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  1. [ubuntu] Time does not change in the app bar
  2. [ubuntu] Hibernate problems - Daru2 w/ 10.10
  3. [ubuntu] problem with aireplay on my wirelless
  4. [SOLVED] panp6 lost sound and Sys76 driver install odd
  5. [ubuntu] Starling sound and shutdown
  6. [other] [hardware] I just fried my laptop
  7. [ubuntu] PanP5 Multimedia Keys No Longer Function
  8. [ubuntu] Trying to set up a LAN on Wild Dog
  9. [ubuntu] Serval Profesional core i7 battery life
  10. [ubuntu] Sound problems: panp7 w/ Ubuntu 10.10
  11. [gnome] Unable to change gnome icons. 10.10 new Wild Dog Performance
  12. [ubuntu] "GNOME Power Manager configuration has not been installed correctly" on Star3
  13. [ubuntu] Power button on panp7
  14. [SOLVED] Can't boot from LiveUSB on star3
  15. [SOLVED] Just got my Starling Netbook. Can't find basic instructions.
  16. [all variants] Meerkat AC adapter
  17. [ubuntu] How to set up connection to my wi fi router
  18. [ubuntu] How to change screen layout
  19. [SOLVED] I lost control of my second monitor and mouse. Major problem.
  20. [all variants] Serp5 Question
  21. [SOLVED] Odd behaviour when opening firefox in monitor attached to netbook
  22. [SOLVED] Power management
  23. Thoughts on the new dual-core System76 netbook?
  24. [ubuntu] Dual monitors w/ Lemur
  25. [ubuntu] What do the 4 little lights on the front left of the netbook mean?
  26. [ubuntu] Monitor HDMI mode doesn't wake up from inactive
  27. Starling battery indicator stuck at "fully charged"
  28. Where's "places"?
  29. [other] Star3 multicolour "test pattern" screens
  30. [SOLVED] No IP connection via Wireless I/F
  31. [ubuntu] Serp 6 Webcam
  32. [other] PanP5 screen flicker/fail - loose video cable
  33. [ubuntu] How can I test the webcam in my starling?
  34. [ubuntu] Monitor resolution on starling
  35. Hotkeys on Pangolin P5`
  36. [all variants] Plans for 11.6" netbook?
  37. [all variants] Blu-ray for Dual-Boot
  38. [gnome] After update manager, mouse doesn't work
  39. [SOLVED] How to restart Starling if it locks up?
  40. [SOLVED] Playing speakers with earplug jack in Starling
  41. Warranty Support
  42. [ubuntu] Can't read some CDs and DVDs
  43. [ubuntu] headphone jack sputtering
  44. [ubuntu] Can I use a usb hub to plug more devices into my starling?
  45. [ubuntu] Switch ATA to AHCI in WildDog BIOS?
  46. [ubuntu] Screen Resolution
  47. Add Ram to Old Starling?
  48. "Press F2 to enter setup" interval too short
  49. [ubuntu] Can someone answer these few simple questions please
  50. [all variants] lemur ultrathin user serviceable upgrades?
  51. [SOLVED] Remove Fedora, Want my Ubuntu back
  52. [ubuntu] Is the Lemur Ultra Thin going to be available
  53. [ubuntu] daru3 - VGA Port: TV Out?
  54. [ubuntu] Is this specific to System76 on Lexmark Drivers
  55. [ubuntu] Lemur 802.11n Speed
  56. [ubuntu_studio] software problem: no internet
  57. [ubuntu] Kids on Computers
  58. [ubuntu] Graphics quaility on starling vs other system 36 computers
  59. [SOLVED] Kernel removal options
  60. [other] Finally System 76 shipping to the UK! I have gone and bought a MacBook :(
  61. [ubuntu] Laptop speakers hiss when external speakers plugged in
  62. [ubuntu] Install Windows 2002 on Ubuntu 10.10
  63. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance battery life
  64. [SOLVED] Brand new Starling NetBook; install failed and can't install from CD or USB
  65. [gnome] GNOME power manager has not been installed correctly :(
  66. [all variants] Maximum memory in Darter Ultra 3
  67. [ubuntu] DVD not working
  68. [ubuntu] Closing the laptop cover while using a monitor?
  69. star1 ubuntu 10.04.1 TLS & system76 driver
  70. [ubuntu] CD ripping stops, extremely slow with Ratel Ultra
  71. [ubuntu] PanP5 can't get video+audio from most media/app tuples
  72. [ubuntu] Star 1 shutting itself down automatically again
  73. PanP4 and Windows 7 drivers
  74. [all variants] use Mint going forward?
  75. [ubuntu] Serval BIOS not see SSD
  76. System76 driver with Mandriva 2010 Spring OS?
  77. [ubuntu] Problems flashing bios on System76 Lemur, as per launchpad bug 640842
  78. [ubuntu] An easier way to install Medibuntu
  79. [other] Starling 1: What is that compartment?
  80. [ubuntu] Pan P7 webcam
  81. [ubuntu] Why Is System76 laptops so costly
  82. [ubuntu] Firefox sometimes uses 95% of cpu on my Starling
  83. [ubuntu] Wireless stopped working
  84. [ubuntu] USB Wireless Card
  85. [kubuntu] Makinng starlinng battery last longer
  86. [ubuntu] System 76 Lemur automatically upgraded to 11.04?
  87. [other] Uk
  88. [ubuntu] Solid State Drives and the Lemur 1
  89. Warranty Repair Lead Times
  90. Wireless cable pinched
  91. [ubuntu] Does System 76 supply battery chargers
  92. [ubuntu] Lemur/Ubuntu 10.10/Wireless Question
  93. [ubuntu] will i be able to hackintosh?
  94. [ubuntu] Jerky sound playback
  95. xchat with encryption on 64 bit laptop
  96. [ubuntu] Star1 Netbook won't charge
  97. [ubuntu] whats the boot key
  98. [gnome] Star3 Disable mouse by window
  99. [SOLVED] Window close, re-size and minimize icons missing 10.04 on star1
  100. Anyone know any wifi that will work on free operating systems
  101. [ubuntu] A skype and Surf device for my LCD
  102. [SOLVED] Starling Netbook problem....
  103. [ubuntu] dumb question
  104. Game controls in Ubuntu 10.10
  105. [ubuntu] my computer does not start
  106. [SOLVED] I need help picking the specs for Lemur Ultra Thin
  107. [SOLVED] Pangolin Performance p6 Anniversary Review
  108. [ubuntu] Power Usage for Meerkat ION
  109. Starling (star1) will not connect wirelessly
  110. [ubuntu] USB Boot for Lucid Install on ment1
  111. [all variants] Panp7 Hardware Spec Sheet
  112. Star1 Wireless Card
  113. Second Life in 64-bit Ubuntu?
  114. [SOLVED] Better video drivers for Ratel Ultra?
  115. [other] Strange Memory/Crashing Issues with Pangolin 7
  116. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Won't Boot, Merkat
  117. [other] Star3 Does it Have A Free PCI-E Mini
  118. [ubuntu] Wildebeest Performance and HP ZR30W
  119. [SOLVED] Lemur AC adapter choices
  120. [ubuntu] wireless router print server
  121. [ubuntu] Stupid Brother Wants to install Windows 7
  122. [ubuntu] Starling Netbook frozen. Cabn not reboot or do anything.
  123. [ubuntu] Star4 failure to launch from live usb
  124. [ubuntu] canon printer drivers
  125. [ubuntu] Eland server fan speed
  126. [ubuntu] Just ordered a Meerkat NetTop..
  127. [other] Current State of Linux support for System76 laptops
  128. wireless problems on sytem76 starling (star 3)
  129. Fixed Starling Wireless Issue
  130. [other] DVD playback not close to working
  131. Battery Indicator Disappearing, No Time Estimate
  132. [other] Question
  133. Bad Starling Wireless Card?
  134. [SOLVED] system 76 laptop with 32 bit live cd?
  135. [ubuntu] DVD unmounts immediately after mounting
  136. [ubuntu] World of Warcraft runs miserably on Starling
  137. [ubuntu] Pangolin 6 boot time
  138. [ubuntu] battery percentage & 'turbo' cpu on pangolin
  139. [other] Questions about the Lemur in Canada
  140. [ubuntu] Star1 Battery Bug
  141. [ubuntu] Fingerprint Readers Working in 10.10!
  142. [ubuntu] Two New 15" Laptops with Sandy Bridge Architecture!
  143. [other] wireless off at boot time on panp7
  144. [ubuntu] HDMI on s76 laptops
  145. [edubuntu] Starling EduBook restore
  146. Starling trackpad scrolling
  147. [ubuntu_studio] Serval Professional and firewire audio interfaces
  148. [other] Any System76 laptops with 4h+ battery life?
  149. [ubuntu] Starling Netbook inferior design
  150. [SOLVED] Ethernet/Router issue
  151. [SOLVED] How long do System 76 laptops last?
  152. [ubuntu] system76-driver won't install in maverick
  153. [other] Sandy Bridge laptops compatible with Linux?
  154. [ubuntu] What advantages are there to system76
  155. [ubuntu] Pangolin Performance distorted display.
  156. [all variants] System76 and Wayland
  157. [SOLVED] VGA monitor not automatically detected on Ubuntu?
  158. [ubuntu] mouse and speaker issue - panp7
  159. [SOLVED] lost my menu bar after restoring sys76 system
  160. [other] Anyone installed FreeBSD 8.1 on a PanP5?
  161. [ubuntu] Sandy bridge on Pangolin
  162. [other] Lemur UltraThin Web Cam not working.
  163. [other] Intel Atom Z
  164. [ubuntu] Comparable to Windows Movie Maker?
  165. [ubuntu] I want to turn off netbook speakers when external speakers plugged in.
  166. [other] Potential Buyer....
  167. About to purchase S76 Starling Netbook...
  168. [all variants] Flaw Revealed in Sandy Bridge Chipset
  169. [ubuntu] Awaiting delivery of my Ratel Ultra Desktop
  170. [ubuntu] potential lemur purchase
  171. [kubuntu] Pangolin p5 and Kubuntu 10.10
  172. [other] lemur ultrathin build quality
  173. [ubuntu] Sandy bridge integrated graphics
  174. [ubuntu_mobile] All Gazelle/Servel Laptops on Hold because of an Intel recall
  175. [SOLVED] Pangolin Performance WebCam
  176. [ubuntu] RatelUltra 3 wi-fi antenas do I connect themall
  177. [ubuntu] RatelUltra do I need to change BIOS to bootCD?
  178. [other] System76 Tablet
  179. [ubuntu] Serp6 wecam: only 7 fps??
  180. [ubuntu] panp7 wireless dies randomly
  181. [ubuntu] Setting up file sharing to/from XP PRO SP3
  182. [ubuntu] Lost ETH0
  183. [ubuntu] Buzzing + GRUB failure
  184. [ubuntu] System76 running 10.10 randomly reboots/crashes
  185. [ubuntu] Root password for RatelUltra
  186. [SOLVED] Serp6 with 1 hour battery life
  187. [ubuntu] pangolin and dual-monitors
  188. [ubuntu] Replacing Power Supply
  189. Considering a Starling purchase
  190. [ubuntu] bios boot to usb selectivly on wild dog
  191. [SOLVED] Lemur Wireless in Arch Linux
  192. Driver seems to have changed wireless
  193. [other] Considering Pangolin :: is glare an issue?
  194. [SOLVED] Lemur Doesn't Charge in Use
  195. [other] Lemur SIM card slot? on-board 3G?
  196. [all variants] Panp6 RAM upgrade
  197. [ubuntu] Ratel Ultra: anybody tried a slot-load DVD drive?
  198. [all variants] starling + PixelQi for outdoor use?
  199. [all variants] To: gazelle owners, s76 folks; Subject: matte screen questions
  200. [ubuntu_mobile] Kile + Okular on Starling?
  201. [SOLVED] PanP7 won't boot
  202. [other] System76 Product Placement
  203. [ubuntu] Update killed my bootfile
  204. [ubuntu] File Browser Preferences on Starling
  205. [ubuntu] Your favorite things about the Starling
  206. How long is the battery supposed to last in the Pangolin Performance?
  207. [other] System76 driver support for Sager NP8130
  208. [SOLVED] Which download do i need for maverick meerkat
  209. [ubuntu] I've lost my 1080 resolution on serval 6
  210. [kubuntu] Battery in my 4 month old starling only lasts 2 hours. Is it defective?
  211. [all variants] Flawless hardware
  212. [ubuntu] daru 3 cannot enable wireless
  213. [kubuntu] Does system76 support kubuntu?
  214. [all variants] Fanless Atom D525 Desktop
  215. [ubuntu] Boot/Run issues panp4
  216. [ubuntu] Installing a different distro on a System76 laptop?
  217. That's not cool
  218. [SOLVED] Pangolin extinct?
  219. [all variants] upcoming Starlings
  220. [SOLVED] Starling wifi problem
  221. [other] Gazelle Professional battery performance
  222. [ubuntu] Netflix Watch Instantly on Meerkat Ion
  223. [ubuntu] Hibernation in PanP7, Maverick 64 bit
  224. [SOLVED] 802.11n disabled by default?
  225. [other] Gazelle Professional with hybrid hard drive
  226. [ubuntu] Got my Starling and I love it but I;m having problems with a tar.gz I downloaded.
  227. [ubuntu] Keyring issue
  228. What happened to the System76 ruggedized netbook?
  229. Starling startup issues
  230. [all variants] system76 laptop sturdyness
  231. [all variants] Internal Audio Speakers are not working
  232. [all variants] Update on the Sandy Bridge Issue?
  233. [ubuntu] Multiple Monitors don't work Ubuntu 10.10 64bit Serp4
  234. [ubuntu] Lemur hard drive won't stop spinning
  235. [ubuntu] Problems with Starling (star4) WiFi and battery
  236. [ubuntu] No bass using headphones on Meerkat ION
  237. [all variants] BIOS fails to start
  238. [all variants] A small question regarding the System76 logo sticker on my computer...
  239. [ubuntu] Just wanted to say Thanks
  240. [SOLVED] Beer spilled on the laptop - disassembly/warranty questions
  241. [ubuntu] Starling prints text but not maps
  242. [all variants] ratu1 photos @ system76.com don't do justice -- mini review?
  243. [ubuntu] Webcam gone after recent update
  244. [other] fn + f4 and fn + f5 is a bit annoying...
  245. [SOLVED] Ratel will not let me into the boot menu nor bios settings
  246. [ubuntu] Options when warranty expires?
  247. [ubuntu] Two major gripes with s76 laptops: battery life & power management
  248. [other] openbenchmarking.org a panp7
  249. [SOLVED] gparted errors caused by extended/swap partitions
  250. [ubuntu] wireless adapter performance problems