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  1. [ubuntu_studio] I can't upgrade mixxx 1.6 to 1.7 on Ubuntu Studio - Karmic
  2. [xubuntu] HDA Intel + Alsa -- Distorted audio
  3. [ubuntu] JACK giving me trouble
  4. [ubuntu] Music production setup
  5. [ubuntu] I have a video_ts folder, and Brasero, do I have everything I need?
  6. [ubuntu] Csound Python binding error
  7. [ubuntu] How do i install VST plugins in Reaper?
  8. [ubuntu_studio] Setting up Jack Ubuntu Studio. Jack crashes using hda intel sound card
  9. [ubuntu] Why am i getting this error in Rosegarden?
  10. [ubuntu] Making ubuntu recognize "microphone" as MIDI keyboard
  11. [ubuntu_studio] Best Distro for Semi-Professional Music Production?
  12. [ubuntu] Audio Editor to Transpose Music by command line
  13. [ubuntu] Alesis Multimix USB 2.0 8 channel
  14. [ubuntu] I cannot figure out this ripping/burning thing
  15. [ubuntu_studio] Any ideas of how can I uninstall Mixxx - being compiled from source
  16. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 9.10 & M-Audio 49 USB Axiom
  17. [ubuntu] JVC Everio GZ-MS95SE - .mod problem
  18. [ubuntu] can't find lmms-extras package
  19. [ubuntu] devede install removes libavformat52 and plenty others
  20. [ubuntu] Codelite help how to use
  21. [ubuntu] LMMS recognize Midi keyboard
  22. [ubuntu] Tovid command files
  23. [ubuntu_studio] FCP, Avid, Vegas, Pro Tools, Cubase, Shake, Photoshop etc.
  24. [ubuntu_studio] Qjackctl fails after 10 or so seconds
  25. [gnome] f-spot metadata and resize problems
  26. [SOLVED] two soundcards with jack
  27. [ubuntu_studio] Recording question: Looking for input on PCI/PCIe Audio Interface
  28. [kubuntu] Break the program CD-protected songs, and took him .. Free .. Small-sized
  29. "Elvin": Does anybody know what is it?
  30. [ubuntu] editing music files in ubuntu
  31. [ubuntu] 9.04 Installing Ubuntu Studio on a partition
  32. [ubuntu] how to export in ktoon?
  33. [ubuntu_studio] buggy installer, ubuntustudio 9.l0 is a pain, and slighty broken!
  34. [ubuntu] Making video from Cinelerra to upload to youtube
  35. [SOLVED] xvidcap record streaming audio - /dev/dsp doesn't work
  36. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 9.10: how to output video to IEEE1394?
  37. [ubuntu] Good amateur studio card
  38. [ubuntu] removed
  39. [ubuntu] Guayadeque Music Player Test request
  40. [ubuntu_studio] How do I start Ubuntu Studio control?
  41. [ubuntu] HDMI output on a Meerkat ION
  42. [all variants] VideoLAN Movie Creator
  43. [ubuntu] ALSA instead of Pulseaudio
  44. [ubuntu_studio] Very good deal on this M-Audio Delta 1010.
  45. [SOLVED] Mixxx cannot access the sound device
  46. [ubuntu] Ardour will not play
  47. [SOLVED] mkvmerge GUI v2.0.2 -> missing help file in Hardy
  48. [ubuntu_studio] ubuntu studio compatible audio hardware...
  49. [SOLVED] UbuStu 9.10 64 - Audiofire12 issues...
  50. [ubuntu] Midi Keyboard controler advice
  51. [ubuntu] Logitech Edge Keyboard doesn't work atfer installing Linux
  52. [SOLVED] Help finding audio/video program?
  53. [ubuntu_studio] Audio interface and ubuntu studio
  54. [ubuntu] Behringer EurorackUB802 and USB - Howto ?
  55. [ubuntu_studio] Starting from scratch
  56. [ubuntu_studio] Stuck on audio/Presonus audigy 2 zs
  57. [ubuntu] Powerpoint presentation conversion for windows?
  58. [ubuntu] pitivi and saved files
  59. [ubuntu] Screencasting
  60. [all variants] Encoding Closed Captions
  61. [ubuntu] gPodder: Where is list of Status Icons
  62. [ubuntu] ableton or simmilar
  63. [ubuntu] Any suggestions for a Quake Map Editor for Ubuntu?
  64. [all variants] Good ffmpeg settings for a 500-700 MB video
  65. [ubuntu_studio] Installation/network problems
  66. [ubuntu] How can I record a game with gtk recordmydesktop and esound with sound?
  67. [ubuntu_studio] About to give up un karmic studio, maudio2496, alsa.
  68. [SOLVED] JACK Connection Issues
  69. [ubuntu_studio] System Requirements
  70. [ubuntu] Is there an external hardware template at Jack level?
  71. [ubuntu] Will Ubuntu do all these Audio things?
  72. [ubuntu] avidemux can't open files from dvd unknown riff file
  73. [ubuntu_studio] Video Stabilization
  74. [ubuntu] Adobe Suite related software...
  75. [ubuntu] converting from AVi to TS
  76. [ubuntu] Audiophile 24/96
  77. [ubuntu_studio] cant' get audio input into Rosegarden from line in
  78. [ubuntu] Can't start JACK with a USB mic
  79. [SOLVED] I need an advanced audio recording/editing software
  80. [all variants] Sony SxS Pro cards not recognized
  81. [ubuntu] Program to create animations via cutt & paste?
  82. [ubuntu] I need a movie creator, please help!
  83. [all variants] Netflix streaming+PICO-ITX pc+remote control?
  84. [SOLVED] GIMP starts up and that is about it.
  85. [ubuntu_studio] Recording Studio Setup issues
  86. [kde] The most effective way to backup Picasa?
  87. [all variants] LMMS versus JACK and Rosegarden
  88. [ubuntu_studio] recording using Creox, Audacity, Jack
  89. [ubuntu_studio] Cakewalk (edirol) UA-25 EX and jack
  90. [all variants] Encoding Xvid in Linux vs Windows. VERY slow using FFMPEG.
  91. [ubuntu] audio defect.. no sound..
  92. [ubuntu] Make a recording of a bunch of kids
  93. [all variants] Drummer looking to set up a recording studio in the attic. Watcha got?
  94. [all variants] How do I make a video of jpg's, with long transitions?
  95. [ubuntu] I want to record my C64 games to a video file!
  96. [ubuntu] Adobe Shockwave On Ubuntu
  97. RecordMyDesktop woes
  98. [ubuntu] Is there any program like Adobe Pro ?
  99. [ubuntu] Turning a Video clip into an MP3? An editor?
  100. [ubuntu] Bluetooth headphones volume control doesn't work.
  101. [ubuntu] problem starting darkice
  102. [all variants] Presentation in a web browser
  103. [ubuntu] tying to bond my nics
  104. [ubuntu] Whenever I try to do a screencast my pc lags or freezes
  105. [kubuntu] Unable to play some WAV files
  106. [ubuntu] Some outdated audio software
  107. [ubuntu] No sound in LMMS
  108. [SOLVED] LMMS Eating my CPU
  109. [ubuntu] Saving a selection - Gimp
  110. [all variants] Ardour / Rosegarden Advice
  111. [ubuntu] Quick cam express woes
  112. [SOLVED] Sound only being recorded in left channel
  113. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase
  114. [ubuntu] Anyone use many Gimp plug ins?
  115. Removing background hiss from MP4's audio track
  116. [ubuntu] bluetooth inop
  118. [ubuntu] 5.1 audio configuration
  119. [ubuntu] How to load soundfonts to qsynth from fluid-soundfonts-gm
  120. [SOLVED] Extracting audio information from video
  121. [ubuntu] Anyone know how to detach the tool options box in gimp(picture included)?
  122. [ubuntu] Need help with mixer in Ardour
  123. [ubuntu] Professional-grade audio interface compatible with Ubuntu Studio?
  124. [ubuntu_studio] Can I install OpenOffice in Ubuntu Studio?
  125. [ubuntu] Is there a codecs / media formats for Dummies ?
  126. [ubuntu] Openshot starts but I cant use it?
  127. [ubuntu] PreSonus FP10 recording help
  128. [all variants] Rotating pdfs 180 & then saving them
  129. [ubuntu_studio] All through "Jack"
  130. [all variants] Can pulseaudio and jack play nice?
  131. [all variants] sound-juicer rips invalid flac files
  132. [ubuntu] Program to stream Music
  133. [ubuntu] Arista Transcode Gstreamer Element faac & Gstreamer Element x264 encoder
  134. [SOLVED] playing VOB files via fuppes connecting to a ps3
  135. [ubuntu] non unique names in jackaudiosink
  136. [xubuntu] sudo aptitude install aircrack-ng appears to have ruined my Ardour installation!
  137. [all variants] Reauthoring DVD - Add/change audio track
  138. [ubuntu_studio] MIDI sync to external daw Yamaha AW4416
  139. [ubuntu_studio] Problems with LMMS.
  140. [SOLVED] jack/djplay problems
  141. [other] CMYKTool
  142. [SOLVED] which video production apps...
  143. [ubuntu] kdenlive has scratchy sound
  144. [SOLVED] Blender not starting
  145. [SOLVED] Presentation software
  146. [ubuntu] why is video editing such a task?
  147. [ubuntu_studio] FA-101 + FFADO + JACK + ARDOUR = Headache (for me, anyway)
  148. [ubuntu] Managing alsa and jack connection using console
  149. [ubuntu_studio] can I safely remove all kernels but the linut-rt??
  150. [SOLVED] Cinelerra question
  151. [ubuntu] Intex external tv tuner card setup
  152. [SOLVED] How to connect Casio ctk-691 keyboard to Ubuntu
  153. [all variants] Post 2007 Delta Series -- WTF?
  154. [ubuntu_studio] Qsampler don't run
  155. [ubuntu] Cortado with flumotion 0.6.1
  156. Is (Atom N330 + nVidia ION + 2GB) still good for video editing?
  157. [all variants] Concatenating .mov files with ffmpeg or anything?
  158. [ubuntu_studio] alternatives to real bass (for ardour recording)
  159. [ubuntu_studio] What is the purpose of ALSA MIDI Through in JACK?
  160. [ubuntu] Problem with connecting idjc to icecaset2
  161. [all variants] Two simultaneous subtitles
  162. [ubuntu_studio] Midi recording using external keyboard
  163. [xubuntu] Wav to mp3
  164. [all variants] Anamorphic DVD? - DeVeDe
  165. [ubuntu_studio] Best USB 2/4 channels sound card
  166. [ubuntu] Gnump3d and video (.avi)
  167. [ubuntu_studio] Freqtweak trouble
  168. [ubuntu] UbuntuStudio RT kernel
  169. [ubuntu] Crackling sound on fullscreen games and LMMS
  170. [SOLVED] monitor and record audio signal from Mic & Line Inputs
  171. [SOLVED] Add Audio file to Video
  172. [ubuntu_studio] Metronome signal from external device in Rosegarden
  173. Is anyone running a 64 bit version of octave?
  174. [ubuntu_studio] Wich version?
  175. For the life of me, cannot get Hercules RMX to work with MIXXX what-so-ever, help!!
  176. [ubuntu_studio] M-Audio MobilePre & Jack1 = bus error HELP!
  177. [ubuntu] kdenlive - can't add videos
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Firewire Expresscard
  179. [SOLVED] WinFF - my converted videos is slightly stretched, why?
  180. No sound from Behringer UCA202
  181. [ubuntu] avi to dvd - why so involved?
  182. [ubuntu] MIDI interface Cakewalk (Roland) UM-2G
  183. [ubuntu] Kino. Canon 5DMKII .MOV to mpeg - stops short of end.
  184. MP4 Video Editor?
  185. [ubuntu] Yamaha midi usb device
  186. [ubuntu] cinelarra error
  187. [ubuntu] TV studio software
  188. [ubuntu] What settings do I use on AutoTalent to make it sound like T-Pain?
  189. [kubuntu] Compiling a VST plugin, in Linux.
  190. [ubuntu] VLC recognizes letter music?
  191. [ubuntu] JACK/ALSA Connection Issues on 8.04.4 with Creative SB0350
  192. [ubuntu_studio] Jack 2, Ardour and Multiple Sound Cards
  193. [ubuntu] dvdslideshow problem
  194. [ubuntu] Capture video, edit then make into DVD?
  195. [ubuntu_studio] Hauppauge 1850 driver
  196. [ubuntu] GTK pod ipod video question?
  197. [all variants] FFMPEG "codec frame rate differs from container frame rate" error. Got an idea?
  198. [ubuntu] What programs should I use for screen recording and video editing?
  199. [all variants] Wobble bass in ZynAddSubFX
  200. [ubuntu] Noteedit problems
  201. [ubuntu_studio] Program like Rosegarden but MIDI only?
  202. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS always kicked by jack
  203. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden 10.2 Thorn Released
  204. [ubuntu] The BEST for Editing
  205. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden and xruns during MIDI playback
  206. [ubuntu] ZSNES and Mencoder: How do I dump the file?
  207. [ubuntu] Xruns in jack, without any other programs open
  208. [SOLVED] What is the correct way to remove Ubuntu Studio?
  209. [ubuntu] Linux MultiMedia Studio
  210. [ubuntu] Delta 44 audio artefact
  211. [ubuntu] kdenlive permission saving problem?
  212. [ubuntu_studio] Weird/Annoying Cinelerra Audio Problem
  213. [all variants] Help with Cinelerra preferences
  214. [other] What audio production software is good for beginners?
  215. [SOLVED] Kompozer IBUS input
  216. [ubuntu] TuxCube
  217. [ubuntu_studio] what version of ubuntu studio is best for use with the freebob driver?
  218. [ubuntu_studio] Making Gstreamer "link" in jack "sticky" ??
  219. [ubuntu] Using Mixxx with more than two channels
  220. [other] lmms song files
  221. [SOLVED] I need a USB recording and MIDI interface
  222. [all variants] Joining MTS files vs importing to M2TS?
  223. [all variants] Ardour, jackd, ffado with a Alesis Multimix Firewire 16
  224. [ubuntu] Image compression
  225. [ubuntu] GUI watermarker?
  226. [ubuntu] Pitivi No Sound Question
  227. [ubuntu] Kpovmodeler freezes upon .pov import
  228. [ubuntu] audio crackiling nvidia drivers
  229. [ubuntu] sK1 0.9.1pre (rev905) is out
  230. [all variants] M3u Playlist Creator Scripts
  231. [ubuntu_studio] Freecycle Beat Slicer in 9.10
  232. [ubuntu] Apply Microphone Sound on ubuntu
  233. [kubuntu] I need help with a Behringer UCA202
  234. [ubuntu] Kino capture/edit - jagged
  235. [ubuntu] Sweep: cannot open device /dev/dsp: device or resource busy
  236. [other] Add fade to AAC-file? (or video/audio fade for mp4-file)
  237. [ubuntu] Way to solve kdenlive issues with video and audio
  238. [ubuntu_studio] Running Mixx Under JACK
  239. [ubuntu] Problems with self-produced DVDs not recognized
  240. [SOLVED] alsa and jack,something dont work?
  241. [ubuntu_studio] panning in ardour
  242. [ubuntu] ZynAddSubFX huge lag and no sound
  243. [ubuntu] HP G71 HDMI Output
  244. [ubuntu] Recording audio and video together like WMM
  245. [ubuntu_studio] Setting up
  246. [ubuntu] Help with FFmpeg WinFF
  247. [ubuntu] Live webcam video mixer for linux? Is there any such thing?
  248. [SOLVED] Expanding one page to poster size
  249. [ubuntu_studio] JACK issues
  250. [ubuntu_studio] 17:34:42.096 JACK has crashed