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  1. *****Announcement:Intel Mac Users Please Read First *****
  2. Where to download Ubuntu for PowerPC and other frequently asked questions
  3. Apple Intel Users FAQ
  4. [ubuntu] single booting ubuntu on macbook, & ubuntu code?
  5. [ubuntu] Merged Apple Support Threads
  6. [xubuntu] Going green with shutdown command
  7. [kubuntu] Macbook crackling sound on left speaker? Use kernel 2.6.25!
  8. [ubuntu] PPC - Is ofboot still necessary?
  9. [ubuntu] Mactel Support PPA problems
  10. [kubuntu] Macbook Pro not shutting down, anybody else?
  11. [ubuntu] Is macbook compatible for ubuntu 8.04?
  12. [ubuntu] iSight on 64-it Mac Intel Hardy Heron
  13. [ubuntu] Macbook + sysrq key
  14. [ubuntu] Preparing a bootable USB drive from a Mac
  15. [ubuntu] Where did Ubuntu go?
  16. [ubuntu] boot camp confusion
  17. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.04 rc on a macbook, problem with instalation
  18. [ubuntu] Wireless issues on a C2D macbook
  19. [ubuntu] Radeon 9200 with PPC processors?
  20. [ubuntu] PowerTop saving for both Intel AND PPC
  21. [ubuntu] Apple keyboard
  22. [ubuntu] PPC - Backup these 3 files before installing Hardy
  23. [xubuntu] Hard Time with Xubuntu 7.10 PPC on G3 B&W
  24. [ubuntu] Macbook wireless can not be put in wireless mode
  25. [ubuntu] PPC - G5 iMac Video Question
  26. [ubuntu] where can i find ubuntu mac edition?
  27. [ubuntu] Apple Software
  28. [ubuntu] Display problem on ibook G3
  29. [ubuntu] no more whining noise after isight firmware load
  30. [all variants] HOWTO: Fix iSight in Hardy
  31. [ubuntu] No PPC support in 8.04?
  32. [all variants] Macbook Pro 3,1 - Upgrade from 7.10-->8.04?
  33. [ubuntu] just wondering about bluetooth...
  34. [ubuntu] LTSPCrossArchSetup PPC client failed
  35. [kubuntu] No sound after upgrade to 8.04
  36. [ubuntu] VRO files!! Help
  37. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Santa Rosa (3,1) experience with Hardy
  38. [ubuntu] New to Ubuntu Help please
  39. [ubuntu] Issues after upgrade from 7.10 to 8.04, MBP
  40. [ubuntu] 8.04 won't boot
  41. [ubuntu] Permanent Brightness
  42. [ubuntu] Aw geez, old iBook having a fit with date & time on 7.10
  43. [ubuntu] Anyone set up RAID using mdadm on a Mac Pro?
  44. [ubuntu] 8.04 cleared the MBR partition table
  45. [all variants] How to use iMac as a wireless router under linux?
  46. [ubuntu] Wireless for Ubuntu 8.04 on 2 Gen macbook
  47. [ubuntu] Weird stick *****Announcement:Intel Mac Users Please Read First *****
  48. [ubuntu] PPC: How do I go from the beta of Hardy to the release version?
  49. [ubuntu] Urgent Help required!!!!
  50. [ubuntu] Keyboard Problem - (Caps lock, Numlock) Hardy
  51. [ubuntu] Installing the camera of my macbook on ubuntu 8.04
  52. [ubuntu] problem with the latest 8.04 install
  53. [ubuntu] Powermac G5 and video cards...
  54. [ubuntu] Can't boot 8.04 on ibook
  55. [all variants] How to: the easiest way to install isight in ubuntu 8.04 hardy
  56. [ubuntu] Bi-directional sync to FTP
  57. [ubuntu] emac black screen with 8.04
  58. [kubuntu] Keyboard mapping issue after upgrade to 8.04
  59. [ubuntu] Virtual Machine Ubuntu
  60. [ubuntu] 8.04 macbook pro video card problem
  61. [ubuntu] Powerbook brightness adjustment problems
  62. [ubuntu] GRUB Hard Disk Error
  63. [ubuntu] Compiz Fusion on PowerBook G4
  64. [ubuntu] no bootable devices
  65. [all variants] Intel Macs with Hardy 'no bootable devices'
  66. [ubuntu] Wi-Fi no longer works
  67. [ubuntu] 8.04 on iMac G3 500mhz?
  68. [ubuntu] Trouble 'make-ing' ndiswrapper package
  69. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Distribution upgrade (ppc) from 6.06 to 8.04 with UpdateManager no good
  70. [ubuntu] Hardy Heron Issues with MacBook Pro 3,1 Santa Rosa
  71. [xubuntu] PPC - Life with Hardy on 20" G5 iMac
  72. [xubuntu] 8.04 upgrade difficulty
  73. [ubuntu] Hardy Heron Macbook Pro Wireless Issue
  74. [xubuntu] Installing/ upgrading xubuntu on 400Mhz iMac?????
  75. [xubuntu] Teaching a old dog new tricks!!!
  76. [xubuntu] Hardy PPC ISO
  77. [ubuntu] Getting an AR5418 to work on an MBP with Hardy Heron
  78. [ubuntu] Permissions of HFS+ Ext. HDD
  79. [kubuntu] [PPC] *buntu 8.04 LTS on Pismo
  80. [ubuntu] Hardy install on Lombard hangs on Python2.5
  81. [ubuntu] MacBook, Hardy and Dual Screen Setup
  82. [ubuntu] 8.04 missing something??
  83. [ubuntu] If you're having problems with volume increments using pommed...
  84. [ubuntu] 'modprobe ath_pci' doesn't work with madwifi
  85. [ubuntu] Sound for other programs will not work if Rhythmbox is open
  86. [ubuntu] Macbook Santa Rosa. Is 8.04 solving old problems?
  87. [ubuntu] 7.10 iMac G3 boot freeze
  88. [other] Yaboot Frustrations
  89. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Adjusting Volume resizes text in firefox!!!
  90. [all variants] Hardy on a clamshell success... almost!
  91. [ubuntu] real iphone tweak
  92. [ubuntu] Trouble with volume mounting with netatalk in Hardy
  93. [ubuntu] 8.04 On Quicksilver !
  94. [all variants] Madwifi Guide Broken
  95. [xubuntu] Working G3 imac xorg.conf for Hardy 8.04
  96. [ubuntu] Upgrade 7.10 -> 8.04 on MBP 3.1 -> login hangs?
  97. [ubuntu] PowerPC repository problems?
  98. [ubuntu] Another sound issue: modules loaded, levels maxed, everything silent
  99. [ubuntu] Problem with Mouse/Video
  100. [xubuntu] How would I go about this...
  101. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu 8.04: unable to connect to Apple Bluetooth Keyboard
  102. [ubuntu] Upgrade Help!
  103. [other] EXT2FSX with WRITE permission, possible?
  104. [ubuntu] Problems with an third gen mbp
  105. [xubuntu] Screen goes BLACK on xubuntu 8.04
  106. [other] Attention all Apple Users
  107. [ubuntu] 804ppc: Upgrade PB. Desktop ISO. Alternate. Useless
  108. [other] [INTEL] 8.04 Wireless on 2ndgen Macbook
  109. [ubuntu] [INTEL] No Bootable Device
  110. [ubuntu] Big troubles with wireless (MacBook) - Please help!!!
  111. [ubuntu] adding a macmini to my ubuntu network
  112. [ubuntu] Apple Keyboard
  113. [ubuntu] Intel Macbook- Hangs on resume in Hardy
  114. [ubuntu] Keyboard doesn't work anymore..
  115. [ubuntu] Help: MacBook Pro - Ubuntu Dual Boot Wiki Confusing
  116. [ubuntu] trouble installing Ubuntu
  117. [ubuntu] 3D/Compiz on MacBook Pro?
  118. [ubuntu] [PPC] problems with ati display and syncmaster 906bw monitor
  119. [other] Linux for older PPC macs????
  120. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu along side OSX
  121. [ubuntu] [PPC] iMac G3 - 8.04 won't boot on live cd
  122. [other] More Problems With 8.04 Boot
  123. [ubuntu] Why doesn't wireless work out of the box?
  124. [ubuntu] Hardy asks for boot disk on startup
  125. [ubuntu] Setting Up Compiz-Fusion [Macbook C2D]
  126. [ubuntu] Single boot with GPT partition doesn't work
  127. [xubuntu] Bad Archive Mirror - 8.04 Daily Build PPC
  128. [other] Is it possible to run a Linux distro in Bootcamp?
  129. [xubuntu] Working G4 Cube xorg.conf for Hardy 8.04
  130. [ubuntu] Five MacBook 2,1 Hardy problems and their solutions
  131. [ubuntu] PPC - New Install? Try "Expert" mode!
  132. [ubuntu] No Wireless on my Macbook
  133. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Sound Buttons 8.04
  134. [ubuntu] Macbook 2,1 Sound major issue
  135. [ubuntu] ibook g4 wireless
  136. [ubuntu] problem with typing
  137. [ubuntu] compiz on vmware fusion
  138. [ubuntu] Major help needed - not sure what's wrong
  139. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Parallels or VMWare
  140. [ubuntu] Weak, spotty signal with madwifi
  141. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.04 issues in my macbook
  142. [ubuntu] Instaling Java and fash player on PPC????
  143. [xubuntu] no boot ibook g4 8.04
  144. [ubuntu] isight problem in ubuntu 7.10 gusty
  145. [ubuntu] Install ubuntu on macbook, resize partition?
  146. [ubuntu] Scrolling not working with Hardy Heron in Fusion
  147. [ubuntu] Triple Boot Issue
  148. [kubuntu] Issue while logging out or shutting down system
  149. [ubuntu] "Desktop effects could not be enabled" - MBP 4,1 (Hardy)?
  150. [ubuntu] What ever happened to old-releases?
  151. [ubuntu] Sound Does Not Work In Ubuntu [Macbook C2D]
  152. [ubuntu] [INTEL-64 bits HH] Getting my trash back...
  153. [ubuntu] Mouse and Apple remote not working after upgrade
  154. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 boot problems
  155. [other] Disk resize with qtparted
  156. [ubuntu] Mac "Mail" compatible email client?
  157. [ubuntu] Arrgh. Tripple boot intel macbook pro, Hardy, Leopard.
  158. [ubuntu] Convert Lice CD to bootable USB Stick
  159. [all variants] Stable Madwifi version?
  160. [ubuntu] Map "Expo Windows" to a key
  161. [xubuntu] How to get 8.04 Working......on 400Mhz imac
  162. [other] External HD NIGHTMARE
  163. [ubuntu] Old G3 blu/wht- New Ubuntu
  164. [ubuntu] [Ppc] Mount HFS mac drive ???
  165. [ubuntu] Mouse and Keyboard Won't work at same time
  166. [xubuntu] [PPC]- G3/400 DV won't boot Xubuntu 8.04 with video
  167. [ubuntu] 8.04 over a previous install- macbook pro 3,1
  168. [all variants] How to get mouse right-click
  169. [all variants] Ubuntu 8.04 + VMWare Fusion + MacBook = Dual Monitor?
  170. [ubuntu] Sound issues with intel macbook
  171. [ubuntu] Intel mac keyboard won't work in 8.04
  172. [ubuntu] Mac will not boot from Firewire CD Rom
  173. [ubuntu] Small problem with wireless on reboot
  174. [ubuntu] Dual Boot On Macbook Successful, Horrible Speed
  175. [ubuntu] [PPC] iBook G4 - Wireless Internet does not work
  176. [ubuntu] Copy certificate from a mac
  177. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Driver problems
  178. [ubuntu] PPC - Video fix for ATI Rage 128 (G3 etc)
  179. [ubuntu] no sound macbook 3,1 with hardy 8.04
  180. [ubuntu] MacPro (April 2007) Help please.
  181. [ubuntu] Installing ubuntu on G3 400Mhz imac?????
  182. [ubuntu] Installing OSX on Vmware (7.10 Gutsy)
  183. [other] iPhoto help
  184. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Another 4328 problem? wlan0 not loading in Heron
  185. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on an iBook
  186. [ubuntu] Need some help in making USB stick bootable
  187. [ubuntu] Installing 8.04 on my MacBook - No bootable device error
  188. [ubuntu] Macbook running hot with Hardy?
  189. [ubuntu] [B]Success- many thanks to Stream303[/B]
  190. [other] Debian on 400Mhx G3 imac??? Yaboot installation problem
  191. [all variants] ubuntu or Xubuntu for imac g3 1 gb ram
  192. [other] Starting with a 8.04 Server and adding what you need???????
  193. [ubuntu] Hardy 64 bit install fails with macbk pro and refit
  194. [ubuntu] Macbook pro hardy instal, wireless drivers without internet
  195. [all variants] Why aren't macbook pro drivers included by default?
  196. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 won't boot on Powerbook G4
  197. [ubuntu] Hardy iso probs
  198. [other] PLEASE give feedback about merged forum.
  199. [ubuntu] VMware and ubuntu
  200. [ubuntu] Need help with Radeon 9200 pci
  201. [ubuntu] Fan files missing in applesmc.768 (Black Macbook Santa Rosa)
  202. [ubuntu] migrating between leopard and ubuntu
  203. [ubuntu] Another AirPort Wireless Thread - Trouble with ndiswrapper
  204. [kde] atheros wireless running but not detected
  205. [ubuntu] What did you do? - For PPC users
  206. [ubuntu] Macbook Santa Rosa wifi problems.
  207. [ubuntu] Accents and Umlauts
  208. [ubuntu] Current Server Edition: Install to Intel Mac Mini?
  209. [ubuntu] Macbook with Hardy 8.04 - Unable to find boot disk - Insert any disk and...
  210. [ubuntu] Transferring 8GB from Linux to 10.4
  211. [all variants] [PPC] - Hardy frequency-scaling - working for you?
  212. [ubuntu] Bricked my Titanium PPC G4 Powerbook?
  213. [ubuntu] Upgrading to 8.04 from 7.10: Noise and mouse problems
  214. [ubuntu] Basic questions re: MacBook Air & Superdrive
  215. [ubuntu] help w/ Ibook G3 screen resolution
  216. [ubuntu] [PPC] How to make a Live CD a Live USB stick
  217. [all variants] R/W Leopard File System
  218. [ubuntu] Remove Dual Boot
  219. [xubuntu] limewire alternatives
  220. [ubuntu] How to set up a dual boot for Macbook Air?
  221. [ubuntu] MBA and Ubuntu
  222. [ubuntu] Apple Keyboard Screwy with 8.04
  223. [kubuntu] Issues downloading 8.04 on SantaRosa in Lepoard
  224. [ubuntu] Need help with MBP's wireless.
  225. [ubuntu] I have tried everything, still no wireless!!!
  226. [xubuntu] [PPC]-G3/400Mhz iMac Xserver-xorg problem Xubuntu 7.10
  227. [ubuntu] WiFi Problems after upgrades
  228. [other] Buying New Macbook Pro, Need advice
  229. [ubuntu] How do I get a USR 5422 usb wlan adapter to work under hardy heron?
  230. [ubuntu] So I decided to try a G4 Imac-help!
  231. [ubuntu] Installed on MBA, but won't boot from HD
  232. [ubuntu] MBA: Now /etc/modprobe.d/options won't appear
  233. [xubuntu] glxinfo direct rendering no
  234. [ubuntu] Commercial movie player
  235. [other] VirtualBox 1.6
  236. [ubuntu] Installer just plain doesn't work
  237. [ubuntu] wake on lan and Ubuntu PPC
  238. [ubuntu] Can virtual Box 1.6 work with Logic Express?
  239. [xubuntu] [INTEL, 2nd gen MBP]Wifi Issues every few hours...
  240. [all variants] irqpoll
  241. [other] Java?
  242. [xubuntu] streaming media
  243. [other] How to bypass the 4-partitions limit?
  244. [ubuntu] One person's Synopsis for MBA ....
  245. [ubuntu] MacBook Santa Rosa Hibernate
  246. [ubuntu] Is there an ubuntu program that has a similar to garageband's 'magic' feature?
  247. [ubuntu] MacBook Jumpy Mouse
  248. [ubuntu] Wi-Fi won't work
  249. [all variants] How does the 'swap' drive actually work????
  250. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Newbie wants to get to grips with ubuntu