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  1. [ubuntu] Sound capture woes - tons of noise!
  2. [all variants] flash document viewer
  3. [all variants] Cinelerra - it actually works!
  4. [kubuntu] No sound in LDAP-authenticated users
  5. [all variants] Editing X264
  6. [ubuntu] Red 5 at startup
  7. [ubuntu] Recording computers sound
  8. [ubuntu] Devede sound sync
  9. [ubuntu] set output size of a DVD-5 ?
  10. [ubuntu] Kino n00b
  11. [ubuntu] Ardour segmentation fault - Ubuntu Studio 8.04.1
  12. [all variants] State of AVCHD playback and editing
  13. [ubuntu] old video
  14. [all variants] Sound out of Sync When Converting OGG to Another Format
  15. [all variants] Auto Photograph Inserted to a template then printed
  16. [all variants] k9copy won't burn, wodim errors, bafflement
  17. [ubuntu] Distorted sound with midi
  18. [all variants] [SOLVED] Convert left-only stereo to both channel stereo or mono?
  19. [ubuntu] DVD Burner produces coasters
  20. [ubuntu] How do i use install effects to use in Jokosher
  21. [ubuntu] Audacity back up files
  22. [all variants] Audacity effects missing
  23. [ubuntu] need a really quick fix (probably)
  24. [ubuntu] DVD Burn Problems - Input Output etc
  25. [ubuntu] Update music score software?
  26. [ubuntu] Avimedux: How do you save the video with filter applied?
  27. [ubuntu] .mkv subtitle issue
  28. [all variants] New cover designer, Try it!
  29. [other] [SOLVED] soundkonverter doesn't start
  30. [ubuntu] Problem with midi
  31. [ubuntu] "bake" together 2 files to one
  32. [all variants] Peavey ReValver MKIII on linux
  33. [all variants] Divx Ultra software? & Tips for improving ubuntu?
  34. [ubuntu] Howto rebuild index of a ogm video
  35. [ubuntu] M-audio Audiophile 2496 vs. Delta 1010-LT or Delta 66
  36. [ubuntu] f4l documentation
  37. [ubuntu] Question about mencoder
  38. [all variants] batch convert avi files
  39. [ubuntu] Lexicon Omega problem
  40. [ubuntu] Encode video for Palm Centro?
  41. [all variants] Keeping mp3 id tags with ffmpeg re-encoding
  42. [ubuntu] the quality get bad when i convert to mp4.
  43. [other] how to add black bars to make mpeg4 1920x1080 even?
  44. [ubuntu] Burning DVD's
  45. [ubuntu] Hardware/USB-Soundcard for recording guitar?
  46. [ubuntu] Terratec DMX 6fire USB?
  47. [gnome] [SOLVED] Ardour (2.5 or 2.3) crashes when I push the "stop" while recording
  48. [other] Getting Audacity to Record (when time stuck at 0)
  49. [ubuntu] Audacity records no sound
  50. [other] GIMP Help - Tools Not Working
  51. [ubuntu] Converting From DTS to 6 channel FLAC
  52. [ubuntu] encoding with mencoder
  53. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio, mixxx, and Hercules RMX DJ console
  54. [ubuntu] Jack Help... Cannot connect to jack servers
  55. [ubuntu] Sound mixer
  56. [all variants] gtk-recordmydesktop is SOOO slow
  57. [ubuntu] brasero crashes out
  58. [all variants] forum to meet and learn from linux musicians!
  59. [ubuntu] mpeg-4 to DVD? (create DVD)
  60. [ubuntu] Blue Snowflake USB mic issues
  61. [ubuntu] Blender and Wings 3D problem
  62. [all variants] Avidemux offsets audio/video
  63. [ubuntu] Anything like Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker
  64. [other] Ubuntu Studio Freezes up on me!? and few other problems
  65. [ubuntu] fluxus
  66. [all variants] Does a good Graphics card improve video editing performance?
  67. [kubuntu] kdenlive no audio on exported avi files
  68. [ubuntu] A few Devede questions
  69. [ubuntu] libschroedinger-1.0-0 on gutsy
  70. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] RotoScoping An *.3GP Video From My Cell Phone
  71. [all variants] Flash Creation Applications
  72. [all variants] Avidemux ignores bitrate setting.
  73. [all variants] System Specifications for Audio Recording
  74. [other] [SOLVED] What is the best text to speech online tool?
  75. [all variants] Avidemux CPU throttle prioritizing
  76. [kubuntu] wanted: midi synth/player and composer
  77. [ubuntu] Can't record in Ardour
  78. [ubuntu] Converting .MOD video files
  79. [ubuntu] New User Distressed Over Rosegarden/Ubuntu Studio
  80. [other] How to convert 1080p to 720p?
  81. [all variants] Inserting image/video in an audio track.
  82. [all variants] Huge problems with audio production under Ubuntu
  83. [ubuntu] Source for linux-rt
  84. [ubuntu] Web design help.
  85. [ubuntu] No sound with JACK in Ubuntu Studio
  86. [ubuntu] rawmidi drain error with NI Audio Kontrol 1 and Mixxx or Jack
  87. [all variants] Video editor that could do this type of slow motion?
  88. [ubuntu] gstreamer and aac encoding (won't play in Zune)
  89. [all variants] Ubuntu studio, good video editing soft?
  90. [ubuntu] Need code convert mpg to ram or a lower quality
  91. [all variants] ffado multiple interface help
  92. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio - Audio Interface advice
  93. [ubuntu] A/V sync. problem when played back on dvd player
  94. [ubuntu] Stopping Jackd stops all USB devices
  95. [ubuntu] midi to wav, mp3, etc. with timidity help
  96. [ubuntu] Do I realy need Ubuntu Studio to Create Music?
  97. [ubuntu] How do I start LMMS?
  98. [ubuntu] Simple MP3 editor required
  99. [other] avi to dvd burn software - E.M. Total Video2Dvd V2.61
  100. [ubuntu] QDVDAuthor
  101. [kde] Installing Kdenlive 0.7 Beta1
  102. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] usb midi keyboard help with Jack control
  103. [ubuntu] Is there a similar tool in Gimp?
  104. [ubuntu] Problem starting jack
  105. [ubuntu] Rosegarden does not play instruments on alternate banks
  106. [ubuntu] I broke my hydrogen, please help.
  107. [ubuntu] MS Windows wins with GIMP
  108. [ubuntu] What software to replace reason?
  109. [ubuntu] dropfolder
  110. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Lilypond and NtEd: install but no selection in menu to run
  111. [ubuntu] Big problem with iso files
  112. [ubuntu] sound editing software
  113. [all variants] Best Matroska defaults?
  114. [ubuntu] Alternative to camtwist
  115. [all variants] [SOLVED] Alsa setting for firewire soundcard
  116. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] FUOCO TOOLS Troubles
  117. [ubuntu] Multimedia programs substitutes
  118. [kubuntu] Problems with burning
  119. [all variants] UbuntuStudio for a community studio - general advice needed
  120. [ubuntu] Flash needed
  121. [all variants] Very simple DVD autoplay authoring
  122. [ubuntu] Ffmpeg error: img_convert deprecated
  123. [ubuntu] Problems with V4L - fg_open(): mmap buffer: Invalid argument
  124. [all variants] MPEG analysis software?
  125. [ubuntu] Easy Video Screen Capture?
  126. [ubuntu] DAW software Needed for 64bit Ubuntu
  127. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] drivers for ART/Motu interfaces (64bit)?
  128. [ubuntu] problem with converting big files with ffmpeg.
  129. [ubuntu] Make DVD with photos and music ?
  130. [xubuntu] Retrieving data from Sony DCR-HC36 mem stick under hardy
  131. [ubuntu] best to install /temp on my raid0 "partition" for video editing; space limit. for /?
  132. [ubuntu] Using Linux sampler live
  133. [ubuntu] AmSynth & JACK - Very bad clicking problem
  134. [ubuntu] Insert Scratch Sound over vocals
  135. [ubuntu] Cinelerra wont play any files
  136. [other] ubuntu studio feature request: Edirol UA-25EX patch
  137. [ubuntu] Stopmotion
  138. [ubuntu] 3D animation
  139. [all variants] cannot record what i'm listening to
  140. [all variants] DAW software
  141. [ubuntu] Load Nikon raw-files, *.NEF
  142. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Building a website
  143. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Cecilia freezing/hangs at helper.tcl splash screen
  144. [ubuntu] Playback in Ardour 2.5 has clicks no matter what
  145. [ubuntu] Brasero doesn't copy track & album info to audio CD
  146. [all variants] Kdenlive for OGG video editor and quality decrease
  147. [all variants] Ubuntu Studio - how do I connect and configure a midi keyboard - self confessed idiot
  148. [ubuntu] check what's using soundcard?
  149. [all variants] A few thoughts from an Ubuntu Studio virgin
  150. [ubuntu] M-Audio 1010LT setup?
  151. [ubuntu] Issues with Mia Midi after Upgrading Kernel
  152. [other] Website Design
  153. [ubuntu] Parts for Multimedia Workstation/Farm
  154. [SOLVED] transcoding through a pipe ...
  155. [all variants] Progressive Scan Video Capture with Mencoder
  156. [ubuntu] WINFF + FFmpeg encoding to xvid in Hardy (for Ipod Touch)
  157. [ubuntu] SoundConverter bitrate is wrong
  158. [ubuntu] NuBe Audacity problem with sound.
  159. [ubuntu] [JACK] xruns!!! I know it's discussed ...but..
  160. [ubuntu] Ardour stops when I move the mouse (ubuntu studio)
  161. [ubuntu] Colorise black and white image with the gimp
  162. [ubuntu] M-Audio Midisport 4x4 setup-weird USB issue
  163. [ubuntu] ffmpeg cannot change bit depth
  164. [all variants] ffmpeg2theora has problems with 5.1 surround
  165. [all variants] Want to slow down music but keep the pitch.
  166. [ubuntu] hello!.can someone pls help: fruity loops 8.0
  167. [ubuntu] gstreamer pipeline to tanscode a video for ipod
  168. [ubuntu] How to uninstall Aeolus?
  169. [ubuntu] few noob questions (sorry)
  170. [ubuntu] Photography Software?
  171. [ubuntu] How to create training videos?
  172. [ubuntu] Ubuntu can't see camera?
  173. [all variants] How to make cool desktops using gimp
  174. [ubuntu] Sound capture has LOTS of noise!
  175. [ubuntu] Cinelerra and Sound Recording Problems
  176. [ubuntu] Which Equipment Should I Get?
  177. [ubuntu] ffmpeg - time length difference when converting from avi to mpeg
  178. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Joining mp3 files
  179. [ubuntu] need a program like movie maker
  180. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Converting mts or mt2s to usable format
  181. [ubuntu] Having some trouble with compiling patchage
  182. [all variants] cinelerra .avi import
  183. [ubuntu] Recommend a video editor pls
  184. [ubuntu] Video editing program advice please? :)
  185. [ubuntu] Compiling Kdenlive 0.7 beta1 on Ubuntu
  186. [all variants] Nwc a new video audio converter and more
  187. [ubuntu] adsr controllers for soundfonts in rosegarden
  188. [ubuntu] can not play .dat files in mplayer
  189. [ubuntu] Need help turning slideshow into video
  190. [ubuntu] using fonts in ubuntu
  191. [ubuntu] unable to burn dvd+r
  192. [ubuntu] convert .wmv files to .mp4 ffmpeg
  193. [ubuntu] Is a DVD menu without thumbnails possible?
  194. [other] Yet ANOTHER Jack/Ardour/UbuntuStudio64 problem
  195. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] hugin, autopano not working...
  196. [all variants] Capture Screen as a video
  197. [ubuntu] Video Error
  198. [ubuntu] How to compile Cinelerra 4 for heron 32 bit?
  199. [all variants] Split a DVD into chapter chunks
  200. [all variants] [SOLVED] problem with sound in hydrogen
  201. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How to record radio programmes?
  202. [ubuntu] Adobe CS3 replacement(s)
  203. [ubuntu] how can in uninstall audacity 1.3.6 beta ?
  204. [SOLVED] downmix 5.1-channel .wav file to stereo
  205. [ubuntu] Ringtones?
  206. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] unable to install gimp
  207. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How to add more drawing space to an image in Gimp?
  208. [ubuntu] JACK crashing on big workloads
  209. [ubuntu] USB Vinyl Turntable
  210. [all variants] amsynth not running on 8.10
  211. [ubuntu] ubuntu desktop snapshot program
  212. [SOLVED] USB Digital Video Camera
  213. [all variants] Any alternative to "moviemk.exe" in Ubuntu?
  214. [ubuntu] Setting up a FireWire device in 8.10
  215. [ubuntu] not finding dvd-rw
  216. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Kino can't see Firewire camcorder in Intrepid
  217. [all variants] runing Bristol with Jack
  218. [ubuntu] webcam streaming in vlc
  219. [ubuntu] No Audio Capture in 8.10
  220. [ubuntu] Rosegarden needs "sndfile-resample"
  221. [ubuntu] Recording Audio Output
  222. [ubuntu] vocal effects plugins- recommendations?
  223. [ubuntu] Teamspeak not working
  224. [ubuntu] Are there any video editors for Ubuntu that can do this kind of effect?
  225. [other] Soundblaster awe32 on ubuntu studio
  226. [other] A Basic Question On Ubuntu Studio 64 Installation
  227. [ubuntu] RME Multiface I Installation with no luck
  228. [all variants] Anyone know of a SIMPLE video editor for Ubuntu?
  229. [all variants] Cinelerra Record Crash
  230. [ubuntu] can anyone actually get wine working with FL8?
  231. [ubuntu] Webcam help
  232. [ubuntu] Reaper+Wine=Problems?
  233. [ubuntu] Video Editing in Ubuntu Studio
  234. [all variants] real-time green screen
  235. [ubuntu] kpovmodeler acting up in Interpid. KDE4 issue?
  236. [ubuntu] Jack Control doesn't recognize Tapco Link USB interface
  237. [ubuntu] Audacity For DJ's. My First Experience
  238. [other] Delta 44 (ice1712) works but very low quiet output
  239. [ubuntu] How to create QEMU plugin for Mozilla Firefox?
  240. [ubuntu] Social networking application
  241. [ubuntu] the ffmpeg will not convert files.
  242. [all variants] Video effects software.
  243. [ubuntu] non colouring soundcard
  244. [ubuntu] Can't find JACK Audio Connection Kit at applications menu
  245. [ubuntu] Installing PHOTO-PAINT 9
  246. [ubuntu] Help finding Audio Software
  247. [ubuntu] brasero crash when browsing music
  248. [ubuntu] Audacity - Woohoo! This is the right one - II-8.10
  249. [all variants] How can audio tracks be mixed together at the command line?
  250. [kubuntu] Rosegarden - help with playback