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  1. [ubuntu] Story of a System76 repeat customer
  2. [ubuntu] So new.
  3. [SOLVED] Update manager icon in taskbar
  4. [ubuntu] Change volume while in full screen game?
  5. [other] Gazp6 mSATA SSD?
  6. [other] Would your recommend a Meerkat Ion NetTop?
  7. [ubuntu] Bonobo bonp5 audio input hiss
  8. [ubuntu] Am I still able to buy a new battery for my panp4n?
  9. [xubuntu] Bios password vanish
  10. [ubuntu] nvidia driver
  11. [ubuntu] New laptops posted at the System76 site
  12. [SOLVED] System76 and 1920 Graphics
  13. [ubuntu] "slight delay in assembly"
  14. [ubuntu] System Locking Up
  15. [ubuntu] Brasero shuts down when burning ISO - and more small issues...!
  16. [all variants] run system76 driver in linux mint
  17. [all variants] choppy HD video playback
  18. [ubuntu] same volume no matter where i set level, including mute
  19. [ubuntu] wanted no swap
  20. [ubuntu] Enable 802.11a?
  21. [SOLVED] Getting the UK pound sign on the US keyboard
  22. [ubuntu] Upgrade Latest System76 Laptop to 12.04 Precise?
  23. [all variants] Why doesn't System76 ship to Central/East Europe and is this going to change?
  24. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  25. [ubuntu] Web GL, Chrome and Lemu4
  26. [ubuntu] Lemur sudden shutdown: probably heat related
  27. [ubuntu] Bluetooth disabled on Pan7 (running 11.10)
  28. [all variants] Bad signature on system76 repository?
  29. [all variants] Do your laptops stick around long?
  30. [SOLVED] Wireless on Wild Dog extremely slow
  31. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Tweak does not run on system76 laptops??
  32. [lubuntu] GPT vs MBR on a new SSD
  33. [ubuntu] Using a keyboard without the Fn key
  34. [SOLVED] Gazelle Professional : Fan stuck on high
  35. [ubuntu] No Upgrade to 12.04
  36. [ubuntu] Installing Precise Pangolin
  37. [SOLVED] Live-anything doesn't work
  38. [SOLVED] Lemur Ultra spontaneous actions
  39. [other] Ratel Ultra Question: Are there any case fans?
  40. [ubuntu] Info on the new Ivy Bridge chipsets?
  41. [ubuntu] Pan P7 freezes sometimes
  42. [all variants] New version of the Gazelle
  43. [ubuntu] html5 audio problems in chrome
  44. [SOLVED] Location of programs in 12.04?
  45. [SOLVED] Replacement exhaust fan for panp4
  46. [all variants] Pangolin Wifi
  47. [other] Contact html page suggets email but does not give address?
  48. [other] Unable to complete online order?
  49. [SOLVED] Lousy Label
  50. [SOLVED] Few Laptop Selections
  51. [all variants] My experience with System76
  52. [SOLVED] Wireless Hardware Button disabled by default
  53. [SOLVED] Bluetooth troubleshooting help requested
  54. [SOLVED] Lemur Ultra, 12.04: no HDMI device in sound settings
  55. [ubuntu] 12.04 external monitor wrong colors
  56. [ubuntu] Wireless problem after upgrade
  57. [SOLVED] Desktop weirdness after upgrade to 12.04
  58. [all variants] lemu4 clevo equivalent
  59. [other] Running Temperature of Pangolin Performance?
  60. [ubuntu] Just upgraded my lemu 3 from ubuntu 11 to 12.04... but it kept the driver?
  61. [ubuntu] Meerkat (ION) 12.04 Upgrade Anyone?
  62. [SOLVED] Firefox not using global menu
  63. [ubuntu] Is a new Serval Pro in the works?
  64. [other] new 14.1 lemur ultra power adapters
  65. [SOLVED] Two-finger also enables edge scrolling
  66. [ubuntu] We get no screen responce on Pangolin
  67. [other] Is System76 experiencing severe financial problems?
  68. [ubuntu] Adjust Pangolin Performance contrast
  69. [ubuntu] System program problem detected
  70. [ubuntu] Computer hangs on boot, root partition is read only
  71. [SOLVED] Package Manager & Update Manager problems
  72. [other] International keyboards
  73. [ubuntu] New Pangolin Performance laptop
  74. [ubuntu] 12.04 installation on older Sys76 laptop
  75. [SOLVED] Is the Lemur Ultra a Good Choice?
  76. [other] New Gazelle Professional Laptop Thread
  77. arch support on system76
  78. [other] Does System76 accept American Express?
  79. [ubuntu] Ubuntu shuts off randomly
  80. [ubuntu] Multiple monitor woes.
  81. [lubuntu] tap click, lubuntu 12.04 x64
  82. [SOLVED] Custom-built models?
  83. [ubuntu] bonp5 vgaout adapter
  84. [ubuntu] Dual Monitor on Wildebeest
  85. [other] Average battery life?
  86. [ubuntu] System76 (Gazelle Professional 2012) GazP7 : Review
  87. [SOLVED] Ubuntu has experienced an internal error
  88. [ubuntu] Login screen not updating, cannot change
  89. [ubuntu] Fingerprint reader with encrypted home
  90. [ubuntu] How to disable the fingerprint reader
  91. No problem, just wanted to share
  92. [SOLVED] Hard disk misalignment
  93. [ubuntu] Cups doesn't capture printed pages
  94. [ubuntu] Keyboard not responding on lemu4
  95. [ubuntu] upgrade to 12.04
  96. [all variants] WIFI connection keeps stalling
  97. [SOLVED] How to get the sexy Gnome auth dialog back?
  98. [ubuntu] disappointed with the details of the new pangolin performance
  99. [SOLVED] System76 driver update
  100. [other] Before buying a system76 laptop
  101. [ubuntu] Laptop carcass alternative packing?
  102. [SOLVED] 12.04 Upgrade on panp5 loses wireless
  103. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra SSD Intel 520 vs. Crucial M4
  104. [ubuntu] Have This To Say About System76
  105. [ubuntu] Upgrade to 12.04LTS on Ratel went fine excpet for this
  106. [ubuntu] Bonobo cpu temps how to
  107. [ubuntu] Static on sound recorder
  108. [ubuntu] Red turning blue in Flash
  109. [ubuntu] Latest Ubuntu update (kernel) borked Realtek wireless??
  110. [ubuntu] Latest Ubuntu update broke wireless?
  111. [ubuntu] Rhythmbox not found on gconf-editor
  112. [all variants] Meerkat Ion NetTop 1080p H.264?
  113. [ubuntu] System is running in low graphics mode error after 12.04 update
  114. [ubuntu] Serval Pro wireless card troubles
  115. [ubuntu] No sound recording or skype ability
  116. [SOLVED] lemur ultra: middle mouse via touchpad?
  117. [SOLVED] User serviceable parts?
  118. [other] Gazelle wouldn't power on for a few days... but now it's working
  119. [SOLVED] Caddy case as accessory
  120. [ubuntu] System76 Ultrabook update
  121. [SOLVED] Camorama Webcam Viewer won't save pictures
  122. [ubuntu] USB power when laptop is off
  123. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04, Hibernate and S76 laptops
  124. [ubuntu] problem with resume after suspend on panp8 after upgrade to 12.04
  125. [other] Near by lighting strike killed wireded networking, best way to resolve
  126. [ubuntu] Kubuntu
  127. [all variants] Where to buy in Asia?
  128. [ubuntu] How do I hook up my old Acoustic Authority speakers?
  129. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion NetTop slow?
  130. [ubuntu] Uefi
  131. [ubuntu] Purple static sometimes followed by crash
  132. [ubuntu] Help! My New Gazelle Professional Keeps Freezing!
  133. [other] Booting from external drive on PanP5
  134. [other] Lemur Ultra vs. Gazelle Pro - specs vs. portability
  135. [other] Dreaming is free: the System76 laptop of your dreams
  136. [SOLVED] March 2012 System76 Lemur Ultra laptop
  137. [ubuntu] Building a Gazelle Pro -- Questions
  138. [ubuntu] apt-get & al. always crashing
  139. [other] RAM Type in 2011 Serval Pro?
  140. [all variants] Laptop cooling methods
  141. [ubuntu] Is there a System76 laptop with a higher end graphics adapter?
  142. [all variants] How easy is access to RAM and the drive bay on the Pangolin and the Lemur?
  143. [ubuntu] Can no longer login as me, can only login as guest
  144. [xubuntu] Power off USB on suspend
  145. [other] I wanted to say I'm sorry
  146. [ubuntu] Problems with flash and Skype and defaults
  147. [ubuntu] Wifi problem with Pangolin panp8
  148. [ubuntu] Kernel Updates on LemU4, PanP9, and GazP7 Laptops
  149. [ubuntu] Wifi Authentication
  150. Driver support for Debian-Stable?
  151. [ubuntu] gazp6 headphones not working after 12.04 upgrade
  152. [ubuntu] Can't Delete Encrypted Partition
  153. [kubuntu] System crashes?
  154. [ubuntu] libva-intel-vaapi-driver should be installed on newer System76es
  155. [ubuntu] Serp6 Audio Stutters since upgrade to 12.04
  156. [ubuntu] Thumping and whining noise in headphones when sound card is idle Panp9 + Ubuntu 12.04
  157. [ubuntu] Funny thing happened at camp
  158. [lubuntu] How can I enable the HDMI video
  159. [all variants] Meerkat for web server?
  160. [ubuntu] Star5 wireless problem
  161. [ubuntu] Lemu4 - Wireless and powersaving tips
  162. [ubuntu] Scan w/ Workforce 840 + Ubuntu?
  163. [SOLVED] Weird behavior in Evolution
  164. [ubuntu] transferring music to iPod nano-- problems
  165. [ubuntu] Buy new laptop: lots of questions
  166. [ubuntu] Touchpad two-finger scrolling is too sensitive
  167. [ubuntu] Autostart Bluetooth?
  168. Startup disk creator problem
  169. [SOLVED] Tablet PC in the Future?
  170. [ubuntu] GazP7 - Fan stops working after suspend/resume or reboot
  171. [ubuntu] Poor wireless performance on Pangolin Performance
  172. [SOLVED] Suspend doesn't work at work, works at home.
  173. [ubuntu] panp7 won't resume with 12.04
  174. [lubuntu] Other Ubuntu flavors.
  175. [xubuntu] Does Fn +F7 work for Xubuntu 12.04
  176. [SOLVED] Question About Extra Adapter
  177. [all variants] Intel 1030 v. 6235 WiFi
  178. [SOLVED] Speaker Noise on Shutdown
  179. [ubuntu] Lemu3 and Latest Intel Drivers
  180. [ubuntu] Maximum Memory for Pangolin Performance 4 (PANP4)
  181. [ubuntu] battery life of panp9
  182. [other] Buying System 76 Lemur Ultra
  183. [ubuntu] 2012 Ratel Performance PC sales question
  184. [ubuntu] About to pull the trigger
  185. [ubuntu] Getting the most out of my GazP7
  186. [lubuntu] NVidia (specifically nvidia-settings) breaking system, changes system to read only
  187. [SOLVED] Webcam not working on Gazp7
  188. [other] Laptop Specs
  189. [ubuntu] system76 prices
  190. [ubuntu] Failed upgrade to 11.10
  191. [ubuntu] Full disk encription or encrypted home
  192. [SOLVED] Low graphics mode
  193. [edubuntu] OpenGL
  194. [SOLVED] Lemu4 clicking sound
  195. [ubuntu] Google Drive Unity Lens Problems
  196. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra initial impressions
  197. [SOLVED] Brand-New Leopard Extreme No Longer Boots
  198. [other] Third-Party Hard Drive Caddy for Lemur Ultra 4?
  199. [SOLVED] General Mantinence
  200. [ubuntu] Gazelle P7 Suspend problem
  201. [all variants] Ubuntu 12.04: Display brightness reverts to 100% after reboot.
  202. [ubuntu] video playback too fast
  203. Re: System76 Lemur Ultra Review
  204. [ubuntu] Today's update of 10.04
  205. [ubuntu] How to improve battery life on the Pangolin Performance (and other Ubuntu laptops)
  206. [all variants] Sound clicking on your System76 Laptop? This should fix it.
  207. [ubuntu] Sentelic touchpad in the Starling netbook
  208. [ubuntu] Streaming TV Using Meerkat
  209. [ubuntu] Console screen shows at starting up + how to remove a driver
  210. [all variants] Ratel Power's Up after Shutdown
  211. [SOLVED] Failed to download package files
  212. [ubuntu] Looking for opinion on the Gazelle Professional
  213. [ubuntu] Cant install Ubuntu 12.04 EDID Error
  214. [ubuntu] New gazp7 - suspend problems
  215. [SOLVED] USB 3.0 PCI Card Support in Ubuntu 12.04 ?
  216. [ubuntu] replacement panp8 battery charger
  217. [ubuntu] P7 - Suspend crashes X and halts networking
  218. [other] Battery Threshold Support
  219. [other] Consensus on HDMI
  220. [SOLVED] New laptop or Desktop
  221. [ubuntu] power management and cpu clock
  222. [other] Lemur Ultra Optical Drive Removal
  223. [SOLVED] No wifi on gazp7
  224. [ubuntu] 12.04.1 partial upgrade broke X
  225. [ubuntu] Using another AC adapter
  226. [ubuntu] no good on upgrade
  227. [other] Ram Upgrade
  228. [SOLVED] External monitor wrong size
  229. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra - unboxing video, general impressions and Wifi issue
  230. [ubuntu] no wifi and more
  231. [ubuntu] How to disable hibernate key on Lemur Ultra
  232. [ubuntu] Is a System76 laptop right for me?
  233. [SOLVED] System76 Pangolin: Tried Nvidia Driver; Removed it; Lid Monitor Hosed
  234. [other] Gazelle Professional screen
  235. [ubuntu] daru3 battery charged but laptop shuts down when AC adapter is removed
  236. [ubuntu] Question on the Gaz Pro
  237. [other] Backlit keyboard
  238. [other] gazelle professional vga out
  239. [all variants] Gazp7 fan stops working
  240. [SOLVED] How do I mount a LUKS version 1 encrypted /ext4 volume?
  241. [ubuntu] fingerprint reader doesn't unlock encrypted home folder on log in
  242. [ubuntu] Gazelle Pro : Wired ethernet stopped working after Ubuntu 12.04 upgrade
  243. [other] supported external resolutions
  244. [other] Gazelle Professional laptop and NVidia graphics?
  245. [all variants] RAM Modules GAZP6
  246. [ubuntu] which wireless router for panp5?
  247. [all variants] Meerkat Ion NetTop Gone
  248. [other] Gazp7: extra battery in place of DVD burner/Caddy?
  249. [ubuntu] Need System76 support
  250. [SOLVED] lemur color calibration