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  1. [all variants] Ffmpeg question
  2. [ubuntu] Sound recording issue
  3. [ubuntu] aubio-0.3.2 installation help
  4. [ubuntu_studio] LynxONE audio card/OSS issues
  5. [ubuntu] Audio editor with Real-time effects/filters
  6. [ubuntu] recordmydesktop delayed image
  7. [other] Real-time background reduction software?
  8. [all variants] Project for a tiny PC to use as a synth
  9. [ubuntu_studio] No desktop after install
  10. [ubuntu] Problem with Mic
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Firebox on ubuntu-studio 8.04.1
  12. [ubuntu] Ogg Video Tools fails on Gutsy
  13. [ubuntu] Converting ogv/ogg to wmv
  14. [ubuntu] xbox live vision camera
  15. [ubuntu_studio] how do i jack and qsynth in patchage?
  16. [ubuntu] Program that resembles Camera Wizard the closest?
  17. [ubuntu_studio] qsynth playback buzzes
  18. [ubuntu] USB sound card ?
  19. [ubuntu] No Recording Sound in Audacity
  20. [all variants] Advice on batch photo resizing.
  21. [ubuntu] Problem with Jack
  22. [all variants] I'm going to rebuild my machine for rose garden.....aren't I?
  23. [all variants] QDVDauthor - play a chapter, return to menu
  24. [all variants] QDVDAuthor - The 30-Second Menu Loop
  25. [kubuntu] How to open InDesign files?
  26. [ubuntu] Microphone and Guitar
  27. [ubuntu] hiphop ejay 5 replacemnt, help ?
  28. [ubuntu] Can't get JACK server to run for Rosegarden
  29. [all variants] Electronic keyboard synthesizer application?
  30. [ubuntu_studio] [SOLVED] Audacity 1.3.5-beta configuration issue
  31. [other] Open-source Virtual DJ alternative
  32. [all variants] acoustic guitar tuner (input from usb mic)
  33. [ubuntu] Sports Video Anaylsis
  34. [ubuntu] install latest version kdenlive
  35. [ubuntu] how to rasterize with the GIMP for silkscreening
  36. [ubuntu] real time
  37. [ubuntu] Mencoder swscale
  38. [all variants] Is There a Good Linux 3D Modeling Program?
  39. [ubuntu] basic program to put movies together
  40. [ubuntu] Noise in sound
  41. [ubuntu] VSE in blender 2.48 locks system
  42. [ubuntu] Posting Screenshots
  43. [ubuntu] How to install / uninstall new version of JACK.
  44. [ubuntu_studio] Yamaha Audiogram 6
  45. [ubuntu] Compiling Ardour 3.0 and Dependencies.
  46. [ubuntu_studio] NYC Area Users?
  47. [all variants] SoundSnap like
  48. [SOLVED] dead end with jackd when trying use for echo...
  49. [ubuntu] Sound Capturing
  50. [ubuntu] Virtualisation or WINE for Adobe CS4
  51. [ubuntu_studio] Switching back to Ubuntu Studio? Advice needed!
  52. [ubuntu] Line 6 Tone Port KB37 in Ubuntu
  53. [all variants] Dvd slideshow program needed!!
  54. [ubuntu] the old "i need avi to vob" dvd converter question
  55. [ubuntu] Wine and ConvertXtoDVD
  56. [ubuntu] Podcasting Setup?
  57. [ubuntu_studio] Making a 4 screen video with overdubbing audio.
  58. [ubuntu] A good video editing software
  59. [ubuntu_studio] No sound from Hydrogen w/Jack
  60. [ubuntu] make a regular image , transparent
  61. [all variants] Inkscape operation from terminal?
  62. [all variants] Real time greenscreen
  63. [ubuntu] Converting Video files to DVD
  64. [ubuntu] Looking for a good quality animation program...
  65. [ubuntu] Beginner Music Creation Studio
  66. [ubuntu] Guitar pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. [ubuntu] Any good desktop video capture?
  68. [ubuntu] Testers needed for Rapid Photo Downloader
  69. [all variants] EnergyXT problems on netbook.....
  70. [ubuntu] Which Firewire / USB audio card?
  71. [ubuntu] Read or convert audio.caf file
  72. [all variants] Take Apple Quicktime MOV video, extract sound to MP3
  73. [ubuntu] ffmpeg and flv files
  74. [ubuntu] Difficulty saving in ReZound
  75. [ubuntu] Audacity is CRIPPLED! Need complete version.
  76. [ubuntu] Ubuntu for music production?
  77. [ubuntu] watching multiple videos
  78. [ubuntu] Software to ad subtitles and edit video
  79. [ubuntu] ffmpeg to create a dvd
  80. [ubuntu] how to use JACK help please!
  81. [ubuntu] Is is possible to create a DVD with multiple partitions?
  82. [all variants] Switching from Audigy 2 ZS to M-Audio Audiophile 2496 makes sense in my case?
  83. [all variants] Burn video stream directly to DVD on the fly
  84. [ubuntu_studio] Need some straight answers (video recording)
  85. [ubuntu] Where can i find a good LMMS tutorial?
  86. [ubuntu] Free and easy to use flash editor
  87. [ubuntu] midi on ubuntu is just impossible, isn't it?
  88. [ubuntu] Yet another bloke with qjackctl/alsa/hydro problems
  89. [ubuntu_studio] No Zoom Camera in Cinelerra
  90. [all variants] Cinelerra questions.
  91. [ubuntu] Speed up sound on encoding
  92. [all variants] How to do Pitch Detection / Autotune-like effects
  93. [all variants] Audio distortion on JACK
  94. [ubuntu] Audacity Problems
  95. [ubuntu] Korg Kaoss Pad?
  96. [ubuntu] help me get midi working on rosegarden, please
  97. [ubuntu] How to make a karaoke cd ?
  98. [ubuntu] Anyone else had problems adding images with Kompozer?
  99. [ubuntu] Question for GIMP experts
  100. [ubuntu] install jahshaka
  101. [ubuntu] Recording from sound card?
  102. [ubuntu] install jahshaka
  103. [ubuntu] Installing TerminatorX from source.
  104. [ubuntu] Which video editor should I use
  105. [ubuntu] Unable to read miniDVD
  106. [ubuntu_studio] Qmidiarp random arpeggiation
  107. [ubuntu] Someone has got Sony Vegas working in wine
  108. [all variants] List of tested VST(i)'s in LMMS
  109. [ubuntu] What would the best Web Authoring applications be for a starter?
  110. [ubuntu] Avidemux doesn't cut video
  111. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio on top of Ubuntu
  112. [ubuntu] creating flash content in ubuntu
  113. [ubuntu] Gimp doesn't cut it with PSDs
  114. [ubuntu] Help a Music Producer switch to Ubuntu - I'm ready!
  115. [ubuntu] Streaming with ffmpeg
  116. [ubuntu] Trouble installing kdenlive
  117. [other] Stupid Camera
  118. [ubuntu] What's your favourite VST host sequencer?
  119. [ubuntu] UDF media
  120. [all variants] Linux Cat pipes into sound card
  121. [ubuntu] trouble initializing audio device
  122. [ubuntu] how to open .dv in kdenlive
  123. [ubuntu] Convert FLV to WMV in VLC
  124. [ubuntu] BlueRAY DVD authoring
  125. [ubuntu] No Sound in audicty
  126. [all variants] vkeybd lag
  127. [ubuntu] Unable to start mixxx
  128. [all variants] rework audio DTS to AC3 mkv file >12Gb
  129. [ubuntu] Overlapping Object in Scribus
  130. [ubuntu] Simple video creator
  131. [ubuntu_studio] Can't keep JACK running.
  132. [ubuntu] How do I get dvd in WIDESCREEN?
  133. [ubuntu] kino sound problem
  134. [all variants] Frustrated with screencasting
  135. [ubuntu_studio] MacBook built-in sound + JACK stopped working
  136. [ubuntu_studio] Mouse is flaky after wine install
  137. [ubuntu] DVD burner trouble
  138. [ubuntu] Reason4 and cubase for ubuntu
  139. [ubuntu] 64 Bit Ubuntu and CS4
  140. [ubuntu_studio] How To Help Ubuntu Studio
  141. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour 2 files
  142. [ubuntu] Draw: A3
  143. [all variants] GIMP slicing problem
  144. [all variants] So: what pieces of audio software do you use?
  145. [xubuntu] lmms not working properly.
  146. [ubuntu] No audio when ffmpeg converts to flv
  147. [ubuntu_studio] What is an Xrun anyway?
  148. [ubuntu] can't record from onboard soundcard
  149. [ubuntu] Mixxx preferences
  150. [all variants] How to use ZynAddSubFX?
  151. [ubuntu] How to check an Audio CD for Errors?
  152. [ubuntu] How to Import a wav file into an MPEG and create a new improved MPEG
  153. [ubuntu] Jack!
  154. [ubuntu] KompoZer Web page backgrounds
  155. [ubuntu] Converion
  156. [ubuntu_studio] K9Copy Won't Go to ISO Anymore
  157. [ubuntu] need mobile phone browser testing software
  158. [ubuntu] Real time voice effets?
  159. [xubuntu] HTML Links
  160. [ubuntu] rosegarden query and dissipointment
  161. [ubuntu] Producing screencasts on vanilla Ubuntu
  162. Installing RT kernel
  163. [ubuntu] please suggest a program/tool
  164. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity missing Jack Option in device options
  165. [ubuntu] Jack with multiple sound cards?
  166. [ubuntu] Audio Interface - solve my problem and get $5
  167. [all variants] ManDVD: Can the aspect ration be changed?
  168. [ubuntu] DJPlay Documentation - looking . . . .
  169. [all variants] MusE does not record Control Change events
  170. [ubuntu_studio] ardour plugins cause system lockup
  171. [ubuntu_studio] jack / 1394 firewire issues
  172. [ubuntu] mixer/sampler for ubuntu
  173. [all variants] Video Encoding for PSP: How to do it fullscreen (480x272) in h.264
  174. [ubuntu] How to record audio clip from video files?
  175. [kubuntu] video conversion
  176. [ubuntu] What are my options?
  177. [all variants] Inking comics in GIMP without using bezier curves?
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden with JACK
  179. [ubuntu] Wondering about Camcorders
  180. [ubuntu] Ardour not working
  181. [ubuntu] how to use Creox
  182. [ubuntu] how do you use Jack rack?
  183. [all variants] Best video editing software and what losless format should I use?
  184. [ubuntu] Error while trying to use K-3d
  185. [ubuntu] xara printing problems
  186. [ubuntu] Full featured PDF editor?
  187. [kubuntu] Rosegarden: Finishing a Track
  188. [kubuntu] video problems
  189. [ubuntu] Audacity Issue
  190. [ubuntu] Volume control doesn't allow me to smoothly change volume
  191. [ubuntu_studio] Testing Ubuntu Studio ISO images (jaunty)
  192. [ubuntu] Ardour vs lmms
  193. [ubuntu] Make an animated GIF out of many separate PNG files?
  194. [ubuntu] mixer for ubuntu
  195. [ubuntu] Rosegarden & Timidity instrument recognition
  196. [all variants] cecilia won't launch
  197. [ubuntu] Flickr API
  198. [ubuntu_studio] When is the next Ubuntu Studio update?
  199. [ubuntu] using qsynth and jack. ubuntu noob needs help.
  200. [kubuntu] Colors too bright when capturing screen (as video)
  201. [ubuntu] command line tool to discover file types
  202. [ubuntu_studio] Alesis Linelink
  203. [ubuntu] Command-line replacement for Adobe Acrobat 'reduce file size' function.
  204. [all variants] gtk-recordMyDesktop Freezes and slows down severly why recording
  205. [ubuntu] HD24 tools
  206. [ubuntu] Video Editing help! How to fast-forward?
  207. [ubuntu_studio] jaunty final release
  208. [ubuntu_studio] linuxsampler 9.04 debs [64bit]
  209. [ubuntu] Desktop Recording (Not recordMyDesktop or Istanbul)
  210. [ubuntu] Ardour won't open projects I've already worked on...
  211. [ubuntu] Produce a music vid f youtube?
  212. [ubuntu_studio] Jaunty's Real Time Kernel Doesn't Load
  213. [ubuntu_studio] VSTi Support for live use?
  214. [ubuntu] Jack error.
  215. Swftools, flash and searchable swf
  216. [ubuntu] SEQ24 Problem
  217. [kubuntu] Kdenlive and USB audio recording
  218. [ubuntu_studio] Cinelerra question!
  219. [ubuntu] ffmpeg stopping at 130 seconds
  220. [ubuntu] kdenlive exporting 16:9 widescreen problem
  221. [ubuntu] Behringer UCG102 - no sound
  222. [all variants] sd camcorder to dvd
  223. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 8.10 Tascam US122L Install help!!!
  224. [ubuntu] Here Lets list all audio productim
  225. [ubuntu] Spliting video into 10min sections?
  226. [ubuntu] best audio program
  227. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio 9.04 Login then FREEZE
  228. [ubuntu] ffmpeg libmp3lame buffer size issue
  229. [ubuntu] Amplitube Metal with Wine
  230. [ubuntu] I probably shouldn't have...
  231. [ubuntu] Samsung CLP 610 ND "colored" black
  232. [ubuntu_studio] Jack MIDI & ALSA tabs
  233. [all variants] Recording sound doesn't work.
  234. [ubuntu_studio] ffado driver with 2.6.28-3-rt?
  235. [ubuntu_studio] which version of ubuntu should I use for real time audio work?
  236. [ubuntu] Jaunty Question
  237. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden lilypond pdf export problem
  238. [all variants] Teleprompter / autocue software
  239. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu-studio and nvidia driver
  240. [ubuntu] Allowing User to Create Real-time ALSA Thread for Specific Programs Only
  241. [ubuntu_studio] YAY! Best Multimedia Linux EVER!!!!
  242. [ubuntu] Music Creation Question
  243. [ubuntu] Cheese created OGV files No go with Youtube
  244. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.04 on an HP dv4
  245. [ubuntu] TamTam mini on Ubuntu possible?
  246. [ubuntu] MIDI bank sound sampler
  247. [ubuntu] Lightzone quirk? Need help..
  248. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden's CPU level too High
  249. [ubuntu] Flac files skipping in Ubuntu 9.04
  250. [ubuntu] Print in low quality with Open Oficce