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  1. [ubuntu] Wild Dog - plugging in headphones does not mute speakers
  2. star5 stability problems on 64-bit
  3. [other] how to replace panp6 harddrive?
  4. [ubuntu] Laptop finally failed
  5. [ubuntu] Update Manager errors
  6. [SOLVED] Is this the right system76 driver for my 3 year old pangolin?
  7. "Connect Automatically" is checked but wireless still doesn't.
  8. [all variants] Lemur Ultrathin keyboard
  9. [ubuntu] 64 bit Meerkat Ion NetTop--Keyring password
  10. [ubuntu] Why only 64bit?
  11. [ubuntu] Considering a Wildebeest from System76
  12. [ubuntu] Swapping Ctrl and Fn keys
  13. [ubuntu] Battery Life on Lemur
  14. [SOLVED] wireless issue with star5 in one location (so far)
  15. [SOLVED] star1 resume from hibernate problem
  16. [ubuntu] Known-Good External Cams?
  17. question about installing Debian (or other distro)
  18. [other] Bonobo P5 won't start
  19. [SOLVED] Bonobo Professional RAM location
  20. [ubuntu] External Monitor for laptop
  21. [SOLVED] System wont start
  22. [ubuntu] Upgrading from unsupported release (8.10 to 9.04)
  23. [other] Pangolin Mini Review
  24. [ubuntu] Cannot view video clips
  25. [ubuntu] Port Multiplier support?
  26. [ubuntu] Pangolian 5 CPU and Xorg issue
  27. [ubuntu] DARU3 replacement battery.
  28. [ubuntu] Weldebeest performance HDMI Port
  29. [ubuntu] starling wifi not detected
  30. [other] System76 is Hiring! Customer Support Technician
  31. Wifi Problems (Serval Pro, Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04)
  32. [ubuntu] Wireless drops on Lemur Ultra Thin running 11.04
  33. [ubuntu] Shipping new Gazelle to the UK
  34. [SOLVED] Gazelle (gazp6) Webcam not detected?
  35. [ubuntu] Starling for Mac user
  36. [all variants] Gazp6 headphone port issues
  37. [all variants] Gazelle - Dual boot with BT5
  38. [ubuntu] Very good info on what the Ratel is named after
  39. [ubuntu] Panp 7 running 10.10 - wireless dies and will not reconnect
  40. [ubuntu] Starling + 11.04 wireless issues?
  41. [other] I saw an ad for this...
  42. [SOLVED] ServP7 GTX580M
  43. [other] Softwear updates on just received Starling 5
  44. [SOLVED] Bluetooth doesn't turn off after Natty restore
  45. [ubuntu] Who manufacturers Pangolin notebook?
  46. [ubuntu] First boot problem,
  47. [ubuntu] panp8 will not suspend after updateing linus kernel
  48. [ubuntu] Wireless died on Starling netbok
  49. [ubuntu] System locking up
  50. [SOLVED] Thank You System 76 for Warranty Service
  51. [ubuntu] Starling Update Broke Machine
  52. [other] Is the Wild Dog Noisy?
  53. [ubuntu] gazp5 monitor issues
  54. [all variants] Alternative Serval AC Adapter
  55. [other] System 76 Academic Purchase Justification Letter
  56. [ubuntu] How do I make a wireless network the default on my Starling netbook
  57. [other] System76 closed july 19, 2011
  58. [ubuntu] Kernel Panic randomly?
  59. [ubuntu] Desktop All-in-One
  60. [ubuntu] Caddy HDD not recognized in new laptop
  61. [ubuntu] System76 lemur + 11.04 crashing
  62. [ubuntu] Date / Time wrong when dual booting
  63. [ubuntu] Brand new Pangolin Performance shutting down suddenly.
  64. [SOLVED] hard drive partion
  65. [ubuntu] panp8 won't start the first time
  66. [SOLVED] No Movies on New Starling
  67. [ubuntu] usb port not working new gazelle professional
  68. [all variants] Wanted: ultra-thin 15.6" notebook
  69. [ubuntu] Webex on 64-bit Ubuntu?
  70. [all variants] Powered by Ubuntu sticker offer in Canada
  71. [ubuntu] Headphones do not mute speakers (bonobo bonp5 natty)
  72. [all variants] Daru2 Wireless Upgrade
  73. [ubuntu] System76 Bonobo Professional laptop comments
  74. panp8 questions
  75. [SOLVED] ubuntu 10.10 reinstall in a serval pro ssd vs hdd
  76. [all variants] System76 in the UK yet?
  77. [ubuntu] Firefox 5 with Adobe flash - something's not right
  78. [ubuntu] How to Suggest App adition to Ubuntu app store?
  79. [ubuntu] Gazelle Bios Update for Mac OS on VMware?
  80. [ubuntu] System 76 Skin
  81. [ubuntu] Will these printers work?
  82. [all variants] Remove Keyboard on panp5?
  83. [ubuntu] sudo in a terminal no longer asks for password
  84. [ubuntu] Wifi problems with Pangolin
  85. [ubuntu] Panp5 freezing after backing up to external hdd
  86. [ubuntu] Stickers
  87. [ubuntu] I would like to post a review of Ratel but doc is to big
  88. [other] System 76 Laptop Screen Shots
  89. [ubuntu] 2011 System76 Leopard Extreme
  90. [ubuntu] Gazelle dual monitors with AOC F22s
  91. [ubuntu] Noisy Fan
  92. [ubuntu] Wifi is off on boot
  93. [ubuntu] Hello I have a Gazu1
  94. Starling keyboard model?
  95. [ubuntu] CMOS battery warning
  96. [ubuntu] Any one knows of a good
  97. [all variants] BIOS-setup and boot-device-selection keys?
  98. [all variants] I was wondering why you don't have any AMD systems
  99. [other] Help with Pangolin Touchpad on Fedora
  100. [all variants] How does HD rpm affect battery life?
  101. [SOLVED] Fedora on the System 76 Pangolin Performance
  102. [ubuntu] Webcam not working; can't view videos, update mgr. ?
  103. [ubuntu] New Pangolin Internal Mic Quiet and Full of Static
  104. Downgrade from 64 bit to 32 bit Ubuntu?
  105. [ubuntu] Question i just install W7
  106. [ubuntu] does panp5 have USB 3.0?
  107. [ubuntu] Any possibility of a System76 tablet?
  108. [SOLVED] meerkat live usb = no boot
  109. [all variants] New ticketing system
  110. [SOLVED] hibernate problem
  111. [ubuntu] endless file sync in ubuntu one
  112. [ubuntu] Considering buying the Bonobo - anything I should know first?
  113. [ubuntu] Problems after playing with visual effects
  114. [ubuntu] Measuring signal strength
  115. [ubuntu] Serp7 trouble with ethernet port
  116. [all variants] System 76: Gazelle vs. Serval - Rubber finish worth 200$?
  117. [other] Can I disable system speaker
  118. [other] are there discontinued, refurbished or other discounted systems?
  119. [SOLVED] Serval Performance 4 SATA II or III?
  120. [ubuntu] LemurThin not able to have a wired connection with Network Switch
  121. [lubuntu] panp7 slow to post
  122. [other] Starling 5 disconnected LAN and wireless won't show up
  123. [ubuntu] Received my Gazelle Pro yesterday
  124. [ubuntu] Mad Dog Goes into Powersave; unable to wake up computer
  125. [all variants] PanP4; booting a FAT32 USB thumb drive
  126. [ubuntu] Wireless access gone
  127. [other] mounting SATA HDD in Leopard Extreme case
  128. [ubuntu] libreoffice runs only with sudo
  129. [gnome] System76 with Fedora?
  130. [SOLVED] Firefox Addressbar Unwanted Search Feature
  131. [ubuntu] Sleeve for Starling, and logo comes off
  132. [ubuntu] Socialize solution for ALC892 issues
  133. [ubuntu] Email setup on Starling
  134. [ubuntu] Gazelle RAM Location?
  135. [ubuntu] Lemur UltraThin Upgrades?
  136. [ubuntu] Did a fresh install of Ubuntu - do I have to do the system restore?
  137. [ubuntu] Battery is "estimating" forever, even after S76 driver install
  138. [ubuntu] Sound comes through speakers when headphones are plugged in
  139. [SOLVED] Kernel Upgrade to 2.6.38-11 caused kernel panic?!
  140. [other] A Fond Farewell and a Great Hello!
  141. [ubuntu] yet another starling wireless problem (star4)
  142. [ubuntu] how to install Nvidia drivers
  143. [ubuntu] Serval Pro: Wifi problems when using usb3
  144. [SOLVED] "Dummy Output" sound
  145. [all variants] Why would functioning hard drive cause kernel panic?
  146. [other] Why I Left System76 (Thomas Aaron, signing off)
  147. [SOLVED] Can't play any zone 1 DVD's on my new system76 laptop
  148. [ubuntu] System76 BIOS allow disabling Bluetooth & Webcam?
  149. [ubuntu] pc start langzaam op
  150. [SOLVED] disable 1394 ieee firewire?
  151. [ubuntu] System reboot with no log entry
  152. [ubuntu] Is it Worth It?
  153. [all variants] netbook anytime soon?
  154. [ubuntu] Hardware Compatibility
  155. [other] driver help, please!
  156. [all variants] [Questions] Considering Bonobo Purchase
  157. [ubuntu] Wild Dog Performance Won't Start
  158. [ubuntu] I have a Wild Dog & a dual-band Buffalo router: which wifi PCI card to get?
  159. [SOLVED] Xubuntu on Gazelle Performance?
  160. [ubuntu] starling netbook Wi-Fi not working
  161. [ubuntu] Lemur ultra-thin notebook no longer being carried?
  162. [SOLVED] Google+ Hangout Does Not Recognize Camera
  163. [ubuntu] Wireless disconnects
  164. [ubuntu] Different versions for PC or laptop
  165. [ubuntu] Can anything be done to adjust the sensitive touchpad?
  166. [all variants] Why is the Meerkat Ion 2 TB HDD so costly?
  167. [ubuntu] Pangolin keyboard
  168. [ubuntu] Question to Lemur owners about Unity
  169. [ubuntu] Upgrading Laptop/ GPU question
  170. [SOLVED] Starling Netbooks do not maintain Wifi connectivity; require reboot
  171. [ubuntu] Bonobo - Bluetooth won't work unless wi-fi is turned on?
  172. [other] Suggestion for System76
  173. [all variants] Maximum resolution of Lemur with Core i3 330UM chipset?
  174. [ubuntu] panp7 review
  175. [lubuntu] Users of Wild Dog Performance: what wifi card do you use?
  176. [all variants] Hey all, Battery Life please, Canada
  177. [ubuntu] Laptop Audio Quality
  178. [ubuntu] Laptop differences
  179. [ubuntu] panp5 replacement battery
  180. [ubuntu] Lemur White Screen of Death
  181. [ubuntu] S76 gaming laptop?
  182. [ubuntu] Strange touchpad behavior
  183. [ubuntu] Is there a way to detect a monitor is plugged in during boot?
  184. [ubuntu] worth a wait for 11.10?
  185. [other] Zareason vs System76
  186. How do I upgrade my Starling from 9.10 to 10.04 (or higher?)
  187. [all variants] Bonobo Hard Drive Question
  188. [other] see if somethings missing ?!
  189. [SOLVED] Suspend / Resume for Serval
  190. [SOLVED] Which iso image for Oneiric daily build?
  191. [ubuntu] 11.04 usb drive won't stay mounted
  192. [ubuntu] Serval Professional two-finger scrolling imprecision / bouncing
  193. [ubuntu] Panp8: Review and Questions
  194. [SOLVED] Lemu2 Wireless in Windows 7
  195. [ubuntu] Home key is not functioning as it should
  196. [ubuntu] System 76 giving up on smaller laptops?
  197. [ubuntu] Ready for 11.10? :)
  198. [ubuntu] S/PDIF plug
  199. [ubuntu] alternative power brick for gazelle / battery not charging when using CPU/GPU
  200. [ubuntu] New Website Layout
  201. [ubuntu] Low Disk Memory with a 80GB Hard Drive
  202. [ubuntu] Great sites for Ubuntu Tutorials
  203. [all variants] panv3 (yes, pangolin value THREE) fan question
  204. [other] Bonobo: What's the catch?
  205. [ubuntu] Odd cursor behavior
  206. [SOLVED] Natty narwhal 64 - Canon MX882 driver
  207. [ubuntu] Question on the new web layout
  208. [ubuntu] oneiric on Gazelle
  209. [ubuntu] unable to connect d-Link DWA-125 on ubuntu 11.4 64 bit.
  210. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance questions
  211. [ubuntu] Gazelle Unable to connect to a network
  212. [ubuntu] Oneiric no wifi Gazelle Pro
  213. [gnome] Pangolin and gnome 3 graphics
  214. [other] Yellow spot on LED display
  215. [ubuntu] fingerprint problem with serval laptop
  216. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot!
  217. [ubuntu] Anyone running or tested Ubuntu 11.10 on a PanP5?
  218. no touchpad Gazelle pro 11.10
  219. [ubuntu] My Pangolin freezes dead time to time
  220. [ubuntu] ubuntu usb stick does not boot on netbook
  221. [ubuntu] Gaz pro dual monitor
  222. [ubuntu] GazP6 Hangs during boot after fresh install of 11.10
  223. [SOLVED] Meerkat Ion with 10.04
  224. [ubuntu] Upgrade Problem
  225. [ubuntu] Suspend issue in Ubuntu 11.10 on Daru3
  226. [ubuntu] PanP8 Wireless Ad-hoc network
  227. [ubuntu] Monitor Switcher Key not working on gazp6 running 11.04
  228. [ubuntu] Ubuntu rocks
  229. [ubuntu] Upgrade 11.04 to 11.10 - No middle click on touchpad
  230. [ubuntu] Gazelle Pro 6 and a series of small wifi issues in Oneiric
  231. [ubuntu] GazP6 Dual Monitor Issues Workaround/Fix
  232. [ubuntu] Suspend issue on gazp6
  233. [ubuntu] Ugly file browsing in nautilus on oneiric
  234. [ubuntu] The Lemur is back!
  235. [ubuntu] External Monitor w/ 15" Serval Pro (11.10, Unity)
  236. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 11.10 Wireless problem (Video)
  237. [other] System76 Driver Won't Load on Lemur UltraThin 2 Running Oneiric
  238. [all variants] Lemu1 magnetism.
  239. [ubuntu] Lemur External DVD Drive Problem
  240. [ubuntu] Non-Intel SSD offerings?
  241. [other] Question about Wild Dog Performance
  242. [SOLVED] Meerkat Ion NetTop: upstart/lightdm bug
  243. [ubuntu] No Splash Screen
  244. [ubuntu] Has anyone update a Bonobo to 11.10?
  245. [other] Serval: What is the jack with the red light?
  246. [ubuntu] broken laptop hinge
  247. [all variants] thin 17 inch laptop
  248. [ubuntu] After last 11.04 update, can't turn off external speakers...again.
  249. [ubuntu] 11.10 Unity config
  250. [ubuntu] -