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  1. [SOLVED] Kernel panic after oneiric upgrade
  2. [all variants] How good are the touchpads on System76 laptops?
  3. [SOLVED] New staff or spammer?
  4. [all variants] "Green" laptops (free of mercury, arsenic, etc)
  5. [ubuntu] Gazelle screen won't turn on
  6. [ubuntu] Battery Warranty?
  7. [SOLVED] Bonobo P5 NOT compatible with 11.10!
  8. [ubuntu] Upgrade 11.10 Issues
  9. [all variants] System76 Pangolin -- Lucid Lynx -- Cursor Jumps when driven from Touchpad
  10. [ubuntu] why does s76 use non LTS releases
  11. [ubuntu] Uninstall 11.10 and go back to Ubuntu 11.04
  12. [ubuntu] System 76 won't boot with usb external drive attached
  13. [ubuntu] Electric Sheep install troubles
  14. [ubuntu] Hibernate problems - Panp8 w/ 11.10
  15. [SOLVED] Logging
  16. [kubuntu] Installing Kubuntu 11.10 on S76 Gazelle
  17. [all variants] Brand new Serval Pro HDMI issues
  18. [SOLVED] Firefox: System76 untrusted connection
  19. Lemur Ultra and alternate OS questions.
  20. [ubuntu] Gconf error -Config server couldn't be reached
  21. [ubuntu] GazP wifi disconnecting with 11.10
  22. [ubuntu] Star1 System76 Driver won't install on 11.10
  23. [ubuntu] System76 Driver for 10.04
  24. [SOLVED] Upgraded my Lemur from 11.04 to 11.10, stuck on 'Grub loading" with blinking cursor
  25. [other] Thank You Sysem76
  26. [ubuntu] Brand New Lemur Ultra Won't Boot
  27. Wireless Issues on PanP6
  28. [ubuntu] Cant use wireless anymore
  29. [all variants] Replacement power adapter for Serval Pro
  30. [all variants] Sticky key?
  31. [ubuntu] Lemur - Mouse stops working
  32. [ubuntu] System76 User Survey
  33. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.10 grub v.1.99 - how to disable boot menu
  34. [ubuntu] panp7 power chord
  35. [ubuntu] New PanP8 Won't Boot
  36. [SOLVED] Broken Microphone on serp7 after clean install of 10.04.3
  37. [all variants] Intel "Bull Mountain" hardware random number generator
  38. [SOLVED] Lemur upgrading RAM or HDD Warranty question
  39. [all variants] panp7 won't post, bios error beeps
  40. [ubuntu] Serval Pro (serp7) Fan Always On
  41. [all variants] Interested in a Bonobo - some questions
  42. [ubuntu] system76 X-Mas Wallpaper where to get?
  43. [ubuntu] Enable two finger scrolling?
  44. [other] RSS feed or mailing list for product line updates?
  45. [ubuntu] /proc/bus/usb ??
  46. [ubuntu] Various hotkey/touchpad issues 11.10 plus Gnome Shell
  47. [ubuntu] Serval Pro NIC - Not detected by alt. installer
  48. [other] Happy Thanksgiving from System76!
  49. [ubuntu] how to upgrade your system76 wi-fi card
  50. [ubuntu] WIreless issues on panp5
  51. [all variants] Running a laptop with an external monitor
  52. [ubuntu] disk encryption
  53. [ubuntu_mobile] System 76 Decal on Lid
  54. [ubuntu] System76 Holiday Specials?
  55. [SOLVED] Three beeps and 1C
  56. [other] Very little hardware documentation on Wild Dog (WilP5)
  57. [ubuntu] Burning cds with brasero
  58. [ubuntu] Can't get skype to work
  59. [SOLVED] Problems with Serp 7 suspend after connecting an external monitor
  60. [SOLVED] 'libv4l2: error turning on stream, no space' ... I've got plenty!
  61. [all variants] New Laptop: The adventure begins
  62. [ubuntu] In the market!
  63. [ubuntu] where is command line?
  64. [ubuntu] Power Supply Cable Damage
  65. [ubuntu] Have to Reboot Multiple Times to Get to Login Screen
  66. [SOLVED] Using the HDMI port on the computer as an input
  67. [ubuntu] Gazelle vs Serval
  68. [ubuntu] Serval Pro recognizes/uses single core when on battery power
  69. [all variants] Any chance for a System76 Ultrabook?
  70. [ubuntu] Jackal Pro 1U LOM/BMC access
  71. [ubuntu] Third Monitor on Serval Pro 15"
  72. [ubuntu] Won't stay muted
  73. [ubuntu] Control System volume using headphone buttons
  74. [all variants] New power supply for Gazelle Pro
  75. [ubuntu] Recommended software for new Gazelle Professional
  76. [other] Deleted Post
  77. [ubuntu] dual booting with windows
  78. [other] Lemur cs. Pangolin?
  79. [ubuntu] Panp7 bios dead w/ BIOS beeps
  80. [other] gazelle professional
  81. [other] gazp6 vs serp7
  82. [ubuntu] Windows games gazelle professional?
  83. [ubuntu] No Turbo Boost at Full Load on i7-2760QM
  84. [ubuntu] Does an i7 2670QM support 1600MHz ram?
  85. [ubuntu] Hybrid SSD for dual boot?
  86. [SOLVED] System76 Gazelle Professional Hotkeys
  87. [ubuntu] Lemur3 touchpad stops working
  88. Windows 7 drivers for Pangolin Performance 5
  89. [ubuntu] is the gazelle professional right for me?
  90. [ubuntu] Cannot add a local USB Zebra printer
  91. [other] Starling 5 disappearing wifi network
  92. [ubuntu] How much does shipping cost?
  93. [ubuntu] backlight won't come on, on lemu1
  94. [ubuntu] Several problems with new wildebeest
  95. [ubuntu] Which key to bootup on usb?
  96. [ubuntu] Ethernet connection dies and then freezes computer
  97. [ubuntu] Leopard Extreme Freezing
  98. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance Price increase?
  99. [SOLVED] Does the Starling Netbook have a built in microphone?
  100. Sudden laptop shutdown, beeps on reboot
  101. [ubuntu] Serval Professional -- Mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth
  102. [ubuntu] A question on updating kernel & libraries
  103. [other] System76 is Hiring! Customer Experience Specialist in Denver, CO
  104. [SOLVED] Better to take out battery if always plugged in?
  105. [ubuntu] OK, hV
  106. [ubuntu] Lemur battery life and a couple other questions
  107. [other] starling 5 spontaneously shuts down
  108. [ubuntu] GUI login fails
  109. [other] Bad RAM in Bonobo Pro
  110. [ubuntu] Lemur Would not connect to wired network
  111. [ubuntu] system76 drivers for panp8
  112. [all variants] Disappointing hardware in Gazelle Professional laptop
  113. [ubuntu] Cursor gets stuck in text-select (highlight) mode
  114. Are system76 bios open source?
  115. [ubuntu] Connect Two Ubuntu Computers using USB Ethernet Adaptor
  116. [SOLVED] What kind of fingerprint reader to get for LTS version?
  117. [other] Typos in system76.com
  118. [ubuntu] 11.10 randomly goes into powersave; can't wake machine
  119. [ubuntu] Touchpad freak out on panp8
  120. boot Windows from esata external
  121. [ubuntu] Serp6 Cannot profile monitor with fresh install of 11.10
  122. [xfce] YouTube videos freeze
  123. [ubuntu] bonp5 drivers
  124. [SOLVED] Can't Resize a Window after Snapping it Left/Right. Why?
  125. [ubuntu] Is Lemur worth buying?
  126. [other] recommendations for a wireless card upgrade?
  127. [kubuntu] Advanced-N 6230 bluetooth audio
  128. [lubuntu] list of installed programs
  129. [ubuntu] question about update settings
  130. [other] Note about Wiki Spam
  131. [other] System76 at CES?
  132. [all variants] pci video card for Pan P7
  133. [SOLVED] Camera and microphone
  134. [SOLVED] PanP7 shipped windows wireless drivers don't work
  135. [ubuntu] Install of 11.10 on my Ratel Grahic Driver unknown
  136. [ubuntu] Which webcam device?
  137. [SOLVED] Bluetooth in PanP 7
  138. [SOLVED] Solved dual monitor problem, and long resume from sleep (no thanks to System76)
  139. [ubuntu] Love the Leopard Extreme but ...
  140. [ubuntu] Occasional black screen at startup
  141. [ubuntu] System76 Gazelle Professional Webcam Ratio
  142. [ubuntu] Wireless has disappeared
  143. [ubuntu] No HDMI Audio on Meerkat Ion - Running 11.10
  144. [ubuntu] Does not completely/properly wake from suspend
  145. [ubuntu] Pangolin P7 Problem processing linux-headers
  146. [ubuntu] Two finger scrolling in dash causes applications to launch
  147. [ubuntu] no headphone sound
  148. [ubuntu] Ratel upgrade to 11.10 from 11.04 Slow
  149. [ubuntu] IBUS kannada fonts
  150. [all variants] HDMI output clips sides of screen
  151. [all variants] Care guidelines for Serval Pro's rubberized finish
  152. Adding RAM to SerP6
  153. [kubuntu] gazp6 intermittently fails to resume from suspend
  154. [ubuntu] panp7 hard crashes reboots with 2-3-4-3 POST code
  155. [ubuntu] PanP5 suspend/hibernate CPU bug
  156. [ubuntu] Gazelle Pro caddy case
  157. [ubuntu] Gazelle Professional glossy vs matte
  158. [other] Firewire Chipset for the Gazelle Pro
  159. [ubuntu] Getting rid of broken Panp7
  160. [ubuntu] System76 bonobo laptop bag broke
  161. Warning about purchasing a laptop from System76
  162. [all variants] Hybrid HDD setup
  163. [ubuntu] Question guys any news
  164. [all variants] intermittent wireless trouble on brand new Lemur Ultra (lemu3)
  165. [SOLVED] Hybrid HDD firmware update
  166. [ubuntu] Frustrating mouse/touchpad clcik issue - PanP7
  167. [ubuntu] How do I turn hyperthreading off for Serp7?
  168. [SOLVED] Gnome 3 question
  169. [all variants] Hi-res pictures of 14.1" Lemur Ultra?
  170. [ubuntu] Mountall: Disconnected from Plymouth
  171. [ubuntu] Fingerprint GUI and encrypted home
  172. [all variants] Sales Question - Wild Dog Performance Ports & Video
  173. [ubuntu] Pangolin p6 - Latest ubuntu releases
  174. [kubuntu] Fn-F7 to switch displays on pangolin P5
  175. [ubuntu] Wifi frequently tries re-connecting
  176. [ubuntu] Serp6 Fan Noise
  177. [ubuntu] Hookinh a Pangolin P7 with Ubuntu 11.10 to a TV
  178. [ubuntu] Question re OS configuration when shipped...
  179. [ubuntu] Screen Tearing, but only at the top of the screen
  180. Arch
  181. [SOLVED] how long does it take?
  182. Curious about 64-bit compatibility
  183. [other] star1 memory upgrade
  184. [ubuntu] Compiz stopped working
  185. [all variants] "Disk Utility" - WARNING: The partition is misaligned... System76-style
  186. [ubuntu] pan p7 -- fan keeps cycling on, off, on, off, etc.
  187. [all variants] nvida + linux + system76
  188. [other] Maximum Resolution for Merkat Ion
  189. [ubuntu] Lemur Video Upgrade?
  190. [ubuntu] System76 systems "unique"??
  191. [ubuntu] How do I adjust screen contrast on a Gazelle Professional?
  192. [SOLVED] 3 monitors?
  193. [SOLVED] Starling printer problem
  194. [all variants] Planning on getting my first Linux laptop...
  195. [other] Serval professional chipsets
  196. [ubuntu] Current Models and Precise Pangolin
  197. [all variants] Proper laptop battery care
  198. [all variants] access to lemu2 fan
  199. [ubuntu] Difference between Gazelle and Serval
  200. [ubuntu] pitivi won't render
  201. [kubuntu] advanced-n 6230 wireless regulatory domain
  202. [ubuntu] Won't Boot after upgrade
  203. [other] gazp6 - Gazelle Professional - Memory Combinations
  204. Needed Debian on Gazelle Professional
  205. [SOLVED] Fedora on bonp5
  206. [all variants] payment plans
  207. [ubuntu] Tom Bihn bag sizing for gazp6
  208. [other] Order specifications missing
  209. [other] Capslock/Numlock blink with beep on power-up
  210. [SOLVED] Serval Professional NIC issue (serp7)
  211. [ubuntu] Installing ubuntu on the SSD in my gazp6
  212. [ubuntu] keyboard skins
  213. [kubuntu] Gazp6 - Fan running at full speed
  214. [ubuntu] nvidia drivers on panp8
  215. [other] replace a dead fan on Pangolin Performance
  216. [ubuntu] Serval Professional HDMI Red Lines
  217. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra battery life in 12.04?
  218. [ubuntu] Should i buy System76's Lemur Ultra?
  219. [SOLVED] update manager
  220. [ubuntu] Is all but one laptop out-of-stock a sign?
  221. [SOLVED] Out of warranty/parts/extended warranty questions
  222. [SOLVED] Lemur Ultra Screen Issue
  223. [ubuntu] Can't start X on serval3
  224. [SOLVED] Pangolin Performance will not boot
  225. [xubuntu] Wireless switch
  226. [ubuntu] problems with the terminal
  227. [other] Brand new Lemur, wireless issues.
  228. [ubuntu] WARNING: do not use the bag that ships with system76 computers
  229. [ubuntu] GPU Fan stops -> Overheats laptop
  230. [SOLVED] Fan makes loud buzzing noise
  231. [ubuntu] Planning to setup a medical clinic network need advice plan to use System 76 laptops
  232. [other] What does the System 76 driver provide for different machines?
  233. [lubuntu] My laptop has seemed a little slow for a while now.
  234. [ubuntu] Mac like gesture
  235. [ubuntu] Meerkat or Ratel for XBMC Setup
  236. [ubuntu] Tripple Monitors with 1 GB nVidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  237. [ubuntu] Gazelle: Upgraded to 11.10, now it's slow to wake up from suspend
  238. [other] Lemu2 LCD Damage
  239. [SOLVED] re-install
  240. [ubuntu] Star4 wifi issue
  241. Trying To Purchase New Bonobo
  242. [ubuntu] Installing Oneiric Ocelot
  243. [all variants] Did anyone else's clock spring forward this weekend?
  244. [lubuntu] Ultrabook option?
  245. [SOLVED] Missing laptop models?
  246. LMDE and Fedora too
  247. [other] Replacement fan for Serval (circa 2007)
  248. [all variants] Star1 wireless driver - rtl8187b -> rtl8187
  249. [ubuntu] Lemur boot issue
  250. [all variants] [GazP6] THX TruStudio Pro not enabled?