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  1. [ubuntu_studio] memory locked at 64?
  2. [ubuntu_studio] Studio Launcher: Jamming and Music production environment on-demand in seconds
  3. [ubuntu] No Sound with Hydrogen
  4. [ubuntu] the Music recording Computer
  5. [ubuntu] EZDrummer on Linux.
  6. [ubuntu_studio] Using a ThinkPad Anyone?
  7. [ubuntu] Capture streaming audio
  8. [ubuntu] Analogue video camera capture
  9. [ubuntu] Program for recording tv series
  10. [ubuntu_studio] Tascam US 122 - Light on, No sound
  11. [other] Rosegarden Tutorials
  12. [ubuntu] gtk-recordMyDesktop only records left sound
  13. [ubuntu] MIDI Drumset??
  14. [ubuntu_studio] Trying to Configure Jahshaka
  15. [ubuntu] Which film camera or camcorder is best for this
  16. [all variants] Apply a color curve/S-curve to a video?
  17. [all variants] correct way to downsize pdf with gs
  18. [ubuntu] Tutorials for Rosegarden
  19. [ubuntu_studio] Pulse Audio with E-MU 1616. No sound.
  20. [ubuntu] Full Screen Audio/Video Recording and Editing
  21. [ubuntu] 90 min CDs with Serpentine
  22. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Users WANTED!!
  23. [ubuntu] Can't install Wineasio
  24. [SOLVED] DVDStyler and Slideshow
  25. [ubuntu] Creating moving picture animation
  26. [ubuntu_studio] Loud hissing/noise when recording with Ardour/Jack and Edirol UA25
  27. [ubuntu] Unable to connect to Jack Server
  28. [SOLVED] Multimedia Questions
  29. [all variants] Quarter-Tone Midi
  30. [ubuntu] What can I do to get the audio working as good as in winXP???
  31. [ubuntu] Kdenlive
  32. [all variants] Reference Links
  33. [ubuntu] ADI 1988B line-in recording, not working!
  34. [all variants] DeVeDe - Generate title names from filenames
  35. Questions on installing Ubuntu Studio
  36. [ubuntu_studio] is ubuntustudio 9.04 too risky to install?
  37. [SOLVED] DeVeDe error
  38. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio: What's the benefit?
  39. [ubuntu_studio] Install Ubuntu Studio dualboot
  40. [ubuntu_studio] Shake+Ubuntu Studio
  41. [gnome] About Wine and Magix Music Maker
  42. [ubuntu] Audacity not recording
  43. [ubuntu_studio] New: PPA to re-enable system-wide JACK support
  44. [SOLVED] Preamp
  45. [ubuntu_studio] hydrogen crashes when ardour is running
  46. [ubuntu_studio] what hardware is best for music production?
  47. [ubuntu] system hardware problems
  48. [ubuntu_studio] Jack is dead
  49. [SOLVED] Trim mp3 files without re-encoding...
  50. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrade to 9.10?
  51. [ubuntu] Audacity records, but low quality
  52. [ubuntu] color correction
  53. [ubuntu_studio] What version of Ardour is in Jaunty?
  54. [ubuntu] jack realtime issue
  55. [SOLVED] Ubuntu Studio- 32bit or 64bit
  56. [ubuntu] Lmms issue
  57. Cinelerra crashs at render to OGG Theora/Vorbis
  58. [ubuntu] console vlc magic
  59. [SOLVED] Sound card and monitoring
  60. [ubuntu_studio] LMMS audio garbled sound
  61. [ubuntu_studio] Can't Record or Play in Jaunty
  62. [all variants] DVD::Rip .rip file gone...no what
  63. [ubuntu_studio] playback and input problems in recording programs
  64. [other] Any PCI-based MIDI Synthesizers Except Creative Labs?
  65. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour not recording tracks, too many tracks???
  66. [ubuntu] Can't record sound in anything... Ubuntu 9.04
  67. [ubuntu_studio] Were/what is Ubuntu Studio?
  68. [all variants] Alsa Modular Synth
  69. [ubuntu] How to assign wineasio to a different soundcard?
  70. [SOLVED] pd-extended on AMD64
  71. [SOLVED] A few questions about audio-production.
  72. [SOLVED] How do I overwrite the kernel so that it is realtime kernel in 8.04?
  73. [ubuntu] Problems with screen capture software
  74. [SOLVED] Blender fails to launch with Karmic RC
  75. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 9.10 Karmic Koala
  76. [SOLVED] HOWTO: Get new linuxsampler (1.0) work
  77. [SOLVED] amSynth not loading up
  78. [SOLVED] Crackling noise in ALSA Modular Synth
  79. [SOLVED] How do I tweak flash to work with realtime kernel in 8.04.
  80. [ubuntu] Mediatomb says it doesnt cant read external hd
  81. [ubuntu] Creative Audigy2 surround vs Karmic Koala
  82. [SOLVED] Edirol UA-20
  83. [ubuntu] Most advanced audio sample sequencer/editor
  84. [ubuntu_studio] Please help - multicard slave set up
  85. [SOLVED] JACK error
  86. [ubuntu] Hydrogen no longer plays in Karmic
  87. [ubuntu] Rosegarden && Roland SH32 Synthesizer
  88. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Studio RT have PAE?
  89. [ubuntu_studio] no sound from jack?
  90. [ubuntu] i cant hear what i am playing.
  91. [all variants] Increasing instrument sustain in TuxGuitar
  92. [ubuntu] can I run ubuntu studio components without installing ubuntu studio?
  93. [ubuntu_studio] snd-rtctimer module && ubuntu studio
  94. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio Karmic running great! Some steps for newbies
  95. [ubuntu] I need a drank"
  96. [ubuntu] Converting AVI to OGG Theora Problem
  97. [SOLVED] Setting up NI Audio Kontrol 1
  98. [all variants] ffmpeg unable to decode vob properly
  99. [ubuntu] Can't record audio stream with Audacity
  100. [ubuntu] Pitivi and Compiz
  101. [all variants] those using wineasio , whats your setup??
  102. [SOLVED] swap two tags in .mp3 or .ogg
  103. [ubuntu] Can Ubuntu Studio run VirtualBox?
  104. [ubuntu] What are the advantages of Realtime Kernel?
  105. [ubuntu_studio] 64 bit nubie
  106. [ubuntu] Before I install the realtime kernel...
  107. [SOLVED] OGMRip - higher resolution?
  108. [ubuntu] energyxt g++ erro compiling jack.cpp
  109. [ubuntu] Make a script to easily convert to image sequence?
  110. [ubuntu_studio] USB soundcard how to: 4 output channels
  111. [ubuntu] Kino DV Capture
  112. ISOLINUX Install or LiveDVD
  113. [SOLVED] Sound problems with avidemux
  114. [ubuntu_studio] How do I edit soundfonts, sfpack
  115. [ubuntu] Using WebcamStudio to broadcast on ustream?
  116. [ubuntu_studio] Sound Card: Pro Audio or Consumer PCI/Onboard Sound Card
  117. [ubuntu] ffmpeg/libx264 no longer working in karmic?
  118. [ubuntu] multipul sound card installation?
  119. [ubuntu] Audacity 1.2.6
  120. [ubuntu] Upgraded to 9.10 - Audacity kills cpu
  121. [ubuntu_studio] ardour wont find soundcard
  122. [ubuntu] Devede problem with LPCM audio
  123. [SOLVED] Setting USB Soundcard as primary ALSA device.
  124. No sound in Win Vista after Karmic install
  125. [ubuntu] can't record from microphone
  126. [ubuntu] N00b Question Re: layering Two Audio Files.
  127. [ubuntu] Ableton Live MIDI-controller works but sound doesn't
  128. [ubuntu] any good graphic editor that i dont know about? paid or free
  129. [ubuntu] N-Ttrack Studio
  130. mencoder only using one CPU
  131. [ubuntu] installation of libjackbridge and libresample
  132. [ubuntu] Problem with audacity
  133. [ubuntu] File not showing up in TSMuxerGUI
  134. [SOLVED] Problems with JACK and realtime
  135. [ubuntu] multi-track recording
  136. [ubuntu_studio] Jack Clients disappearing (9.10 x64)
  137. [ubuntu_studio] Steinberg Midex 8 - viable?
  138. [Workaround?] Audacity click-track broken on 64-bit
  139. [ubuntu] rosegarden failed to add audio file
  140. [SOLVED] UbuntuStudio installation fails @ ttf-mscorefonts-installer
  141. [ubuntu] Jack stops responding immediately after start.
  142. [ubuntu_studio] Another JACK problem thread...
  143. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu 9.10, problems during recording and playback
  144. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour GTK2 How is Your system setup for Ubuntu 9.10
  145. [ubuntu_studio] 6 - 10 channel recording - basic compatible interface?
  146. [all variants] libpulse defeats using vsts in wine
  147. [ubuntu] alternative for GARAGEBAND here in ubuntu
  148. [ubuntu_studio] alsa-base.conf set audio card as device 0
  149. [ubuntu] USB headphone recommendations
  150. [ubuntu] Tried Jack and some audio aps, now I dont have sound...
  151. [ubuntu_studio] Sound problems
  152. [SOLVED] No output with Delta 44
  153. [ubuntu] lmms latency problem in karmic
  154. [all variants] Best video editor application? Draw / sketch animation on top of video
  155. [ubuntu] Karmic bluetooth headset connection improved But...
  156. [ubuntu] CD Disc Error
  157. Blender won't start
  158. [ubuntu] Video Editing like in KdenLife?
  159. [ubuntu] gimp batch convert pdf png
  160. [ubuntu] no sound playing out from MP4 captured from mobile phone camera
  161. [all variants] Line-In Play through in 9.10
  162. [ubuntu] 9.10 breaks my jack USB audio when recording
  163. [SOLVED] no sound with bare alsa, ardour with jack works fine
  164. [ubuntu_studio] First impression with Ubuntu Studio
  165. [ubuntu] Webcam NightMode
  166. [ubuntu] Finlising Audio CD's
  167. [ubuntu] quickcam chat webcam brightness trouble
  168. [ubuntu] Installing Kompozer 0.8
  169. [all variants] What hardware is best for multimedia production (graphics, audio, video)?
  170. [ubuntu_studio] Jack exits saying no drivers found
  171. [ubuntu_studio] Need to get M-Audio keyrig49 working with ubuntu
  172. [SOLVED] LMMS bad then no sound.
  173. [ubuntu] Please delete all video editors in the Ubuntu Software Center
  174. [ubuntu_studio] Midi in Ubuntu Studio 9.10.....
  175. [ubuntu_studio] Upgrading from Jaunty to Karmic broke FFADO
  176. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour crashes if no network connection
  177. [ubuntu] Brasero only burns 1 track to CD
  178. [all variants] Help creating PDF's ready for poster printing
  179. [SOLVED] Dell Latitude C600
  180. [ubuntu] iPod Audiobooks (m4b) with chapters from mp3's
  181. [ubuntu] Ardour disconnects from Jack
  182. [SOLVED] configure wine
  183. [ubuntu] Problem with Real Time Kernel
  184. [ubuntu] can't find module for snd-rtctimer
  185. [ubuntu] jack won't run
  186. [ubuntu] Low record level with a hum in Audacity
  187. [SOLVED] Some Render options are not available in kdenlive such as Flash, MP4, XVid4 & H.264!
  188. [ubuntu_studio] audacity issues
  189. [SOLVED] Firewire 1394 DV Capture - How I got mine to work
  190. [SOLVED] Does this look right? Alsa settings?
  191. [ubuntu_studio] Ardour 2.8.2 & JACK 0.116.1 for Hardy
  192. [SOLVED] Recording and low record level stuff
  193. [SOLVED] Is there a reverb plug-in for Audacity?
  194. [ubuntu_studio] Where is Rosegarden?
  195. [ubuntu] Cheese Freezes on my laptop Karmic
  196. [ubuntu_studio] Ubuntu Studio 9.10 or 8.04?
  197. [ubuntu] Problem with Audigy Sound - Settings Not Saved?
  198. [ubuntu_studio] What hardware to use 4 Ardour
  199. [ubuntu] Please advice: phantom usb audio interface that actually works
  200. [ubuntu_studio] jack audio playing at half speed?
  201. [ubuntu] MP3 files of unknown duration
  202. [ubuntu] mencoder need audio in mpeg1 layer 3, getting mpeg2 layer 3
  203. [ubuntu] Virtual Keyboard
  204. [ubuntu] Video editors?
  205. [SOLVED] H264 encoding
  206. [ubuntu] Looking for ISO to AVI Converter
  207. [ubuntu] Sound Recording, horrible quality
  208. [ubuntu] Setting up jack
  209. [all variants] Sound problems with LMMS and Hydrogen
  210. Selecting channels from dual M-Audio cards
  211. [ubuntu_studio] first time trying to setup ardour/jack/firepod i'm lost
  212. [ubuntu] Casio keyboard
  213. [ubuntu] Burning with multiple burners
  214. [SOLVED] DV Camcorder Capture with external audio interface?
  215. [SOLVED] Firewire Audiofire4 on MacBook4.1 Ubuntu 9.10
  216. [ubuntu] Erratic playback from DVD's
  217. [SOLVED] Mp3 Automatic Tagger
  218. [ubuntu_studio] US-122 problems in Karmic
  219. [ubuntu_studio] Poll: Dual arch Ubuntu Studio disks
  220. [ubuntu] Having problems installing the rt kernel in 9.10
  221. [ubuntu_studio] Yet another tweak for firewire audio - IRQ priorities
  222. [ubuntu_studio] Problems all round :/
  223. [ubuntu] Which fork of this road should I take? Help please...
  224. [ubuntu_studio] (Newbie) Delta 1010LT & on-board audio
  225. [ubuntu_studio] good small supported no hassles sound card
  226. [ubuntu_mobile] Need help for writting gstreamer VC1 decoder plugin
  227. [all variants] How to resample audio to to 24-bit 96KHz using sox
  228. [SOLVED] GIMP Hue-Saturation Tool in ImageMagick
  229. [ubuntu] UFRAW problem in Karmic
  230. [ubuntu] MIDI recording
  231. [ubuntu] I will pay someone
  232. [ubuntu] Ubuntu (studio) - Video capture
  233. [ubuntu_studio] "can not display..." on UbuntuStudio 9.10
  234. [ubuntu] jack: impossible sample width (1) discovered!
  235. [ubuntu] Blender problem
  236. [ubuntu] RubyRipper directory structure question
  237. [ubuntu] terminal
  238. [ubuntu] Xara LX can't find imagemagick?
  239. [ubuntu_studio] AVCHD converter
  240. [kubuntu] batch image resize GUI
  241. [ubuntu] tv tunner program that will alow me to record what I watch?
  242. [ubuntu] ubuntu sound
  243. [ubuntu] updrading jackd to higher v than distribution has
  244. [ubuntu] DeVeDe Issues
  245. [ubuntu] 9.10, Ardour, JACK: Cannot record sound from other apps
  246. [ubuntu] Software to download youtube videos
  247. [ubuntu] ZynAddSubFX Zombifies!
  248. [ubuntu] Swissonic Firewire Audio Interface
  249. [ubuntu_studio] UStudio on Thinkpad T42 - Am I nuts?
  250. [ubuntu] Microphone doesn't work