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  1. [ubuntu] newbie intro
  2. [ubuntu] 8.04.1 initramfs shell (ash) no input from USB KB
  3. [other] [SOLVED] Will triple-booting kill my laptop?
  4. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] My PPC won't boot from Live CD
  5. [ubuntu] Parallel File Transfer
  6. [ubuntu] 8.04 + G3 clamshell battery
  7. [ubuntu] iBook G3 unusable display
  8. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Beige G3 Tower (oldworld) Massive Fail
  9. [ubuntu] Problem: Partitioning My Disk Taking Eerily Long Using Boot Camp
  10. [ubuntu] PPC - 6.06 Dapper to 8.04 Hardy in one step
  11. [kubuntu] Global Control/Command Swap Kubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex MacBook 2,1
  12. [ubuntu] I DIDN'T install Ubuntu and can't boot properly!
  13. [other] [SOLVED] Update Hosed OSS
  14. [other] mbr bootbug 222126 supporting data
  15. [ubuntu] Need working Xorg.conf on clamshell iBook
  16. [xubuntu] Mac Mini c2d, Xubuntu, screen going dark
  17. [all variants] MacPro users: call for testing
  18. [ubuntu] Mouse click delayed mere milliseconds
  19. [all variants] PPC - is AGPmode still working for ati/r128/radeon?
  20. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Fan speed and applesmc module
  21. [ubuntu] Ubuntu remote desktop (Server) to Leopard (client)
  22. [ubuntu] Sound issues using Edirol UA25 and Macbook. Please help me!
  23. [all variants] Apple Touchpad: Improved Experience.
  24. [ubuntu] Removing ubuntu and installing osx 10.4
  25. [ubuntu] 8.10 imac g3 install
  26. [kubuntu] Does the iPod Touch play nice with Kubuntu 8.10?
  27. [ubuntu] Can't see Mac OS Drives in Parallels/Ubuntu 8.04
  28. [ubuntu] Streaming iTunes from OSX to Ubuntu eee
  29. [ubuntu] Alsa is making my MacBook sick !!!
  30. [ubuntu] Touchpad "Touchy" Problem
  31. [ubuntu] Triple Booting
  32. [ubuntu] Flash Player for Edgy
  33. [all variants] New life for PowerBook G3?
  34. [all variants] PPC - Epiphany browser and Intrepid 8.10 working w/webkit
  35. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Xubuntu powerpc desktop icons disappear
  36. [xubuntu] 6.06 on iMac G3 -> installing USB WIFI Stick Asus WL-167G
  37. [ubuntu] 8.04 on G4 - correct sources?
  38. [all variants] powertop: A USB device is active 100,0% of the time:
  39. [ubuntu] OSX will no longer boot...
  40. [ubuntu] 1280x800 running WinXP through VirtualBox on Ubuntu OS on my MacBook
  41. [all variants] Cannot install celtx on PPC
  42. [ubuntu] unable to pair IR remote on imac after booting into ubuntu
  43. [xubuntu] PPC Tuxpaint Radeon crash
  44. [ubuntu] Macbook as server - how to disable screen/backlight
  45. [all variants] Best Apple Notebook for Ubuntu
  46. [ubuntu] imac g5 installation not working
  47. [ubuntu] PPC Alternate Install 8.10 or Desktop 8.04 CD?
  48. [kubuntu] iMac Install Problem
  49. [ubuntu] PPC flash
  50. [all variants] PPC - System crashs playing .avi movies
  51. [ubuntu] Newbie Question about heat and fans
  52. [ubuntu] Is it possible to run urban terror on a ppc
  53. [ubuntu] Skype referencing non-existent alsa bluetooth module
  54. [ubuntu] External Hard Drive wtf: Can Ubuntu help?
  55. [ubuntu] e-uae?
  56. [ubuntu] Macbook (10.5 leopard) + buuntu +boot camp HELP
  57. [ubuntu] UBUNTU Hardy 8.1 PPC G4 Rage128 issues
  58. [all variants] Lightning 0.9 for Linux PPC
  59. [ubuntu] Which version of Ubuntu for iMac G3 333mhz?
  60. [all variants] MacBook single boot 30s delay: I think I got it.
  61. [ubuntu] Single boot on new hard drive
  62. [ubuntu] Dock that works with a clamshell iBook?
  63. [ubuntu] My battery display is broken.
  64. [ubuntu] Preformance of Ubuntu in comparison to OSX
  65. [ubuntu] G4 - installation on 2nd SATA drive dual boot
  66. [ubuntu] G4 PPC SATA drive partition resize / shrink
  67. [ubuntu] New Macbook WLAN
  68. [ubuntu] Headphone Jack Issues on Macbook
  69. [other] Getting started on Linux Mint
  70. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Sessions "Startup Programs" tool broken in Intrepid?
  71. [all variants] Getting Linix Mint to work on a MacBook
  72. [ubuntu] Ibook G4 will not boot Ubuntu after installation
  73. [all variants] Usplash progress bar as smooth as MacOSX!
  74. [ubuntu] Blank screen on iMac G3
  75. [ubuntu] Airport wireless
  76. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Avahi/Netatalk + External Hard Drives
  77. [other] Macports, need help cant install FOSS packages
  78. [ubuntu] MacBook surround sound button missing
  79. [gnome] Switching Command and Control keys in Full CLI
  80. [ubuntu] MAC OS X hard drive not working
  81. [all variants] PPC - No brightness control? Try Intepid's Darkroom theme
  82. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu won't boot after being installed
  83. [ubuntu] Can not get wireless to work on ibook G4
  84. [all variants] PPC - Anyone seen kernel 2.6.27 in Intrepid for PPC yet?
  85. [other] apple file system
  86. [ubuntu] A *working* tutorial for triple booting Unibody Macbook Pro's with Bootcamp and rEFIt
  87. [ubuntu] Suspend and other power management broken in Intrepid
  88. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a Macbook Pro
  89. [ubuntu] Can't connect to Yahoo with Kopete
  90. [all variants] How to improve sound on Macbook 4.1 and possibly other Laptops too
  91. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on Macbook 1.1?
  92. [ubuntu] connecting to wifi on my G4 with ubuntu
  93. [ubuntu] Intel iMac sound issues.
  94. [ubuntu] fixing the ath9k connection drops problem on Ubuntu8.10
  95. [all variants] Please Confirm: Apple PPC ATI 7000 series has no 3D acceleration?
  96. [ubuntu] From Ubuntu to Tiger, LOTS of problem, help?
  97. [ubuntu] Need some help with Macbook touchpad
  98. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] MacBook function keys in Intrepid
  99. [ubuntu] Wpa on iBook g3
  100. [ubuntu] Power shuts off after reboot post-install
  101. [all variants] PPC - Can you support Ubuntu PPC by running Debian? - Yes
  102. [ubuntu] cannot see cdrom during install
  103. [ubuntu] IMAC G3 upgrade problems
  104. [ubuntu] Ubuntu does not see Macbook hard drive
  105. [xubuntu] Can't boot my iMac G3 slot-loader
  106. [ubuntu] Can't install
  107. [xubuntu] How can I install this Xubuntu on my iMac G3 333 Tray Loader?
  108. [ubuntu] Adjust brightness function on new macbook pro 5,1?
  109. [ubuntu] Mac Book
  110. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.10 on PowerPC Mac mini Freeze during boot.
  111. [all variants] Bondi imac, newworld boot partition?
  112. [ubuntu] Mac G3 Video Card Driver
  113. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] 64-bit Ubuntu on PowerMac G4/G5
  114. [ubuntu] Any tips to reduce wattage and improve battery life ?
  115. [ubuntu] lkl not working on macbook
  116. [ubuntu] will MOL run on Intrepid?
  117. [ubuntu] Failed(?) Install on MBP
  118. [ubuntu] Intrepid Ibex on Macbook Pro (5,1) b43 instead of wl?
  119. [ubuntu] 8.10 log in screen size?
  120. [all variants] Installing on Mac OS 9.1
  121. [ubuntu] Ubuntu LiveCD on MacBook error
  122. [ubuntu] Trouble installing ubuntu on old emac
  123. [ubuntu] Booting off usb
  124. [xubuntu] Xubuntu 8.04 PPC Update initramfs issue
  125. [all variants] MacBookAir 2 display backlight call for testing
  126. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Internet, installation, yaboot... Powerbook G4 troubles
  127. [all variants] What Advantage is there?
  128. [xfce] ibook G4 - Debian Lenny - Network Manager - ppc
  129. [xubuntu] PowerBook G4 1.67 AirPort Problem
  130. [ubuntu] Using different distribution Xorg file to get ubuntu running
  131. [ubuntu] Is GRUB necessary if you have reFIt?
  132. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 on Pismo
  133. [ubuntu] audio and bluetooth mouse drivers for macbook
  134. [ubuntu] Ipod Touch won't mount
  135. [ubuntu] Mounting HFS+ usb drives that have a GUID partition table
  136. [xubuntu] 8.10 on PPC imac G3 -> doesnt boot after succesful installation
  137. [ubuntu] Banshee crashes
  138. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] BZR, Banshee and other woes
  139. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Hardy Alternate Desktop Install Won't Boot G4 iBook PPC
  140. [ubuntu] Wont boot /install on powerbook g4
  141. [ubuntu] Ubuntu + Mac Mini?
  142. [ubuntu] iBook G4 - Black Screen
  143. [ubuntu] Wireless options for MacBook 1.4
  144. [ubuntu] hal-applesmc (Mactel PPA)/MBP 4,1: Minimum backlight level?
  145. [ubuntu] PowerPC - Intrepid (8.10) - Black Screen every now and then.
  146. [kubuntu] Logitech Quick Cam express
  147. [all variants] PPC - Are you running with the right AGP speed for video?
  148. [xubuntu] mol (Mac-on-Linux) won't install
  149. [ubuntu] Triple boot with Ubuntu
  150. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] PowerBook G4, no CD can't get USB to work...
  151. [ubuntu] macbook dvi to tv problem
  152. [ubuntu] You used the ubuntu-8.10-alternate-powerpc Installer-CD now what doesn't work
  153. [ubuntu] is there hope or is it just wasted effort
  154. [ubuntu] combining svn add with commit?
  155. [ubuntu] HELP!!! Powerbook G4 won't boot!
  156. [ubuntu] install Octave
  157. [ubuntu] OfficeOffice.org 3 PPC for Ubuntu?
  158. [ubuntu] Airport
  159. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on a Mac Pro : What problems should I be prepared for?
  160. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Keyboard don't work no more!
  161. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Firefox crashes on PPC w/xorg errors
  162. [ubuntu] Unibody Macbook: how's it working?
  163. [ubuntu] No PPC version of Intrepid?
  164. [kubuntu] How do I reset password in Yaboot? No Rescue prompt
  165. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Help needed
  166. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Macbook-Airport?
  167. [ubuntu] 8.10 Won't load on iMac (black/grey aluminum)
  168. [ubuntu] Overcoming Permissions Barrier on Former OS X Drive
  169. [all variants] PPC - Two simple ways to save power
  170. [all variants] PPC - Yaboot - How to configure the PPC Bootloader - Multibooting
  171. [ubuntu] Blessable Boot Partition
  172. [all variants] Duel Booting without the OSX
  173. [ubuntu] removing Ubuntu Partition
  174. [other] grub2 EFI boot loader internal/external booting
  175. [ubuntu] iMac7,1 Partition Ubuntu 8.10 Not Working
  176. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.1 and single button mouse
  177. [ubuntu] Multiple problems with Intrepid upgrade
  178. [other] New Unibody Macbook Pro
  179. [ubuntu] Transmission BitTorrent Client very unstable
  180. [ubuntu] Nautilus won't recognize blank CDs
  181. [ubuntu] Problem burning disk/booting
  182. [all variants] Mounting a Cdrom over network
  183. [other] Help name new PPC specific site!
  184. [ubuntu] PPC Ubuntu Studio possible?
  185. [all variants] PPC - wrong AGP mode for Radeon cards?
  186. [other] Want to change my tri-boot from Vista to XP
  187. [ubuntu] Triple Boot Suggestions
  188. [xubuntu] iBook G3 500mhz Low Graphics Mode
  189. [ubuntu] G3 iMac Snow has trouble with Hardy Live CD
  190. [ubuntu] Can I see your xorg.conf file. Please
  191. [ubuntu] ubantu from my mac to pc?
  192. [kubuntu] Macbook Pro - need help with keyboard setup ...
  193. [all variants] help my mac come to the rescue!
  194. [all variants] Powermac G4 AGP 450 - ubuntu ppc install help
  195. [ubuntu] Need help re-installing Leopard
  196. [ubuntu] Upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid Hangs
  197. [ubuntu] Create a custom Mactel kernel?
  198. [ubuntu] rEFIt problems triple boot
  199. [ubuntu] Trouble installing on iBook G3
  200. [other] Question about iPods in general
  201. [all variants] OSX won't boot - Will Ubuntu boot off Live CD??
  202. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Was xmodmap broken yesterday?
  203. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on Portable Hard Drive???
  204. [ubuntu] Mac mini + Ubuntu + 22" display = ?
  205. [ubuntu] iMac G3- Live CD Command Prompt doesn't come up
  206. [ubuntu] I need serious help here!!
  207. [ubuntu] Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Help intrepid ibex
  208. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] How to access a G3 hard disk (+Kubuntu) from an HP...
  209. [all variants] Macbook Pro - Sleep, and External Monitors
  210. [all variants] [SOLVED] HOWTO: »dynamic« TwinView on Macbook Pro running Intrepid (8.10)
  211. [ubuntu] Linux n00b needs help setting up an Ubuntu partition on a MacBook.
  212. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Install can't find iBook CD-ROM Drive
  213. [ubuntu] Which is the best procedure to install ubuntu on macbook which already has windows?
  214. [ubuntu] macbook pro printscreen button
  215. [ubuntu] G4 Ubuntu 8.10 low graphics mode help!
  216. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 6.0.6 problems in Imac G3
  217. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Absolute beginer
  218. [ubuntu] Just installed Ubuntu on MBP. Need excessive help.
  219. [ubuntu] CDROM Drivers for Blue and White G3
  220. [ubuntu] Two mighty mouse questions
  221. [all variants] Where is the "Print" key on MacBook(Pro)'s?
  222. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] 8.1 wireless on PowerPC
  223. [ubuntu] i installed ubuntu onto my mac it wont boot
  224. [ubuntu] MacbookPro wireless wpa/wpa2 fails to negotiate
  225. [kubuntu] No KDE?
  226. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Fat partition not mounting on mac OSX
  227. [other] setting up a dual boot with ubuntu studio on macbook pro
  228. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Problems installing 8.10
  229. [ubuntu] Applications fail to start
  230. [ubuntu] Macbook sound
  231. [ubuntu] Ubuntu partition not bootable
  232. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] cant boot ubuntu/windows after installing 8.10
  233. [all variants] Asus WL-167g
  234. [ubuntu] Old Imac Sound Drivers
  235. [kubuntu] Kubuntu is *slow* on the MacBook Pro aluminum (5,1)
  236. [kubuntu] Kubuntu is *slow* on the MacBook Pro aluminum (5,1)
  237. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Macbook caps lock light
  238. [ubuntu] Glitchy Video???
  239. [ubuntu] PulseAudio is very quiet on Intel iMac using Intrepid
  240. [ubuntu] ubuntu on external hdd partition...
  241. [ubuntu] apple airport driver for ubuntu
  242. [ubuntu] 8.10 Upgrade Stops Applications from Running
  243. [other] Best Adium Alternative
  244. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 2,1, wi-fi (ath9k) issues on resume from suspend
  245. [kubuntu] Using Zune on Kubuntu 7.10
  246. [xubuntu] PowerPC Macbook G3 HELP!!
  247. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Linux 8.04 Update
  248. [xubuntu] Bo
  249. [xubuntu] 6.06 LTS upgrade to 8.04 LTS fails (on iMac G3)
  250. [all variants] Linux on macbook 2,1