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  1. [ubuntu] USB Sticks and SD Cards are not being recognized.
  2. [kubuntu] Modem Software driver on PanP5 -- Does modem work?
  3. [ubuntu] Wireless up and down on 9.10 fresh install
  4. Alphabetically Sort the Favorites list in UNR
  5. [all variants] Start Bluetooth Daemon on Boot
  6. [kubuntu] Kubuntu 9.10 (Second try)
  7. [other] Hard drive failure?
  8. [ubuntu] Just a few questions on the Lemur.
  9. [ubuntu] compiz effects sluggish on first go
  10. [ubuntu] 8GB DDR3 Memory Modules
  11. [ubuntu] ATI propritary driver(s) and gtk-recordmydesktop/xvidcap/etc
  12. [ubuntu] Wild Dog Sound
  13. Starling - System76 driver update
  14. [other] monthly payment plan?
  15. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion NetTop incapable of 1080?
  16. [ubuntu] SERP4 on Karmic - watching for filesystem corruption
  17. [ubuntu] Starling Filesystem Errors on Boot
  18. [ubuntu] No PubKey for System 76 repositories?
  19. [other] Who owns Darter Ultra, Daru3 laptop?
  20. [all variants] Perfect backpack for the Pangolin!
  21. [ubuntu] Upgrade to 9.10 or wait
  22. [ubuntu] pangolin laptop beeping noise
  23. [SOLVED] Static with Pangolin Mic
  24. [all variants] Expanion slot availability
  25. [ubuntu] Lemur RAM upgrade - why so expensive
  26. Daru2 + Karmic, crazy power management
  27. N Router USB Adapter driver on Starling
  28. [ubuntu] Hibernate functioning on System 76 PanP4 9.10?
  29. Planent 76 repositories option missing
  30. Upgraqding UNR to 9.10
  31. Starling keyboard
  32. [ubuntu] Starling NetBook
  33. [all variants] PanP6 Keyboard
  34. Dual booting Starling Netbook - How to?
  35. [other] Starling Hard Drive Question
  36. [ubuntu] Which notebook?
  37. [gnome] Kosher way to use other distros?
  38. [all variants] Will system 76 install non-stock hardware?
  39. [ubuntu] Touchpad scroll problems
  40. [ubuntu] S76 site to post info on battery life
  41. [ubuntu] Big issue, PanP6 won't start
  42. [ubuntu] Sound in some apps, not others
  43. [ubuntu] serval serp4 9.10 upgrade issues
  44. [ubuntu] International credit card, domestic (USA) shipping?
  45. [ubuntu] Serp 5 Syst76 Driver
  46. [ubuntu] System76 drivers on 32-bit Ubuntu... Possible?
  47. [ubuntu] need some help if possible
  48. [ubuntu] PanP6
  49. [all variants] Request for update of Driver page.
  50. [SOLVED] Question on System76 driver update in Update Manager
  51. Starling Wont suspend. Locks up Hard Reboot FSCK required
  52. Upgraded - Wireless Borked
  53. [ubuntu] Daru2 lockups
  54. [ubuntu] ServalP Keyboard stopped working this morning
  55. Starling & Linux Compatability
  56. [ubuntu] CD drive revs up then revs down
  57. [ubuntu] Lemur Reviews
  58. [kubuntu] Kubuntu 9.10 on Panp4n
  59. [ubuntu] Wireless setup question
  60. [ubuntu] No survelence options (BlueCherry.net)
  61. Random freezing Karmic 9.10
  62. [all variants] AC Adapter on Panp4n
  63. [ubuntu] x screen is larger then monitor
  64. 9.04 Wicd wireless issue - Starling
  65. [SOLVED] gazu1 On battery, "when critically low" action doesn't work
  66. International Shipping
  67. [all variants] post-sale, but pre-delivery question...
  68. [SOLVED] Shipping/Billing address question
  69. [SOLVED] Ubuntu resolution suport
  70. [ubuntu] Just purchased Wildebeest, anyone want a review?
  71. Starling Netbook: how low does screen brightness go?
  72. [ubuntu] System76 driver "unsupported."
  73. [SOLVED] Atten: Starling owners | karmic koala upgrade information
  74. [all variants] How to Request Support or Product Information on this Forum
  75. [ubuntu] System76 Manufacturing Delays
  76. [ubuntu] Laptops fail to hibernate when battery is critically low
  77. [ubuntu] Magsafe Please
  78. [ubuntu] Wild Dog 9.10 Karmic youtube video Freezes system
  79. [all variants] System 76 driver 2.4.0
  80. [all variants] Need an unbiased opinion: should I get a Mac?
  81. [ubuntu] Problems booting LiveUSB on Pangolin.
  82. [ubuntu] Serval Memory Upgrade Question
  83. [ubuntu] Mouse freezes
  84. [all variants] How well does the Starling work for light gaming?
  85. [kubuntu] Black screen on start up (Panp5, Karmic)
  86. [SOLVED] Lemur UltraThin won't use WiFi?!
  87. [all variants] Gazelle Value monitor replacement
  88. [all variants] Lemur Keyboard Layout
  89. [ubuntu] JLAB b-flex C-Media USB speaker finally working on Intrepid 8.10
  90. [ubuntu] "one or more disks are failing"
  91. [ubuntu] Ram problems after 9.10 upgrade
  92. [ubuntu] Lemur UltraThin - Underpowered? Low memory?
  93. [ubuntu] Daru2 with Ubuntu 9.10: keyboard and webcam trouble
  94. anyone running fully free distro on System76 machine?
  95. [SOLVED] help with repositories
  96. [ubuntu] pangolin performance
  97. Issue with Starling
  98. [SOLVED] Some fixes for Meerkat Ion running Karmic.
  99. [ubuntu] Anyone installed Evolution 2.28.1 on Ubuntu 9.04?
  100. Windows Drivers
  101. [ubuntu] Starling Wireless Card
  102. [other] Dmesg for System76 laptops
  103. [ubuntu] Planet76 Repository Question
  104. ION based netbook?
  105. [SOLVED] Pagolin Performance and Gentoo
  106. [Starling] Unable to obtain ip address 9.04
  107. [ubuntu] Starling battery won't charge
  108. [ubuntu] Kudos to System76 support
  109. [ubuntu] Ubuntu stickers in South Africa?
  110. regular 9.10 on starling rather than netbook remix?
  111. [ubuntu] How to swap trackpad buttons?
  112. [xubuntu] Setting keyboard shortcuts with Xfce?
  113. [SOLVED] Can't get Ubuntu Key (i.e., left Windows key) Working
  114. [ubuntu] My Starling DIED!
  115. [all variants] System76 and ATI
  116. [all variants] Blu Ray Drive installing?
  117. [ubuntu] Two admin settings-boxes grayed-out
  118. [all variants] laptop tracking & recovery
  119. [SOLVED] Torn between Serval Graphics and Pangolin Keyboard
  120. Starling ION Netbook
  121. [other] Holiday Sale
  122. [ubuntu] Bios?
  123. [ubuntu] dual booting question (win7)
  124. [SOLVED] Gnome sends double-click when I only single-click after installing gok
  125. [ubuntu] Starling NetBook - Questions
  126. [ubuntu] Usb 3.0
  127. [ubuntu] Battery Capacity
  128. Looking for sosurce for 9.04 UNR iso
  129. [ubuntu] Fan always running under Karmic?
  130. Starling Netbook
  131. [ubuntu] keystroke randomly repeatiiiiiiiiiiing
  132. [SOLVED] Wildebeest fails to fully boot up on arival
  133. [SOLVED] Hulu interface not responsive
  134. Starling: Bottom of Dialog Boxes Sometimes Extend Below Screen
  135. [ubuntu] file permission problem
  136. [ubuntu] Noisier after upgrade
  137. [all variants] Piece falling off
  138. [ubuntu] Filesystem errors on new Wildebeest
  139. Cell phone and the Starling
  140. [ubuntu] pangolin performance 6 video issues after clean install
  141. Karmic does not resume after suspend or hibernate
  142. [SOLVED] External mic on serp4, 9.10
  143. [other] Free stickers Canada location
  144. Starling/Nano Cordless Mouse
  145. [ubuntu] gazelle upgrade to 9.10 failed: system unusable
  146. [ubuntu] DAP's that work well with Ubuntu
  147. [all variants] Canadian Shipping Taxes (Pangolin)
  148. [ubuntu] Starling Had Wifi, then lost all network connectivity
  149. [ubuntu] Banshee stutters during playback
  150. [ubuntu] Looking for a netbook, what makes System 76 better than...
  151. [gnome] Terminal: How to make <page up> = <shift> + <page up> ?
  152. [ubuntu] Starling as an eReader?
  153. [ubuntu] RAM Upgrade on Meerkat?
  154. [ubuntu] Pangolin display question
  155. [ubuntu] Why System76 not have AMD based models?
  156. [ubuntu] Booting from eSata/usb
  157. [gnome] System --> Preferences --> Display: gives error message
  158. [ubuntu] Since 12/9 updates, control-d in terminal produces freezes
  159. [other] Pangolin AC connection problems
  160. [SOLVED] Youtube problems on Starling
  161. [ubuntu] Keyboard and mouse not work!
  162. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultrathin Laptop Issues
  163. [SOLVED] System76... will you ship to Europe one day?
  164. [other] lots of background noise in the microphone
  165. [ubuntu] Thinking of getting a Wild Dog Performance
  166. [ubuntu] System76 Bluetooth on here? Gazu1, Gazelle Ultra
  167. [other] system76 wiki issues
  168. [ubuntu] Touchpad stopped working after Karmic Upgrade
  169. [other] Community Advice: Serval or Pangolin?
  170. [ubuntu] no SATA drive found on random boots
  171. [ubuntu] Movie Player playing MP3's as if they were "streaming"
  172. [ubuntu] PanP4 w/Karmic has no video output
  173. [ubuntu] [PanP5] 2 keys failing to register on nearly-new box
  174. [ubuntu] No display on external monitor with Pangoli Performance panp6
  175. [ubuntu] touchfreeze or related tool for vanilla jaunty PanP5?
  176. [SOLVED] grub2 re-install
  177. [ubuntu] Using laptop screen as external monitor for another computer
  178. [other] No ETA on the serval
  179. [SOLVED] Live USB boot of 9.10 freezing during unpack
  180. [other] Anybody have a 6th generation pangolin?
  181. [ubuntu] Update manager keeps popping up
  182. [ubuntu] Netbook or regular laptop
  183. [ubuntu] wilp6: mic/line-in not working
  184. [ubuntu] Is smooth .avi playback possible on a Pangolin 6?
  185. [ubuntu] Hulu on Starling
  186. [ubuntu] Daru2, Really, really slow hard drive writes (9.10)
  187. [ubuntu] Integated 3G on Starling? SIM Slot Behind Battery
  188. [other] DDR3 and the Pangolin
  189. [ubuntu] resize /home and add partitions
  190. [ubuntu] Blocky graphics in Hardy
  191. [ubuntu] SerP5 / Serval Professional 5 webcam issues
  192. [gnome] Pulseaudio woes
  193. [SOLVED] Trying to install XP on PanP5 - BSOD
  194. [kubuntu] KDE4, multiple monitors, and a Panp4i
  195. System76 Starling Netbook won't connect to internet
  196. bluetooth 9.04
  197. [ubuntu] Finger Print Reader "No Devices found"
  198. [SOLVED] Starling mic & Skype
  199. function keys, etc.
  200. [other] panp5/star1 resume differences[0]: resume on lid open
  201. [SOLVED] panp5/star1 resume differences[1]: authentication
  202. Bluetooth? And somehow I deleted the internet from my top panel
  203. [ubuntu] Rhythmbox, Banshee, ipod, ararok, exaile
  204. [xubuntu] daru3 Unprompted Shutdowns
  205. [SOLVED] cloth and applicator tube?
  206. [SOLVED] Fullscreen games are making my screen "tile"
  207. [SOLVED] Help! Starling Can't Detect My Wireless Network
  208. [ubuntu] New to system 76. looking to buy.
  209. Starling SD Card Reader Doesn't Work
  210. [all variants] Broken CD drive? Integrity check on burned installer CDs failing reliably.
  211. Starling Resolution - Actually 1024x600?
  212. [all variants] Will hardware upgrade void warranty?
  213. [ubuntu] panp4 clean install, where do I go for the driver?
  214. [ubuntu] weird apt errors on a clean install.
  215. [ubuntu] Looking to buy a Pangolin, what upgrades should I get?
  216. [ubuntu] Always says "laptop is fully charged"
  217. [ubuntu] jre64 preventing all updates or installations
  218. how do I get my Starling to find my printer?
  219. [ubuntu] Transmission bit torrent client
  220. [ubuntu] Runaway calculator process?
  221. Shift-Tab
  222. [ubuntu] DarU2 Loose Backlight Cable?
  223. Lemur Display Driver
  224. [ubuntu] Serval (SERP5) vs. *New* Serval
  225. [all variants] AMD/ATI based Starling with XGP a possibility?
  226. [ubuntu] an oh-so-basic question--advice appreciated
  227. [ubuntu] Upgraded to 9.10 - now my system doesn't work
  228. [all variants] Thought this might interest system76 guys
  229. [all variants] gazu1 Broken Hinge
  230. [ubuntu] Panp4n slow after suspend/hibernate
  231. [ubuntu] 64-bit Alpha Flash 10 finally working...
  232. [SOLVED] Starling sleep/standby/suspend oddity[0]: Fn-F1 fails from main login screen
  233. Starling sleep/standby/suspend oddity[1]: if idle sleep, no login on wake
  234. Easiest way to switch to 32 bit?
  235. [ubuntu] System76 Driver Unsupported on new Wildebeest Install
  236. wicd/starling issues with 9.10
  237. any problems upgrading to karmic?
  238. [SOLVED] Changelog for 2.4.4 driver?
  239. [ubuntu] installing W7
  240. Upgraged to 9.10, wireless broke.
  241. [ubuntu] Lemur battery problem: only lasting ~2hrs
  242. No "Third-Party Software" tab in Software Sources on my starling
  243. S/PDIF interface won't activate on new Wild Dog Performance
  244. [ubuntu] problems with vlc and movie player
  245. [ubuntu] Display and Compiz
  246. [other] I think my monitor is going bad.
  247. [ubuntu] System76 Driver Update this morning on PanP5 -- Anything new?
  248. [ubuntu] Screen Freeze, New Pangolin, Cannot Reboot (Karmic, Panp6)
  249. cannot connect to some WIFI spots
  250. Audio problems after upgrade to Karmic on starling