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  1. [SOLVED] complete novice help with jack support
  2. [ubuntu_studio] persistent midi connection
  3. [ubuntu_studio] ffmpeg using Jack as an input
  4. [ubuntu_studio] I don't think Ubuntu Studio plays nicely with my Intel...
  5. [ubuntu_studio] PulseAudio + M-Audio 10/10 = no sound on UStudio 10.04
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Problem with JACK srart
  7. [ubuntu] midi latency
  8. [ubuntu_studio] M Audio Delta 1010lt is not recognized
  9. [ubuntu_studio] about to build computer, sound card question.
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Help with audio setup and jack please :-(
  11. [ubuntu] Ubuntu didn't recognise the keyboard
  12. [ubuntu_studio] What is the best way to go about this dilemma?
  13. [ubuntu] backround problems
  14. [SOLVED] Can't get USB MIDI cable to work
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Importing music with Rhythmbox
  16. [ubuntu_studio] Installing Studio.....over 10.04
  17. [ubuntu] How do I enable noatime by default?
  18. [ubuntu_studio] Dual monitors not working now. Whats the story???
  19. [ubuntu_studio] Permissions changed with new kernel update
  20. [ubuntu_studio] jack sync of audio playback with midi?
  21. [ubuntu] 2.6.33-6-rt: problems with pulseaudio.
  22. [ubuntu_studio] 64-Bit Support
  23. [SOLVED] Ubuntu-Studio 10.4 hangs up occasionally
  24. [SOLVED] Xruns with jackd and ffado - help
  25. [ubuntu_studio] No sound in Ubuntu Studio
  26. [SOLVED] Converting Wav Sample rate to 96k
  27. [SOLVED] Recently Purchased USB Soundcard: Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB
  28. [SOLVED] Hydrogen
  29. [ubuntu_studio] Add items to Places folder?
  30. [ubuntu_studio] Does ffado work in Ubuntu 10.04?
  31. [ubuntu_studio] Personalised installation disc
  32. [SOLVED] Using two soundcards at the same time
  33. [SOLVED] wireless impasse...
  34. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio 10.04 in Virtualbox
  35. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Issues
  36. [ubuntu_studio] Network Manager Dependency Error
  37. [ubuntu_studio] Interactive help with audio in Ubuntu Studio?
  38. [ubuntu] jack going crazy
  39. [SOLVED] Qtractor trouble
  40. [ubuntu_studio] Log file viewer unresponsive
  41. [ubuntu_studio] can i put ubuntu_studio as a seshon ples help
  42. [ubuntu_studio] Classic Gnome look
  43. [SOLVED] How to install VST fx: lmms ?
  44. [ubuntu_studio] JACK-related programs crash on opening
  45. [all variants] system-log-viewer
  46. [ubuntu_studio] A total n00bs guide to Installing Pure Data
  47. [ubuntu] How to perform scheduled audio recordings
  48. [SOLVED] Problem with fftw3f when trying to install guitarix
  49. [ubuntu_studio] Whats the best sampler/ sequencer??
  50. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 10.04 no sound in sudio apps
  51. [ubuntu_studio] Volume Control Bug
  52. [ubuntu] [REQUEST] List of included software.
  53. [ubuntu_studio] copy audio CDs?
  54. [ubuntu_studio] Partitioning and Other Suggestions for Installation of U-S
  55. [ubuntu_studio] Latest updates seriously breaks system
  56. [ubuntu_studio] Software sillyscope?
  57. [ubuntu_studio] Installing a soundfont editor in 10.04
  58. [ubuntu] DeVeDe + K3b Problem = no movie burned
  59. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall operation failed.
  60. [ubuntu_studio] How to get midi files from Yamaha Clavinova to PC
  61. [ubuntu_studio] Which Realtime Kernel?
  62. [ubuntu_studio] Connecting midi controller to rosegarden
  63. [ubuntu_studio] Sampletank halion style solutions in Linux
  64. [ubuntu_studio] Installing from USB
  65. [ubuntu_studio] Phonic Firefly 808-will it work?
  66. [ubuntu] line6 x3 pro
  67. [ubuntu_studio] Can you update to the next Ubuntu release from the CD?
  68. [ubuntu_studio] How do you install wireless drivers in Ubuntu Studio?
  69. [ubuntu_studio] Anything play 6-channel wav files via jack?
  70. [ubuntu] Ubuntu audio setup
  71. [ubuntu_studio] Is the main difference with Ubuntu Studio the kernel? And do I really need it?
  72. [ubuntu_studio] cannot get jacker server to start
  73. [ubuntu_studio] Trouble with Jack
  74. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour can't start jack
  75. [ubuntu_studio] Midi over netjack
  76. [ubuntu_studio] I miss the startup screen from 8.04 ...
  77. [ubuntu_studio] need help with my edirol roland ua 4fx
  78. [ubuntu_studio] running OSX emulator - will sound work ?
  79. [SOLVED] Video DJing
  80. [ubuntu_studio] move back to regular kernel?
  81. [ubuntu_studio] How can I use 2 separate audio devices simultaneously?
  82. [ubuntu_studio] install video and audio codec
  83. [ubuntu_studio] envy 24 chipset - not working ?
  84. [SOLVED] Help alesis usb multimix interference/low volume
  85. [ubuntu_studio] USB "Disorganization?"
  86. [ubuntu_studio] VOIP with JACK and CLI?
  87. [ubuntu_studio] Check out the competition: Fedora Design Suite
  88. [ubuntu] Jack2 Incurs System Freeze
  89. [ubuntu] now i really messed it up!!!do i reinstall os
  90. [ubuntu] From where can i get what in this pic urgently ?
  91. [ubuntu_studio] Network audio with JACK
  92. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden 10.02 no longer Sound mit Timidity
  93. [ubuntu_studio] ZOOM h2
  94. [ubuntu_studio] A Digital Primer for Geeks.
  95. [ubuntu] Reaktor Player (free) works in Ubuntu w/ Wine 1.3
  96. [ubuntu_studio] Digidesign Mbox 1 (Classic) Sound Driver
  97. [SOLVED] problem with ccsm
  98. [ubuntu_studio] chrome won't open
  99. [ubuntu_studio] Hydrogen & EnergyXT2 sync via midi/jack
  100. [ubuntu_studio] KXUbuntu Messed up My System!
  101. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden quantize
  102. [ubuntu_studio] Virtualbox in Ubuntu Sudio 10.4lts is a Epic Fail!
  103. [SOLVED] Tascam US122 on x64 / 64 bit
  104. [ubuntu_studio] .25 kernel kills nVidia driver and/or sound
  105. [ubuntu_studio] Echo Mia MIDI on Ubuntu Studio 10.04 doesn't work
  106. [ubuntu] Practice Metronome?
  107. [ubuntu] Can't keep azerty layout when typing other languages
  108. [ubuntu] LMMS issues: latency/VSTs, versions, etc
  109. [ubuntu_studio] Using line/mic in with mixer and ubuntu studio
  110. [ubuntu_studio] midi foot controller
  111. [ubuntu] GIMP - keyboard shortcuts not working
  112. [ubuntu_studio] recording noob - want to record electric guitar
  113. [SOLVED] Audio Compression
  114. [ubuntu_studio] Can ubuntu studio be installed alongside windows7?
  115. [kubuntu] Kontakt 4.1.1: Up and Running in KXStudio
  116. [ubuntu_studio] upgrading from older version
  117. [ubuntu_studio] FFADO. Can't run JACK. Help please.
  118. [ubuntu] Blender, Cinelerra; are those all I need?
  119. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrading Kernel Version
  120. [ubuntu_studio] Bit Perfect Audio Playback?
  121. [gnome] Terminal keystroke sounds
  122. [ubuntu] cant change network
  123. [ubuntu_studio] Install Ubuntu Studio 64 bit in extended / logical partition(s)
  124. [ubuntu_studio] Rhythmbox with JACK in 10.04
  125. [ubuntu_studio] Thank You! First Song in Ubuntu Studio
  126. [ubuntu_studio] Unable to connect 32-bit applications to JACK in 64-bit 10.10
  127. [ubuntu] No sound with Hydrogen and JACK
  128. [ubuntu] US-122L external sound card recognition problem
  129. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio UA-25 Ex
  130. [ubuntu] Control Volume through Terminal
  131. [ubuntu_studio] recording interface and hifi listening
  132. [ubuntu_studio] Midi controller problems
  133. [ubuntu_studio] Maverick Meerkat anybody?
  134. [SOLVED] Musescore midi input problem
  135. [ubuntu] Help me please with sound device cannot hear sound from Digital Stereo (HDMI)
  136. [xubuntu] GDM doesn't start with Realtime Kernel
  137. [ubuntu] dumb question
  138. [SOLVED] Misreported Memory
  139. [all variants] Is there a drawing software works like Microsoft Viso
  140. [all variants] Ardour 3 ETA???
  141. no line-in sound on Ubuntu Studio 10.04 (ATI SBx00 Azalia)
  142. [ubuntu_studio] howto use onboard and usb soundcard as one?
  143. [ubuntu_studio] Speakers and Headphones problem
  144. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu studio configures inevitably without mouse
  145. [ubuntu_studio] Enabling ethernet connection ┐simple?
  146. [ubuntu_studio] jackd doesn't start
  147. [ubuntu_studio] Studio 10.10 installation problem(s)
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Compiling fst in 64-bit 10.10 Maverick
  149. [ubuntu_studio] Mixxx (etc) don't like PulseAudio in 10.10 Maverick 64
  150. [ubuntu_studio] is this enough of a system?
  151. [ubuntu_studio] Which USB/Firewire audio interface?
  152. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 10.10 no RT kernel
  153. [all variants] Kurzweil PC3x Desktop Editor
  154. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio over Ubuntu.
  155. [ubuntu_studio] Need 3D Animation Help. =]
  156. [ubuntu_studio] PPC for Maverick Meerkat?
  157. [ubuntu_studio] Popping sounds in Ubuntu Studio with US-122
  158. [SOLVED] JACK Cannot connet to server as client PLEASE HELP!
  159. [ubuntu_studio] "Can't mount CD-Rom" while installing from USB.
  160. [ubuntu_studio] Install Ubuntu Studio from USB
  161. [ubuntu_studio] JACK Firewire : AudioFire 2
  162. [ubuntu] jack2d will not start
  163. [all variants] Opensource camera, check it out
  164. [ubuntu_studio] How to migrate Hydrogen kits and settings to another machine
  165. [SOLVED] Wireless Troubles
  166. [ubuntu] Native Instruments FM8 on 10.10?..
  167. [other] XP will not load in Virtualbox
  168. [kubuntu] kxstudio 10.04.02 low latency ppa, auto-update halts, no sound
  169. [ubuntu_studio] Jack was working with Ardour...
  170. [ubuntu_studio] I need a Atmosphere Synthe
  171. [ubuntu_studio] Need help aquiring a DVD!
  172. [ubuntu] DSSI Programming tutorial for dummies
  173. [all variants] Swami 2.0.0b SoundFont Editor released
  174. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrading from Ubuntu Studio 10.04 to Ubuntu 10.10
  175. [ubuntu_studio] Live MIDI arranger / router in Linux
  176. [ubuntu_studio] How to make patterns in Hydrogen
  177. [ubuntu] Lucid, Pulse Audio and JACK problems, ardoura
  178. [ubuntu_studio] No Audio from Web sites
  179. [ubuntu_studio] Optimizing USB audio latency
  180. [ubuntu_studio] Tasks, Workflows, and Packages for Ubuntu Studio Natty
  181. [ubuntu] RT kernel
  182. [ubuntu_studio] Mythbuntu vs UbuntuStudio PVR/DVR
  183. [ubuntu_studio] Freeze after login
  184. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 10.10 problem starting Jack
  185. [SOLVED] Ralink Wireless not working in realtime kernel, but working in generic!
  186. [ubuntu] Rosegarden freezes when started
  187. [ubuntu_studio] Need help setting up Wireless in Ubuntu Studio
  188. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio chrome theme
  189. [ubuntu_studio] Ugrade from Ubuntu 10.10 to Ubuntu Studio 10.10
  190. [ubuntu] paralell recording mic and line in channel
  191. [ubuntu_studio] Midi Keyboard
  192. [ubuntu_studio] Install from USB Key
  193. [ubuntu_studio] Trouble saving qjackctl settings
  194. [ubuntu] LV2 instruments not working, host suggestions?
  195. [ubuntu_studio] Can I do the following with Blender?
  196. [ubuntu_studio] Rakarrack seg fault / Jackd can't lock memory
  197. [mythbuntu] Netflix Compatibility
  198. [ubuntu_studio] Seriously slow in 8.04!
  199. [ubuntu] musescore - "save as" seems impossible
  200. [SOLVED] FFADO and Focusrite Saffire LE
  201. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio for Business?
  202. [ubuntu_studio] JAMin installs but will not run
  203. [ubuntu_studio] Can Band in a Box be used with Jack?
  204. [all variants] Opening and Closing Projects that use Many Programs
  205. [ubuntu_studio] Midi Controllers Hardware Support?
  206. [ubuntu_studio] Lynx/Meerkat/ffado - a plea for clarity...
  207. [SOLVED] using version 2.30.2; cant run computer janitor...
  208. [ubuntu_studio] Redistribute
  209. [ubuntu_studio] Bug: Jack can't rewind (10.10)
  210. [ubuntu_studio] Installing Ubuntu Studio,reboot problem
  211. [ubuntu_studio] NVIDIA driver problems - Loaded or Not?
  212. [ubuntu_studio] real audio latency
  213. [ubuntu_studio] How does it work?
  214. [ubuntu_studio] What packages do you think should be removed from or added to Ubuntu Studio?
  215. [SOLVED] how to install qjacktuner ?
  216. [ubuntu_studio] Exporting project lmms and Zynaddsubfx
  217. [ubuntu_studio] grub??
  218. [ubuntu_studio] skype fails to start
  219. [all variants] Tip for choosing audio interface mixer
  220. [ubuntu_studio] Has anyone actually used the MIDI sequencer in Ardour 3?
  221. [ubuntu_studio] M-audio Audiophile USB no duplex 10.10 64bit
  222. [SOLVED] can't install latest ALSA driver in lucid 2.6.32-25 preempt
  223. [ubuntu_studio] Guitar Pro 6 for Linux
  224. [ubuntu] Keyboard Yamaha Piaggero NP-V80 (usb-Midi) : Does ist work?
  225. [ubuntu_studio] Delta44 and Peavey PV6 and having some trouble.
  226. [SOLVED] recording MIDI and audio in LMMS
  227. [ubuntu_studio] How do you make jconv/jconvolver work
  228. [ubuntu_studio] USB Audio Interfaces
  229. [SOLVED] Getting Saffire Pro 24 to work
  230. [ubuntu] Focusrite Saffire LE
  231. [ubuntu_studio] Wireless not connecting
  232. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu-restricted-extra wants libavcodec52 libavutil49 be removed
  233. [ubuntu_studio] Problem recording Flash Player with Audacity
  234. [ubuntu_studio] System sounds
  235. [ubuntu_studio] update affect on movie player 7 dragon player
  236. [ubuntu_studio] How I got my Zoom H2 to be a microphone
  237. [ubuntu_studio] HELP - Monitor goes to No Signal Detected on Studio 10.10 Install
  238. [ubuntu_studio] Can't change instrument sound in VkeyBd.
  239. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS Questions
  240. [ubuntu_studio] Opportunity Knocks
  241. [ubuntu] Audacity - playing and exporting MIDI files (to MP3 files)
  242. [ubuntu_studio] New System Build - Design for Ubuntu Studio Audio
  243. [ubuntu_studio] ATI 5770 and Delta 44 issue
  244. [ubuntu_studio] New install partition/drive setup?
  245. [ubuntu_studio] Y PPA Manager. In search of the lost package
  246. [ubuntu_studio] how do record in Ardour?
  247. [ubuntu_studio] Setting up MIDI
  248. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Fast Track USB w/ studio: problems with JACK
  249. [all variants] professional photo printer?
  250. [ubuntu_studio] linuxsampler on Ubuntu 10.10