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  1. [ubuntu] Blu Ray for Nettop
  2. starling on a ball and chain
  3. [xubuntu] Starling - Questions on Installing Xubuntu.
  4. [all variants] non Intel systems
  5. [ubuntu] Intel 4500MHD
  6. [ubuntu] No sound after Karmic update/reboot on Wild Dog
  7. [ubuntu] whats your opinion on system 76
  8. [ubuntu] panp6 - Frequency set to 'performance' on reboot
  9. [ubuntu] DARU3 Card reader, USB flash drives don't work in Mint 8 (Karmic)
  10. [ubuntu] panp6 - fan turns off randomly
  11. [ubuntu] three monitors
  12. Karmic Upgrade vs. Fresh Karmic Install
  13. [all variants] HDMi?
  14. [ubuntu] Pangolin vs Lemur
  15. [ubuntu] Starling vs gazelle?
  16. [ubuntu] Linux Planet reviewed System 76 Jackal 1U
  17. [ubuntu] Usb3?
  18. [ubuntu] Model Changes in the S76 line of computers
  19. [ubuntu] System76 Driver Problems
  20. [ubuntu] Ratel Value Acting Odd After Updates
  21. [ubuntu] Should user shell configs = system shell configs?
  22. [ubuntu] Encrypted External Drive
  23. [ubuntu] System Monitor Display Too Big to Change
  24. Recent Software Update Causes Many Serious Problems!!!
  25. [ubuntu] Curious - Pangolin SSD question
  26. [ubuntu] Video Files Will Not Play After Karmic Upgrade
  27. Serp6 touchpad gui
  28. [all variants] just eSata talk (pangolin in particular)
  29. [starling, karmic, upgrade] wireless fails on star1 after jaunty -> karmic
  30. [all variants] System76 box built for/sold with XBMC?
  31. [ubuntu] Why is System76 not Ubuntu validated?
  32. [all variants] A few questions about the Starling
  33. [ubuntu] Thanks for the ATI laptop, now please put ATI on desktop
  34. [ubuntu] any one has a review on the Meerkat Ion NetTop
  35. [ubuntu] Serval (SERP5) Wireless Network Does Not Refresh
  36. [other] paralell card
  37. [ubuntu] Intel Corporation 82578DC Gigabit Network on wildabeast performance machine
  38. [all variants] Question about new Serval/Bonobo screen resolutions
  39. [all variants] Power Management/Detecting AC Power
  40. [SOLVED] Reprogram System Buttons On SerP5?
  41. [ubuntu] Upgrading from Jaunty to Karmic?
  42. [ubuntu] why does openoffice use 100% of my CPU sometimes?
  43. [other] System76 Tablet?
  44. [SOLVED] horizontal sync and vertical refresh on panp6
  45. [ubuntu] Screen Brightness Levels
  46. [ubuntu] xsane "Failed to start scanner: Invalid argument"
  47. [all variants] Newest Pangolin
  48. [ubuntu] Meerkat Interface w TV via HDMI
  49. [ubuntu] Runaway startup process locks up system, pls help
  50. Starling[star1] Mouse/tack pad broken
  51. [ubuntu] Battery performance on latest Pangolin
  52. [ubuntu] Bonobo Display Resolution
  53. [ubuntu] Suspend, Hibernate, and Battery Consumption
  54. [all variants] snd-hda-intel options
  55. Starling & karmic: iwconfig crashes machine
  56. [ubuntu] Looking into my first system76
  57. [ubuntu] New York Times Reader
  58. [ubuntu] Starling Power Cable
  59. [ubuntu] Very low audio input via Skype
  60. [ubuntu] Installing Fluxbox
  61. [SOLVED] tuxpaint hang on exit (& other other tux SDL apps)
  62. [Starling] [9.10 NR] Audio suddenly not working!
  63. [all variants] Which sound card to buy
  64. [ubuntu] System76 drivers not working on clean instal
  65. [other] Details about the Pangolin
  66. [ubuntu] xorg.conf problem? PanP6 6 windows on startup, shutdown
  67. [ubuntu] Potential Lemur Purchase Questions
  68. [other] eve online
  69. [other] planet76.com, system76.com down?
  70. [SOLVED] sound troubleshooting[0]: default test sound?
  71. [other] Noisy fan in Meerkat Ion NetTop
  72. [SOLVED] sound troubleshooting[1]: no sound from PanP5 (probably) after karmic upgrade
  73. [ubuntu] loaded updates: now starling locks up at password window
  74. [ubuntu] Ubuntu One Music Store ... Anyone going to use it?
  75. [ubuntu] Pangolin 7 review - it's a speed boat!
  76. [ubuntu] starling - system monitor/system updates crashing ubuntu
  77. [all variants] Backups
  78. [SOLVED] System76 website down for two days
  79. [all variants] improving System76 driver availability
  80. [ubuntu] silly fstab error
  81. [ubuntu] Can't set up wireless
  82. [all variants] kludge for wireless after planet76.com-caused update failure: boot older kernel
  83. [all variants] how to fix kernel update once planet76.com returns?
  84. Skype Microphone on Starling
  85. [other] Booting from USB on the Meerkat Ion NetTop and flash the BIOS
  86. [kubuntu] Usb System Stutter
  87. [all variants] Battery life for Lemur Ultra-thin
  88. wireless disappeared on starling
  89. Droping OOo
  90. [ubuntu] basic ignorance: battery level icon has disappeared
  91. [all variants] serp6
  92. [ubuntu] Webcam trouble on panp5 running 9.04 64bit
  93. [all variants] Lemur or Pangolin?
  94. [ubuntu] Nvidia Pangolin performance primer
  95. [all variants] System76 Driver: Install or Restore?
  96. drivers for win7?
  97. [SOLVED] Installing System76 Driver on a fresh install of UNR 9.10...
  98. Kernel panic during upgrade, and ensuing unpleasantness
  99. [all variants] System 76 for Hardware alone?
  100. [other] Two PanP6 Notebooks for Sale
  101. [ubuntu] Battery says "on AC" when coming out of stand-by on battery
  102. [xubuntu] Switching from Xubuntu to Lubuntu on Synaptic
  103. really stupid question
  104. [ubuntu] Mobile battery packs
  105. [other] Lemur Touchpad Quirks
  106. [ubuntu] Anyone have a good Bonobo Review?
  107. [ubuntu] Disk Drive
  108. [ubuntu] problems install ubuntu
  109. [ubuntu] HOWTO: Sync iPhone/iPod Touch without Jailbreaking
  110. [ubuntu] Gazelle Value 3: scratchy sound in 9.10
  111. [other] Dual HD
  112. [all variants] Darter Ultra 3 feet?
  113. [ubuntu] Meerkat Nettop Tv Tuner
  114. [all variants] WD 2G green drives and 4K sectors
  115. [SOLVED] "Segmentation fault" using FBReader on Starling
  116. Pangolin 7 - The connection was interrupted
  117. [ubuntu] Battery Discharge Not Detected on PanP6
  118. [ubuntu] Whoa, that's a first ... PanP5 hard locked.
  119. [ubuntu] Pre-release version of 64-bit Adobe Flash for Linux is out
  120. [SOLVED] Wireless router not detected
  121. [ubuntu] Crashes and freezing: Serp; 9.10 64bit
  122. [SOLVED] Ratel Value no wireless
  123. [all variants] Two Solid State Drive Questions
  124. [SOLVED] no CUPS webadmin access?
  125. [ubuntu] bluetooth at start-up?
  126. [ubuntu] panp6 speakers
  127. Make the Ubuntu Key open the Home Screen on Starling
  128. [SOLVED] Regular Ubuntu Updates
  129. [all variants] Lemur Ultra thin Questions (Sales)
  130. [ubuntu] Fingerprint reader, and microphone(skype use)
  131. [all variants] Darter Ultra
  132. [ubuntu] Ratel beeping
  133. [SOLVED] System 76 Newbie with Questions
  134. PanP6 Windows 7 Drivers
  135. Swap Fn and Ctrl keys on Starling?
  136. [ubuntu] Update question
  137. Monitor problem
  138. [SOLVED] panp7 wireless disabled
  139. [ubuntu] Before installing Ubuntu on serp5
  140. [ubuntu] System76 Starling Review
  141. OSX Running On My Starling
  142. [ubuntu] Missing power and network indicators from Gnome panel
  143. [ubuntu] starling with 9.04 offline--can use older kernal -NOW?
  144. Windows 7 on a Pangolin Performance (some driver issues)
  145. [xubuntu] PCI Express Xtreme 802.11 bgn fails to connect to wireless internet
  146. [xubuntu] installing 512 MB nVidia GeForce GT210 from enclosed CD?
  147. [all variants] Darter Dropped?
  148. [other] Order placed!
  149. [ubuntu] New Starling Recieved!
  150. [ubuntu] lemur won't start up on battery
  151. [other] Little Meerkat and adios BG, sorta
  152. [SOLVED] System76 Driver Causing Boot Failure
  153. [ubuntu] Sug--gestions on large external monitor for panp5?
  154. The Starling and e-book reading
  155. [ubuntu] Panp5 Power adaptor extremely hot!!!
  156. Skype Video Upload Speed
  157. [ubuntu] New Starling Ordered!
  158. [ubuntu] No Sound
  159. [ubuntu] Can't Boot, Hung at "GRUB"
  160. [SOLVED] panp4n - Problems w/performing a clean install of 9.10
  161. [SOLVED] Trying to install 9.10 from cd on pan5 laptop
  162. [ubuntu] Pangolin P5 - Network issues with clean install of Karmic
  163. [ubuntu] Shutdown stalls on "* Checking battery state..."
  164. [all variants] Serp5 Hardware Upgrade (Memory)
  165. [ubuntu] *ONE* Darter Ultra Left
  166. [ubuntu] Sys76 thoughts on Lucid Lynx Alpha 3
  167. [all variants] Trying to restore, hopeless for wireless drivers
  168. [ubuntu] Canīt Set Super Key as Keyboard Shortcut
  169. Starling Cover / Case
  170. [ubuntu] Problem on PanP5 with Fingerprint reader
  171. [SOLVED] Sound missing in Karmic, works in LiveCD
  172. [ubuntu] 9.10 Extremely Buggy
  173. Reloading PAN-P7
  174. [karmic, starling] fix for wireless failures?
  175. [ubuntu] HDMI/VGA use?
  176. [SOLVED] Wireless stopped working
  177. Remote That Works With System76 Serval Performance 4
  178. [ubuntu] Weird Problem Restoring a Panp7
  179. [all variants] Audacity on Pangoling Performance
  180. [SOLVED] tethering Android via USB gives limited network access (dig only)
  181. [ubuntu] ocassional freeze on waking screen saver
  182. terminal and system monitor crashes starling
  183. [ubuntu] Esata BIOS Boot Priority Question
  184. [ubuntu] webcam on pangolin
  185. [SOLVED] Graphics issues, can only boot in low-graphics mode
  186. [ubuntu] Meerkat or other desktops suspending
  187. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultrathin poor battery life.
  188. [ubuntu] curious about panp5 + Nvidia driver capibilitys + 720p recordings
  189. [ubuntu] Better Notebook Screen
  190. [ubuntu] No wicd after last update mgr update
  191. [other] Strange 3ware behaviour
  192. [ubuntu] quicktime for linux?????
  193. [gnome] Lemur Battery Life
  194. [ubuntu] Screencasting Apps Don't Work
  195. [ubuntu] ACPI Issues With Starling
  196. [all variants] Thoughts on CD/DVD drives
  197. [ubuntu] question about synaptic package manager...
  198. xterm?? it shows up in choice up sessions UNR
  199. [ubuntu] Daru3 batter life
  200. Ctrl > Alt > F1 CL doesn't recognize my user name only root can't log out of root
  201. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion - display skewed/crooked and overscan
  202. [all variants] Pangolin Performance
  203. [ubuntu] Wireless Disabled after update on Pan7
  204. [all variants] system76 with matte display???
  205. [ubuntu] problems with external hard drive
  206. [other] In the Works
  207. [ubuntu] memory usage on bootup
  208. New netbook acting strangely
  209. [ubuntu] suspend-to-ram appears to succeed but fails to recover
  210. [ubuntu] system boots into 32-bit mode; want 64-bit mode
  211. [ubuntu] leopard extreme - it ain't so
  212. [ubuntu] starling upgradability
  213. [ubuntu] mobo used by wild dog performance
  214. [all variants] replacement battery charger for starling?
  215. [ubuntu] Unable to mount filesystem
  216. [ubuntu] Serval Pro?
  217. [all variants] Dimensons for PanP AC Adapter
  218. [ubuntu] Help needed!
  219. [ubuntu] Bonobo Performance
  220. [ubuntu] Single-click sends double-click in Gnome
  221. [ubuntu] Frequent hang problems
  222. [ubuntu] disable suspend key on lemur ultrathin
  223. [ubuntu] Darter Ultra no battery life
  224. [SOLVED] How about Bonobo Performance for desktop replacement?
  225. [ubuntu] Question: How Do I Set Default Programs in Linux?
  226. Starling Track Pad Random Fail
  227. [SOLVED] Meerkat Ion - No sound with HDMI
  228. [ubuntu] battery charging problems with 9.10
  229. [SOLVED] No Bluetooth Darter Ultra
  230. [ubuntu] Best mouse for PanP5
  231. [ubuntu] Unique display/screen issue lemu1|9.10
  232. [ubuntu] Camera Doesn't work
  233. [ubuntu] problems with update manager
  234. [ubuntu] Bonobo Full HD Version?
  235. [ubuntu] Lemur vs. Pangolin
  236. [ubuntu] Touchpad panp7
  237. [SOLVED] Disk Partitioning
  238. [SOLVED] Wireless help needed
  239. [ubuntu] Hardware
  240. [ubuntu] Questions, Suggestions, and Decisions
  241. [ubuntu] Pangolin- "disk error" when sansa fuze plugged in on startup
  242. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion ordered!
  243. Starling Battery Not Doing as Well as it Used to be...
  244. Verify Starling wireless chipset
  245. Remix vs Regular on Starling. Advantages? Problems?
  246. [ubuntu] Pangolin p7 hardware review
  247. [ubuntu] Starling Battery Refresh Procedure
  248. [other] Restore?
  249. [other] Starling EduBook
  250. [ubuntu] Serval with a 5870?