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  1. [all variants] Macbook unmatched memory pair = slow graphics.
  2. [all variants] Distro's burned with a PC don't work?
  3. [ubuntu] macbook pro core2duo ubuntu 8.10, wireless connection drops constantly
  4. [ubuntu] New Macbook Air: install issues ?
  5. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro, 5,1, ubuntu.
  6. [all variants] [SOLVED] ibook clamshell
  7. [ubuntu] ipod won't mount
  8. [ubuntu] Monitor / Flash frustrations
  9. [edubuntu] DHCP, LTSP, and Apple Exstreem problems
  10. [all variants] Netatalk problem, no ssl support?
  11. [ubuntu] Desktop Effects on a MacBook?
  12. [ubuntu] Installing VMware Tools
  13. [ubuntu] Window controls
  14. [ubuntu] Nautilus goes full screen in ssh -X
  15. [ubuntu] Fuzzy sound blues (MacBook 2.1)
  16. [ubuntu] uninstall madwifi kernel panic
  17. [all variants] ifconfig not finding firewire
  18. [ubuntu] Remote control and multimedia applications
  19. [other] Xorg doesn't load correctly at boot
  20. [ubuntu] can't log onto wireless network with password on iBook
  21. [ubuntu] reinstalling mac on imac g4 problem
  22. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] External Hard Drive, HFS+
  23. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu 8.10 Macbook 3,1 Trackpad
  24. [ubuntu] How to install Ubuntu on MacPro?
  25. [all variants] The best version of Ubuntu for a PowerBook G3 Pismo
  26. [ubuntu] Sound Issues
  27. [ubuntu] Should I do it?
  28. [ubuntu] Can't enter Polish characters after setting keyboard layout
  29. [ubuntu] dual-boot on the new Alu Macbook
  30. [ubuntu] Mac OSX + Windows + Ubuntu on New MacBook Pro
  31. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Install help...
  32. [ubuntu] Num Lock
  33. [all variants] Who would want to install Ubuntu on a Mac?
  34. [ubuntu] dual booting os x and ubuntu on macbook, can't boot into os x!
  35. [ubuntu] Folder sharing for a newbie
  36. [other] Using a Linux Disk Utility on an Intel Apple System
  37. [xubuntu] Apple key as Ctrl
  38. [xubuntu] 8.10+keyboard issues/fixes
  39. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro (Santa Rosa) Trackpad and media keys 8.10
  40. [xubuntu] Applications menu & drivers
  41. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] rEFIt vs. GRUB...cont'd
  42. [all variants] Readable and Writable file system between OS X and Ubuntu ?
  43. [ubuntu] 8.10 - (G3 iBook rev 2.2) Gnome can not launch apps.
  44. [ubuntu] Keyboard backlight on MacBookPro Penryn with Hardy Heron
  45. [ubuntu] New unibody macbook pro, wireless?
  46. [all variants] [SOLVED] Expose and Dashboard keys don't work (macbook 4.1)
  47. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro Broadcom wireless problems
  48. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] macbook no sound device found
  49. [ubuntu] Get it Off!
  50. [all variants] ibook G3 HDD not being recognized. Installing Hardy, good idea?
  51. [all variants] I need to install on an iMac (34 of them)
  52. [all variants] pommed in 8.10
  53. [ubuntu] Wireless Help on a G3 Ibook
  54. [ubuntu] 8.10 and eject key in Macbook 2.1
  55. [ubuntu] How to make my usb network card work?
  56. [ubuntu] How do I get multiple monitor support?
  57. [ubuntu] no sound on emac
  58. [ubuntu] USB booting Macbook
  59. [ubuntu] After upgraded to intrepid,is there any difference on xorg.conf?
  60. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Can't connect Apple Wireless Keyboard on Ubuntu 8.10
  61. [ubuntu] need help installing on macbook air
  62. [ubuntu] Download Ubuntu Intrepid for PowerPC - Torrent File
  63. [ubuntu] No CD-ROM drive detected when installing intrepid on iBook G4
  64. [ubuntu] Help installing Ubuntu on eMac.
  65. [ubuntu] Installing 8.10 on Powerbook G4
  66. [ubuntu] PowerPC - How to upgrade from Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) to Intrepid Ibex (8.10)
  67. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Toggle fn without pommed?
  68. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] 8.10 on Aluminum macbook issues
  69. [all variants] Question About Single-Button Mice & Apple Keyboards
  70. [ubuntu] Gnumeric plots bug - running 8.10 through virtualbox
  71. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Macbook 2.1 Touchpad Second Click
  72. [ubuntu] Intrepid Ibex on Macbook Pro Black
  73. [ubuntu] PowerPC - Installing Intrepid (8.10) - No common CD-ROM drive was detected
  74. [ubuntu] Poor Wireless Reception - Macbook Sata Rosa
  75. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mac User: Need similar programs for Ubuntu.
  76. [ubuntu] Can't boot to Ubuntu from Macbook
  77. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] upgrade 8.10 wireless problem.Macbook 3,1 Broadcom Corporation BCM4328 802.
  78. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Intrepid on iBook G3: looks pretty, does nothing
  79. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.10: powerbook G4 DVI install diary
  80. [ubuntu] Poor Media Performance under VirtualBox
  81. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] PowerPC Hanging on install
  82. [ubuntu] Mounting a GPT filesystem
  83. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro SantaRosa 3,1 - Install hang?
  84. [all variants] [SOLVED] Repairing rEFIt to boot Ubuntu.
  85. [ubuntu] 8.10 on Mac Mini
  86. [ubuntu] 8.10 Update in VMWare Fusion
  87. [ubuntu] imac g3 wont boot
  88. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] macbook isight help please
  89. [other] MPlayer on hardy (on imac G3).
  90. [all variants] What's in the Mactel PPA?
  91. [ubuntu] newbie newbie on ubuntu 7.1 & 8.1 live cd+no sound and internet problems
  92. [ubuntu] Intrepid rendered my DVD/CD drive useless
  93. [kubuntu] Pommed and backlight in intrepid
  94. [ubuntu] Problems with ubuntu Please Help
  95. [ubuntu] Touchpad in Intrepid
  96. [ubuntu] 8.10 on PPC won't load GDM
  97. [ubuntu] 8.10 on Macbook Pro Freezing Completely
  98. [ubuntu] 8.10 RC Live CD outputs kernel panics and mayhem
  99. [ubuntu] Apple Wireless Mouse Setup
  100. [ubuntu] 8.10 Macbook - No Touchpad after Hibernate
  101. [ubuntu] Macbook touchpad 2.1 after suspend Intrepid
  102. [all variants] Is ther a journaled file system that both Linux/OSX can use?
  103. [kubuntu] Intrepid Ibex Macbook 2,1 keyboard issues
  104. [ubuntu] Flash on powerpc with qemu
  105. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mighty Mouse problem in Intrepid on Macbook Pro 4,1 (Penryn)
  106. [all variants] Triple boot crazyness, linux and xp hate eachother.
  107. [ubuntu] MacBook 1.4 iSight not working
  108. [ubuntu] Difficulty installing Edgy Eft
  109. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] upgrading 8.04 to 8.10 macbook 3,1 key and wifi problems.
  110. [ubuntu] No sound on Apple iMac (Intel) with 8.10 under VmWare
  111. [ubuntu] B&W G3 won't boot after sucessful Hardy/Intrepid install
  112. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro
  113. [ubuntu] 8.10 on Mac Mini fails to boot
  114. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 5,1 b43/bcm43xx with broadcom 4322
  115. [ubuntu] EFI worries
  116. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] help ubuntu 8.10 wirless macbook
  117. [ubuntu] Wireless drivers included in intrepid ibex?
  118. [ubuntu] light sensor control of backlight and keyboard backlight
  119. [all variants] Macbook (5,1) hotter in linux than in OSX
  120. [ubuntu] unable to check for updates
  121. [ubuntu] Macbook C2D + 945 GM + Cinema Display = Flickering
  122. [other] Mactel Documentation Planning
  123. [ubuntu] down arrow key not working after upgrade to ibex
  124. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] ibex alt install doesn't see cd drive tibook
  125. [ubuntu] Triple Boot iMac + Ubuntu
  126. [ubuntu] Right-click with two-finger-tap+button-click does not work
  127. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] problems with gnome-network-manager
  128. [ubuntu] Hardy /PPC G5 fresh install - can I switch back to OSX and how ?
  129. [ubuntu] Keyboard issues
  130. [ubuntu] Since software update - any google search stops upon typing and coloured cursor appe
  131. [ubuntu] how to enable two fingers scroll and right click
  132. [ubuntu] Desktop Effects compez error.
  133. [ubuntu] to install Hardy - do I partition my HD manually or let the install disc do it
  134. [SOLVED] macbook 3,1 not booting after fresh 8.10 install
  135. [ubuntu] repositories problems again
  136. [ubuntu] Reasons why im switching from apple to ubuntu
  137. [ubuntu] Cannot scroll up!!
  138. [ubuntu] No System Sounds on PowerBook G4 with 8.04
  139. [all variants] Wifi (ath9) cannot connect using the new kernel
  140. [kubuntu] Keyboard mapping issue
  141. [ubuntu] macbook 4.1 taking more than 4 mins to boot(intrepid
  142. [ubuntu] What's these core.##### files in my homedir?
  143. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Share music across partitions?
  144. [ubuntu] DVD-playback-problems on Intrepid with fglrx on my iMac
  145. [ubuntu] New To Mac with Ubuntu have some questions plz
  146. [ubuntu] Unibody MacBook Pro with 8.10
  147. [ubuntu] printer help
  148. [other] Anyone familiar with ibook issues?
  149. [all variants] Boot stall: Checking root filesystem status
  150. [other] Recover formatted HFS+ partition?
  151. [all variants] [SOLVED] rEFIt and Ubuntu 8.10
  152. [ubuntu] Help with installing from hard drive
  153. [ubuntu] Sound on unibody MacBook Pro (MacBookPro5,1) in Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10)
  154. [ubuntu] No double finger middle/right click despite hal fdi file
  155. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Intrepid Ibex woes on Intel iMac
  156. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Macbook Pro Santa Rosa - X won't start
  157. [ubuntu] From Hardy to Intrepid with a MBP 2G: the wifi case
  158. [ubuntu] Intrepid on MacBook - impressions
  159. [ubuntu] I'm unable to connect to an unsecured wifi with my MBP
  160. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Repartitioning with DiskUtiltiy - no MS-DOS (FAT32) option
  161. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 not working on MacBook Pro 5,1
  162. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Need help with Black screen
  163. [ubuntu] Please, this is extremely annoying.
  164. [kubuntu] wireless device just dissappeared?
  165. [ubuntu] Dual monitor help
  166. [ubuntu] Removing Partitions on a Mac
  167. [ubuntu] Mounting HFS+ hard drives with 8.10
  168. [ubuntu] mac_hid on intrepid
  169. [ubuntu] PPC webserver with 2 HD's failover load balancing
  170. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Dead down arrow and other Macbook keyboard woes
  171. [ubuntu] I cant get the secondary moniter port to work...
  172. [ubuntu] Wireless doesent seem to connect
  173. [ubuntu] Powermac won't boot after installing ubuntu-desktop
  174. [ubuntu] Sound is terrible on Macbook!
  175. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Skype freezing during install
  176. [ubuntu] Peoples opinions on what I should do?
  177. [ubuntu] problems with root privileges
  178. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] iSight on MacbookPro 3 Intrepid
  179. [all variants] How do I disable the caps lock delay on a Penryn MBP running Intrepid?
  180. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] applesmc & suspend questions
  181. [ubuntu] I think I messed up my Master boot record
  182. [ubuntu] Amarok not reading iTunesDB file on ipod with older firmware.
  183. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro 3,1 nothing opens and out of SW-IOMMU space
  184. [ubuntu] New Macbook + Intrepid
  185. [all variants] Tapping now working on macbook 5,1 but annoying :(
  186. [ubuntu] Mouse and Compiz Trouble with Hardy on iBook G4
  187. [ubuntu] Grub will no longer load
  188. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Totem youtube plugin doesn't play video.
  189. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Partition error after Kubuntu 8.10 install
  190. [ubuntu] share interaction with mac
  191. [ubuntu] Dual Monitor Problem Fixed
  192. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Broadcom Wireless Driver for Penryn Macbook Pro
  193. [ubuntu] PowerPC G4 Cube - ATI Rage 128 Video Driver "r128" - Need help configuring
  194. [ubuntu] Am I the only one using a B&W? Boot failure...pls help!
  195. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Wireless Card unable to join WPA Enterprise network
  196. [ubuntu] TiBook G4 No Sound Device and also, Yaboot.conf question
  197. [all variants] Problems with eject key and remote control
  198. [ubuntu] Intermittent wifi on macbook pro (3,1) with madwifi
  199. [ubuntu] Macbook games and graphics
  200. [ubuntu] Need to install OSX over Ubuntu ?
  201. [ubuntu] GSynaptics Problems
  202. [ubuntu] Anything I should know before upgrading to Intrepid ?
  203. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How to configure screen and keyboard backlight in Intrepid?
  204. [ubuntu] How to Command+C to Copy
  205. [ubuntu] Can't access folders on Ubuntu + OSX 10.5 Dual Boot
  206. [ubuntu] Is Intrepid worth the install?
  207. [all variants] Call for IRC channel
  208. [ubuntu] PPC - Intrepid 8.10 on G5 iMac 20" success
  209. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Access to shared Mac volumes on other computers
  210. [all variants] [SOLVED] Numbered keys on wired keyboard
  211. [all variants] PPC - Powernowd Fix works great!
  212. [ubuntu] no xserver-xgl package
  213. [xubuntu] cant update / install anything 6,06
  214. [ubuntu] Failure to resume on Macbook 2,1 running Ibex
  215. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How do I change the tty/vt resolution
  216. [ubuntu] Lacie hard-drive fails after a month
  217. [xubuntu] Ati Rage 128 and Xserver GUI
  218. [all variants] Shared data partition Ubuntu/OS X: Filesystem?
  219. [ubuntu] isight firmware and 'unable to enumerate usb device' issues
  220. [ubuntu] Macbook keyboard not working
  221. [kubuntu] Audio WON'T WORK.
  222. [all variants] Live boot from ipod classic 6g in disk mode?
  223. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Thunar Starts Then Disappears
  224. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Apple keyboard problems?
  225. [ubuntu] ubuntu on powerbook g3 wallstreet: cdrom
  226. [all variants] MacBook(Pro) with Nvidia graphics adapter display backlight fix call for testing
  227. [ubuntu] Can someone proof read my dubious triple boot partition scheme please?
  228. [ubuntu] Using bcm5974 for tap click
  229. [ubuntu] help on mac os9
  230. [ubuntu] Looking to install 8.10 on iMac
  231. [ubuntu] Was the Synaptics Touchpad Conf File Moved?
  232. [ubuntu] Time Machine Backup of Ubuntu volume on a PC
  233. [ubuntu] Will This Work?
  234. [ubuntu] Is there a Winclone-esque backup program for Ubuntu somewhere?
  235. [all variants] PPC - Intrepid xorg.conf skeleton template
  236. [ubuntu] Install intrepid on macbook air with SSD
  237. [ubuntu] 8.04.1 iMac G3 (Slot-loading) 500Mhz
  238. [ubuntu] iMac G3 333mhz Intrepid Display Problems
  239. [ubuntu] Repartition on iMac G3, Ubuntu is the ONLY available OS
  240. [ubuntu] Can't Acces my windows share
  241. [ubuntu] Dual Booting with Boot Camp Problem
  242. [ubuntu] PowerPC upgrade to 8.10 mozilla/firefox issues
  243. [ubuntu] right mouse button emulation TiBook w/Intrepid
  244. [all variants] Switching to single-boot
  245. [ubuntu] Unable to start mpd under Intrepid on MBP(3,1)
  246. [all variants] buntu on a firewire/USB drive?
  247. [xubuntu] Intrepid xubuntu-desktop thunar problems
  248. [ubuntu] design engineer student
  249. [ubuntu] MacPro Intrepid and Multiple Hard Drives
  250. [ubuntu] Installing Intrepid on C2Duo Mini gives frowny folder