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  1. [other] I need the bottom line on the Starling.
  2. [ubuntu] Netbook Capabilities
  3. [xubuntu] Synaptic/Update Manager Broken
  4. Future of Netbooks, and System76
  5. [ubuntu] No Gazelle Ultra Left Arrow Key Under VT100 emulation
  6. [ubuntu] After kernel update Ubuntu keeps asking "Restart Required" to finish update.
  7. [ubuntu] Desktop problem?
  8. [other] Pangolin Charging Port Failure.
  9. [kubuntu] System 76 driver for 9.10??? what needs changing?
  10. [all variants] System76 Media Center / TVPC?
  11. [ubuntu] Win 7 RC through VirtualBox 3 -- works great!
  12. [all variants] Firefox 3.5 anyone?
  13. [ubuntu] full screen windows XP in Virtual Box on 9.04
  14. China Proxies and updating my system
  15. [ubuntu] Update manager not updating
  16. [all variants] Pangolin - bluetooth issues
  17. [all variants] Kernel Updates and System76 Driver
  18. [ubuntu] Starling Wi-Fi card?
  19. Update disables wifi (Starling)
  20. [ubuntu] Should I Upgrade to 8GB of DDR2 RAM?
  21. [ubuntu] Random hangs on Wild Dog
  22. [ubuntu] Setting external monitor resolution (Starling Netbook)
  23. [ubuntu] Nettop capabilities
  24. [ubuntu] Installing Sun Java instead of IcedTea
  25. [ubuntu] High end Wild Dog vs stock Leopard
  26. [ubuntu] Crunchbang on Gazelle Ultra
  27. Random crashing, won't restart
  28. [ubuntu] Reloading System76 Drivers
  29. [ubuntu] Problems with Flash and Firefox 3.0
  30. [SOLVED] Wild Dog / Jaunty regular crashing
  31. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance (PANP5) sound card type?
  32. [ubuntu] My sound card is not recognized sometimes
  33. [ubuntu] Pangolin doesn't recognize microSD plus adapter
  34. [ubuntu] Nvidia Error
  35. [ubuntu] Easiest Question Ever?
  36. [ubuntu] Wifi fix on new Starlings
  37. [ubuntu] Adobe Shockwave -- is it possible to get it working in Linux?
  38. [ubuntu] Looking for (un)satisfied Leopard owners
  39. [ubuntu] Info on 22 LG Widescreen LCD (1680 x 1050)
  40. [ubuntu] Gazelle-- external monitor support?
  41. Should I buy a Starling?
  42. [ubuntu] Starling/projector/return policy
  43. [ubuntu] "COMING SOON..." My Maxed-Out Pangolin : )
  44. Starling SD port and SDHC
  45. [ubuntu] Pulseaudio causes skipping
  46. [all variants] System76 Serval Professional SERP5 Review + Vista Dual Boot + WinXP VMWare Guest
  47. [ubuntu] Flash playback and Firefox tabs
  48. spider
  49. [ubuntu] Questions from a Diehard Builder
  50. [ubuntu] scripts in power.d not executing
  51. [ubuntu] how do l know which Drivers
  52. [all variants] Pangolin - keyboard
  53. Drivers
  54. [ubuntu] Pangolin freezing
  55. [ubuntu] set wireless to off at startup
  56. [ubuntu] bluetooth
  57. [ubuntu] Serp1 webcam under Ubuntu 9.04
  58. [ubuntu] Jaunty upgrade - Left Arrow broken, Synaptics hangs on boot
  59. Starling Wireless
  60. [ubuntu] New Meerkat (the minor)
  61. [ubuntu] Dead pixel
  62. [ubuntu] World of Warcraft support
  63. Gazelle Performance (GazP1) webcam
  64. [ubuntu] xp 64
  65. [all variants] Pangolin Performance Screen Options Gone?
  66. [other] Starling - Projector Compatibility
  67. [SOLVED] Pangolin keyboard LIFT
  68. [other] Ubuntu Hardware Support Wiki Listing
  69. [ubuntu] how to revert a Super+R zoom on gnome?
  70. [ubuntu] Meerkat as a HTPC
  71. [other] Upcoming models with GTS 250m or 260m?
  72. [ubuntu] Why the huge difference in memory upgrade between Gazelle and Serval?
  73. [ubuntu] Static with headset microphone
  74. [ubuntu] HDD acoustics management
  75. [other] syncing openoffice toolbar layouts?
  76. [ubuntu] Graphical issues, UI sluggishness and flash performance
  77. Starling Netbook
  78. [ubuntu] Panp5 - Webcam quit working
  79. [SOLVED] Where are the 76driver rep;ositories/
  80. [xubuntu] Xubuntu Function Key Support?
  81. [ubuntu] Stuck in stand-by
  82. [ubuntu] Upgrade Problem
  83. [ubuntu] Serval (Serp4) Power Problems
  84. [ubuntu] ExpressCard 34/54 Port Question
  85. [ubuntu] sda3 UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCY but fsck finds no errors
  86. [SOLVED] Increasing involuntary fsck on boot
  87. [ubuntu] Concurrent-style booting
  88. [ubuntu] no sound...
  89. [xubuntu] Which Nvidia driver?
  90. [ubuntu] Adding memory to Pangolin
  91. Starling power/battery issue
  92. [SOLVED] Starling touchpad
  93. [all variants] oldtimers: replacement battery experience?
  94. [all variants] return policy experience?
  95. [ubuntu] new laptop acceptance tests?
  96. [ubuntu] trackpad responsiveness gazv5
  97. [ubuntu] Another New System76 Customer
  98. Returning to buy a Starling!
  99. Starling and Wine
  100. [ubuntu] new kernels installed by not being used
  101. [ubuntu] ioXtreme SSD
  102. [kubuntu] System won't boot, beeps
  103. [SOLVED] Logged out upon waking up from suspend.
  104. [other] add MS to Wild dog - winxp setup can't create a new partition
  105. [all variants] Casing designs/covers
  106. [ubuntu] Desktop Is Freezing
  107. [ubuntu] I think my laptop backlight just went out
  108. [ubuntu] Pangolin + Ink = :(
  109. [SOLVED] File transfer from Mac OS X to Starling
  110. [ubuntu] simple app for testing recording from builtin camera and microphone?
  111. [SOLVED] Ratel Value
  112. [ubuntu] U.p.s.
  113. [ubuntu] xulrunner -- updates almost every other day.
  114. Starling DOA? Please Help
  115. [ubuntu] shipping frustrations
  116. [all variants] What happened to Bonobo?
  117. Got Starling today!!
  118. [all variants] Looking for rugged laptop
  119. [other] Got my Starling!
  120. Karmic on the Starling?
  121. [all variants] Ratel dual monitor
  122. [ubuntu] volume weirdness
  123. [SOLVED] New Linux app requires JRE
  124. [SOLVED] Ubuntu logo in Synaptic means what?
  125. Looking for advice from System76 users....
  126. [all variants] Nouveau X drivers on Pangolin?
  127. [ubuntu] Strarling & Kismet
  128. [ubuntu] UNR Question
  129. [ubuntu] problem loading acroread
  130. [ubuntu] programatically "press" the Fn key
  131. [SOLVED] daru3 Xubuntu Install
  132. [ubuntu] how can i increase the volume of my panp4?
  133. [ubuntu] Keys wont fire continuously
  134. [ubuntu] System stops responding partially or completely sporadically.
  135. [all variants] softcopy for "quick start guide" and "concise user's guide"?
  136. [ubuntu] Switching between Remix and Regular
  137. [ubuntu] connecting to secure network
  138. [ubuntu] Battery Blues
  139. [all variants] Any new laptop coming?
  140. [other] What is a System 76?
  141. [ubuntu] No desktop icons and unable to right click
  142. [ubuntu] GazV5 and 9.10
  143. [ubuntu] Question - Starling Battery Life & Canadian Shipping
  144. [ubuntu] system support package in karmic not installable
  145. [SOLVED] cleaning up ubuntu
  146. [ubuntu] Replace laptop dvd with second hard drive?
  147. [ubuntu] External monitor resulution
  148. [SOLVED] Graphics card causing crash
  149. [ubuntu] Audio problem in Cheese
  150. Starling Boot errors
  151. [SOLVED] Starling - black "things" on top of screen
  152. [ubuntu] Firefox problems Ratel Value
  153. [all variants] You know what I would like to see from system 76?
  154. [all variants] What happened to the Bonobo Prefessional ???
  155. [ubuntu] Pro's and Con's with going to 32-Bit Ubuntu on PanP5
  156. [all variants] Speakers went dead
  157. [ubuntu] Squeezebox server
  158. [ubuntu] Getting around system-76's too-small root partition
  159. [all variants] Customer Support (System76 Shoutout)
  160. [ubuntu] fprint demo "No devices found"
  161. [ubuntu] Hulu player for Linux
  162. [ubuntu] Suspend on Low Power
  163. [SOLVED] screen output switching causes various applications to crash
  164. [ubuntu] Did my webcam die?
  165. [ubuntu] Skype and internal microphone
  166. [ubuntu] Continuing Wireless Frustration
  167. [ubuntu] Multiple desktops in Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix
  168. Touchpad scroll in Windows 7
  169. [ubuntu] PanP5 Power Management hopelessly broken
  170. [other] My review of the System76 Leopard Extreme
  171. [ubuntu] New PanP6 Laptop...
  172. Starling Wireless
  173. [ubuntu] Top Panel in UNR
  174. [ubuntu] Firefox Window
  175. [ubuntu] System76 drivers in Karmic
  176. [all variants] How to make DARU3's fan quieter?
  177. [ubuntu] Has anyone posted a Darter review?
  178. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 on PanP5 -- Does HDMI work?
  179. [ubuntu] Video Editing Woes - System or Software?
  180. [ubuntu] Pangolin panp4 beeping and shuting down on boot.
  181. [ubuntu] daru2 + 9.10 < 3
  182. [ubuntu] Starling Dead in the Water
  183. Noisy hard drive on Starling
  184. [all variants] System76 release party support
  185. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion questions
  186. Starling question
  187. [ubuntu] Starling Battery
  188. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu 9.10 on eSata drive
  189. [other] Conundrum (Serval or Pangolin)
  190. [SOLVED] Starling wifi wont turn on
  191. [ubuntu] Music from the web through stereo.
  192. [ubuntu] Pangolin (8.04) Battery/AC problem
  193. Starling- Is it right for me?
  194. [all variants] How many watts does the Meerkat use at idle?
  195. [ubuntu] Just tried 64-bit Flash 10 Alpha on Firefox 3.5 (Shiretoko) -- still no joy
  196. [ubuntu] Atten: Starling owners | karmic koala (9.10)
  197. [ubuntu] Lemur or Pangolin - Portability or Speed?
  198. [ubuntu] for karmic is a update ok or clean install
  199. [ubuntu] Does lemur support VT
  200. [all variants] Are you producing any smartbook?
  201. [ubuntu] Lemur Questions
  202. [other] Lemur Hardware question on HDD and RAM
  203. [all variants] Purchase the Wildbeest for a leet deal
  204. [kubuntu] Wirless support in Kubuntu 9.10
  205. [ubuntu] Karmic driver timeline?
  206. [ubuntu] Upgrade Instructions for Ubuntu 9.10
  207. [all variants] System76 Driver Page & Changelog
  208. [ubuntu] howto boot from cd?
  209. [SOLVED] Can't make flash fullscreen
  210. [kubuntu] Can't Connect... WAP Karmic..
  211. [ubuntu] Which system76 laptop?
  212. Netbook Remix: Lock Screen on Suspend?
  213. [ubuntu] daru2 Ubuntu keys?
  214. [ubuntu] No sound on Karmic. Any ideas?
  215. internect connection starling
  216. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 CPU issues
  217. [ubuntu] Upgraded to Karmic, Touchpad and Sound don't work on my PamP5
  218. [ubuntu] Serval Pro 3 ...formerly with working bluetooth
  219. [ubuntu] System 76 Lemur
  220. [ubuntu] Browser Wars
  221. [ubuntu] Wild Dog mysterious reboot
  222. [other] Pangolin - any noise and reliability issues?
  223. Starling WiFi password keeps getting re-set
  224. [other] Hardware help!
  225. [ubuntu] Upgraded to karmic - no 'third party software' tab
  226. [SOLVED] No Sound After 9.10 Upgrade
  227. [ubuntu] anybody know
  228. [ubuntu] PanP5 CPU stuck at lowest freq step upon resume from suspend
  229. [ubuntu] Running PanP5 with lid closed -- possible?
  230. [SOLVED] Gazelle, fresh Karmic install, webcam not found
  231. [ubuntu] New computer
  232. [ubuntu] Upgrading kernel
  233. [ubuntu] PanP5 with Karmic; Time to discharge not detected
  234. [ubuntu] Still having flash trouble under Karmic
  235. [SOLVED] Fix wireless/sound without Sys76 driver?
  236. [ubuntu] no sound or USB recognition after koala upgrade
  237. [ubuntu] Configure 2nd monitor with P-5 laptop?
  238. Starling cursor/touch pad
  239. [ubuntu] Problems with clean install of Karmic on PanP5?
  240. [SOLVED] USB printers installation issue on Karmic
  241. [SOLVED] Desktop Effects inconsistant performance (PanP6)
  242. [ubuntu] no gdm in Karmic on Ratel computer
  243. [SOLVED] Setting up dual boot with 9.10 Karmic
  244. [ubuntu] No sound or scrolling or system76 driver
  245. [other] Lemur Ultra Thin mods
  246. [SOLVED] Firefox won't display video frame after using twitter
  247. [other] Gazelle Ultra Questions
  248. [ubuntu] panv3: iwl3945 stops responding after resume from suspend
  249. [all variants] Adding bluetooth?
  250. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance, Version 6