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  1. [ubuntu] Converting files to use with final cut pro
  2. [ubuntu] Capture Video With Black Magic Intensity Pro
  3. [ubuntu_studio] Can get MIDI working in Muse
  4. [ubuntu] Video color correction
  5. [ubuntu] Quicktime to DVD
  6. [ubuntu] recordmydesktop and Jack won't work together..
  7. [ubuntu] How to create rss feed of all mp3s in folder?
  8. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Weirdness
  9. [ubuntu_studio] jackd - adjusting priority
  10. [ubuntu] Can't Paste Pictures into GIMP!
  11. [ubuntu_studio] FA-101 Midi not working, audio fine!
  12. [all variants] MIDI diagnostics?
  13. [ubuntu] How do I make M audio delta 66 work on Ubuntu?
  14. [ubuntu] Voodoo 0.9.5 on Ubuntu 8.10 error
  15. [all variants] Need an audio programming language....
  16. [SOLVED] Could not connect to JACK server as client
  17. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Vs Ubuntu
  18. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio on a Machine without DVD-drive ?
  19. [ubuntu] Line6 POD X3 - Setup help
  20. [ubuntu] Jack audio problems.
  21. [ubuntu] Problems in connecting guitar to ubuntu..
  22. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu-Studio 9.10 and Firewire - a sad tale...
  23. [ubuntu] How do I turn up the bass in Ubuntu Karmic?
  24. [all variants] From Camera to DVD on Linux
  25. [ubuntu_studio] Recording with an Emu-0404 PCI... Help
  26. [ubuntu] Downgrading to Audacity 1.2.6?
  27. [ubuntu] Cinelerra Audo/Video Sync Help
  28. [ubuntu_studio] What you would like to see in Ubuntu Studio 10.04
  29. [ubuntu] glc: Can't find glc libraries
  30. [ubuntu] Program to translate sheet music to audio?
  31. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu vs Mac Logic Express
  32. [all variants] ATI Stream apps in ubuntu
  33. [ubuntu_studio] IDJC canno't add mp3
  34. [SOLVED] ffmpeg error with wmv
  35. [ubuntu_studio] Bad sound quality with hda-intel
  36. [ubuntu] 8.04 cannot play downloaded flash video?
  37. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 9.10 Karmic Koala - Midi Apps
  38. [all variants] ASRock ION 330 and 5.1 Audio over SPDIF (not passthru)
  39. [ubuntu] Adobe flash CS4 on linux ubuntu?
  40. [ubuntu] kdenlive question
  41. [ubuntu] PITIVI LOVE (http://pitivi.org/wiki/PiTiVi_Love)
  42. [SOLVED] Back to square one - which release of Ubuntu?
  43. [ubuntu] Rosegarden Wav Sound.
  44. [ubuntu_studio] big problem with firefox on ubuntustudio
  45. [ubuntu_studio] soundcard help
  46. [ubuntu_studio] Introduction to Ubuntu Studio presentation
  47. [all variants] Disable laptop internal mic, but no option!
  48. [SOLVED] JACK doesn't work with 2 simultaneous cards
  49. [SOLVED] Video production? Is it possible?
  50. [ubuntu] How to get LMMS to work
  51. [SOLVED] 32 bit vs 64 bit??
  52. [ubuntu] problems with running Novashell on 64-bit ubuntu 9.10
  53. [ubuntu] 5.1 problem with Ubuntu 9.10
  54. [ubuntu] Flumotion Error: Manager could not be started.
  55. [ubuntu] dvd help
  56. [SOLVED] Editing .eps images without loss of quality
  57. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrade or Fresh Install?
  58. [ubuntu] More Jack problems
  59. [ubuntu] Pitivi 0.11.3 So unstable...
  60. [ubuntu_studio] Rakarrack Replacing Creox in Ubuntu Studio
  61. [ubuntu_studio] MADI Support
  62. [ubuntu] GIMP Fails to start
  63. [all variants] embedded multimedia in pdf
  64. [ubuntu] Kino wont completely import...
  65. [ubuntu] how is MIDI in ubuntu?
  66. [ubuntu] TASCAM US-122 mkII not recognised
  67. [ubuntu] New to jack, have a question.
  68. [ubuntu] Kdenlive GUI not displayed correctly
  69. [ubuntu_studio] ezdrummer solo and ardour (wineasio) cooool!!!
  70. [ubuntu] Anyone ever got audio to work on Cinelerra?
  71. [ubuntu] Would you believe? Another Jack issue...
  72. [ubuntu_studio] Alsa Modular Synth does not work
  73. [ubuntu_studio] Expected Latency?
  74. [ubuntu_studio] Firewire and USB at same time?
  75. [ubuntu_studio] No sound in audio apps!
  76. [ubuntu] alternative to gigasampler & Kontact?
  77. [ubuntu_studio] MIDI with a USB keyboard controller
  78. [ubuntu] Is it possibly to use a Firewire MiniDV camera to stream live video?
  79. [ubuntu] Rosegarden can't connect to jack;
  80. [ubuntu] aMSN Voice Chat Problem
  81. [ubuntu] Jack Version
  82. [ubuntu] MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV installation. Please help me.
  83. [all variants] Text to speech for disabled lady
  84. [ubuntu] No sound from Rosegarden
  85. [ubuntu] LiveUSB Ubuntu 9.10 dosen't boot normaly
  86. [ubuntu] Looking for DJ Software
  87. [ubuntu_studio] latency question
  88. [ubuntu] IDJC + USB mixer + jack = play together?
  89. [all variants] no-brainer how2 Hydrogen 9.4 drumkit creation
  90. [SOLVED] Color management for each monitor???
  91. [ubuntu] Cropping a photo into a video
  92. [ubuntu] recomendation for video editing program
  93. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Version.....
  94. [ubuntu_studio] Qtractor/LMMS as alternative for FL Studio...
  95. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS VST Problems
  96. [ubuntu] kdenlive transition view
  97. [ubuntu_studio] hydrogen message "error starting audio driver"
  98. [ubuntu] What are the benefits of a realtime kernel?
  99. [ubuntu] Open Source alternative to Flash Professional CS4
  100. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour Manual
  101. [ubuntu] Is this possible?
  102. [ubuntu_studio] Real Time Trouble
  103. [ubuntu_studio] a few comments about upgrade 9.04-.>9.10
  104. [ubuntu] Blu-ray burners
  105. [all variants] Ubuntu PPA for musicians and producers
  106. [ubuntu_studio] M-audio Fast Track ULTRA Problems! Solution?!
  107. linux recording help
  108. [ubuntu] Need Jack to run 88.2Khz 24 bit Audio
  109. [all variants] HOWTO: Ardour DAW (Documentation)
  110. [ubuntu_studio] Firewire Audio with Phonic mixer, ANOTHER attempt, please help!
  111. [ubuntu] Need some help with fading in Audacity...
  112. [all variants] Need help with DVD with photos
  113. [ubuntu_studio] muse and freebirth wont launch
  114. [ubuntu_studio] new install partition ?
  115. [ubuntu] Will the realtime rt-kernel ever be upgraded ?
  116. [SOLVED] Help in removing vocals in a song
  117. [ubuntu] How to use netjack?
  118. [ubuntu_studio] No Pulseaudio when qjackctl is running but jackd stopped
  119. [other] need freeware music notation with mic/line input capability
  120. [ubuntu] Rosegarden with JACK
  121. [ubuntu] Songbird library management
  122. [ubuntu] simple AV set-up advice
  123. [all variants] sound-juicer package in 9.10 repos is busted
  124. [other] ffmpeg from Jaunty to Karmic, Can't get the same quality!
  125. [ubuntu] Audio Player that can "cue tracks"
  126. [all variants] WMV-HD Encoding
  127. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS: Sustain pedal not working
  128. [ubuntu_studio] Why cant I find the 'non alternate' download
  129. [all variants] Create a Reversed Video Clip
  130. [ubuntu] Qsynth - no button to stop synth engines ?
  131. [ubuntu] ubuntu kubuntu x ubuntu ?what to choose ??
  132. [all variants] jack-rack: no sound
  133. [ubuntu_studio] A few questions on equipment needed for recording
  134. [ubuntu] Jokosher screwing with me.
  135. [ubuntu] "I don't know JACK"
  136. [all variants] PS3 mp4 with mencoder
  137. [SOLVED] External MIDI and Audigy Platimun eX
  138. [ubuntu] request adobe captivate software equivalent in Linux ...
  139. [all variants] Total Recorder (Windows) equivalent in Ubuntu
  140. [xubuntu] timidity
  141. [ubuntu_studio] What is the best MP3 player for Ubuntu Studio?
  142. [ubuntu] Having issue with storage
  143. [ubuntu_studio] Sound Card for Recording & Ubuntu Studio Question
  144. [ubuntu] How to get sound in tuxguitar?
  145. [ubuntu_studio] M-audio latency problems
  146. [ubuntu_studio] questions on mobile recording studio build
  147. [SOLVED] Jack has stopped working.
  148. [ubuntu_studio] Building a new system & wide gamut IPS LCD & cameracorder; any compatibility issues?
  149. [Ubuntu 9.1] HDMI sound out not available.
  150. [all variants] Help setting FFmpeg OGV file size/quality
  151. [ubuntu] mts video to other formats
  152. [ubuntu_studio] Configure All settings?
  153. [ubuntu] How to get VST support in Ardour?I
  154. [ubuntu] cd menu autorun
  155. [ubuntu] gtk-RecordMyDesktop Issues
  156. [ubuntu] Creat Jigsaw Puzzle in Slideshow Presentation
  157. [ubuntu] RME to SSL Alpha Channel problems.
  158. Pencil palette not viewable in NR 9.10
  159. [ubuntu] USB Midi Keyboards?
  160. [ubuntu_studio] keyboards (the musical kind)
  161. [all variants] terratec phase x24 fw in linux?
  162. Avidemux how to change permissions
  163. [ubuntu] Need help!
  164. [ubuntu_studio] Studio/ Music editor softwares
  165. [ubuntu_studio] is it possible to find old releases?
  166. [all variants] New Plugins for Ardour
  167. [ubuntu] Similar to Logic Pro?
  168. [ubuntu] M-audio Audiophile 24/96 Ubuntu 9,10
  169. [ubuntu] Sound and video recording
  170. [ubuntu] using a Tascam US-144mkII with linux/ardour
  171. [ubuntu] Noob needs some help
  172. [SOLVED] Bryce 5.5 in Wine does not rotate objects
  173. [ubuntu] Jack connects to FP10 but no connections in Jack
  174. [ubuntu_studio] audio interface suggestions and ardour problems
  175. [gnome] Alternatives to Record My Desktop?
  176. [xubuntu] Puredata (Extended) dependencies (Installing help needed)
  177. [ubuntu_studio] Zoom H4 doesn't show up in JACK
  178. [ubuntu_studio] Jack won't stop xruns/messing up in general
  179. [ubuntu] Fuzzy Sound in LMMS, Hydrogen, etc.
  180. [ubuntu] Plantronics .Audio 655 USB Headset
  181. [ubuntu] CD Sounds Fine on DVD Player, Not CD Player
  182. [all variants] Can I create 3D art in python ?
  183. [ubuntu] LMMS MIDI slow
  184. [all variants] >Trying to copy my onw-home-video DVD - how to write to UDF ?
  185. [ubuntu] Hardware
  186. dvd burning problem
  187. [SOLVED] Installing codecs for Mplayer.
  188. [xubuntu] Wiinstrument Won't Install
  189. [ubuntu_studio] Looking for help with JACK set-up
  190. [ubuntu] Sound Juicer doesn't tag with track number
  191. [xubuntu] Guitar tuners?
  192. [ubuntu] The Essential Blender Confusion
  193. How to use rex2 loops?
  194. [SOLVED] Wine + EnergyXT + WineASIO + Jack
  195. [ubuntu_studio] Rosegarden 10.2 beta awaits its testers before final release
  196. [ubuntu] jack was working and then for no reason now gets 100s of xruns!
  197. [ubuntu] GIMP 2.6 - Where can I find the preferences folder?
  198. [all variants] zynjacku and lv2rack for Karmic available
  199. [all variants] Lame: Unsupported data format: 0x0003
  200. [ubuntu_studio] New Computer/Processor Questions
  201. [ubuntu] Internet Radio Station with live captured audio question
  202. [all variants] Anyone using the "gimp-for-painters" patch? (instructions inside)
  203. [ubuntu_studio] LinuxSampler
  204. [all variants] Linux for pro audio? Share your experiences!
  205. [SOLVED] pitched up sound EMU 0404 ubuntu 9.10
  206. [ubuntu] Smile crashes, Floating comma exeption
  207. [ubuntu_studio] Nvidia prop. drivers with studio 9.10 rt kernel?
  208. [ubuntu] Render Farm
  209. Ubuntu audio production - still problems
  210. [ubuntu] line 6 guitarport xt
  211. [ubuntu_studio] Too many input/output channels in jack
  212. [ubuntu_studio] 24-bit sound card...what works?
  213. [SOLVED] Qjack problems
  214. [all variants] Smart CD Burner
  215. [all variants] PPA/.deb for Muse 1.0?
  216. [ubuntu] graphic station
  217. [kde] Problem with my Kmix 2.6.1 sound controller
  218. [all variants] Cassette to CD Archiving
  219. [kubuntu] Webcam Streaming: Multiple Cameras
  220. [wubi] LMMS produces no sound output
  221. [ubuntu] kernel contest for hard-edged conditions
  222. [all variants] The "I love Traverso" thread.
  223. [SOLVED] Video production for an MP4 player
  224. [all variants] Which Linux Distribution with Energy XT?
  225. [all variants] Using an electronic drumkit.. ?
  226. [ubuntu] Fontforge Lookup Tables
  227. [ubuntu] Ardour and Rosegarden not ok
  228. [all variants] DVDAuthor - Cannot create DVD with subtitles
  229. [ubuntu] Sound editing via the command line
  230. [ubuntu] MIDI Using TASCAM US-122
  231. [ubuntu] How do i create drum kits from samples in hydrogen?
  232. [other] What's the best way to make animations in Linux?
  233. [kubuntu] Mencoder and mel script problem
  234. [SOLVED] Can't find package lilypond in Ubuntu Software Center
  235. [ubuntu] Lmms is kicked by Jack
  236. [ubuntu] A GStreamer error has occured in Jokosher
  237. [ubuntu_studio] connecting to USB keyboard
  238. [ubuntu_studio] Karmic ffado problems with SPS 66
  239. [ubuntu] Banshee not connecting to ipod
  240. [ubuntu_studio] Mobile equipment
  241. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour recording existing tracks on new tracks
  242. [ubuntu] dvdauthor error - won't properly create VIDEO_TS.IFO
  243. [ubuntu] Muse 1.0 Released
  244. [other] :HARDWARE: Recording In Class Lectures
  245. [all variants] Rock Band Guitar in Ardour
  246. [ubuntu] DeVeDe/Brasero Question
  247. [ubuntu] News from FFADO regarding recent FireWire conflict.
  248. [ubuntu] Sound Won't Record !?
  249. [SOLVED] FFADO and 828mk2
  250. [ubuntu_studio] looping and slowing down music to learn guitar parts?