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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Problem With Internet/Ethernet on Ubuntu Studio
  2. [other] noise at end of track
  3. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS midi controller set up
  4. [ubuntu_studio] Apologies if a qu like this already appears - Software Centre items/results; 'find'
  5. [ubuntu_studio] Forgot to add Programs During install
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Controller will not control Aeolus
  7. [ubuntu_studio] New video compositor for 64 bits linux.
  8. [ubuntu] cannot start jackd
  9. [ubuntu_studio] don't start after installation
  10. [ubuntu_studio] rosegarden segment doesn't sound
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Is there a benefit in using Studio over standard 11.04
  12. [ubuntu_studio] Jackd not running
  13. [kubuntu] 11.04 kubuntu with studio package no jackd
  14. [ubuntu_studio] Blender 2.57b and External renderers HELP Thread
  15. [ubuntu_studio] audio troubles
  16. [ubuntu] build kxstudio 11.04 amd64 ppa
  17. [ubuntu_studio] Can't get audio recording working...
  18. [all variants] Why the choppy recording in Ardour?
  19. [xubuntu] Getting sound nice in screencapturing is also difficult.
  20. [ubuntu_studio] mp3 playback crashes intermittently
  21. [SOLVED] A little recording problem
  22. [ubuntu_studio] jack and ffado latency issues (playback intermittently stops while moving the mouse)
  23. [ubuntu_studio] ZynAddSubFX: Reproduce Kick Drum (Heart-Pounding, Thumpiest)
  24. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS Segmentation fault
  25. [ubuntu] Disabling midi through
  26. [SOLVED] Converting Sequence to Movie w/ ffmpeg
  27. [ubuntu_studio] black box on my dock
  28. [ubuntu] HELP--No Boot Loader!
  29. [ubuntu_studio] Updates get stuck and I press F2 key is this ok?
  30. [ubuntu] How to install Jack? Absolutely clueless.
  31. [ubuntu_studio] Studio Install, Video Programs
  32. [SOLVED] Comparison with 64 studio
  33. [ubuntu_studio] Need help with burning
  34. [ubuntu] ALSA oddities and no sound after soundcard change in natty
  35. [ubuntu_studio] College radio station
  36. [ubuntu_studio] Help! New to Studio, but not Ubuntu
  37. [ubuntu] Problem: Jack, FFADO, WineAsio, Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
  38. [ubuntu_studio] jack control, alsa- cannot set channel 1 for capture
  39. [ubuntu_studio] route gstreamer through jack?
  40. [ubuntu_studio] How to record with two applications from one soundcard?
  41. [SOLVED] Upgrading broke my system
  42. [ubuntu_studio] Has anyone been able to compile gphoto2?
  43. [ubuntu_studio] KeepassX read-only - bug?
  44. [ubuntu] Ardour hangs on export
  45. [SOLVED] UA25EX Audio Interface
  46. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio 11.04 wireless help
  47. [ubuntu] VSTi crashes Cubase 4
  48. [ubuntu_studio] Controlling ALSA volume with ALSA+JACK+PA
  49. [ubuntu_studio] CPU goes to 100% whenever I launch an application
  50. [ubuntu_studio] Controller Keyboard -> Soft Synth Integration
  51. [ubuntu] Newbie - Installing thrid party aps, and adding a chat?
  52. [ubuntu] whats good about....
  53. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu 11.4/ UbuntuStudio 11.4
  54. [SOLVED] Transfering UbuntuStudio Directories
  55. [SOLVED] 11.04 Jack starts at 48000 irrespective of setup
  56. [SOLVED] USB audio interface that will sample at 44100?
  57. [ubuntu_studio] 11.04 slow
  58. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio & delta 2496
  59. [ubuntu] Audio input not registering in Ardour
  60. [ubuntu] No audio output from JACK
  61. [ubuntu_studio] how do I apply jack-rack to single track of rosegarden?
  62. [ubuntu_studio] Interface ideas - (portable) 16in
  63. [ubuntu_studio] Dell d510, alesis multimix 8 firewire, ubuntustudio10.04 not working!
  64. [ubuntu_studio] how to fix my graphics after crash
  65. [ubuntu] Chrome Crashing
  66. [SOLVED] Ati problem
  67. [ubuntu_studio] Soundfont [SF2] File Distortion
  68. [ubuntu_studio] Boss BR 800 - using as an audio I/O device
  69. [SOLVED] New Install, no sound output
  70. [ubuntu_studio] Multi Screen Systems
  71. [ubuntu] Cannot hear mic signal in speakers
  72. [ubuntu_studio] Why is Studio 4 so much better?
  73. [ubuntu] start-up problem after installing Ubuntu
  74. [ubuntu_studio] Dual Boot
  75. [ubuntu_studio] Edirol UA-700
  76. [ubuntu] looking for a plug in
  77. [ubuntu_studio] Jackd Disables PrintScrn
  78. NI Audio Kontrol 1 usb sound card popping, clicks with the 11.04 variants
  79. [SOLVED] Ubuntu system panel not showing up in the Gnome Add to Panel
  80. [ubuntu_studio] Addressing Misconceptions/Misinformation in Studio4 Thread
  81. [SOLVED] Noob questions for Ubuntu Studio
  82. [ubuntu_studio] 2 questions from a new user...
  83. [ubuntu_studio] Yoshimi?
  84. [ubuntu] How to know Active hosts with in a LAN in Ubuntu
  85. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu with Reaper, a resource page is available
  86. [all variants] Working Setups
  87. [ubuntu_studio] Anyone using LinuxSampler here ?
  88. [ubuntu_studio] Running Swami Soundfont Editor in Ubuntu Studio 11.04
  89. [SOLVED] What happend to the kxstudio download site?
  90. [ubuntu_studio] Compatable soundcard
  91. [SOLVED] Hydrogen 2 drum machine
  92. [SOLVED] New Help W/Compiz!
  93. [SOLVED] Compiz Enabled Bounced back 2 login
  94. [SOLVED] Does 10.04LTS Work? Because...
  95. [ubuntu_studio] Just get me started - please
  96. [SOLVED] System Checker
  97. [ubuntu_studio] There's a New Sherrif (OS) in Town...
  98. [ubuntu_studio] System capture missing
  99. [ubuntu] Where is a Gui for C++ and C?
  100. [ubuntu_studio] Linux Kernel 3.0 and usability with other distros
  101. [ubuntu_studio] guitarix recording?
  102. [ubuntu_studio] Music Created Using UbuntuStudio
  103. [ubuntu_studio] So mutch trouble configuring two soundcards. Need Help!!!!
  104. [ubuntu_studio] logged out with Jack on
  105. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with JACK
  106. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio 11.x Real Time Kernel
  107. [ubuntu_studio] RME hdspmixer with jack ?
  108. [ubuntu_studio] compile ALSA tools gui from source ?
  109. [ubuntu_studio] QjackCtl does not work @ 96khz ?
  110. [ubuntu_studio] RME alsamixer ?
  111. [ubuntu_studio] ice1712 and dummy output
  112. [ubuntu_studio] JACK recognition in audio apps
  113. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity fails
  114. [ubuntu_studio] Retail Version OSS & Lynx AES16 ?
  115. [ubuntu_studio] Midi drivers OSS vs. ALSA ?
  116. [ubuntu_studio] using Coreaudio drivers with Jack in Linux?
  117. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio 11.04 sound issue
  118. [ubuntu_studio] Plymouth Command Failed, Etc.
  119. [ubuntu_studio] Issue regarding the dual os in my laptop Win7/UbuntuStudio
  120. [ubuntu_studio] Jack server causes a high pitched ring.
  121. [ubuntu_studio] dssi-vst + Addicitve Drums
  122. [ubuntu_studio] How many more feel the same about Jack
  123. [ubuntu_studio] No wireless for ubuntu studio
  124. [ubuntu] sound card missing
  125. [ubuntu] linux free vj software?
  126. [ubuntu_studio] presonus fp10 in studio-desktop 11.04
  127. [all variants] RT lowlatency Kernel that works with ATI fglrx Drivers ?
  128. [ubuntu_studio] KitCore Deluxe 30 day demo works with fst
  129. [ubuntu] MusE can't connect to jack server
  130. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio developers need to look more into the GRUB installation
  131. [ubuntu] Sara
  132. [ubuntu_studio] Not able to boot up Ubuntu Studio 10.10
  133. [SOLVED] start error,,pls Explain
  134. [ubuntu_studio] How to configure Ardour and JACK???
  135. [all variants] Echo Layla24 and 11.04
  136. [all variants] Run Cubase LE 4 in Wine??? (so far not working)
  137. [ubuntu] Ardour - stops all system sound
  138. [ubuntu_studio] TO boot windows 7 and ubuntu studio | not working
  139. [ubuntu_studio] blury graphics after chooseing the installation language.
  140. [SOLVED] Man where to start...MIDI Q's
  141. [ubuntu_studio] video timeline released for ardour
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Post install graphics
  143. [ubuntu] can't get virmidi to work with 11.04 Natty
  144. [ubuntu_studio] Oneiric Update
  145. [ubuntu_studio] Noob question about processor architecture
  146. [ubuntu_studio] Most compatible USB audio interface
  147. [ubuntu_studio] Whats the difference between studio and normal
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Help me choose a recording interface and drop Windows forever
  149. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Error
  150. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Appearence
  151. [SOLVED] LADSPA Vocoder issues
  152. [SOLVED] set the language of the [qwerty] keyboard
  153. [ubuntu] Audio input problem with JACK and Behringer UCG102 guitar link
  154. [other] bash scripting with jack_transport cli
  155. [ubuntu_studio] audio batch mastering: *.flac, *.wav -> ladspa -> jamin -> *.mp3, *.ogg
  156. [ubuntu] lossless convert PNGs into single optimized PDF version 1.6
  157. [ubuntu_studio] Can't see menu bar text, minimize & maximize buttons
  158. [ubuntu] Performing a mix/paste
  159. [ubuntu_studio] ffado-mixer problems
  160. [ubuntu_studio] Anyone get a Behringer BCA2000 to work? Ubuntu isn't even detecting it.
  161. [ubuntu_studio] The Share your linux creations Thread...
  162. [ubuntu_studio] pulse audio muted?
  163. [ubuntu_studio] wireless woes!
  164. [ubuntu] Quick Question about FL
  165. [ubuntu_studio] Stuck at Busybox Screen!!!!!
  166. [SOLVED] M-Audio Fast Track Ultra - Sound quality problem
  167. [ubuntu] no audio when running jack sample
  168. [ubuntu] Problem with PCI firewire card
  169. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio's panel not displaying open applicatios
  170. [SOLVED] Alesis Q25, linux compatible?
  171. [ubuntu] synaptic package manager problem
  172. [ubuntu] How can I open a .pxm file
  173. [ubuntu_studio] Wifi problem
  174. [ubuntu_studio] Weird, weirdly persistent problem when installing Ubuntu Studio off a USB drive
  175. [ubuntu_studio] M Audio Fast Track Pro setup Ubuntu Studio, need realy good help
  176. [ubuntu_studio] cannot login as superuser in 11.04
  177. [SOLVED] Whats the best sound card for ubuntu 11.04
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Blank screen after install and recovery won't launch
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 11.04 Log-In Issue
  180. [SOLVED] Ardour noob needs help
  181. [ubuntu_studio] 11.04 not recovering after laptop closed (ASUS N53S)
  182. [ubuntu_studio] studio 11.04 64b vs 11.10
  183. [ubuntu_studio] ffado juju jack edirol non-starter
  184. [ubuntu_studio] I can't record with
  185. [ubuntu_studio] convert sound file to midi?
  186. [ubuntu_studio] Studio Units fx design system now free
  187. [ubuntu] Recording midi from external midi keyboard
  188. [ubuntu_studio] monitor problems
  189. [ubuntu] Adesso cyber tablet driver
  190. [ubuntu_studio] codecs problem
  191. [ubuntu_studio] cpl of ?'s regarding program usage and functionality of Studio
  192. [ubuntu_studio] what are the main differences between ubuntu studio and ubuntu?
  193. [ubuntu_studio] For example if the `capture` module fails, `watchdog` starts over it right away that
  194. [ubuntu] Move Home Folder to Taskbar
  195. [ubuntu_studio] No sound through midi
  196. [ubuntu] Left separate to right JAMin
  197. [ubuntu] M Audio 2496 Question
  198. [kubuntu] lmms error
  199. [ubuntu_studio] mpc 2500 emu 0404 usb midi connection (ardour)
  200. [ubuntu] Hi guys need help with VST on Rosegarden
  201. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!where the easy button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  202. [ubuntu] Is there an extremely simple notation editor that will export MIDI?
  203. [all variants] LFE Crossover from PulseAudio to Jack (Catia)
  204. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Ubuntu Studio with Ardour (sndcard Alesis i02): can't connect to server socket
  205. [SOLVED] How to sequence MIDI with sfz/gig soundfonts and export a sound file?
  206. [all variants] Problems with my ubuntu and sata drives?
  207. [ubuntu] problems with kdelibs5-data on Ubuntu Studio 11.04
  208. [ubuntu_studio] New guitarix package available
  209. [SOLVED] aeolus make error
  210. [ubuntu_studio] Studio
  211. Are there any musicians here
  212. [ubuntu] How can I install Ubuntu Studio form a USB flash drive?
  213. [ubuntu_studio] What is the easiest distro???????
  214. [ubuntu_studio] USB install is looking for a CD drive
  215. [ubuntu_studio] set irq priorities?
  216. [ubuntu_studio] Empathy sound problem gets worse cant change system sounds
  217. [ubuntu_studio] amplitube 3.7 working in wine
  218. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio doesn't detect sound or network card
  219. [ubuntu] Undefined Symbol Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  220. [ubuntu_studio] usb install looking for CDROM drive...
  221. [ubuntu] GUI application on ARM 11 BOARD using linux
  222. [ubuntu_studio] JACK Sound output very distorted and loud.
  223. [ubuntu_studio] 32 vs 64 bit
  224. [SOLVED] Yet Another Can Not Connect To Jack Thread
  225. [ubuntu_studio] jack resinstallation
  226. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 11.10 or Ubuntu 11.10 + Audio stuff?
  227. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden window disappears
  228. [lubuntu] HD-Audio Stopping sound from M-Audio Card
  229. [ubuntu_studio] App to manage WAV sample collection
  230. [ubuntu] Nvidia drivers install question...
  231. [ubuntu_studio] Kernel > 3.0 and M-Audio Fast Track Ultra problems with EHCI
  232. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with recording using UX2
  233. [SOLVED] Install suites after installation
  234. [ubuntu_studio] Transfer midi file to Yamaha keyboard
  235. [ubuntu_studio] dual boot ubuntu 11.10 AND ubuntu studio 11.10
  236. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS won't Install
  237. [ubuntu] M Audio Fast Track Pro works but stops after a few seconds
  238. [SOLVED] software synthesizer
  239. [ubuntu_studio] z3ta+ softsynth with preset function in gui
  240. [ubuntu_studio] I'm buying a new laptop
  241. [ubuntu] No sound coming from speakers when using JACK
  242. [ubuntu_studio] audio kontrol one problems maybe jack? or patchage?
  243. [SOLVED] Ubuntu One
  244. [ubuntu_studio] Record N64 Game And Use Microphone Through JACK
  245. [SOLVED] Default Ubuntu Studio Theme Broken or Missing in 11.04.
  246. [ubuntu_studio] Updated to 11.10 - wups.
  247. [ubuntu_studio] does ubuntu studio offer anything beyond different apps
  248. [ubuntu] Connecting Laptop to Guitar Amplifier
  249. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio 11.10 problem
  250. [ubuntu_studio] graphics initilization failed error setting uo gfxboot