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  1. [SOLVED] Occasional screen flicker in Lemur
  2. HDMI output on Serval Professional?
  3. [ubuntu] System 76 - ubuntu 10.04 - panp7 - modem
  4. [kde] Starling, No Connection
  5. [SOLVED] New Starling battery options
  6. [other] New Starling with Pixel Qi display?
  7. [other] MOBO-attached soundcard is dead :(
  8. [other] Pangolin and LCD Projector
  9. [ubuntu] Lemur UltraThin + Doom 3 ?
  10. [ubuntu] Using a second cd/dvd drive (usb)
  11. [ubuntu] What extra features should I get on a new Meerkat Ion NetTop
  12. [ubuntu] Can't find built-in webcam
  13. [SOLVED] Jumping cursor while typing
  14. [SOLVED] Wireless Works, Wired Doesn't - Starling Netbook
  15. [other] Questions about Lemur
  16. [lubuntu] missing top toolbar
  17. [ubuntu] Starling keyboard size.... ?
  18. [ubuntu] X server restarts when hitting enter twice
  19. [ubuntu] Fried USB? Fixable?
  20. [ubuntu] Flashing cursor after update
  21. [other] Docking Station/Port Replicator
  22. [ubuntu] GRUB update problems.
  23. Very strange boot error: PanP5
  24. [ubuntu] Setting Folder Specific Mount Points
  25. Starling. system would not boot after Update
  26. [other] Wireless performance
  27. [ubuntu] CPU spike while on battery power = Serp6 black screen lockup
  28. [SOLVED] On AC, Dead Battery in place. Safety?
  29. [ubuntu] sound stopped upgrade to 10.04
  30. [ubuntu] Webcam not working on PanP5 (not due to Fn-F10)
  31. [ubuntu] Flash on Firfox 4
  32. [SOLVED] Starling 3 universal AC Adapter?
  33. [SOLVED] Flash in Lucid Lynx 64 bit
  34. [SOLVED] Microphone Recording distorts..of a .
  35. [ubuntu] GL screensaver crashes GPU
  36. [other] System beeps on start after crash
  37. [SOLVED] Lemur brightness hotkeys
  38. [SOLVED] Wild Dog not recognizing wireless card after upgrade
  39. [ubuntu] running macros in firefox?
  40. [ubuntu] Skype on Starling
  41. [ubuntu] External USB Dual-Layer DVD Burner(s) + Pangolin?
  42. [ubuntu] panp7 doesn't dim on battery
  43. [SOLVED] Lemur Questions
  44. [ubuntu] Serval SerP6 - X Resets
  45. [SOLVED] Random Power Down
  46. [ubuntu] My new Wild Dog is crashing repeatedly
  47. [ubuntu] Star1 wireless chip
  48. [ubuntu] My Meerkat just died!
  49. Gentoo + PanP5 - any tips?
  50. [other] Anyone get the New Starling Yet? Initial Thoughts?
  51. [ubuntu] 750GB Drive in PanP6
  52. [ubuntu] Daru2 Indicator Lights
  53. [ubuntu] Why does system 76 use nvidia graphics?
  54. [ubuntu] Best bluetooth keyboard for Pangolin?
  55. [other] How is Flash Performance with the Starling?
  56. [ubuntu] Fan and light control on a serp6
  57. [ubuntu] X-session lock-up
  58. [ubuntu] reboot sometimes fails
  59. Yet another Star1 broken WiFi post.
  60. [ubuntu] Can Pangolin be shipped with a Canadian French keyboard?
  61. [all variants] PanP7 USB 2.0 Performance Lags / A little help, please?
  62. [all variants] star2 questions[0]: keyboard delta vs star1 ?
  63. [all variants] star2 questions[1]: 64-bit ubuntu for Atom N455?
  64. [all variants] star3 questions[2]: "Coral Red Soft Rubber Finish"?
  65. [ubuntu] Usb 3.0?
  66. [all variants] star3 questions[3]: wireless delta vs star1?
  67. [ubuntu] CPU scaling problem
  68. [ubuntu] Lemur2 and the SSD
  69. [ubuntu] Some Lemur questions
  70. [ubuntu] Problem installing driver on star1
  71. [all variants] It's offical my Leopard Extreme is a lemon
  72. [SOLVED] Download flash or use synaptic?
  73. Why does System Monitor hang?
  74. [ubuntu] Dead Battery at 97%?
  75. [ubuntu] Dead Battery at 97%?
  76. [all variants] lemur battery life
  77. [other] Starling 3 SD card protrudes 11mm
  78. [ubuntu] Meerkat Ion sounds like a jet engine
  79. [SOLVED] Star3 undocumented keys and indicators
  80. [ubuntu] Theater sound controls
  81. [ubuntu] new Ratel Ultra owner!
  82. [all variants] Question about video card and monitor
  83. [SOLVED] Starling 3 is AWESOME but does your web cam work?
  84. [ubuntu] System backups
  85. [ubuntu] New Linux User Has Backup Questions
  86. [all variants] Upgrading hard drive on Serp3
  87. [ubuntu] Sudden Wireless Problem
  88. [other] Star3 6 cell battery indicator goes red at approx 30%
  89. [ubuntu] Gnome problems after switching desktops
  90. [ubuntu] external graphics card advice?
  91. [ubuntu] daru3 shuts down once unplugged
  92. [ubuntu] How often does System76 redesign their computers?
  93. [SOLVED] Could not download all repository indexes
  94. [ubuntu] No boot disk found...press any key to continue
  95. [ubuntu] Installing Epson CX7400 on Pangolin Performance PanP7
  96. [ubuntu] How to transfer files to Apache root folder
  97. [all variants] UPS, battery not truck
  98. [all variants] Opening the Starling (star1) case
  99. [other] Bluetooth is off by default
  100. [other] Question About Bags
  101. [ubuntu] Ratel Ultra not completely shutting down
  102. [ubuntu] Removed Nvidia Offerings for laptops?
  103. Starling 1 webcam
  104. [SOLVED] Ubuntu 10.04 LTS can't type a password in
  105. [ubuntu] Ratel Value Won't Boot Up
  106. LCD darker after suspending computer and then logging back in
  107. [ubuntu] Starling 1 wireless going downhill
  108. [ubuntu] Question about Update Manager
  109. [all variants] Removing & replacing the optical drive on Pangolin laptop?
  110. [ubuntu] Ratel Value and sdparm
  111. [ubuntu] Touchpad "tap-to-click" hotkey question...
  112. [SOLVED] Moving RAID array
  113. [ubuntu] Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module
  114. [ubuntu] computer does not respond to single left-click of mouse
  115. Blinky light on Eland Pro
  116. [other] Alternate names for the Lemur (lemu 1)?
  117. [other] Starling Update
  118. panp7 Bison Pro could not connect to video device
  119. [other] bonp3 How to remove keyboard for cleaning?
  120. [ubuntu] Meerkat NetTop Settings Not Detected
  121. [all variants] how can I purchase an extra battery for my Lemur
  122. [ubuntu] TTY doesn't display correctly
  123. [ubuntu] Replace NIC on Serval Performance (FL90)
  124. Display acting crazy
  125. [ubuntu] I need a new fl92 power supply/charger do you sell them?
  126. [ubuntu] Sticky mouse button
  127. [other] Meerkat power issue
  128. [ubuntu] HDMI to Color Stream (component video)
  129. [all variants] Meerkat fan control
  130. [ubuntu] Can't login
  131. [ubuntu] Encryption
  132. star3 touchpad
  133. [ubuntu] Need Help Troubleshooting Networking on New Pangolin Laptop
  134. [ubuntu] Darter Ultra Stolen
  135. 32- or 64-bit on a 64-bit machine?
  136. [ubuntu] Lemur Ultra-Thin
  137. [all variants] Lemur Ultrathin: wobbly loose screen
  138. [other] Core i7 620UM or Core i7 640 UM?
  139. [other] System76 Glossy Screens (acceptable solution?)
  140. Lemur with Gentoo
  141. Help! Broke Ubuntu on new Starling when auto-suspended during Upgrade Manager run
  142. [other] High capacity battery for the Lemur(lemu1)
  143. star3 gnome-power-manager
  144. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Certification
  145. [ubuntu] serp6 Serval Professional wont boot after required restart
  146. [ubuntu] Webcam issues on Star3
  147. Slackware on Pangolin Performance
  148. [ubuntu] New Serval Professional
  149. [ubuntu] New Pangolin strange splash screen
  150. [all variants] serp6 Blu-ray Burner
  151. [all variants] System 76 upgrade question
  152. ATI driver not working
  153. [SOLVED] Getting back to Ubuntu
  154. [ubuntu] Lemur UltraThin battery life
  155. [SOLVED] wireless broken (no light) after upgrade
  156. [all variants] Lemur Ultrathin Use Question
  157. [ubuntu] Open Office database
  158. [ubuntu] New battery direct from system 76 does not charge to full capacity
  159. [ubuntu] How do I restore factory settings on my serp6?
  160. Hard drive user-serviceable
  161. [ubuntu] Maverick on Starling 1
  162. [ubuntu] disable Pangolin touchpad
  163. [ubuntu] Pangolin Webcam
  164. [lubuntu] firewire capability on sys76 laptops?
  165. [ubuntu] where is Thomas
  166. [all variants] I cant help but to say System76 makes poor computers, and bad decisions. (review)
  167. [SOLVED] Planet76 Repository won't authenicate
  168. [ubuntu] Maverick (10.10) Issues & Impressions on S76 Products
  169. [ubuntu] sys76 panp7 Lucid 10.04 LTS Wireless card fails to detect wireless network
  170. [ubuntu] Fix my Lemur Webcam (10.04) System 76 driver and gstreamer issue
  171. Any Experience Running Debian on Starling Netbook???
  172. [other] Will we see a custom s76 design in the future?
  173. [ubuntu] Touchpad side scroll fails on a Lemu UltraThin 2
  174. [ubuntu] Laptop Battery Life
  175. Starling 1 unable to connect to both wireless and wired networks
  176. [ubuntu] Upgrading to 10.10
  177. [SOLVED] Time sync without hardware at GMT
  178. [SOLVED] Serval Professional (Serp6): Fans, Suspend, and Hibernate
  179. [other] 17" Mobile
  180. Starling Netbook (star3) to Remain on Ubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 LTS
  181. [lubuntu] Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick Meerkat
  182. [ubuntu] Suspend broken on Darter Ultra with Maverick Meerkat
  183. [ubuntu] USD or CAD?
  184. [SOLVED] best way to connect old style keyboard/mouse
  185. [ubuntu] inode/journal issues on 10.4 with ext3 filesystem
  186. [ubuntu] CD/DVD Drive No longer mountable?
  187. [SOLVED] Window Controls shifted to left
  188. Wireless router for Starling Netbook
  189. [SOLVED] mp3 tags
  190. [SOLVED] 10.10 Update Computer won't boot
  191. [all variants] PanP5 support microSDHC?
  192. [ubuntu] Maverick 10.10 Issues on v5 Pangolin
  193. [SOLVED] Package managers and updates
  194. [ubuntu] CPU upgrade Panp6
  195. [ubuntu] Recurring Kernel Panic
  196. [SOLVED] Starling Netbook (star3) front panel lights
  197. [all variants] Pan P8 ?
  198. [SOLVED] Starling os question
  199. [ubuntu] fingerprint reader won't run properly
  200. [ubuntu] Max memory and ssd for Wild Dog Performance (WIL-P5)
  201. [SOLVED] PanP5: "Networking disabled" after hard shutdown
  202. [all variants] Cleaning the fan on DARU1
  203. Power Statistics fails to report uncharged battery
  204. [ubuntu] How much power does the Meerkat NetTop consume while running and while idle?
  205. [SOLVED] configure plymouth theme?
  206. [ubuntu] Starling and 10.10
  207. [all variants] OT: cheap mobile stream playing?
  208. [ubuntu] Upgrade Lumur Laptop to 10.10
  209. [SOLVED] trouble connecting eth0 to DSL modem on panp5
  210. 10.04 download website recomendation
  211. [SOLVED] 10.10 64bit on Serp4 Issues
  212. Starling Touchpad Not Configuring on Startup
  213. [ubuntu] Another Ratel Ultra
  214. Wireless works <5% of the time on Starling (star3) Netbook
  215. [all variants] how to clean a panp7?
  216. [ubuntu] can't calculate 10.10 upgrade space
  217. [other] 2 disk mirror in Meerkat ment1?
  218. [SOLVED] Connect monitor with DVI connection
  219. [all variants] Pan P7 DDR3 Ram: 204 or 240 pin?
  220. [all variants] CPU temperature
  221. [ubuntu] serp6: Maverick Meerkat 10.10 upgrade - Worth it?
  222. [ubuntu] Lemur hardware options questions
  223. [ubuntu] Webcam in new Lemur stopped working
  224. [SOLVED] Starling usb boot problem
  225. [ubuntu] Starling wireless won't turn back on
  226. [SOLVED] Usb boot error
  227. Manually turning off "auto" attribute of a network
  228. [all variants] PanP5 -- boot from card reader?
  229. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 - Attempting to install GCC
  230. Testing microphone
  231. [all variants] Pan P7 Seagate Momentus XT compatibility
  232. [all variants] Starling netbook wireless for new logins
  233. fan speed, no longer auto
  234. [ubuntu] how to get full screen image on pangolin?
  235. [ubuntu] Upgrade hard drive in Starling2 to SSD
  236. [ubuntu] Ratel wired network connection failed
  237. Starling usb boot problem
  238. [SOLVED] NX Capabilities Issue
  239. [ubuntu] Music Apps are invading my menu icons!
  240. [ubuntu] Network connection on Lemur w/10.10 keeps dropping out
  241. Webcam not working on new Starling3
  242. Windows 7 wireless drivers
  243. Blank Icon space on Starling
  244. Any reasons not to use ecryptfs to encrypt one's home directory?
  245. [ubuntu] firefox and webmail
  246. [ubuntu] choosing ram
  247. Starling TRIM support for SSD's
  248. [ubuntu] Need help to set up wireless DHCP on Lemur
  249. [ubuntu] How long does it usually take from the time you order a System 76 to delivery?
  250. [ubuntu] Speedstep on Pangolin