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  1. [ubuntu_studio] Wacom Intuos 3 and Gimp window mode
  2. [ubuntu_studio] batch conversion in sox
  3. [ubuntu] Decoding Kate format subtitles
  4. [ubuntu] Mapping Surround Sound 5.1 via drag and drop interface
  5. [ubuntu] USB Mic in JACK/Ardour?
  6. [ubuntu] Webcam / Devices
  7. [ubuntu] The gimp won't start at all...
  8. [ubuntu_studio] Poor Drawing Performance
  9. [kde] Need a sugestion on bulding GUI Multimedia App.
  10. [SOLVED] Can't record audio in Rosegarden and Ardour
  11. [SOLVED] alsa firmware?
  12. [all variants] Converting from PAL to NTSC video format
  13. [ubuntu] Exaile contextinfo in jaunty
  14. [all variants] Extreme CPU usage by Rosegarden
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Kernel 2.6.33
  16. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity hangs when I try to fade out
  17. [all variants] Avidemux, adding watermark
  18. [ubuntu] Looking for Linux native VST basics/tutorials
  19. [ubuntu] dvgrab ERROR! "NO DV"
  20. Can I make it a studio version?
  21. [ubuntu] Some fairly newb-like questions about JACK.
  22. [ubuntu] Creating a DVD with multiple video "angles" (streams)
  23. [ubuntu] Inquire about studio setup?
  24. [ubuntu_studio] Guitar heaven
  25. [all variants] Trouble putting together video clips in OpenShot
  26. [ubuntu_studio] rakarrack installed but doesn't work on unbuntustudsio 9.10
  27. [ubuntu] mkv to dvd I get hard coded subs i don't want?
  28. [ubuntu_studio] Presonus firebox with firewire pc card adapter - trails and tribulations
  29. [ubuntu] aspect ration in dvd-slideshow
  30. [ubuntu] Compiling mcamip-0.7.8 on Karmic
  31. [SOLVED] Best music editor, must have track layering ability
  32. [ubuntu] Freej v4l
  33. [ubuntu] Ramen, free compositing tool
  34. [ubuntu] Hydrogen samples are sounding very distorted
  35. [ubuntu] imagination help
  36. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Video Editing - How Do You ??? Please help.
  37. [all variants] Recording audio output with XVidCap
  38. [ubuntu] MIDI Input + MilkyTracker?
  39. [ubuntu_studio] ardour mix too low
  40. [ubuntu_studio] firestudio project?
  41. [ubuntu_studio] JACK sometimes works but mostly not
  42. [ubuntu] Ardour won't play or record
  43. [gnome] upgrading new image to existing image in NAND Flash
  44. [ubuntu_studio] Send and receive MIDI system exclusive?
  45. [ubuntu_studio] UNR 9.10 + Jack/Ubuntu Studio Controls it doesnt work
  46. [SOLVED] Stacked/Daisy Chained Audiofire12s?
  47. [ubuntu] Why is Jack giving me this error message?
  48. [all variants] M-Audio KeyStudio
  49. [SOLVED] getting started with m-audio keystation 61es
  50. [ubuntu] Would like to create Surround from Stereo
  51. [ubuntu_studio] MuseScore Crashes - First, Second Endings, etc.
  52. [ubuntu_studio] EMU 1616 Notebook Patchmix
  53. [ubuntu] stopmotion crashes when importing webcam image
  54. [ubuntu] recording at 88.2khz
  55. [kubuntu] Jack problem
  56. [xubuntu] Creating Movie Clips
  57. [ubuntu] Kdenlive Problem With Playing Back Videos!
  58. [other] Tablets that work perfectly under Ubuntu
  59. [ubuntu] I need something like DVD Shrink for Ubuntu
  60. [ubuntu_studio] USB 2.0 audio mixer for linux
  61. Whats an alternative to Flash media
  62. [ubuntu] Best programs to edit .mpg and burn to DVD
  63. [ubuntu] create side by side video's ???
  64. [SOLVED] UBUNTUStudio in VirtualBox
  65. [SOLVED] Sibelius 6 + Ubuntu 9.10 + virtualbox :)
  66. [ubuntu_studio] dssi-vst - no sound in Rosegarden, then crashes it
  67. [ubuntu] Maybe this is just a limitation of Wine, but I've got a problem.
  68. [ubuntu_studio] Desktop sluggish after install
  69. [ubuntu] Adobe After Effects : linux alternative ?
  70. [mythbuntu] HDMI audio (Mythbuntu 9.0.4, AMD 789G chipset)
  71. [other] How do I set up Rosegarden with qsynth?
  72. [ubuntu] bind_driver command
  73. [ubuntu_studio] 64 bit Ubuntu Studio 9.10, critical hourly problems
  74. [SOLVED] Two beginner questions
  75. [ubuntu_studio] Blender does not launch
  76. [ubuntu_studio] mackie profx8 or edirol m10-dx with linux?
  77. [ubuntu] Audacity--can't overdub with USB mic
  78. [ubuntu_studio] application crash
  79. [ubuntu] help! JACK? midi? usb?
  80. [SOLVED] gtk-recordMyDesktop, no sound, (occasional 768 error)
  81. losing quality OGV after editing (PiTiVi)
  82. [SOLVED] jack crashes when starting other audio apps (firewire)
  83. [ubuntu] PulseAudio routing help needed!
  84. [ubuntu] Small question about Ubuntu Studio
  85. [ubuntu_studio] They say "Third time is a charm"
  86. [ubuntu_studio] How many RAM?
  87. [ubuntu_studio] I have just installed Ubuntu Studio; Before I proceed ...
  88. [ubuntu_studio] Audi drivers and applications mess! PA/ALAS/Jack
  89. [ubuntu_studio] Unable to install
  90. [ubuntu_studio] Need help with audio prgrams
  91. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu's a big place ...
  92. [ubuntu] Imagemagick convert seg fault - workaround?
  93. [ubuntu_studio] Flaky machine died during update; now won't load OS
  94. [SOLVED] Please help me get JACK started w/ firewire audio interface
  95. [ubuntu_studio] MIDI Human Sync, anyone?
  96. [ubuntu_studio] Traverso: Can you share and work on project files between Windows and Linux?
  97. [ubuntu_studio] real time jack for low latency and a better world
  98. [ubuntu_studio] Noob. Help me! (sb live content)
  99. [ubuntu] Openshot 1.1.1 locked up Gnome!
  100. [ubuntu] JACK setup
  101. [SOLVED] Blender Wont Load Plugins
  102. [ubuntu_studio] Can't get 5.1 surround channels in the right order.
  103. [SOLVED] Midi playback problem :no sound
  104. [ubuntu] Ubuntu studio adjust recording sound level
  105. [SOLVED] I Need help with Ardour and M-Audio
  106. [ubuntu_studio] Any driver support for "Adesso Cyber Tablet 12000" graphics tablet?
  107. [ubuntu] LMMS with no sound!
  108. [ubuntu] Audio interface and Jack?
  109. [ubuntu_studio] Audacity crashes Jack
  110. [ubuntu_studio] which version i have download?
  111. [SOLVED] RealTime kernel on Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 makes me crazy!
  112. [ubuntu_studio] Blender can't find plugins
  113. [ubuntu_studio] minimize firfoxe or Terminal in ubuntu studio 9.10
  114. [ubuntu] recovering grub with a previous livecd release?
  115. [SOLVED] Jack won't start
  116. [SOLVED] install ubuntu studio beside ubuntu 9.10 encrypted
  117. [SOLVED] Jack works intermittently after last week's updates
  118. [gnome] 3 screens needed in ubuntu studio
  119. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS Not Saving Audio Settings
  120. [ubuntu] hydrogen, canorus, nted: sound drops out
  121. [ubuntu_studio] Wish studio had same type installation as Ubuntu or Mint
  122. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio Help!
  123. [ubuntu_studio] cinelerra instrallation
  124. [ubuntu_studio] mypaint install/compile
  125. [ubuntu] Adding sounds to LMMS
  126. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu at a live show
  127. [ubuntu_studio] looking for "Linuxsampler" 64bit .deb on Karmic
  128. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio on Netbook or IBM X41/X61 tablet?
  129. [ubuntu_studio] RME Ardour
  130. [SOLVED] How to convert
  131. [ubuntu_studio] Blue Totem screen when playing dvd's & no sound
  132. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Config
  133. [SOLVED] Anyone use jack2?
  134. [ubuntu_studio] My head's been in the sand
  135. [ubuntu_studio] Ladish + Jack2 (--classic & --dbus) debs
  136. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio on a mac?
  137. [ubuntu_studio] No internet
  138. [ubuntu_studio] no sound on resume
  139. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio problems
  140. [ubuntu_studio] JACK execute scripts after start up
  141. [ubuntu_studio] Wineasio Karmic Koala not working
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Fast Track Pro input not recognised
  143. [ubuntu] ubuntu studio install or upgrade?
  144. [SOLVED] ubuntu studio live image
  145. [SOLVED] Virtual midi ports for linux?
  146. [ubuntu_studio] Video Enhancement
  147. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio won't install GRUB
  148. [ubuntu_studio] mbox2 fra digidesign hjelp!!!
  149. [ubuntu] problem with wine software
  150. [ubuntu_studio] Hardware Thats Needed To Install on Custom PC
  151. [ubuntu] A PODxt question
  152. [ubuntu_studio] what is a good quality sound card that works 100% with linux?
  153. [ubuntu_studio] Slide shows on a DVD, help please
  154. [SOLVED] Some problems with Oxygen 61 - MIDI
  155. [ubuntu] Corel Draw on Ubuntu
  156. [ubuntu] Adobe Illustrator On Ubuntu
  157. [ubuntu_studio] Turn off disk encryption
  158. [ubuntu_studio] Terratec sound cards
  159. [ubuntu] NEWBIE: What's the easiest /best way to make Ubuntu into Ubuntu Studio?
  160. [ubuntu_studio] RME Hammerfall/Multiface not recognized in 9.10
  161. [ubuntu_studio] why i still use win xp
  162. [ubuntu_studio] Wireless connection
  163. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu 9.10 with Studio, Audiophile 2496, big problems...
  164. [ubuntu_studio] Please help me find my VST with Reaper
  165. [ubuntu_studio] Audacious update tangle...
  166. [ubuntu] no images show in lmms
  167. [ubuntu] Best setup/apps for composing to video?
  168. [ubuntu_studio] Behringer UCG102 Guitar Link
  169. [ubuntu_studio] "Special" behavior from Jack
  170. [ubuntu_studio] Recommend a Midi Controller
  171. [ubuntu_studio] Echo AudioFire4 - output not working
  172. [ubuntu_studio] From Win XP SP4 to Ubuntu Studio 8.04
  173. [ubuntu] Step by step jack and ardour guide please ?
  174. [SOLVED] best photography computer
  175. [ubuntu] Installation repeatedly fails
  176. [ubuntu_studio] Will there be a Lucid 10.4 release for Ubuntu Studio?
  177. [ubuntu_studio] No atl1c driver in Ubuntu Studio
  178. [SOLVED] Audio configuration for Edirol SD-90
  179. [SOLVED] studio wifi
  180. [ubuntu_studio] Updating Ubuntu Studio
  181. [ubuntu_studio] How do I update Ardour?
  182. [ubuntu] Frustrated with ardour and jack control
  183. [ubuntu_studio] Login and Splash Changer
  184. [ubuntu_studio] linux's answer to dxi/vsti
  185. [ubuntu_studio] stopmotion: problem with exported video; vertical lines
  186. [ubuntu_studio] ardour problem with ulimit
  187. [SOLVED] how do i use jackctl and calfjack?
  188. [ubuntu_studio] what compile packages for rakarrack?
  189. [all variants] Newbie to Linux Audio Production with questions
  190. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio on a netbook
  191. [ubuntu_studio] {B}Tranzport Protocol{/B}
  192. [ubuntu_studio] Lost mouse pointer with Realtime Kernel
  193. [ubuntu_studio] get the studio cd (for $)
  194. [ubuntu_studio] ardour won't go
  195. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 10.04?
  196. [ubuntu_studio] Rme HDSP 9632
  197. [ubuntu_studio] do i have midi prerequisites?
  198. [ubuntu_studio] EnergyXT 2.5 problem
  199. PiTiVi plugins for HDV (.m2t) movie clips
  200. [ubuntu_studio] 32-bit or 64-bit?
  201. [ubuntu] Almost there with netjack
  202. [ubuntu_studio] UbuntuStudio needs a lot of Slackware-esque command line tinkering for use.
  203. [all variants] Cinelerra Question
  204. [ubuntu] How to make demos or tour and Launchpad like ubuntu forum
  205. [ubuntu_studio] Installing Ubuntu Studio on a 2009 Intel iMac 27"
  206. [ubuntu_studio] could not install UbuntuStudio for 10.04 AMD64
  207. Help with Evolution UC-33 and Pd on 9.10 NBR
  208. [ubuntu_studio] Echo Indigo IO
  209. [ubuntu_studio] Realtime-kernel and multiuser-environment
  210. [ubuntu_studio] dvd covers?
  211. [ubuntu] There is no sound in Ubuntu 10.04
  212. [ubuntu] don't install the studio packages over reg ubuntu
  213. [ubuntu_studio] ffado mixer not working in 10.04 (echo audiofire4)
  214. [ubuntu] Windows audio programs other than Reaper/Ardour VST support?
  215. [SOLVED] Yamaha 01x
  216. [ubuntu_studio] JAAA won't start (ALSA and JACK errors)
  217. [ubuntu_studio] Boot issue
  218. [SOLVED] Install Zebra 2.5 in Ubuntu 10.04 and Wine 1.1.43
  219. [ubuntu_studio] Using the 2.6.33-rt kernel series on Ubuntu Lucid
  220. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 10
  221. [ubuntu_studio] Live guitar effects.. Is my hardware good enough?
  222. [ubuntu] audio interface options
  223. [SOLVED] Real Time Kernel
  224. [ubuntu] Zoom H4N with Audacity + Ubuntu 10.04?
  225. [ubuntu_studio] Soundblaster Audigy 2 platinum eX and midi keyboards
  226. USB audio output stopped working
  227. Jack is dead
  228. [ubuntu] Problem with Jack
  229. [all variants] jackrouter in lucid / wine
  230. [SOLVED] Help to get jack working
  231. [SOLVED] Did the theme change?
  232. [ubuntu] No M-Audio Fast Track Input, no readable system output in JACK
  233. [kubuntu] Lucid: No sound with snd-hda-intel and realtime kernel
  234. [all variants] Call for Papers and Presentations : Free and Open Source Software Panel Session at CA
  235. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio Radium-49 keyboard: troubleshooting
  236. [ubuntu_studio] cme matrix k fw driver problem
  237. [SOLVED] M-audio Ozone working in 10.04 lucid
  238. [ubuntu] Spotify audio probelms with ubuntu 10.04 lts
  239. [ubuntu_studio] vst plugins
  240. [ubuntu_studio] Hydrogen quandary
  241. [ubuntu_studio] transport buttons in 9.10 to 10.04
  242. [ubuntu] How stable is VST support in Ardour?
  243. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with sound preferences
  244. [ubuntu_studio] Conceptual: can a usb2.0 audio device work at usb2.0 speed?
  245. [SOLVED] No x server display with kernel 2.6.31 on Ubuntu Studio 10.04
  246. [ubuntu_studio] Will it work
  247. [ubuntu_studio] Alternative .SF2 loader
  248. [ubuntu_studio] What's the compromise with the low-latency kernels
  249. [kubuntu] Rendering to file sequence in Kdenlive-is there a script for this?
  250. [ubuntu_studio] getting jack started