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  1. [kubuntu] daru3 add 3d graphics
  2. [ubuntu] logitech z5 usb powered speakers - plan to buy
  3. [all variants] 8.10 today, 9.04 tomorrow or 9.04 beta today
  4. [all variants] Hows switching to Jaunty going to work?
  5. [ubuntu] Looking at buying a Pangolin Performance...
  6. [ubuntu] Dual-booting XP and Ubuntu
  7. [ubuntu] New BIOS+ fresh install= no beeps and speed!
  8. [ubuntu] Dare3 - Wrong Resulution after resume
  9. [all variants] new Sable Performance desktop, login hangs up
  10. [ubuntu] Gazelle Ultra Reviews?
  11. [other] Gpu
  12. [ubuntu] restricted extras disabled java flash in FF 3.0.7
  13. [all variants] Vdpau
  14. [all variants] Dual and Quad core preformance
  15. [ubuntu] I Have A Dream
  16. [ubuntu] Boot from external HD on Pangolin Performance ?
  17. [ubuntu] SSD and Swap for Hibernate
  18. [other] few questions
  19. [ubuntu] Daru1 freezes
  20. [ubuntu] can't find external hard drive
  21. [ubuntu] "Wireless is disabled" please help
  22. [ubuntu] hp laserjet 4l printer install problem - cups error
  23. [ubuntu] Hard Drive Dead?
  24. [ubuntu] Volume seem low
  25. [ubuntu] wired internet not working
  26. [ubuntu] New Pangolin
  27. [ubuntu] Pangoline Performace & Ubuntu 9.04 Beta
  28. [ubuntu] Ventrilo on Pangolin
  29. [ubuntu] Why so expensive?
  30. [ubuntu] 2D animation and Wacom
  31. [ubuntu] Pangolin Volume Issues
  32. [other] Wireless device
  33. [all variants] Preferred firewall?
  34. [ubuntu] Pangolin: X restarted?
  35. [ubuntu] Nvidia X screen not working
  36. [ubuntu] External Card Reader Doesn't Work
  37. [ubuntu] Thomas, Pangolin adaptor options?
  38. [all variants] Follow System76 on Twitter
  39. [all variants] Core i7 Desktops coming?
  40. [ubuntu] serp4 Trackpad going nuts
  41. [other] Pink
  42. [ubuntu] FL91 laptop: volume buttons going bad? or caused by update?
  43. [ubuntu] Second S76 on the way.
  44. [ubuntu] no bluetooth on PAN-P4/Ubuntu 8.10
  45. [ubuntu] System76 green light to install Jaunty w/ EXT4?
  46. [other] Meet the new System76 Meerkat NetTop
  47. [ubuntu] Help: Uninstalled PERL
  48. [all variants] Questions about the Wild Dog
  49. [ubuntu] Dead Pixels! TT_TT
  50. [all variants] 180 degrees
  51. [ubuntu] External Monitor For Pangolin
  52. [ubuntu] mplayer + .lircrc
  53. [ubuntu] How many people that have purchased System76 have never called support?
  54. [ubuntu] panp4n - Configuring the touchpad to work with two finger
  55. [ubuntu] Huge Thank You....again
  56. [ubuntu] webcam no longer working
  57. [other] Hidden Bios Settings - Daru2
  58. [ubuntu] Any pangolins on Jaunty? Shutdown/Restart issue
  59. [ubuntu] System 76-specific instructions for Jaunty
  60. [other] Flash BIOS Serval Performance
  61. [all variants] driver support
  62. [other] Pegatron Freescale Netbook
  63. [ubuntu] Same story, different user (webcam arrrgh!)
  64. [ubuntu] Udate Problem
  65. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04...
  66. [all variants] Pangolin fan stopped, then woks again
  67. [ubuntu] OEM of Pangolin Performance
  68. [ubuntu] Darter 2 Ultra freezes and "A" and "S" lights blink on and off
  69. [all variants] What's heat production like in the Pangolin?
  70. [ubuntu] Just got my Pangolin Performance last night! Many updates
  71. [ubuntu] Opinion Needed on Gazelle Ultra
  72. [kubuntu] System 76 Drivers working in Kubuntu/other Linux OS?
  73. [ubuntu] Finger Print Reader
  74. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 Pangolin Performance no wireless
  75. [ubuntu] Serval Pro/9.04 Upgrade Question
  76. [ubuntu] About the Bonobo
  77. [ubuntu] Got My Serval last night too!
  78. Kubuntu
  79. [ubuntu] Two External Monitors - Pangolin, Serval & Bonobo
  80. hard drive brand
  81. [all variants] A question on batteries...
  82. [ubuntu] 3Gb of RAM instead of 4 ??
  83. [other] change the size of the root partition?
  84. [ubuntu] NVIDIA driver in Jaunty
  85. [ubuntu] Pangolin 8.10 Skype Sound & Mic Fixed
  86. [ubuntu] Battery Calibration on Pangolin
  87. [ubuntu] Card Reader "PC adapter" in Pangolin?
  88. [kubuntu] magical cannibalistic partition on my serp4
  89. [ubuntu] Gradually decreasing performance
  90. [ubuntu] Pangolin Battery Power Mangement Tab Missing
  91. [ubuntu] 5.1 surround sound card
  92. [ubuntu] Performance difference bewteen these 2 CPUs?
  93. [other] Architecture on the Sys76 netbook?
  94. [ubuntu] Questions about Pangolin Performance Laptop
  95. [ubuntu] Ubuntu, Sys76, and Specialty Hardware
  96. [other] GeForce GTX 260M under Vista
  97. [ubuntu] System76 Pangolin questions
  98. [ubuntu] System76 Driver 2.3.3 released - Adds Jaunty support
  99. [all variants] LED Screens + Discrete Graphics?
  100. [ubuntu] Specs are out on the netbook!
  101. [all variants] Sys76 custom repository gone after update to Jaunty?
  102. [ubuntu] virtualbox and usb wireless mouse problem
  103. [all variants] 8GB RAM Barrier...
  104. [other] Where can I get the Gazelle Ultra chrome logo decal?
  105. [ubuntu] Lilo tried to install, failed, and now I can't shut down properly.
  106. [ubuntu] Meerkat Netbook and 9.04 graphics problems?
  107. [kubuntu] Battery applet
  108. [ubuntu] Kernal Crash with Driver 2.3.3 and kernal linux-2.6.27-14
  109. [ubuntu] Install Jaunty Jackalope on a Darter 1
  110. [ubuntu] should l do a clean install for 9.04
  111. [ubuntu] Upgrading to Jaunty (Daru3) - Configuring LiLo
  112. [ubuntu] System76 PPA for Jaunty
  113. [ubuntu] What is on what partition?
  114. [ubuntu] Can't decide on the Pangolin or the Serval.
  115. [all variants] Replacing HD in panv1
  116. [ubuntu] how's the upgrade on panp4n?
  117. [ubuntu] 3G Support
  118. [ubuntu] updates behaving strangely
  119. [ubuntu] Pangolin Hotkeys (Niggle)
  120. [ubuntu] nvidia drivers unavailable
  121. [ubuntu] 9.04 and PulseAudio - not so much
  122. [ubuntu] suggestion for the next version of System76 driver
  123. [ubuntu] white-purple screen when computer shut down (with video)
  124. [ubuntu] System 76 Solid State Intel Drives
  125. [ubuntu] Rackmount systems
  126. [ubuntu] Scroll not working after upgrade to 9.04
  127. [ubuntu] system76 driver installation issue upon 9.04 upgrade
  128. [ubuntu] Meerkat (ment1) shut down issue
  129. [ubuntu] Serval Questions
  130. [ubuntu] wireless problem on serp4 after installation of 9.04
  131. [ubuntu] Gazv5 with 9.04 - lack of 3D effects
  132. [other] Is Meerkat Netbook now named Starling?
  133. [other] netbook and n270
  134. [ubuntu] how to backup before fresh installing Jaunty Jackalope
  135. [ubuntu] No OS on Starling Specs?
  136. [other] System76 Shipping Bug?
  137. [other] More Questions
  138. [ubuntu] 9.04 upgrade confusion
  139. [ubuntu] Line-Out to Line-In audio daisy-chaining
  140. WoW64 (Windows-on-Windows 64-bit) please
  141. [ubuntu] Segmentation faults after install
  142. [ubuntu] Medical student interested in Ubuntu. Thoughts?
  143. [ubuntu] Setting repository for System76
  144. [ubuntu] Battery Life for Starling Netbook
  145. [ubuntu] Touchpad doesn't work after upgrade
  146. [ubuntu] Panp4 w/ Ubuntu 9.04: Can't get mic and webcam to work on Skype
  147. [ubuntu] System76 Gazelle updates?
  148. [ubuntu] panp4i Jaunty upgrade: Broken dpkg status
  149. [ubuntu] Virtualizaing Windows
  150. [ubuntu] I have 8.10, why 9.04?
  151. [ubuntu] Darter freezes on shutdown.
  152. [ubuntu] Upgrade memory to 2GB in Starling?
  153. [ubuntu] Best battery life within S76? (non netbook)
  154. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance or Sager NP7682
  155. [ubuntu] Desktop effect don't work after upgrading to 9.04
  156. [ubuntu] Colleged student debating on getting an Ubuntu laptop
  157. [ubuntu] Fixing Flashplayer Problems
  158. [ubuntu] 9.04 boot times on s76 laptops
  159. [ubuntu] Problems with wireless access on Pangolin
  160. [ubuntu] for media
  161. [ubuntu] Blocky touchpad movements?
  162. [other] infuriated.
  163. [ubuntu] Delay Connecting to Wireless Network
  164. [other] Couple questions since I'm looking for a new laptop.
  165. [other] Starling, why so gimped?
  166. [all variants] Meerkat speaker, wireless questions
  167. [all variants] No encrypted DVD playback... Hardware issue?
  168. [ubuntu] Cant play DVD
  169. [ubuntu] Can anyone be my middleman to ship to the UK?
  170. [ubuntu] nvidia driver for Jaunty 64-bit
  171. [ubuntu] 9.04 feature
  172. [ubuntu] Jaunty corrupt filesystem on fresh install? daru3
  173. [all variants] Are VT-x extensions supported by the bios?
  174. [other] Experiences with Ordering in Canada
  175. [ubuntu] Brightness issue Daru2 9.04
  176. [all variants] Webcam support
  177. [ubuntu] How to dual boot 8.10/9.04 on panp4n
  178. [gnome] Configuring the right-click context menu
  179. [ubuntu] Trouble with desktop effects.
  180. [ubuntu] Pangolin overheating, need some assistance
  181. [ubuntu] Ratel & Lamp Security guidance plz'
  182. [ubuntu] Intel SSD Price Drop
  183. [ubuntu] Touchpad questions
  184. [ubuntu] Ram Upgreade
  185. [ubuntu] Meerkat NetTop: Dedicated Boxee box?
  186. [ubuntu] udevd daemon is working my cpu like crazy
  187. [SOLVED] Password-less SSH key no longer unlocks
  188. [ubuntu] There was an error creating the child process for this terminal
  189. [ubuntu] gnome-power-manager doesn't recognize "on battery"
  190. (Fingerprint reader) Could not download driver
  191. [ubuntu] eSATA external drive advice
  192. [ubuntu] Computer hangs when shutting down
  193. [ubuntu] LCD Brightness Keys Not Working (Jaunty)
  194. Installing Windows XP alongside Ubuntu
  195. [ubuntu] Might buy a Pangolin Performance; few question
  196. [ubuntu] bluetooth keyboard/mouse
  197. [all variants] System76 Driver 2.3.5 released - Starling Netbook & Bonobo Brightness Hotkeys
  198. [other] Car power adapter for Starling netbook
  199. [ubuntu] Daru2 error on boot up
  200. [ubuntu] "Randr extension not present" not solvable with xinerama?
  201. 9.04 Standard on Starling
  202. [ubuntu] System76 Serval screen resolution
  203. Fans on the Starling Netbook
  204. [ubuntu] nvidia-glx-180
  205. Installing SSD in Starling?
  206. [ubuntu] Update manager error
  207. [ubuntu] daru3 battery completely shot?
  208. [ubuntu] Requesting comparison between New Macbook (Al unibody) and Pandolin Performance
  209. [other] Dark column in LCD
  210. Installing GSynaptics on Starling
  211. [ubuntu] Serp5 CPU load really high after 9.04 upgrade
  212. [ubuntu] Pangolin HDMI and HDTV setup issues
  213. [ubuntu] Intel i7 Support
  214. [kubuntu] panv3 mouse scroll in 9.04
  215. [ubuntu] Shipping to the EU?
  216. [ubuntu] Eland Pedestal As Desktop
  217. [all variants] System76 Guys
  218. [kubuntu] Jaunty clean install random freeze
  219. [ubuntu] Gazelle Ultra Wireless Chipset?
  220. [all variants] Daru2 + Jaunty graphics performance
  221. [other] Advice on Pangolin Options
  222. [other] Fighting For a Darter
  223. serval and quadcore
  224. [ubuntu] SD Card Reader Not Working in Jaunty Install
  225. [all variants] Multimedia keys on laptop models?
  226. [ubuntu] How to install System76 driver over fresh Ubuntu 9.04 install?
  227. [ubuntu] Suggestion for a new laptop design
  228. [ubuntu] Max ram for a gazv4 on amd64 9.04
  229. [ubuntu] Cleanly updating the OS and all applications
  230. [ubuntu] Stupid 32/64 bit question
  231. [ubuntu] System/Pref/Display doesn' work
  232. [ubuntu] Battery stopped working
  233. [SOLVED] Wild Dog Motherboard?
  234. [ubuntu] Questions before purchasing a new Darter
  235. [all variants] 640 x 480 mode line for bonobo?
  236. [ubuntu] Video Playback Stopped After Upgrade
  237. [all variants] Pointing Stick?
  238. Starling Windows Drivers?
  239. [ubuntu] Unexpected Reboot / sound shrieks (jaunty upgrade)
  240. [ubuntu] Nvidia support with serp4 and Ubuntu 9.04
  241. [ubuntu] keyboard cover for pangolin (panp5)
  242. [ubuntu] dvd questions and issues
  243. [all variants] Starling
  244. [ubuntu] A few various problems
  245. [ubuntu] failed fsck after crash after upgrade to jaunty: serp
  246. [ubuntu] Running Gazelle Ultra with lid closed
  247. [ubuntu] wild dog real time kernel jaunty
  248. [all variants] Starling hardware update
  249. [ubuntu] Jaunty framebuffer issues
  250. External Monitor with Starling?