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  1. [other] gst-editor-0.8.0 ./configure fail
  2. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio/supercollider hardware q
  3. [ubuntu] Kino problem with avi files
  4. [ubuntu] DVD movie creation
  5. [ubuntu] Kino won't install for me
  6. [ubuntu] Suddenly, Gimp won't let me edit anything!
  7. [ubuntu] Mediaplayer with backwards frame stepping?
  8. [all variants] [SOLVED] cutting and splicing audio file into smaller sections
  9. [ubuntu] Avidemux crashes when trying to save avi file
  10. [ubuntu] Kino stops randomly and outputs noise on Ubuntu 8.10
  11. [ubuntu] Capturing with dvgrab
  12. [all variants] GDAM with ubuntu 8.04
  13. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] What Codec is this Video?
  14. [all variants] Why does The GIMP poop little empty files all over the place?
  15. midisport 4x4 and reason problems
  16. [gnome] convert to quick video play
  17. [ubuntu] Making two AVIs into one?
  18. [ubuntu] dvd burning
  19. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] dc++ on ubuntu
  20. [all variants] Toggen .ogv to avi
  21. [all variants] New Animation Project! Help Wanted!
  22. [all variants] Web cam podcast interview newbie with Linux Mint 6 box.
  23. [ubuntu] Ubuntustudio: Why group all graphics apps into one package?
  24. [ubuntu] Thank you novation for your support!
  25. [ubuntu] Ardour Kills Jack
  26. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] lmms 0.4 cant install through apt-get???????
  27. [ubuntu] 2 things,rt,and installing ubuntu studio apps??
  28. [ubuntu] fdct_mmx.o missing during Cinelerra compile in Hardy
  29. [ubuntu] Jack/adour='s crash help
  30. [ubuntu] 3gp support without compiling from source?
  31. [ubuntu] devede error
  32. [ubuntu] ffmpeg unknown encoder 'xvid'
  33. ffmpeg unknown encoder 'xvid'
  34. [other] M-Audio Key Rig 49 problem on Ubuntu Studio 8.10
  35. [ubuntu] Converting iso image from pal to ntsc
  36. [kubuntu] Static when recording with Audacity and USB turntable
  37. [all variants] How to convert APE to FLAC under linux
  38. [gnome] nOOb Help in KdenLive
  39. [all variants] Is there a way to "disable" or "mute" the second speaker in one-channel audio?
  40. [ubuntu] Problem with converting .vob files into a dvd
  41. [gnome] Transitions in KDEnlive
  42. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio 64: can't get camcorder recognized to extract miniDV onto computer
  43. [ubuntu] ffmpeg converting help needed
  44. [all variants] Remote capture with Canon Digital Rebel
  45. [ubuntu] Add subtitle to original dvd
  46. [ubuntu] Open movie editor (can not render)
  47. [ubuntu] Updated help for converting h.264 mkv to mp4?
  48. [ubuntu] Broadcasting without sound
  49. [ubuntu] lmms .0.4.0,what happened to it??
  50. [ubuntu] Good video conversion program
  51. [ubuntu] usb drivers for yamaha keyboards
  52. [ubuntu] DVD Errors
  53. [ubuntu] converting an old .ram (sound) file to something more common
  54. [all variants] Video Editing in Ubuntu with Blender
  55. [xubuntu] K3B write error
  56. [ubuntu] HDV capture
  57. [all variants] trying to convert dv to mpeg2/4 in vlc without success
  58. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Unstripped ffmpeg which still provides libavcodec-dev et. al.?
  59. [ubuntu] Where are ffmpeg's header files?
  60. [ubuntu] Kdenlive - best Windows Movie Maker clone out there
  61. [all variants] Movie Screenshot Gallery *SOLUTION*
  62. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] open office
  63. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] gThumb. photo import problem
  64. [ubuntu] Streaming Video to Another Computer?
  65. [ubuntu] GIMP freezing, trouble opening
  66. [all variants] Find all lo-res e.g. 320x240 vids for batch convert?
  67. [ubuntu] Foobar2000 with wineasio?
  68. [edubuntu] Jack what the..
  69. [ubuntu] Girl Tech Video Journal (vj-621)
  70. [all variants] Live tempo control in jack
  71. [all variants] [SOLVED] simple image sequencer?
  72. [ubuntu] Maya 2008 in Ubuntu 8.04 - keyboard not working
  73. [ubuntu] Writing an.ISO to a DVD to play on standalone DVD players
  74. [ubuntu] Applications to record the desktop
  75. [all variants] blender image sequencer?
  76. [kubuntu] DV capture off video camera - no audio!
  77. [ubuntu] M-Audio Jamlab USB problem
  78. [ubuntu] VOB > DVD but have no IFO or BUP files
  79. [all variants] M-Audio Delta 1010LT and Ardour Setup HowTo
  80. [ubuntu] Looking for something that can auto-crop and auto-rotate scanned photos
  81. [other] Cannot get trimmed a DV-AVI movie in MS Movie Maker
  82. [ubuntu] Merging subtitles with movies
  83. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] k3b only works in sudo
  84. [ubuntu] Convert AVI to DVD?
  85. [ubuntu] Kino export to DVD
  86. [ubuntu] Ardour TOC Export Problem (Exports Static)
  87. [ubuntu] Suggestions for a DVD data backup app?
  88. [ubuntu] Winff Error
  89. [ubuntu] Burning Disks ALWAYS fails
  90. [ubuntu] Convert DVD to 3GP with ffmpeg?
  91. [ubuntu] mp3 to midi
  92. [ubuntu] recommendations on good MIDI composition software?
  93. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] nero 3 linux
  94. [all variants] best cross platform filesystem with large file support?
  95. [ubuntu] Do USB midi interfaces work with Ubuntu Studio 8.10?
  96. [ubuntu] No sound in Rosegarden
  97. [ubuntu] Program to record the desktop
  98. [ubuntu] An Ubuntu Video Camera
  99. [ubuntu] Time compression (90 minute to 10 minute) software wanted
  100. [ubuntu] Piano player
  101. [ubuntu] Burning movies and subtitles to a DVD
  102. [ubuntu] laptop recommendations????
  103. [other] Converting mkv to m2ts for playing on Playstation3
  104. [ubuntu] Tascam US-122 + Ubuntu Studio
  105. [ubuntu] Stream network source.
  106. [ubuntu] In Rosegarden, no Timidity output when JACK is running.
  107. [other] Problems with installing the Ardour program.
  108. [all variants] [SOLVED] Installing maya
  109. [ubuntu] thumbnail generator
  110. [ubuntu] help with wavsplit
  111. [ubuntu] 8.10 Dvd's In All Applications Burn Slow.
  112. [ubuntu] "Digital" Recording mutes itself
  113. [ubuntu] comand line to burn audio cd
  114. [other] JACK doesn't send sound to soundcard
  115. [ubuntu] Jack audio server runs only as root
  116. [ubuntu] Which is best 3gp converter in linux??
  117. [ubuntu] MIDI Question
  118. [ubuntu] Devede deinterlace options help
  119. [ubuntu] Hugin default filename/output prefix
  120. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] moving files ,vst's for renoise?
  121. [ubuntu] m-audio conectiv usb - no input with alsa, jack
  122. [ubuntu] Using Mencoder to convert a xvid to a dvd 2Pass?
  123. [ubuntu] Camcorder - Capture Software
  124. [all variants] Converting .raw to jpeg in UFraw
  125. [ubuntu] FFMPEG MKV to DivX - Video too fast!
  126. [ubuntu] Using k9copy to create MPEG-4 produced a file with 0 bytes size
  127. [ubuntu] Problem: RealPlayer and SMPlayer
  128. [other] Adding subtitles
  129. [ubuntu] Tags for wav files
  130. [other] [SOLVED] Kinetic Typography
  131. [ubuntu] Broadcasting Video Online
  132. [ubuntu] lame usage problems
  133. [other] Recording Audio
  134. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Making avi files smaller
  135. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Swapping audio in a video file
  136. [all variants] lightscribe program
  137. [all variants] Which USB Interface...?
  138. [ubuntu] Audacity problems
  139. [ubuntu] ecasound, padding with silence?
  140. [ubuntu] Idjc
  141. [all variants] [SOLVED] Audacity fails to start
  142. [ubuntu] Slide show creator
  143. [ubuntu] Screencasting on 8.10
  144. [ubuntu] Audio Noise in Ubuntu
  145. [ubuntu] Digita signage software
  146. [ubuntu] Can't get started with Jack
  147. [all variants] Ridiculously easy way to get latest Synfig installed on Intrepid
  148. [ubuntu] Midi problem!!
  149. [ubuntu] M-Audio Delta 44 configuration
  150. [ubuntu] songsmith
  151. [ubuntu] nullsoft video
  152. [ubuntu] Audacious was running! Now nothing?
  153. [all variants] Bulk Slide Scanner
  154. [ubuntu] Problem capturing video need some help
  155. [ubuntu] gtk
  156. [ubuntu] video editor
  157. [ubuntu] EMU 1212m nearly working
  158. [SOLVED] How can I delete part of a video in Kdenlive?
  159. [ubuntu] some quick questions about video editing
  160. [ubuntu] Mtv video format question
  161. [ubuntu] cannot burn 80 minute audio cd
  162. [all variants] Voice Modification
  163. [ubuntu] SoundConvert AAC support
  164. [all variants] GIMP and vector fonts
  165. [ubuntu] how to play midi files
  166. [ubuntu] cutting DVD video
  167. [ubuntu] Making mixed DVD with avi's & slideshows w/sound, how to deal with various volume lev
  168. [all variants] How to: Make CDs & DVDs you can Check for Defects at any time. Includes Fast Aliases!
  169. [ubuntu] Converting videos to Android G1 format
  170. [ubuntu] Mackie Onyx Satellite /w ffado?
  171. [ubuntu] K3B Doesn't see blank media in burner
  172. [ubuntu] Edirol FA-66 works compiled from source
  173. [ubuntu] two sound cards, choose default
  174. [ubuntu] Playback While Recording
  175. [kubuntu] Problem installing cdcontrol
  176. [all variants] Cant find layer panel on GIMP
  177. [xubuntu] sound-recorder doesn't remember the settings
  178. [kubuntu] Steam live webcam on homepage
  179. [kubuntu] How to stream desktop live to Justin.tv, ustream etc
  180. [ubuntu] How to burn DVDs with 7.69 Gigs?
  181. [ubuntu] Search for a OpenSource Microsoft Movie Maker, only better
  182. [ubuntu] Installing Wordpress Locally
  183. [ubuntu] sound is unsynced when converted with FuocoTools
  184. [ubuntu] Can Anyone Recommend a good capture/edit application
  185. [ubuntu] How to connec to a DV recorder ?
  186. [ubuntu] How to get video clips edited and produced to DVD
  187. [ubuntu] Please help with this driver for Edirol UA-4FX
  188. [ubuntu] problems with DPS 12 as ardour control surface
  189. [all variants] good LADSPA distortion plugin?
  190. [ubuntu] radio show help
  191. [ubuntu] Adding Sub Titles
  192. [all variants] Video Codes Totally Gone in Intrepid?
  193. [other] No Sound Out of M-Audio Delta 44
  194. [ubuntu] .Avi converter?
  195. [ubuntu] Help setting up a small recording computer
  196. [all variants] FFMPEG Produces Files With 1/2 Speed Video
  197. [ubuntu] renoise hangs at shut down,force quit takes alsa down
  198. [ubuntu] Need help with ManDVD error
  199. [ubuntu] Installing Gimp Brushes
  200. [ubuntu] how to protect CD from duplicating by windows and Linux
  201. [ubuntu] DVD Backup Problem
  202. [ubuntu] Fix a video with the wrong resolution
  203. [ubuntu] Can i write to "closed" cd or dvd?
  204. [other] Qsynth - what does it do?
  205. [ubuntu] LTS Studio
  206. [ubuntu] jackd never starts, other audio fine
  207. [all variants] can't hardcode subtitles using avidemux
  208. [ubuntu] Saffire Pro 10 Need fw card
  209. [xubuntu] Shrink video resolution mp4.
  210. [all variants] How Can an MPG have TWO resolutions?
  211. [ubuntu] cover art for flac and ogg files from CDs
  212. [all variants] Joining Two Video Files Quickly & Easily
  213. [ubuntu] SWF to MPEG, AVI, WMA or MP3, i don know
  214. [ubuntu] Cross platfrom audio programs?
  215. [other] Audigy 2 ZS front midi ports - do they work?
  216. [ubuntu] Error installing open movie editor through SPM
  217. [ubuntu] Creating a linux/ubuntu promo video
  218. [other] Jack xruns every 3-4 minutes
  219. [ubuntu] Lost my DVD after installing K3B
  220. [ubuntu] Envy24 Spdif and audacity problems
  221. [other] Any info about Line6 fileformat l6t?
  222. [all variants] DVD Authoring
  223. [ubuntu] Devede problem
  224. [ubuntu] help me compile energyxt 2.5
  225. [ubuntu] Having a terrible time doing simplest video clipping from DVD
  226. [ubuntu] Looking for a "no hoop jumping" USB sound device for LInux
  227. [ubuntu] M-Audio Axiom 49 and Ubuntu Studio
  228. [ubuntu] Installation of maya 2009 in 32-bit system
  229. [other] controlling virtual keyboard
  230. [all variants] VIDEO to DVD, The way I did it
  231. LMMS Crash
  232. [ubuntu] Audacity label tracks cause lock-up in Ubuntu 8.10
  233. [other] Tascam us-1641
  234. [ubuntu] Gtk-Recordmydesktop/expo problem
  235. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio 8.1 inconsistency?
  236. [ubuntu] JACK and FFADO fine- issue lies higher up
  237. [ubuntu] need help with jack in ubuntu studio
  238. [ubuntu] Can't find lmms in the applications menu
  239. [ubuntu] Kino output files too large
  240. [ubuntu] Enable Authentication for gnump3d
  241. [ubuntu] Can not install Linuxsampler on Ubuntu
  242. [ubuntu] dj software
  243. [all variants] Ardour crashing with error about not being fast enough.
  244. [other] Merge multiple wav files
  245. [kubuntu] wpa_spplicant not working with blocking raw socket
  246. [xubuntu] No realtime kernel in Xubuntu 8.1 but I installed it
  247. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 8.10 and not being able to install realtime Kernel
  248. [all variants] Looking for some equivalents
  249. [all variants] Program Control Of Blender Game Engine?
  250. [SOLVED] MIDI to Music sheet