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  1. [ubuntu] Sound in Open Movie Editor
  2. [ubuntu] No sound in avi/mpg converted from flv
  3. [ubuntu] removing a damged version of ffmpeg
  4. [ubuntu] problem with installing wired
  5. [other] Help on connecting 2+ midi devices
  6. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Is there a Video Converter in UBUNTU?
  7. how to detect digital camera on fluxbox
  8. [ubuntu] Echo Gina PCI sound card device
  9. [ubuntu] Concerning JACK output
  10. [all variants] growisofs to finalize a dvd-r
  11. [ubuntu] expresskeys wacom installation missing files
  12. [ubuntu] How to create a Home DVD
  13. [ubuntu] Pitivi problem
  14. [ubuntu] Movie Builder & Screen Capture Software
  15. [all variants] recording the computer screen
  16. [ubuntu] Video capture via USB?
  17. [other] A little advice.
  18. [ubuntu] issues with subtitles
  19. [ubuntu] Question about Ubuntu Studio
  20. [all variants] Star Trek TOS Remastered 2.0 a Linux VFX Endeavor
  21. [ubuntu] noticeable delay while playing midi keyboard
  22. [ubuntu] Multichannel Recording
  23. [ubuntu] Listening to line in?
  24. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] dvd-slideshow error
  25. [ubuntu] I want to compile several AVIs into one
  26. [ubuntu] ffmpeg audio video not insync
  27. [ubuntu] Kdenlive KDE4
  28. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio on A135-s4666?
  29. [ubuntu] Dvd::rip
  30. [ubuntu] Wired make problem??
  31. [ubuntu] gimp update ubuntustudio-graphics error
  32. [ubuntu] Check Line In?
  33. [all variants] FP10 + FFADO aren't working
  34. [all variants] recording in linux
  35. [ubuntu] Cinelerra wmv?
  36. [ubuntu] ubuntustudio xruns - more ram - or - audio interface?
  37. [ubuntu] dvd-slideshow... only see first 12 out of 200+ photos
  38. [ubuntu] Rosegarden midi problems
  39. [other] DVDStyler - Naming Menu Buttons
  40. [all variants] I Need Some Music Production Software
  41. [all variants] Stream VLC JACK audio from broken file
  42. [ubuntu] Kdenlive crash on start
  43. [ubuntu] dvd burner/player
  44. [ubuntu] Ardour: Horrible Cracks but only when recording, or playing back
  45. [all variants] Audio editing / mastering
  46. [all variants] [SOLVED] .wav to .mp3
  47. [ubuntu] How To Install SND 9.10 with MOTIF and Guile in Ubuntu 8.04
  48. [all variants] Post your favoirte Soundfont
  49. [ubuntu] Cant get webcam to work
  50. [ubuntu] Video Recording Software | ATI compatable?
  51. [ubuntu] video buggy when grabbed from firewire
  52. [ubuntu] Set Up MuseScore to make sound
  53. [all variants] Video Special effects program
  54. [SOLVED] Burning a dvd with size 5.9 gb
  55. [ubuntu] screen recorder
  56. [other] FFMPEG Help Please ^^"
  57. [all variants] freecycle (beatslicer) - can't get it work
  58. [all variants] Edirol UA-4fx Kernel patch to the Advanced mode - help
  59. [other] Quanta Plus - setting up file over network?
  60. [all variants] Building a drum trigger pad to input into ubuntu and play samples.
  61. [all variants] Any experience with Behringer UCA202 or UCG102
  62. [all variants] devede makes iso too small
  63. [ubuntu] Screencast4Linux on Ubuntu?
  64. [ubuntu] tovid problem
  65. [ubuntu] pdf creator
  66. [SOLVED] Mixxx not working with JACK, but ok with ALSA
  67. [ubuntu] Camcorder recommendations
  68. [ubuntu] .wmv video resolution convert
  69. [ubuntu] rosegarden woes
  70. [all variants] Fluidsynth: Out of memory?
  71. [all variants] Recorded Screen to tutorial video process
  72. [ubuntu] The backwards step of Ubuntu professional audio
  73. [all variants] [SOLVED] A question on linux-rt
  74. [ubuntu] SMILE Slideshow stuff.
  75. [ubuntu] Capture Card Help
  76. [ubuntu] validating HTML in quanta
  77. [other] [SOLVED] ToDisc Green Menu
  78. [all variants] Need suggestion on SRS Audio Sandbox replacement
  79. [ubuntu] Recommendations Windows->Linux
  80. [ubuntu] Using Jack and Ardour - Problem report
  81. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] QjackCtl Freebob Alsa ROSEGARDEN
  82. [ubuntu] a little help with ffmpeg please? :)
  83. [ubuntu] lmms audio in recordmydesktop
  84. [ubuntu] Midi keyboard?
  85. [ubuntu] Jack is stuck in 48KHz
  86. [ubuntu] Anyone heard of an avi frame grabber?
  87. [ubuntu] Maudio 1010 SPDIF Output
  88. Can't find Jack
  89. [all variants] jack and firefox
  90. [ubuntu] Moving from Vista to Ubuntu, Looking for simple podcast help
  91. [all variants] Making DVD with menus
  92. [ubuntu] Audacity only shows the first six hours of any file.
  93. [ubuntu] Ubunto HH to UbuntuStudio Upgrade ???
  94. [all variants] Live/real time sampling into a midi loop, is it possible?
  95. [other] FFADO, 64studio, Dell XPS Laptop
  96. [all variants] Subtitle Creation Programs
  97. [ubuntu] how do i clear up photos
  98. [ubuntu] Audacity - Dark theme issues
  99. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] flash
  100. [ubuntu] Better luck with Gutsy than Hardy?
  101. [all variants] Blender
  102. [ubuntu] manDVD
  103. [all variants] source SVG of the human theme
  104. [kubuntu] music and visualisations
  105. [ubuntu] f-spot cannot load pictures from camera
  106. [other] Wine as a wrapper, not installed. DAW
  107. [ubuntu] audio port sharing
  108. [mythbuntu] Technotrend TT 3650 S2 and multiproto
  109. [ubuntu] flake, sound juicer and xACT: lossless question.
  110. [ubuntu] wav files
  111. [ubuntu] open movie editor not opening in ubuntu hardy
  112. [ubuntu] dbmixer
  113. [ubuntu] Any good music mixer which you know?
  114. [ubuntu] How to setup snazzi capture card?
  115. [ubuntu] Sound device for recording applications ALSA v.s. Firewire
  116. [ubuntu] todisc aka tovid
  117. [all variants] How do I record my own sounds?
  118. [ubuntu] Automated import of digital pictures
  119. [ubuntu] gtk-RecordMyDesktop won't recognize my sound card.
  120. [all variants] Mixed mode cd (data/audio) how to make an iso out of them ???
  121. [kubuntu] Upgrade to 8.04 made my rt kernels completely freeze
  122. [all variants] Yahoo Forbidden You don't have permission to access
  123. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] I'm looking for a program to create GIF animations
  124. [ubuntu] Multiple sound devices SB Live and Focusrite Saffire
  125. [all variants] Behringer UCG102 + Jackd + Creox = No sound
  126. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Just got a Nikon D40 camera -- how to use with linux?
  127. [all variants] Is there a software mixer when using freebob?
  128. [ubuntu] Create audio CD from DVD
  129. [all variants] cat /dev/video0 > output -- results in bad quality
  130. Script for mass-generating DVD from many camcorder videos
  131. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Encoding an mp3 into an avi
  132. [ubuntu] Tascam 122 USB help
  133. [ubuntu] guitar rig 3 need help
  134. [ubuntu] GUI Video capture application for webcams
  135. [all variants] cannot record sound
  136. HOWTO: Convert Your Pencil Animation For Video Sites In Ubuntu
  137. [ubuntu] how to rip sound from video
  138. [ubuntu] Jack dies unexpectedly
  139. [all variants] Join 2 ogg files
  140. [ubuntu] Sound Interface
  141. [all variants] HOWTO: Install The Wiinstrument for Linux
  142. [ubuntu] audacity no sound device recognized
  143. [all variants] HOWTO: Install oss2jack on Ubuntu Hardy
  144. [all variants] Problems with Jack XRUNS and sound cards
  145. [ubuntu] Sonic Foundry Acid Pro Equivalent?
  146. [ubuntu] MP4tools Nautilus Actions Batch convert help?
  147. [ubuntu] 3d sound program
  148. [kubuntu] I can't compile lmms 0.4.0 alpha2
  149. [ubuntu] logitec quickcam pro for notebooks and 64-bit Ubuntu
  150. [all variants] Where do I get drum, keys sounds for U. Studio?
  151. IDJC being a pain in the ***...
  152. [ubuntu] How to record MP3 + effects to video-file ???
  153. [ubuntu] Editing Raw Files...
  154. [ubuntu] Two soundcards
  155. [other] best hardware for pro audio recording?
  156. [all variants] anyone know where to find free editable scores?
  157. [ubuntu] Encoding Video and need help
  158. [ubuntu] Can't record, please help
  159. [ubuntu] odvr to work
  160. [ubuntu] problem using mencoder
  161. [all variants] LiveDrive connector assignment??
  162. [ubuntu] HowTo: Pixart 093a:2468 webcam in 8.04 (work with skype)
  163. [ubuntu] JACK Cannot open device alsa_pcm for capture.. but audacity can?
  164. [ubuntu] gnormalize: how to configure for lame preset -V5?
  165. [ubuntu] blender question
  166. [ubuntu] GUI for working with flac (to MP3)
  167. [ubuntu] blender won't start
  168. [ubuntu] can't figure out how to install this gimp plugin
  169. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio and Audio
  170. [ubuntu] Still Frames From Movie
  171. [ubuntu] FFMPEG Default Settings
  172. [edubuntu] How to change *.mid into Overture format???
  173. [ubuntu] opening sflender swfs in flash mx 2004
  174. [xubuntu] No medium present/burning cd
  175. [ubuntu] Jack gives no sound :/
  176. [ubuntu] Is there a program for ubuntu 8.04 that allows you to edit songs.
  177. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Installing ardour 2.5 in Studio
  178. [ubuntu] ffmpeg convert video with no picture
  179. [ubuntu] Grip no longer has permission to write to external hard drive
  180. [xubuntu] Using ffado with Terratec Phase88 Rack Firewire
  181. [ubuntu] How to install Mp3splt
  182. [ubuntu] Yamaha 01v
  183. [ubuntu] Suggestions for dvd authoring solutions or updated documentation?
  184. [ubuntu] tovid -fit function?
  185. [ubuntu] Houston, we have CAPTURE (a note for CS46xx folks)
  186. [ubuntu] How to get Sony DCR-DVD610 to record
  187. [ubuntu] Color picker not working?!
  188. [ubuntu] saving video with LIVEs. How to?
  189. [all variants] Make a recording sound as if it is on a cassette tape.
  190. [ubuntu] Got Open Movie editor to work! (I did have libquicktime.so.0 error)
  191. [ubuntu] screen recording software
  192. [ubuntu] Studio 8.04 - need help configuring audio
  193. [ubuntu] encode-handheld.pl v1.8 (encodes for psp, zune, ipod) using ffmpeg.
  194. [SOLVED] Cinelerra Help!!!
  195. selecting every Nth file
  196. [ubuntu] Screen recording issue.
  197. [ubuntu] Jack: Soundblaster Live Plays, but will not record
  198. [ubuntu] Convert analog video (VHS, minidv) to digital formats
  199. [ubuntu] Control Softsynths running in Ubuntu Studio in VMWare etc. from Host System?
  200. [other] can be a client for shoucast like M3W
  201. [ubuntu] Jack isn't working in Ubuntu Studio
  202. [ubuntu] Help : gksudo kino
  203. [ubuntu] CS3 in Virtual Box?
  204. [ubuntu] music question?
  205. [all variants] [SOLVED] DVD fails to burn
  206. [ubuntu] the ffmpeg transcoded video gets bad quality
  207. [ubuntu] How do I resize a video from 1280x800 to 1024x768 in LiVES?
  208. [ubuntu] Convert PAL DVD Files To NTSC ?
  209. [ubuntu] jackd 4 channel with alsa
  210. [ubuntu] How do I convert Videos in ubuntu to DVD format for my dvd player?
  211. [ubuntu] GTK-RecordMyDekstop Not Encodeing
  212. [ubuntu] Is there anyway to use usb mic to pass sound through to speakers
  213. [ubuntu] MobilePre USB
  214. [ubuntu] nosound in AVI's..
  215. [ubuntu] X11 Xorg window transparency by xcompmgr
  216. [ubuntu] MKV to MP4 for XBOX360 - the usual
  217. [all variants] [SOLVED] Cinelerra opening xml
  218. [ubuntu] hercules rmx and mixxx
  219. [all variants] New PC soon; looking for onboard sound/card advice!
  220. [other] Amarok and jack
  221. [ubuntu] Good multi-track audio editor?
  222. [gnome] F-Spot's NEF Settings
  223. [ubuntu] Edirol FA-66 and jack
  224. [ubuntu] avidemux and k3b - fitting movie onto 1 CD problem
  225. [other] Help with RTP & GStreamer
  226. [ubuntu] VLC playback no sound. From OME created mov
  227. [all variants] TODO window transparency without compositing managers
  228. [ubuntu] Create Video from pics/mp3
  229. [all variants] Mixxx 1.6.0 Released (FOSS DJ Software)
  230. [ubuntu] need a screen capture software that can grab a chat room chat
  231. [ubuntu] usb sound at 192kHz
  232. [all variants] ZynAddSubFX interface
  233. [ubuntu] DVD burns crash every time, GNOME
  234. [ubuntu] VLC video capture with a Video4Linux device help
  235. [all variants] M-Audio fast track ultra and jack
  236. [ubuntu] Recording OS
  237. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Pulse Audio through Jack
  238. [all variants] How do I record audio using Audacity?
  239. [ubuntu] hardy and Creative SB Live 5.1
  240. [ubuntu] Only one program can play sound at a time?
  241. [all variants] What application would you recommend to record musical instruments?
  242. [ubuntu] kdenlive: dvgrab missing ?
  243. [all variants] record sound, but not through mic. Mixer issue
  244. [ubuntu] How to host free streaming radio station
  245. [ubuntu] LiVEs editor won't work!
  246. [ubuntu] Problems with M-audio Delta66 in Ubuntu Studio
  247. [ubuntu] Avimator
  248. [ubuntu] Picture "size chooser"
  249. [ubuntu] sfxload crashes ubuntu
  250. [all variants] Two new interesting apps I found