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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Installation trouble... 11.04
  2. [ubuntu] Recommended Video Editor
  3. [ubuntu_studio] No more studio theme in 11.10?
  4. [ubuntu_studio] ESI Maya44 PCI - only two inputs show in Jack
  5. [ubuntu_studio] 11.04 Network
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Migrate fron 11.04 Studio --> 11.10, account unavailable
  7. [ubuntu_studio] Teaching Ubuntu Studio in High School
  8. [SOLVED] Mixxx, black screen
  9. [SOLVED] Cannot write to drive using GUID/ext4
  10. [ubuntu] No playback or live sound when using JACK
  11. [ubuntu] 11.10 issue with not able to use flashplayer
  12. [SOLVED] Guitar pro install problems in Ubuntu 11.10 program does not launch
  13. [ubuntu_studio] How to get "shiny" CALF skins&
  14. [SOLVED] Re-install Advice needed
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu 11.10 + KXStudio + 64 bit which Kernel?
  16. [ubuntu] Random Jack failure or user error
  17. Dbus in my face
  18. [ubuntu_studio] USB install 11.10 CD mounting
  19. [ubuntu] How to change drumset bank in Timidity from 0 to 128 ?
  20. [ubuntu_studio] Trouble with new install of Ubuntu Studio
  21. [ubuntu_studio] Hard Drive Cannot keep up in ardour
  22. [ubuntu] Best Midi Sequencer for Ubuntu
  23. [SOLVED] 10.04 no audio
  24. [lubuntu] Folder will change when running Ubuntu?
  25. [ubuntu_studio] How to upgrade to 11.10
  26. [ubuntu] Is there a Wave Form Editor like this?
  27. [ubuntu_studio] UMX610 Midi Controller
  28. [SOLVED] Installation stops with "Failed to determine code name . . ."
  29. [ubuntu] Basic to Midi ............
  30. [ubuntu_studio] Sound cards change device numbers every boot.
  31. [ubuntu_studio] No CD Drive Installation
  32. [ubuntu_studio] Focusrite Saffire Pro 10, Ubuntu Studio 11.04 64 bit
  33. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu Studio Over Ubuntu 11.04
  34. [ubuntu] Open / use CD master .pmi file with Ubuntu ?
  35. [SOLVED] Can't Install Ubuntu Studio
  36. blender won't start
  37. [ubuntu_studio] Troubleshooting midi keyboard/cable/software
  38. [ubuntu_studio] Trouble with USB mic (Griffin iMic)
  39. [ubuntu_studio] Real-time plug-ins
  40. [ubuntu] Unable to locate Administration
  41. [ubuntu_studio] Pro Audio recording/composing
  42. [ubuntu_studio] Is installing Ubuntu Studio the same as installing Ubuntu?
  43. [ubuntu_studio] Biiiiig Jack Problem
  44. [ubuntu_studio] jack oss Lynx AES16 Wine VSTHost ?
  45. [ubuntu_studio] ┐Qjackctl 0.3.8 works with jackd-0.121.3 ?
  46. [ubuntu_studio] How to setup an OSS DAW
  47. [SOLVED] problem with lilo and ubuntu-studio as a third os.
  48. [ubuntu] Why is audio so complex on linux?
  49. [ubuntu_studio] Guide on setting up an Open Source Digital Audio Workstation
  50. [ubuntu] Dream Studio script hosed my system
  51. [ubuntu_studio] Login Issue 11.10
  52. [ubuntu_studio] Help! Audio programs not installed
  53. [ubuntu_studio] studio 11.10 and xruns
  54. [ubuntu] Single speaker output
  55. [ubuntu] Alsa Jack Bridge
  56. [ubuntu] Plugged in a USB-to-MIDI cable and got this error
  57. [ubuntu_studio] Lost max, min, close etc windows buttons
  58. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio 11.10 install deb packages
  59. [ubuntu] Xubuntu/Ubuntu wiki like Xfce-ArchWiki
  60. [ubuntu_studio] Pink desktop
  61. [ubuntu_studio] Alsa Source compile problem
  62. [ubuntu_studio] Major issues (defaults to Xfce - ugly!)
  63. [ubuntu_studio] 1st firewire question 2nd xfce questeion
  64. [ubuntu_studio] Want to get a MIDI keyboard/ MIDI > USB adapter- what do y'all use?
  65. [ubuntu_studio] getting best WM working on my laptop
  66. [ubuntu_studio] no boot loader installed
  67. [ubuntu_studio] JACK server could not be stopped - how to recover?
  68. [SOLVED] boooo --- jack is reverting to internal soundcard (control device hw:0)
  69. [xubuntu] xubuntu 11.10 + kxstudio?
  70. [ubuntu_studio] strange nautilus behaviour
  71. [ubuntu] built-in sound input suddenly has bad DC offset?
  72. [ubuntu_studio] Edirol UM-2 seems to be recognized, but nothing happens when hitting keys
  73. [ubuntu_studio] No Swap in idjc
  74. [xubuntu] Looking for piano synthesizers
  75. [ubuntu_studio] Detune plugin/effect for linux?
  76. [ubuntu_studio] Login Pink!!! in US 11.10
  77. [ubuntu_studio] playing 24bit sound files
  78. [ubuntu] Ardour w/VST compiling problems (SCON)
  79. [ubuntu_studio] Help w/ Jack Settings - don't need low latency, just reliability
  80. [all variants] My "Bass From Space" sound and Capt. EO pre-show
  81. [ubuntu] Scala22 in 11.10 - error
  82. [SOLVED] Unable to boot up properly
  83. [ubuntu_studio] Going crazy with FFADO....what else?
  84. [ubuntu] ipod and banshee
  85. [ubuntu_studio] Changing the GDM login screen to look like this...
  86. [ubuntu_studio] dual boot linux(sata)and winXp(pata)
  87. [ubuntu] restor point
  88. [ubuntu] gnome3 login keyring failed
  89. [ubuntu_studio] Sound card recognised but not installed
  90. [ubuntu_studio] How to make chain of instruments
  91. [ubuntu_studio] Bluetooth and wireless keyboard not working
  92. [ubuntu_studio] jackd not starting
  93. [ubuntu_studio] Strip Ubuntu for custom need
  94. [ubuntu_studio] Confused re recommended release
  95. [SOLVED] Installing lowlatency kernel in Natty
  96. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour is now incompatible with ALL Ubuntu sound software?
  97. [ubuntu] Can someone quickly solve this one please?
  98. [SOLVED] JACK server socket err
  99. [ubuntu_studio] Tutorial: Inject a logo into video with ffmpeg
  100. [ubuntu] mixing audio files together from command line
  101. [ubuntu_studio] connect jack to a circuit simulator?
  102. [ubuntu_studio] Finding VocProc in Synaptic
  103. [ubuntu_studio] No Sound after Install
  104. [ubuntu_studio] COMPIZ, Installed but not there?
  105. [ubuntu_studio] Video Redo
  106. [ubuntu_studio] Questions about connecting audio and studio upgrade
  107. [ubuntu_studio] EMU Sampler Librarian
  108. [all variants] Bitwig Studio is coming soon to Linux !!
  109. [ubuntu_studio] Repository where I could find the latest version of Guitarix?
  110. [ubuntu] Remote desktop and Puppy Studio
  111. [ubuntu_studio] jack server won't start.
  112. [ubuntu_studio] bcmwl driver doesnt work under ubuntu studio
  113. [SOLVED] Soundfont trouble with qsynth
  114. [ubuntu_studio] first time recording electric guitar
  115. [ubuntu_studio] Wireless Connectivity Issues with Ubuntu Studio 10.04
  116. [ubuntu_studio] How do you use RPX400 in Ubuntu?
  117. [SOLVED] Disable MIDI volume control in qsynth/qjackctl
  118. [ubuntu_studio] how to stop quote keys doing accents or beeping!!
  119. [ubuntu_studio] Help getting Visuals configured
  120. [ubuntu_studio] Tascam US-122 in Studio 11.10
  121. [ubuntu_studio] What is best cheap audio input card?
  122. [ubuntu_studio] Behringer UCA202 and 222 what is real difference?
  123. [ubuntu_studio] internet problems on virtualbox
  124. [all variants] Automatically connect MIDI in JACK?
  125. [ubuntu_studio] What PCI audio card to buy for playback?
  126. [ubuntu_studio] How do u add an EQ /tone control for Alsa Mixer Playback?
  127. [ubuntu_studio] Optimizing JACK latency for min. xruns?
  128. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour now looks messed, and can't load...
  129. [ubuntu_studio] installation stuck
  130. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 11.10 (xcfe) desktop does not show file content
  131. [ubuntu_studio] mzuther K-Meter
  132. [ubuntu_studio] Prog to generate midi file from audio file
  133. [ubuntu_studio] No video from Ubuntu studio
  134. [ubuntu_studio] wireless
  135. [ubuntu_studio] Wine + Ableton Help
  136. [ubuntu_studio] How to get M-Audio Mobile Pre Microphone to audio out?
  137. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu crashes when TonePort GX (USB) is plugged in
  138. [SOLVED] Emu 0404 PCI soundcard
  139. [SOLVED] jack auto connects to the wrong outputs
  140. [SOLVED] Music (MIDI?) player for jack
  141. [ubuntu_studio] Wineasio
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Getting a Xonar DG hooked up and working in Ubuntu
  143. [ubuntu_studio] KXStudio 10.04 LiveDVD is the only distro that Works.
  144. [ubuntu] Qjackctl refuses to exectute scripts on startup
  145. [ubuntu_studio] network connection
  146. [ubuntu_studio] jack server is not running or cannot be started.??
  147. [ubuntu_studio] What is the proper order to load/run music programs in?
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Ableton crashes when choosing wineasio
  149. [ubuntu_studio] jack starts once, but fails the next time
  150. [ubuntu_studio] Can we adopt some Ubuntu Studio wallpaper?
  151. [ubuntu_studio] only the first user to log in has audio
  152. [ubuntu_studio] Distro recommendations for an old laptop?
  153. [all variants] Free Wallpapers
  154. [ubuntu_studio] can't access data drive after Ubuntu Studio install
  155. [ubuntu_studio] getting an m-audio 24/96 installed on Ubuntu 10
  156. [ubuntu_studio] getting an m-audio 24/96 installed on Ubuntu 11
  157. [ubuntu_studio] Missing Hardware
  158. [ubuntu_studio] Just found and had a question.
  159. [ubuntu_studio] New to Ubuntu - plenty questions
  160. [all variants] What samples for FL you using?
  161. [ubuntu_studio] MIDI foot controller - getting started
  162. [ubuntu] Which Ubuntu to install
  163. [SOLVED] No audio out of output
  164. [ubuntu_studio] Spectrum3d, visual spectrum analyser in 3D for Ubuntu
  165. [lubuntu] Is it possible?
  166. [ubuntu_studio] Rockband 3 pro-drumkit linux midi driver
  167. [ubuntu_studio] no software after install
  168. [ubuntu_studio] screen: signal out of range
  169. [ubuntu] Open a terminal from...
  170. [all variants] pymidi - any familiarity?
  171. [SOLVED] impossible to select sound card
  172. [ubuntu_studio] Where can I download Taijiguy Gigatron?
  173. [ubuntu_studio] Terratec DMX6Fire USB not detected in Studio 11.10 amd64
  174. [ubuntu_studio] Which version for low latency?
  175. [SOLVED] Parametric equalizer for jack
  176. [ubuntu] USB Sound (repost)
  177. [SOLVED] M audio Delta 66 not recognised
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Cannot get any output from JACK
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Identifying the right Ubuntu partition
  180. [ubuntu] audio interface won't work on ubuntu 11.10
  181. [SOLVED] Samba P2P with WinXP Problem
  182. [ubuntu_studio] Audio and installation issues with Opera
  183. [SOLVED] Updating Ubuntu Studio - Problem?
  184. [ubuntu_studio] virtual screen size ?
  185. [ubuntu_studio] windows vst ubuntu studio 11.10
  186. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu and Maschine controller
  187. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour Hydrogen sound issue
  188. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 12.04 : Powersaving possible ?
  189. [ubuntu_studio] Fast Track Pro on Ubuntu Studio
  190. [ubuntu_studio] Adding other Desktop Environments to Ubuntu Studio
  191. [ubuntu_studio] Focusrite scarlett 2i2 with wine usb issues
  192. [ubuntu] Convert Audacity (.aup) file to .ardour filetype?
  193. [ubuntu_studio] How do I change the Theme?
  194. [ubuntu] Reinstalling Xfce (no window frames and saved session problems)
  195. [ubuntu] Reinstalling UbuntuStudio
  196. [ubuntu] error - compile gpac
  197. [ubuntu_studio] Relatively new GPL project, 5 new DSSI plugins for your music making pleasure.
  198. [ubuntu_studio] Problem with Sound/JACK Help Pls
  199. [ubuntu_studio] A safe installation of more fancy DE's in Ubuntu Studio
  200. [ubuntu_studio] Installed and applied new theme problems
  201. [ubuntu] Noise Gate completely forgotten?
  202. [ubuntu] browsers hang and slow boot up in ubuntu 12.04
  203. [ubuntu_studio] Disappearing Web Sound
  204. [ubuntu_studio] Alsa Pulse and Jack fighting ... Banshee not working.
  205. [ubuntu] Enable and Disable USB
  206. [SOLVED] Midi <-> USB interface
  207. [SOLVED] Untrusted Pkgs???
  208. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS + Sustain pedal
  209. [ubuntu_studio] No GUI Upon VMWare Installation
  210. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio 11.10 and Firebox...latency of 17ms???!?!?!
  211. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Fast Track C600
  212. [SOLVED] Pkg. to Update is Greyed out - Can't Update
  213. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour Playback
  214. [ubuntu] g0S
  215. [ubuntu] System getting shut down abruptly in ubuntu 11.10
  216. [ubuntu] Theme issue
  217. [ubuntu_studio] Midi-Keyboard in Ardour 3 (beta)
  218. [ubuntu_studio] Network Laser Printer stalls when trying to print .pdf
  219. [ubuntu] basic audio setup
  220. [other] Jack
  221. [ubuntu_studio] Ctrl and Caps Lock
  222. [ubuntu] From ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 i have a problem with boot option? u_u
  223. [ubuntu] Starting From Scratch
  224. [ubuntu] create and hardcode subtitles
  225. [ubuntu_studio] torrent download for Ubuntu Studio?
  226. [ubuntu] [Q] Using Peavey Vypyr/USB Audio Input?
  227. [ubuntu_studio] New Guitarix2 version released!
  228. [ubuntu_studio] checksum takes forever after burning ISO image
  229. [ubuntu_studio] Sound From QSynth
  230. [ubuntu_studio] Error 8000, "file not found" message when installing Ubuntu Studio
  231. [ubuntu_studio] Need help.....Ubuntu Studio does not detect bluetooth keyboard
  232. [ubuntu_studio] Busted window (manager)?
  233. [ubuntu] Does a Sigmatel STAC9200 do 'JACK'? Also, live input monitoring
  234. [xubuntu] 11.10 fglrx + jackd pain
  235. [ubuntu] Newbie help required please! Jack & Rakarrack
  236. [ubuntu_studio] behringer guitar link + ubuntu studio
  237. [ubuntu_studio] *Another* jack problem
  238. [ubuntu_studio] I'm new to this and I have some questions.
  239. [ubuntu_studio] Booting Ubuntu Studio 11.10
  240. [ubuntu_studio] Podstudio UX1 in Ubuntu
  241. [ubuntu] display and font problems
  242. [SOLVED] I need some advice...
  243. [ubuntu] Software Center & WINE
  244. [ubuntu_studio] problem with xruns
  245. [all variants] Ubuntu Studio best for Graphic Design?
  246. [ubuntu] Issues with Avidemux
  247. [SOLVED] QjackCtl unknown option character: Jack server won't start
  248. [ubuntu_studio] memory limits
  249. [SOLVED] Can Not Start Jack After Upgrade To 12.04
  250. [ubuntu_studio] gxtuer won't register signal 12.04 beta 2