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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Sinks available but Pulseaudio working only partially - PulseAudio JACK Sink
  2. [ubuntu_studio] Download manager w. scheduling
  3. [ubuntu] Audacity & Rakarrack
  4. [ubuntu_studio] New machine build, quote, teaching qualification
  5. [ubuntu_studio] Yet another "jack is driving me insane" post :( (12.04 LTS)
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour: beginner issues
  7. [ubuntu] Problem with Jack and PyFluidSynth
  8. [ubuntu_studio] PulseAudio Mute/Unmute Button
  9. [ubuntu_studio] wineasio 'make' problem, can't install
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Bluetooth midi controller wont connect
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Developers!
  12. [ubuntu_studio] FL Studio issues
  13. [ubuntu_studio] How do I update Gimp and Blender to the latest version?
  14. [all variants] Music score Scan to midi or musicxml - deb packaging
  15. [ubuntu_studio] 12.04.1 and Firewire (FA-101) FFADO works, jack doesn't
  16. [ubuntu_studio] how can i make my video conversions not drop frames
  17. [ubuntu_studio] 64-bit 12.04.01 Live DVD stuck on endless timeout loop
  18. [SOLVED] Upgrade from Lubuntu to Studio
  19. [SOLVED] bristol and midi
  20. [ubuntu_studio] I can't find any PPA to get a kernel-rt for my Ubuntu 11.04 !
  21. [ubuntu_studio] Accessing HDD via Firewire
  22. [ubuntu_studio] Using Qsynth
  23. [ubuntu_studio] Need assistance installing focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp to ubuntu studio 12.04
  24. [ubuntu_studio] Anyone got an opinion on LinuxDSP plugins?
  25. [ubuntu_studio] Hardware recommendations: Masterkeyboard and Microphone for voice
  26. [edubuntu] Armed In Django Unchained Character Poster
  27. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Released!
  28. [SOLVED] Delta 1010LT outputs - how to organize them?
  29. [ubuntu_studio] installation
  30. [ubuntu_studio] Again: Audacity & Rakarrack
  31. Monitor issues - 12.10
  32. [ubuntu_studio] How to remove partition icons from the desktop?
  33. [SOLVED] Different screensavers on dual monitor setup - Xfce
  34. [SOLVED] Jack wont start.
  35. [ubuntu_studio] Any new multi-track recording support for Alesis MultiMix 16 USB 2.0 mixers?
  36. [SOLVED] general sound problem
  37. [SOLVED] How to get MIDI controller working for dummy
  38. [ubuntu] 90's Atari ST Cubase User - now totally confused
  39. [ubuntu_studio] problem with installing Celtx
  40. [ubuntu_studio] QJackCtl - Failed to acquire device name
  41. [ubuntu_studio] USB Audio Interface (E-MU Tracker Pre)
  42. [ubuntu_studio] USB sound card for Bass Guitar
  43. [ubuntu_studio] simple scan not working properly
  44. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio 12.10 + kxstudio repos?
  45. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrade from Ubuntu Studio 10.04 to 12.04
  46. [ubuntu_studio] Problem with UCG102 USB Guitar Interface
  47. [ubuntu_mobile] Dual PCI sound cards with gladish?
  48. [SOLVED] xfce4-power-manager crashes after waking from suspend
  49. [ubuntu] .MV4 to AVCHD
  50. [ubuntu_studio] Kernels?
  51. [SOLVED] External USB HDD
  52. [ubuntu] Behringer FCA202 and Syba PCI-e Firewire card
  53. [ubuntu_studio] PCI Firewire card to M-Audio 2626
  54. [SOLVED] Switch off the display when computer is inactive
  55. [ubuntu_studio] ereader install question
  56. [ubuntu] issue with ubuntu studio on p5n32-e
  57. [SOLVED] Kdenlive no sound after upgrade 12.04 to 12.10
  58. [ubuntu_studio] Dash thingy
  59. [SOLVED] jackd will not connect errors
  60. [ubuntu_studio] discontinuous recording
  61. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio & Musical Fidelity V-dac II
  62. [ubuntu_studio] More thoughts on Audacity
  63. [SOLVED] FireWire: Echo Audio Fire 4 not recognized
  64. [ubuntu_studio] Random Jackd crashes
  65. [ubuntu] Problem with zones in DHCP server
  66. [ubuntu_studio] Flumotion's porter-http connect error
  67. [ubuntu_studio] New and looking for help
  68. [SOLVED] Doubled icons on my desktop
  69. [ubuntu_studio] Origin-EON17-SPRO
  70. [ubuntu_studio] mouse and windows settings mysteriously changed!
  71. [ubuntu] jack stutters/xruns when using onboard alsa/ALC887 but not with external USB sound
  72. [SOLVED] Is there anyone who can record using M-Audio Fastrak Pro?
  73. [ubuntu_studio] Feel stupid and in need of help
  74. [ubuntu_studio] Is using a standard anologue mic in Audacity an option?
  75. [ubuntu_studio] jack server doesn't start
  76. [ubuntu_studio] Compiling kernel 3.7-rc5 for ubuntustudio
  77. [ubuntu_studio] Won't boot into GUI after kernel update
  78. [ubuntu_studio] XRUNS - how to know if errors occur?
  79. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu one on ubuntu studio 12.04?
  80. [SOLVED] What is Ubuntu Studio ?
  81. [ubuntu_studio] hydrogen drum program
  82. [ubuntu_studio] cluster recording using one control interface
  83. [ubuntu_studio] Sound Blaster low level distortion problem..
  84. [SOLVED] How to start ubuntu studio session from CUI
  85. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Audiophile 192
  86. [all variants] When will Ubuntu support the mouse-wheel-click ?
  87. [ubuntu] Studio 12.10 Overheating on HP P6310Y
  88. [all variants] Switching resolutions causes problems
  89. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity crashes Gnome
  90. [ubuntu_studio] Jack problems registering firewire device ports
  91. [ubuntu] Parallel compression with gate
  92. [ubuntu_studio] Machine for studio 12
  93. How good is Ubuntu studio for acer aspire 5755G?
  94. [SOLVED] Soundfonts in Swami - Am I missing a step?
  95. [ubuntu_studio] Installing Canon MF4500 Series Drivers
  96. Rosegarden doesn't recognize midi devices
  97. [ubuntu_studio] QJackctl Hardward selection
  98. [ubuntu_studio] Clamav/clamtk not scanning files
  99. [ubuntu] JACK/Qsynth/Rosegarden - Output to Soundcard
  100. [ubuntu_studio] Skype Call Recorder not working in Studio
  101. Sudden, unexpected freezes
  102. [ubuntu_studio] Slow Shotwell imports and GIMP processing
  103. [ubuntu_studio] updating OpenShot
  104. Ardour 3 DAW availability in package
  105. [ubuntu_studio] Samsung Tablet (Android 4.2) as Input Device in GIMP
  106. spectral analyses in Ardour
  107. [ubuntu] Band In A Box
  108. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Fast Track MKII - PLEASE HELP!
  109. [ubuntu] Error in qjack (wineasio) Ubuntu 12.04
  110. [ubuntu_studio] Sound muting in admin account
  111. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio DVD non bootable
  112. [ubuntu_studio] Qjackctl usb audio freezes the system
  113. [ubuntu_studio] After installing, boot up is very slow and minor bugs
  114. [ubuntu_studio] XFCE Menu-Panel give me an error
  115. [ubuntu_studio] HA INFO DAC - nothing but distortion in Linux
  116. [ubuntu_studio] No DVD mounted in Studio 12.04
  117. [lubuntu] Qjackctl doesn't load main window
  118. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with recording Fast Track Pro, JACK Ubuntu Studio 12.10
  119. [ubuntu] Midi Keyboard Stops Working
  120. DAW for Linux?
  121. [ubuntu_studio] Background Hisses during "silent" recording
  122. Rosegarden
  123. [ubuntu_studio] best audio plugins
  124. [ubuntu_studio] FA-66 configuration won't work
  125. [ubuntu_studio] Banshee does not detect a CD when inserted.
  126. [ubuntu_studio] Font characters have weird colored pixels at the edges
  127. [ubuntu_studio] KdenLive KDE on Ubuntu Studio Xfce?
  128. [ubuntu_studio] Mysterious File in Home Folder
  129. [ubuntu_studio] Skype: No Audio & Jack won't start
  130. [ubuntu] Tascam US-600 audio interface
  131. [ubuntu_studio] jackd frames/period & latency
  132. [kubuntu] making an audio studio work
  133. [ubuntu_studio] audacious, jack and qjackctl
  134. [ubuntu_studio] Unable to achieve a low latency with Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  135. [ubuntu_studio] The E-mu 0204 big problem
  136. QSynth w/ Incompatible Virtual MIDI Input
  137. Conky
  138. [ubuntu_studio] Jackd not working 12.04
  139. [ubuntu_studio] Logon
  140. [ubuntu_studio] File System from the root
  141. [SOLVED] Panel Confusion
  142. AMD APU compatibility
  143. [ubuntu_studio] Interface/Hardware set up for Ubuntu Studio.
  144. [ubuntu_studio] Wrong Mixers in Distro?
  145. [SOLVED] Grub grub2 grubby
  146. [ubuntu_studio] Lost sound for the umpteen time
  147. Check exact frame rate
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Configuration Help Requested
  149. [ubuntu_studio] Pinning Repos for non-mixer?
  150. [ubuntu] Play *.ts video file type
  151. [ubuntu_studio] USB Audio Interface
  152. [ubuntu_studio] Can't install UbuntuStudio on GA 970a-d3 board
  153. [ubuntu_studio] safe to uninstall ardour?
  154. [ubuntu_studio] Setting up Ubuntu studio for easy use
  155. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity and Skpye working together
  156. [ubuntu_studio] Weather applet location search and incorrect data
  157. Could not communicate with the FFADO DBus service...
  158. Installation and tryout won't start
  159. sources.list for ubuntu studio 12.10
  160. How to upgrade from vanilla Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu Studio?
  161. [ubuntu] JACK kills all other audio?
  162. [ubuntu] set pulseaudio samplerate from command line ?
  163. qjackctl wrong in/out firewire ports
  164. Appearance Troubles
  165. [ubuntu_studio] Getting Compiz to work.
  166. no audio at all in Precise
  167. Bit-perfect audio playback?
  168. [ubuntu] Patchage no source playback input
  169. [ubuntu_studio] I Need a virtual keyboard in the login screen
  170. [ubuntu_studio] Cannot get playback
  171. [ubuntu_studio] Realtime Kernel on 12.04 for laptop - what is the best?
  172. [ubuntu_studio] Beginner needs help with Ubuntu Studio
  173. [ubuntu_studio] Jack, alsa
  174. [ubuntu] Ubuntu won't detect firewire audio interface
  175. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 12.10 - no sound in Firefox, Movie Player, Rosegarden - sound ok in other apps
  176. [ubuntu_studio] Very Impressed with fonts included!
  177. [ubuntu_studio] Looking for software that can edit aac/m4a files natively
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Booting Live USB Error (Secure Boot Not Enabled)
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 12.04.2 LTS Testing has started!
  180. KDE Theme for ubuntustudio?
  181. Question on Ardour bus usage
  182. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour - mixing imported WAV, no sound
  183. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 12.04 bootup splash is super blurry
  184. How do I get Rhythmbox Connected to JACK?
  185. [ubuntu_studio] Genius EasyPen M610 in Ubuntu Studio 12.04.1
  186. [ubuntu_studio] Plug-ins GUI broken in Ardour
  187. [ubuntu_studio] Bass guitar for soft synth
  188. [ubuntu_studio] Not recognizing dvd drive
  189. [ubuntu_studio] Dblue GLITCH VST plug-in for LMMS USt 12.10
  190. [ubuntu_studio] Choose Audio, Image or Video feature during installation
  191. Studio 12.04 64B doesn't boot
  192. [ubuntu_studio] Desktop-Link-Icon is different then App-Icon
  193. [ubuntu] USB audio device not in jack
  194. [ubuntu_studio] Have Kupfer open links in Chromium
  195. [ubuntu_studio] Jack won't start
  196. PhotoPrint in UBS 12.04.2
  197. [ubuntu_studio] The original session sample rate (96000 Hz) is not the same of the current audio engi
  198. [ubuntu_studio] window border width for resize area (windowmanager)
  199. [ubuntu_studio] Problem when installing Ubuntu Studio 12.10
  200. [ubuntu_studio] studio 12.10 jack less stable, more cpu load, XRuns-QSync silent, better window mgr
  201. EMU-1212m: ALSA and jack not happy
  202. [all variants] Chaotic Daw (music production) now open source !
  203. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on wii?
  204. [ubuntu_studio] update problem
  205. [URGENT] Studio Crashed my System
  206. [ubuntu_studio] Set device recognition for USB-devices
  207. [ubuntu_studio] Youtube videos have lots of interference.
  208. [ubuntu_studio] Having trouble with USB
  209. Lightdm fails at startup
  210. [ubuntu] Help Installing Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1
  211. [ubuntu_studio] updating components of studio audio generation/recording packages
  212. [ubuntu_studio] MAudio Delta 2496 Envy24 Mix Issue
  213. [ubuntu_studio] rme multiface setup - assistance appreciated here
  214. [ubuntu] Problems with M-Audio Fast Track MKII in ubuntu Studio
  215. [ubuntu] Installing Drivers and other required softwares on UBUNTU
  216. [ubuntu_studio] yoshimi banks
  217. [ubuntu_studio] .dll VST's in LMMS on Ubuntu Studio
  218. [ubuntu_studio] Installing ATI Radeon 7000 AGP card
  219. help install Cinelerra
  220. [other] The Nightmare Of Jack
  221. [ubuntu] Running Line 6 UX1 with Ubuntu 12.10 and Ardour
  222. [ubuntu_studio] Recording guitar with active pickups
  223. [ubuntu_studio] No USB function (except storage devices)
  224. [all variants] Ardour 3 is here finally ..
  225. [ubuntu_studio] Fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 12:10 Racarack not running
  226. [ubuntu_studio] How to create a surround-device using jack and alsa-plugin?
  227. maudio 2496
  228. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 & Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 LTS
  229. [all variants] Audacity Responsiveness
  230. [ubuntu_studio] AUDIO: Youtube/Audacious output disappears after starting Ardour or Qtractor
  231. [ubuntu_studio] Further to M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 and Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 LTS
  232. [ubuntu_studio] Audio Interface Set-up
  233. [ubuntu_studio] Echo Gina20 shows up with only one output pair
  234. [ubuntu] geforce 6200 Turbo Cache ubuntu 12.10
  235. [ubuntu_studio] Low latency in PureData(Pd) with Jack in Ubuntu Studio 12.04
  236. [ubuntu_studio] Nvidia drivers with Ubuntu Studio
  237. [ubuntu_studio] intermittent left-channel audio distortion
  238. [ubuntu_studio] presonus in ubuntu studio 12
  239. [ubuntu_studio] LGA 2011 vs LGA 1155 for photography/audio editing
  240. A "force quit" panel item for xfce (ubuntu studio)
  241. [ubuntu_studio] Running the usx2yloader for Tascam 428 on Ubuntu Studio 13.04 Beta
  242. [ubuntu_studio] ARTURIA MiniLab + LMMS
  243. How can I change to the generic Kernel?
  244. [ubuntu_studio] edirol ua25 set up audio in/out
  245. [ubuntu_studio] New Leadership
  246. How Come NO Mention of PAE issue
  247. Deleted one partition, four were gone! Please help, please! Urgent!
  248. [ubuntu_studio] Installation issues
  249. [SOLVED] Can't hear Oxygen 25
  250. fixing soundcard startup settings fails with studio 12.04