] Tips for how to make Leopard Xtreme quieter?
  214. [ubuntu] System Not Shutting Down
  215. [ubuntu] Problem with Boot of System76 Pangolin V3/4 - Seems USB related
  216. [ubuntu] Finally making the jump to 10.04...
  217. Staling Poor Wireless performance
  218. [other] New Starling?
  219. Changing the video resolution on the Serval Professional
  220. wireless conectivity
  221. [other] Processor and memory selection guidelines
  222. [ubuntu] I'm finally on 10.04 on my PanP5 :)
  223. [ubuntu] About wireless options?
  224. [other] questions about shipping and tax
  225. [ubuntu] PANP7 CD/DVD ROM removable?
  226. [ubuntu] Inverter Cable for System 76 Laptop - MS-1012
  227. [other] Serval Professional doesn't work with VGA
  228. [other] does the Lemur have a user removable battery?
  229. New help configuring flashplayer
  230. [ubuntu] BlueTooth headphones for laptop
  231. [ubuntu] Serval Professional battery question
  232. [ubuntu] highlighting the address window with one click
  233. [ubuntu] could not find application
  234. Different wallpapers on each side of the cube?
  235. [ubuntu] Frequent Kernel Panics
  236. [other] Lemur Ultrathin Review - underwhelming and unprofessional
  237. [xubuntu] Xubuntu on Meerkat Ion Nettop
  238. [other] Inventory Issues
  239. [ubuntu] No System 76 driver... nvidia driver not working
  240. [other] Doubt about buying Pangolin Performance
  241. Starling and System Monitor ... no go
  242. [other] got my Lemur today! (few questions)
  243. CentOS On Meerkat NetTop
  244. [ubuntu] Using Wifi in PanP5 for other devices when it's using wired network
  245. [ubuntu] Switching from Windows to Wild Dog (Yikes!)
  246. [other] New Starling
  247. [SOLVED] 10.4 Hibernation problem
  248. [ubuntu] PanP5 and probably PanP6 Improved Kernel
  249. [all variants] What happened to Darter and Bonobo professional
  250. [ubuntu] Best TV Tuner Card/USB Device for Pangolin Laptop?