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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Mdi Keyboard Notes "Sticking"
  2. [ubuntu_studio] Digital Output with RME HDSPe AES
  3. [ubuntu_studio] Update Manager crashes system
  4. [SOLVED] Missing Volume Applet?
  5. [ubuntu] Presonus Firepod & Firewire settings in JACK
  6. How to add CInelerra to Ubuntu Studio 10.10
  7. [ubuntu_studio] Multiple Soundcards, RME Multifaces, job offer
  8. [ubuntu_studio] What kind of synths do you guys play with?
  9. [ubuntu_studio] Which USB MIDI interface?
  10. [ubuntu_studio] xruns with jackd and headset issue
  11. [SOLVED] Jack-Cannot lock down memory area (Cannot allocate memory)
  12. [ubuntu_studio] after installing new NVIDIA driver, will not boot
  13. [ubuntu_studio] hw:0 in use from boot.
  14. [SOLVED] Game Emulation WII-MOTE
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Jack and BruteFIR - need help to route audio from player to BruteFIR
  16. [ubuntu_studio] Need some help with Ardour, jack and an analog mixer
  17. [ubuntu] Quick Midi Question
  18. [ubuntu_studio] no mouse pointer
  19. [xubuntu] synth with good array of Tombak sounds
  20. [ubuntu] JACK in Ubuntu 10.10 working but...
  21. [xubuntu] xubuntu vs ubuntu studio
  22. [ubuntu_studio] KXStudio ArdourVST Controls not displaying or working
  23. [ubuntu_studio] Can't get JACK to work
  24. [ubuntu_studio] need help Configuring the Jack
  25. [ubuntu] Guitar Plugin Questions
  26. [ubuntu_studio] Network not working (no wirless or ethernet)
  27. [ubuntu_studio] Propellerhead ReCycle users wanted :)
  28. [ubuntu_studio] Acceptable XRUN rate?
  29. [ubuntu_studio] Jack + Aqualung 24/192 audio file
  30. [ubuntu] Bit Depth in Jack
  31. [SOLVED] Elec Guitar help
  32. [ubuntu] FFADO/Firewire/Jack
  33. [ubuntu_studio] Guitar Rig 3 + Guitar Control 2 in Maverick Meerkat + Wine
  34. [ubuntu_studio] Is Ubuntu studio worth getting for me ?
  35. [SOLVED] Rosegarden help
  36. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio 10.10 - no wireless network
  37. [ubuntu_studio] Focusrite Saffire LE discontinued!!! Horrors! What to do now?
  38. [SOLVED] Can anyone explain to a Linux-Dummy how to install wireless networking?
  39. [xubuntu] Mouse cursor moves on its own
  40. [SOLVED] Lucid - Jack shows levels for USB in, but none out.
  41. [SOLVED] Is there a network wizard I can import to this OS?
  42. [all variants] Virtual Keyboard with Pitch Bend
  43. [ubuntu] Installation of VCE files
  44. [ubuntu_studio] HELP! Authentication Failure in 10.10
  45. [ubuntu] Having problem running Reaper, Kontakt & Jack
  46. [ubuntu_studio] Firewire setup in Lucid or Maverick 64bit
  47. [ubuntu_studio] Solved - Daisy-chaining firewire devices on the new stack!
  48. [ubuntu] Jack realtime not working with RT-Kernel
  49. [ubuntu_studio] Windows vs. Ubutnu Studio
  50. [ubuntu_studio] Need help setting up M-Audio Firewire Solo
  51. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour drop out.
  52. [SOLVED] Why has my default bootsplash changed to a persistent ugly purple progress screen?
  53. [ubuntu_studio] Which Hardware controller
  54. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS issues in Ubuntu Studio
  55. [ubuntu_studio] playback extremely slow and garbled in ardour
  56. [ubuntu_studio] wineasio install failed for reaper
  57. [ubuntu_studio] Screen Issue when Docky Installed !!!
  58. [ubuntu] Five ways to switch between workspaces in Ubuntu
  59. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio & MacBook questions
  60. [ubuntu] AVi converter to jpeg
  61. [ubuntu] How to install Jack on Ubuntu?
  62. [ubuntu_studio] E-MU 1820 MIDI on Ubuntu
  63. [ubuntu_studio] New Install of Ubuntu Studio has Half Sound
  64. [ubuntu_studio] RME HDSPe AIO
  65. [SOLVED] LADSPA plug ins to use with Jokosher?
  66. [ubuntu] Logic Pro Open Source Alternative
  67. [ubuntu_studio] One or more block devices are holding /dev/sda5
  68. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with resolution in Ubuntu Studio
  69. [ubuntu] new user cannot connect to wifi (but admin can)
  70. [ubuntu_studio] Can't change sound in qsynth
  71. [ubuntu_studio] sound control on login screen
  72. [ubuntu_studio] f-spot is taking over Nautilus
  73. [ubuntu] MB & CPU recommendations
  74. [ubuntu_studio] fa-66 pcmcia card
  75. [ubuntu] Sound Card Drivers with Virtual Box
  76. [ubuntu_studio] Echo Audiofire8 (FW) no go with Jack
  77. [ubuntu_studio] cannot "pactl load-module module-jack-sink" or "module-jack-source"
  78. [ubuntu_studio] Running Mac compiled binaries in ubuntu?
  79. [ubuntu_studio] Success story///distro-shopping
  80. [ubuntu_studio] Jack xruns on Dell Inspiron 6400 with Ububtu Studio 10.10
  81. Regarding Unit test framework for native C++
  82. [ubuntu] Need specific sound recording software...
  83. [ubuntu] External Sound Card?
  84. [all variants] Controlling Filter Q and Cutoff using Rosegarden's Matrix Editor
  85. [ubuntu_studio] Stuck in low res after installing NVIDIA drivers in U-Studio10.10
  86. [ubuntu_studio] Software for Live DJ
  87. [ubuntu_studio] Gain (dB) issues...
  88. [SOLVED] Wineasio with Reason 4
  89. [ubuntu_studio] Wine RT for Karmic
  90. [ubuntu] WineASIO problem
  91. [ubuntu] Skype Configuration with "Plantronics CS-60 Wireless Headset"
  92. [ubuntu_studio] Bitrate sync issues?
  93. [ubuntu] Skype Configuration with "Plantronics CS-60 Wireless Headset"
  94. [SOLVED] how to get vlc player please?
  95. [ubuntu_studio] brasero closes itself after hitting burn
  96. [ubuntu_studio] UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER Where?
  97. [ubuntu_studio] making sense of the distro schedule
  98. [SOLVED] Can't start jackd ("jack has crashed") problem and my solution
  99. [SOLVED] Script for Jack, Ardour, Jack-Rack, etc
  100. [ubuntu] Can I Install any of the flavors of Ubuntu Studio inside Windows
  101. [ubuntu_studio] no space left on device message
  102. [ubuntu_studio] How to mux 2 audio Tracks?
  103. [SOLVED] just a thank you
  104. [ubuntu_studio] Problem with driver
  105. [ubuntu] Video Driver issues ATI and NVIDIA
  106. [ubuntu_studio] connection failed: connection terminated
  107. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS segfault
  108. [ubuntu] Best Video Editing Software
  109. [all variants] No sound from Sound Blaster Audigy 2
  110. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Errors
  111. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Noob! Need Help Installing NVIDIA (dled)
  112. [ubuntu_studio] Usplash and Log In for Ubuntu Studio 10.10
  113. [ubuntu_studio] sharing a song I made
  114. [ubuntu_studio] Using the Tascam DM-3200 with Ubuntu Studio
  115. [ubuntu] Jack and RT Scheduling
  116. [ubuntu] just starting- very basic and general
  117. [SOLVED] please help if u can: display broken after installing Ubuntu Studio Maverick
  118. [ubuntu_studio] Exciting news! Ever heard of this?
  119. [ubuntu_studio] Need help with my setup VaioF12/Edirol FA-66
  120. [all variants] From X-Fi to Delta 1010LT: Worth the Money?
  121. [ubuntu_studio] Jack/ALSA aggravation --settings and controls
  122. [ubuntu_studio] Help needed to improve set up Focusrite Saffire
  123. [ubuntu_studio] "Normal" Ubuntu vs Ubuntu Studio 10.10
  124. [ubuntu] Sound Driver mistakenly uninstalled
  125. [SOLVED] Line6 Pod Studio UX1
  126. [ubuntu_studio] How to get this thing working
  127. [ubuntu] Ffmpeg Screencasts Out of Sync ;_;
  128. [ubuntu_studio] Jittery Timidity conversion MIDI -> WAV
  129. [ubuntu_studio] Samplerate-Problem with Line6
  130. [ubuntu] -HELP- Need a decent program like Yukon or GLC... but for non-opengl games?
  131. [all variants] xruns from usb sound card
  132. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu PPA for musicians and producers [NEW]
  133. [ubuntu_studio] jack won't start - firewire, ffado, Echo Audiofire 4
  134. KXStudio: JACK not working with HDA ATI SB
  135. [all variants] EasyCAP DC60 Poor Sound Quality
  136. [ubuntu_studio] Make ubuntu studio look like ubuntu 10.10
  137. [ubuntu] Need recommendation for external sound card
  138. [ubuntu_studio] Installation issue with Grub
  139. [SOLVED] Patchage issue
  140. [SOLVED] audacity and patchage issues, ripoff mp3 values, sound converter not able to convert
  141. [SOLVED] how to get continuous recording in audacity
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Installation error !
  143. [ubuntu_studio] sid to midi
  144. [ubuntu_studio] Clean ubuntustudio install without pooching Win7?
  145. [SOLVED] Can't launch Hydrogen
  146. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio + Kernel 2.6.37
  147. [SOLVED] Suggestions on ubuntu friendly mics for recording music?
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Delta 44 problem
  149. [ubuntu_studio] Jack with FW Echo Audiofire8 xrun fun help me please
  150. [ubuntu] Seq24
  151. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Delta 1010lt/Ubuntu Studio 10.10
  152. [SOLVED] UbuntuStudio-Audio apps not installed?
  153. [ubuntu_studio] Help! ENS-1371 undetected!
  154. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with LiveUsb
  155. [ubuntu_studio] Having trouble instaling software
  156. [ubuntu_studio] Firestudio Tube
  157. [all variants] Any of you folks use/d Rain laptops with ubuntu
  158. [ubuntu_studio] Zoom HD16 Recording Studio
  159. [ubuntu] Virtual Keyboard Jack, Qsynth, qjackctl No sound
  160. [ubuntu_studio] WUBI or WUBI like solution for Ubuntu Studio ?
  161. [ubuntu_studio] Seq 24 doesn't appear in Jack
  162. [SOLVED] Convert to Raw DV while maintaining 16:9, Kino (or anything!)
  163. [ubuntu_studio] Installation problems: software fails, no ethernet detected
  164. [SOLVED] ubuntu studio 10.10 dual boot freeze
  165. [SOLVED] Network manager installation problems
  166. [ubuntu_studio] Buying a new PC for Studio - quad core etc advice sought!
  167. EDIROL FA-66 sound card
  168. [ubuntu_studio] JACK Frustration
  169. [ubuntu_studio] Mounted, but yet Invisible & Only Root Can Unmount.. ? i
  170. [SOLVED] Can't Use Unallocated Free Space of My HD
  171. [ubuntu_studio] Jack & Pulse Audio C-Media CMI8738 Problems Recording 10.10
  172. [ubuntu_studio] Jack won't start
  173. [ubuntu_studio] [10.10] Didn't install packages during install, how now?
  174. [ubuntu_studio] recording in mono, not stereo
  175. [SOLVED] Everest Dictionary and libborqt
  176. [SOLVED] Qsynth connection to Jack
  177. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS Effect Help
  178. [ubuntu] Freebirth: Unable to open audio device
  179. [other] vocal effects in linux / JACK
  180. [ubuntu_studio] JackAudio
  181. [ubuntu_studio] JAMin not launching
  182. [ubuntu] What's the difference?
  183. [ubuntu] No JACK USB audio output
  184. [ubuntu_studio] Problems Installing Ubuntu Studio in Virtual Box
  185. [ubuntu_studio] Din synthesiser: anyone got it working with 10.10?
  186. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio 10.10 & Delta 1010
  187. [ubuntu] How to advance midi timing
  188. [ubuntu_studio] Is Ubuntu Studio Dying?
  189. [ubuntu_studio] Jack - xruns again
  190. [ubuntu_studio] bass
  191. [SOLVED] Wireless bug in 10.04 LTS
  192. [ubuntu_studio] JACK, ALSA Problem
  193. [ubuntu_studio] ATI HD 4200 with Realtime Kernel variants
  194. [ubuntu] Give Studio a chance?: Audacity Latency vs. Rosegarden instability
  195. [SOLVED] No sound out from Jack (any jack app) tho sound otherwise works; plz help
  196. [SOLVED] Cannot regain Alsa after reinstalling 10.10
  197. [ubuntu_studio] Korg Nanokey
  198. [ubuntu_studio] Wireless in Ubuntu Studio
  199. [ubuntu_studio] M audio Oxygen8 + Synth
  200. [ubuntu_studio] Support for Behringer FCA202; can it be fixed?
  201. [ubuntu_studio] karmic studio plus Lucid
  202. [ubuntu_studio] Get Rosegarden and Hydrogen in sync
  203. [ubuntu_studio] 10.10 on an HP dc5700
  204. [SOLVED] Jack confusion - Jack crashes or will only start after Ardour starts
  205. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden resets my QSynth channels
  206. [SOLVED] Starting JACK from script
  207. [ubuntu_studio] Blog Planet?
  208. [ubuntu] Mackie Control Universal (MIDI)
  209. [other] Reaper on Ubuntu???
  210. [ubuntu] Cd ubuntu
  211. [ubuntu_studio] installing drivers for a scanner
  212. [all variants] Another studio rig, more problems with JACK.
  213. [SOLVED] ffmpeg timelapse duration always 26 seconds
  214. [SOLVED] timidity question
  215. [kubuntu] Digikam & F-spot limitations w/HP Photosmart R742
  216. [SOLVED] Rosegarden install requires removing Ardour
  217. [ubuntu_studio] phasex dev-m2
  218. [all variants] Complete Audio Production Noob!
  219. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu 10.10 maverick - jack with UA-25 EX duplex not working
  220. [ubuntu_studio] I lose EVERYTHING when computer locks :-(
  221. [ubuntu_studio] Problems connecting Mackie Micro Series 1202 12-Channel Mic/Line mixer to computer
  222. [ubuntu_studio] Finally! all set up! But Jack hates me
  223. [ubuntu_studio] Need Tascam US-122 usx2y Driver - Langerland link is gone!
  224. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10 cannot regconize wireless connections
  225. [SOLVED] Can't use ALSA/JACK to play Youtube sound along with virtual instruments
  226. [ubuntu_studio] Edirol UA 25 driver for jack
  227. [ubuntu_studio] How is it going upgrading 10.04 to 10.10
  228. [ubuntu_studio] nokia ovi suite
  229. [ubuntu] nokia ovi suite
  230. [ubuntu_studio] 64 bits upgrading seems to be on a vicious circle
  231. [SOLVED] Does anyone use a usb preamp?
  232. [ubuntu] Grub killed my wubi install of 10.10
  233. [ubuntu] Cintiq 12WX driver?
  234. [ubuntu] Best MIDI Keyboards?
  235. [SOLVED] Blue Yeti mic with Ubuntu and Jack...
  236. [ubuntu] Music Made with Ubuntu: The Infinite Repeat - Money or Love (DJ AutoStatic Remix)
  237. [xubuntu] Two files with different sample rates, one plays at wrong speed
  238. [SOLVED] jackd2 with alsa support
  239. [ubuntu_studio] Adding a title card to Kino project corrupts audio
  240. [ubuntu] Getting a Steinberg CI1 USB audio interface to work
  241. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio disc boot probelm
  242. [lubuntu] networking ubuntu
  243. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu to Ubuntu Studio?
  244. [ubuntu] Wineasio problems
  245. [SOLVED] Nvidia Driver Problems
  246. Presonus Firepod, JACK, xruns - help needed
  247. [ubuntu_studio] Video Problems
  248. [ubuntu_studio] More Music Created Using UbuntuStudio - Occurrences In Rain's Latest Release
  249. [ubuntu_studio] install to usb drive
  250. [SOLVED] esi maya 44 on ubuntu 10.10 - input problem