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  1. [ubuntu] Lemur Fan Replacement
  2. [ubuntu] Gazelle Professional 7 headphone port not working
  3. [SOLVED] Self Encrypting Drives
  4. [ubuntu] Starling will not complete restart (reboot) cycle
  5. [SOLVED] Starling Microphone not working
  6. [SOLVED] Energizer & XPal Energi to Go XP18000
  7. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra 4 Over Heating
  8. [ubuntu] So how tough is that laptop?
  9. [all variants] Locating a failing fan on the Pangolin P5
  10. [other] Manually mapping brightness function keys (Lemur Ultra)
  11. [SOLVED] System 76 vs Asus K55A
  12. [other] System 76 Gazelle vs MacPro or Win base unit
  13. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra - Clevo brand?
  14. [ubuntu] System 76 nVidia driver
  15. [ubuntu] Serval crashes upon high CPU usage
  16. [ubuntu] Ratel Performance Board
  17. [ubuntu] Why are hard drive upgrades so expensive?
  18. [ubuntu] administrator password changed
  19. [ubuntu] Ack! My ServalP is all of a sudden in "low graphics mode"
  20. [SOLVED] After Ubuntu install can't boot from DVD/USB pendrive
  21. [ubuntu] Wireless connection dropping
  22. [SOLVED] Lemu4 Freezing
  23. [ubuntu] Any EVE players on Intel Graphics?
  24. [ubuntu] Network Printer Problem
  25. [SOLVED] Lemur Arch 32 or 64?
  26. Hexxeh's ChromeOS builds lemu4
  27. System76 laptop with french keyboard?
  28. [ubuntu] Opinions on Ratel Performance?
  29. [ubuntu] System 76 internet audio recording
  30. [ubuntu] Going back to 10.04
  31. [all variants] Gazelle with Two Hard Drives
  32. [ubuntu] Is System76's support deteriorating?
  33. [ubuntu] planet76.com error on update
  34. [all variants] International UK Keyboard Layout
  35. [ubuntu] Updating from 10.04LTS to 12.04LTS
  36. [ubuntu] New Gazelle Professional - Centrino Advanced-N 6235 wireless issue
  37. [ubuntu] replacement batteries
  38. [ubuntu] compiz freeze
  39. [ubuntu] Gazelle keyboard issue
  40. [ubuntu] Intel 520 Series AES encryption?
  41. [all variants] Serp6 ram?
  42. [ubuntu] Ratel Performance GPU questions
  43. [all variants] Wake-on-LAN (WOL) for System76 lemu2?
  44. [ubuntu] Sound not working in Ubuntu 12.04 (old laptop -- daru1)
  45. [ubuntu] Load touchpad settings on wake
  46. [ubuntu] Is there a linux laptop that just works? monitor, hibernate, sleep :-(
  47. [ubuntu] System 76 gaming rigs?
  48. [ubuntu] 10.04 Update Manager wants 12.04 CD
  49. Windows 7, services stop running
  50. [ubuntu] Firefox slow in 12.04
  51. [lubuntu] Memory Upgrade PanP7
  52. [SOLVED] System76 and full-disk encryption
  53. [other] System76 panp4n
  54. [ubuntu] Good laptop stand for Gazelle Professional 15"?
  55. [ubuntu] System76 device driver
  56. [other] Higher capacity battery for gazp7?
  57. [xubuntu] USB issues with Ratel Performance
  58. [ubuntu] New Bonobo?
  59. [ubuntu] any special instructions for 12.10 upgrade?
  60. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.10 Upgrade
  61. [SOLVED] system76-driver 3.2.1 requires python 2.7?
  62. [ubuntu] System76 Driver ChangeLog
  63. [ubuntu] is the Lemur Ultra capable of a 70hz screen refresh rate?
  64. [ubuntu] Could not initialize the package information
  65. [other] Brand new laptop dead
  66. [SOLVED] Automatic wifi instead of Fn+F11
  67. System76 and OpenSuSE 64 bit
  68. [ubuntu] intel centrino wireless-n 1030
  69. [ubuntu] Sending patches from the System76 driver upstream
  70. [ubuntu] Original Lemur screen very dim after new power supply ubuntu 12.10
  71. [ubuntu] An idea for you guys at System76
  72. [SOLVED] Maintaining aspect ratio in fullscreen
  73. [ubuntu] Dual Screen Display Settings
  74. [SOLVED] Low Graphics Mode on Boot-up
  75. [SOLVED] DVD disks not recognized in pangolin preformance laptop
  76. [ubuntu] Lemur Upgrade to 12.10 gone wrong or bad timing hardware failure
  77. [ubuntu] rescue mode: r/o disk?
  78. [ubuntu] Media Key causes unity freeze (lemur ultra)
  79. [ubuntu] Gazelle Pro RAM upgrade
  80. [ubuntu] Kindle Fire HD
  81. [SOLVED] Starling5 Upgrade to 11.1 unable to log on
  82. [ubuntu] troubleshoot micro sd card in adapter not showing up in nautilus?
  83. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.10 Update Issues
  84. Dual booting, and losing multitouch functionality on touchpad
  85. [other] Thank you to System76
  86. [ubuntu] Ratel Ultra Shutting Down
  87. Bluetooth won't turn on - Lemur Ultra
  88. [SOLVED] unable to boot lemur3: package power limit notification
  89. [ubuntu] System 76 Lemur - Built-In Speaker Problem
  90. [ubuntu] Using a projector
  91. [xubuntu] Boot process
  92. [SOLVED] wilp9: launcher, menu bar, home button not showing after upgrade to
  93. [SOLVED] Gazelle Professional Configuring for Multiboot
  94. [ubuntu] Sable Complete desktop
  95. [ubuntu] Gazp8 - Secondary SSD
  96. [ubuntu] Fixed...
  97. [other] panp9 memory form factor
  98. [ubuntu] 12.10 laggy on panp5
  99. Problem running Steam after upgrading to 12.10
  100. [lubuntu] Lost Wireless with 10.04 to 12.04 LTS upgrade
  101. [all variants] SD Card Reader GazP8 Not Working in Other Distros
  102. [ubuntu] recent boot flakiness: alwslow graphics mode, "scanning for btrfs filesystem"
  103. [other] external hard drive for backup
  104. [ubuntu] Repairing Windows installation?
  105. [ubuntu] Ratel likes to Dim (!?!)
  106. lemur 2 64bit 12.10 touchpad problem
  107. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion NetTop shuts down randomly, can't plug in many USB peripherals
  108. [ubuntu] Color Changing Backlit Keyboard Driver/Software for Bonobo Extreme (bonx6)
  109. HDMI on Gazelle question
  110. [ubuntu] Strange sticky keys issue
  111. Using the old desktop in 12.04
  112. [ubuntu] S76 Lemur vs Dell XPS 13 vs ZR UltraLap430
  113. [other] LemU2 heats up ~10 F playing audio
  114. Xubuntu, GRUB won't install
  115. [other] panp7 possible heat issues
  116. [ubuntu] Disable touchpad while typing not working.
  117. [other] Performance Pangolin Review, issues you should know
  118. [other] Bonobo Extreme (bonx6)
  119. [ubuntu] Setting up RAID on Bonobo Extreme
  120. Lemur Ultra: angle brackets on German keyboard layout
  121. [ubuntu] 12.04 StarCraft II / Wine graphics problems on Pangolin Performance
  122. [other] Advice for the first time buyer
  123. panp4i Won't Mount Discs
  124. [ubuntu] Watch HDMI with lid closed on Lemur
  125. [kubuntu] sys76 driver problem on kubuntu?
  126. [other] fan throttling issues on gazp6
  127. [ubuntu] What's next for system76?
  128. [other] change behaviour of top row function keys on Lemur Ultra
  129. windows shortcut unaccessible in linux
  130. [ubuntu] Serp 6 problems
  131. [ubuntu] Not able to install on old Darter
  132. [xubuntu] Installed Xubuntuy 12.04
  133. [ubuntu] Power consumption minimisation (Lemur Ultra)
  134. [ubuntu] compiz and unity crash in 12.10, but only for my personal account
  135. [all variants] panp9 memory form factor
  136. [ubuntu] backlit keyboard doesn't come back on after suspend
  137. [ubuntu] auto-hide launcher reveal doesn't work when moving pointer
  138. [other] High-pitched whistling sound coming from top left corner
  139. URGENT: How would I connect my new Bonobo Extreme to a projector via a VGA?
  140. [ubuntu] Upgrade Starling netbook to 12.04
  141. [ubuntu] Experiences with new System76 Gazelle Professional
  142. [ubuntu] Moving to Gazelle Professional from a MacBook Pro
  143. [ubuntu] PanP6 in need of some love
  144. [ubuntu] Ratel restarts after shutdown
  145. [all variants] Panp7 disassembly instructions? Spilled water...
  146. [ubuntu] Error on restart after software updates.
  147. [ubuntu] First Login for Newbie
  148. [other] Starling dissatisfaction and how to get out of it?
  149. [ubuntu] Leopard Extreme no boot from CD/DVD
  150. [ubuntu] System 76 SteamBox?
  151. [all variants] How does Ratel connect to monitor?
  152. [xubuntu] Mute button causes freeze up
  153. Dual boot Ubuntu and Mac OS?
  154. [ubuntu] Thinking About It...
  155. [ubuntu] mini keyboard for meerkat
  156. [ubuntu] Location of RAM in 2012 Gazelle Professional
  157. webcam on PanP6
  158. [other] Panp4n will not power on, no indicator lights when AC connected
  159. [all variants] IEEE1394 on current laptops?
  160. [other] EPEAT Rating
  161. [other] BIOS sata and IDE 2nd HD????????
  162. System 76 laptop 2013 range
  163. [all variants] Just got my Wild Dog desktop!
  164. [ubuntu] Gazelle Professional Boot Time
  165. [other] Mint on Pangolin Performance?
  166. Display on HDMI port not detected on LEMU2
  167. [ubuntu] FireFox v18 No-Sound on YouTube
  168. Pangolin Perf locks even if "Do Nothing" set
  169. [ubuntu] intel hd 4000
  170. [other] What audio device is in the PanP5?
  171. Lemur Ultra SD card driver?
  172. [other] shipping questions
  173. [ubuntu] sudden read only filesystem
  174. Need help installing NVIDIA driver
  175. Enable built-in webcam
  176. Bonobo Extreme and Mint 14
  177. Lemur wireless and general instability
  178. [ubuntu] Blinking CapsLock and NumLock (bonx6)
  179. [ubuntu] fan speed control
  180. [SOLVED] Browsing the windows network using Nautilus
  181. [ubuntu] touchpad sometimes doesn't function properly
  182. All of a sudden my laptop cannot access Internet, connects to router just fine.
  183. [ubuntu] Battery on suspend
  184. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance Laptop Kudos
  185. [all variants] Touchscreen for Gazelle Laptop?
  186. [other] How good is System76's compatibility with other Linux distros?
  187. [ubuntu] gazelle professional review
  188. [all variants] Gazelle lag
  189. [ubuntu] Lemur Intel Advanced-N 6200 driver
  190. [lubuntu] Desktop Overheating
  191. [ubuntu] No sound after recent update
  192. [all variants] Compatible AC Adapter Replacements for Lemur4 Ultra?
  193. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra screen
  194. [ubuntu] Suggestion for System76 Driver
  195. [all variants] Ordering a new AC adapter
  196. [ubuntu] Webcam Issues
  197. [ubuntu] Pay via debit card
  198. [ubuntu] Ratel Performance Ubuntu 12.04?
  199. [ubuntu] Help me decide...please....
  200. [ubuntu] Difficulty installing 12.10 on panp4n
  201. [ubuntu] Error message when computer waking up
  202. [ubuntu] Gazelle Professional Screen Resolution
  203. [other] Keyboard problems on brand new Bonobo Extreme
  204. [ubuntu] Gaz 6 will not detect SSD in bios
  205. [ubuntu] panp7 locking up after sleep, 12.04
  206. [all variants] Lemur i5 vs i7 cooling difference?
  207. [all variants] GeForce 6150 on Old Sable Series Computers
  208. [other] Need help finding PanP6 power button cable
  209. System76 Synaptics Touchpad driver problems
  210. [ubuntu] Silly question depending on who you are
  211. [ubuntu] System76 Driver: source code?
  212. [other] Fan constantly running
  213. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra Volume Range
  214. [ubuntu] change backlit color
  215. Has anyone triple-booted or dual-booted a Lemur?
  216. [ubuntu] Set umask for Default Permission
  217. Starling Star1 BIOS PROBLEM
  218. [ubuntu] Bonobo Extreme -- Ubuntu 13.04
  219. System76 Driver says system unsupported after fresh 12.04 install
  220. Drivers for windows xp
  221. [lubuntu] Deja Dup Password
  222. [ubuntu] Bonobo Extreme with multiple screens
  223. [ubuntu] Gazelle wireless
  224. [other] Trackpoint option for System76 laptops?
  225. [ubuntu] recurrent graphics failure
  226. [ubuntu] Setting Up Printer
  227. [ubuntu] pangolin performance laptop I7 and 10.04 LTS
  228. [other] Bonobo Hardware refresh cycle
  229. [ubuntu] Help me choose a processor for a Gazelle Professional
  230. [ubuntu] 12.04 not installing on panp5?
  231. increase memory for GAZP6
  232. [ubuntu] Upgrade recommendations for Lemur Ultra
  233. [all variants] System 76 Sable Complete question
  234. [other] Dedicated graphics in a 15" model?
  235. [ubuntu] System crash, then blinking caps lock/num lock
  236. [ubuntu] Making the jump to Linux with a Gazelle - need advice
  237. [all variants] Bringing Canadian ordered lemu4 to the United Kingdom
  238. [other] Very Satisfied Customer!!!
  239. [ubuntu] Entry level tablet for use with Krita
  240. [ubuntu] Intermitted wireless problem with Lemur Ultra
  241. [ubuntu] bluetooth in centrino wireless-n 2230
  242. [other] Leopard Extreme Storage Options
  243. [other] Jackal 1U & Juju MaaS
  244. FreeBSD on GazP8
  245. [ubuntu] Considering System 76
  246. Gazp8 Review
  247. [ubuntu] Lemur vs. Gazelle
  248. [other] Sable Complete Questions
  249. [ubuntu] Long name in command line
  250. [ubuntu] Crucial m500 960 GB SATA-3 SSD