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  1. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Power PC Pakages removed?
  2. [ubuntu] wifi drops connection but still shows connected
  3. [ubuntu] Configuring Wireless
  4. [ubuntu] MBP SR 3.1 foray nightmare
  5. [ubuntu] Wireless Issue Utlizing Ubuntu on Parallels
  6. [ubuntu] scale video output to display right on sony hdtv
  7. [ubuntu] Want to install Ubuntu & XP on a MacBook Pro
  8. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Help with fixing my boot camp partition on a triple boot rig.
  9. [all variants] imac g3 installation problems
  10. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu
  11. [ubuntu] Running OS X inside Ubuntu
  12. [all variants] [SOLVED] MPB4,1/MBA 'wait status failed: c != 8' solved?
  13. [ubuntu] Run Iozone on Mac
  14. [ubuntu] G3 Airport WPA
  15. [ubuntu] Help! OpenOffice refuses to open!
  16. [kubuntu] Any way to remove bootsound without os x?
  17. [ubuntu] Installing 7.04 on 800MHz G4 iMac
  18. [ubuntu] So how is it working out for you?
  19. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Evolution and Mac Mail
  20. [ubuntu] How to fully setup Hardy on Powerbook G4 (PPC)
  21. [ubuntu] Brightness not working on G4 (running 8.04)
  22. [other] iMac G4 won't boot
  23. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Still no sound output on my Macbook Pro 2,1
  24. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] iMac G3 600 MHz Ubuntu 8.04 screen init failed
  25. [ubuntu] Viewing content from Mac HD on Linux
  26. [kubuntu] Ubuntu on Intel Macbook virtual machine (need help with graphics)
  27. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04, will it run on a Mac G4?
  28. [ubuntu] Zero out free space for Virtual PC 7
  29. Ubuntu PPC Help
  30. [ubuntu] Ubuntu install -->no wireless, USB ports go dead at dual boot select screen
  31. [ubuntu] Dual Monitors with Apple Cinema Display and Macbook Pro
  32. [xubuntu] MBP Penryn, no wireless
  33. [ubuntu] Mac G4 Boot help
  34. [other] [SOLVED] Mac G5 - add hard drive?
  35. [ubuntu] HELP!! Macbook Dead......Need to back up hard drive
  36. [ubuntu] mac in windows
  37. [ubuntu] Im about to give up
  38. [ubuntu] Quick install question
  39. [ubuntu] I know people have asked this, but PLEASE
  40. [ubuntu] Ubuntu in VMWare on Macpro no 3D
  41. [ubuntu] Memory management woes
  42. [ubuntu] Updating Mac OS X to Leopard in a dual boot MBP
  43. [ubuntu] iMac Indigo Wont Boot Live CD
  44. [ubuntu] Switched fully to UBUNTU, now want to add MAC partition
  45. [ubuntu] Knit error when loading 8.04 hardy
  46. [ubuntu] Best option for Wireless on G4 iMac?
  47. [all variants] Xorg working on a 9500 and ATI MACH64 GX?
  48. [ubuntu] Crippled Heron
  49. [ubuntu] Has anyone goten 8.04 to work
  50. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.04.1 startup problem on PPC g4 laptop
  51. [ubuntu] INstalling macbook drivers on Ubuntu 8.04
  52. [other] Leopard in GRUB
  53. [ubuntu] Live cd problems on iMac G5
  54. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.04.1 hardy heron
  55. [ubuntu] Quick Way To Install 8,04 on 1gig Flash Drive
  56. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 6.06 install on G3
  57. [ubuntu] ibook g4 booting 8.04 help
  58. [ubuntu] Problems upgrading 7.10 to 8.04
  59. [ubuntu] Trouble booting 8.04
  60. [ubuntu] Please post /etc/X11/xorg. conf
  61. [all variants] Read access to my OS X partition from Ubuntu
  62. [ubuntu] Network scanner?
  63. [all variants] pmac_zilog/ibook serial modem
  64. [ubuntu] vbox no bootable medium
  65. [all variants] Google Gears on Hardy?
  66. [all variants] Apple G5 PowerMac
  67. [ubuntu] shuffle
  68. [ubuntu] Enable booting from USB on Macbook with out OS X???
  69. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Wireless Mighty Mouse Disappeared
  70. [xubuntu] display issues with xubuntu
  71. [all variants] Annoying pommed habit with holding brightness keys
  72. [all variants] Santa Rosa MBP with 512MB GeForce 8600M GT??
  73. [all variants] Another solution for 'wait status failed: c != 8'
  74. [ubuntu] Macbook WIreless - Won't run on startup - Help
  75. [ubuntu] Fullscreen not working in Hardy
  76. [other] Mac is standard for publishing/authors?
  77. [ubuntu] What is the best iTunes replacement?
  78. [ubuntu] WPA on Macbook 4.1
  79. [ubuntu] usplash screen color depth issue
  80. [all variants] Mac Book and virtual viedeo card - vmware, parallels, etc...
  81. [ubuntu] Can't boot after installing kubuntu-desktop on iMac running Hardy Heron.
  82. [all variants] A bunch of basic questions...
  83. [kubuntu] opensync/multisync issues
  84. [ubuntu] Double Linux with rEFIt
  85. [xubuntu] time, flash and a few other small problems
  86. [all variants] MacBook keyboard not recognized on boot
  87. [ubuntu] VC-1 Video Playback on Power Mac
  88. [ubuntu] Need help with wireless on iMac
  89. [ubuntu] imac 3.06 (nvidia geforce 8800gs)
  90. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu as lone OS on Macbook
  91. [ubuntu] "Windows" (ubuntu) partition doesn't appear on boot menu
  92. [ubuntu] Exporting iPhone calendars to Ubuntu as files.
  93. [all variants] Name that drive...
  94. [ubuntu] ubuntu compatible with previous generation apple keyboard?
  95. [ubuntu] Need help installing ubuntu 6.06 on imac G3
  96. [other] Is it worth to buy MacBook Pro?
  97. [xubuntu] G3 Problem
  98. [ubuntu] running Hardy on PowerBook G4
  99. [ubuntu] Macbook Core 2 Duo - Wireless issues
  100. [ubuntu] Live CD on a power pc
  101. [ubuntu] Which are the technical ADVANTAGES of using Ubuntu in a Mac (instead of Mac OS X)
  102. [ubuntu] So what are the chances...
  103. [xubuntu] G3 Blue and white install problem
  104. [ubuntu] Mac OS X Ext2 driver...work for Ext3?
  105. [all variants] Magic SysRq fix for Macs... but there is still a problem!
  106. [ubuntu] I am trying to install leopard on my PC
  107. [ubuntu] Mac Mini Black Screen Problem
  108. [ubuntu] Keyboard disk drive eject button
  109. [all variants] Running Ubuntu on USB storage in Parallels
  110. [ubuntu] Gutsy sucsees hardy still not there
  111. [all variants] Common file system for Ubuntu, OS X, Windows?
  112. [ubuntu] Extra Partition Showing Up
  113. [all variants] Brightness keys work great at login screen..then bizzare at desktop
  114. [all variants] [SOLVED] no device entry for ath0 on Macbook Pro 2,1
  115. [ubuntu] How to downgrade x-server
  116. [ubuntu] Connecting to CUPS server on mac in ubuntu
  117. [ubuntu] new to ubuntu need serious help
  118. [kubuntu] Has Linux/AmaroK/KDE disabled my ipod classic 4th gen?
  119. [ubuntu] i would like to have ubuntu
  120. [ubuntu] MacBook 4.1 external monitor - should I just use Mac OS X?
  121. [ubuntu] Macbook resolution and graphics problem
  122. [xubuntu] Install not possible because of low resolution
  123. [ubuntu] OSX + Ubuntu + Fedora = is it possible ?
  124. [all variants] pommed.conf doesn't exist!
  125. [ubuntu] How to boot Ubuntu on a headless Xserve
  126. [all variants] mount hfsplus partition in rw mode
  127. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mouse Trouble: Apple, Wine & WoW
  128. [all variants] play a sound on event
  129. [ubuntu] triple boot nightmare
  130. [ubuntu] Netinstall Leopard via Ubuntu
  131. [ubuntu] QuickStart
  132. [ubuntu] Boot Intel Mac From External USB - Without Modifying Host
  133. HELP! Partitioning without killing OS X...
  134. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Apple keyboard issues
  135. [ubuntu] NEED to gain access to my MacHD
  136. [ubuntu] Evolution - Disappearing E-mail
  137. [ubuntu] How to: External Apple USB modem + MacBookPro + Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10?
  138. [ubuntu] ibook os x, ubuntu dual boot problems (ppc)
  139. [ubuntu] MacBook boots to ? folder after Ubuntu install
  140. [all variants] Temperature problem gone?
  141. [ubuntu] What tag format does iTunes use for TV Shows?
  142. [other] Upgrading PowerMac G4, suggestions?
  143. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu 8.04 on PowerMac G4 : Installation CD-Rom cannot be mounted.
  144. [kubuntu] Change Text under Icons
  145. [all variants] Microphone jack not working on a MacBook (3rd gen)
  146. [ubuntu] Hardy Macbook Sound Just Disappeared
  147. [ubuntu] OS X 10.3 or 7.04 on my eMac?
  148. [ubuntu] Ipod Touch 2.1
  149. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Wireless
  150. [other] Which is better ?
  151. [ubuntu] Findings of a new Ubuntu user (macbook v3.1)
  152. [all variants] What Ubuntu version on iMac "5 flavors"?
  153. [ubuntu] can't type after alt+tab
  154. [ubuntu] Partition for OS X question
  155. [ubuntu] How to read CD written by Apple in Ubuntu 10.8
  156. [ubuntu] having trouble installing ubuntu 8.04 on my intel macbook
  157. [ubuntu] Isight problems
  158. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro, Ubuntu 8.04, Numeric Keypad Not Working!!!
  159. [all variants] Installing Airport Extreme drivers without an internet connection?
  160. [all variants] PC hardware supported on PPC with Linux?
  161. [ubuntu] Howto: using Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on Titanium Powerbook
  162. [all variants] Problem with dual boot- can no longer boot into OSx
  163. [ubuntu] Can't access Ubuntu Partition
  164. [ubuntu] cant turn effects on
  165. [ubuntu] vmware fussion
  166. [ubuntu] Screen goes blank after booting to desktop
  167. [ubuntu] Triple Booting Help...from a Newb to a Newb
  168. [ubuntu] G3 ibook unable to install Mbrola voices
  169. [ubuntu] Wireless troubles
  170. [ubuntu] ubuntu vs. os x on old ibook g3
  171. [ubuntu] Trying to boot Ubuntu on a mac
  172. [ubuntu] PPC MacMini running LOUD and HOT
  173. [all variants] iBook G4 - hard disk getting hot, and CPU frequency scaling isn't working
  174. [ubuntu] just a few more things....
  175. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] ext2fs Mac Driver...how to uninstall
  176. [all variants] [SOLVED] A linux replacement for Devonthink?
  177. [ubuntu] FATAL: Module applesmc not found. after compiling custom kernel w mactel patches
  178. [other] how can i change the timout on ssh
  179. [ubuntu] Noddy question - Ubuntu liveCD on a macbook
  180. [xubuntu] can't mount dvd
  181. [all variants] Ati Driver dose not work on powerpc
  182. [ubuntu] New Macbook Ubuntu Ready???
  183. [all variants] Macbook + Memtest
  184. [other] OS X GTK or Qt?
  185. [other] linux programs on OS X?
  186. [ubuntu] Broadcom Wireless on Imac 20" - Al
  187. [xubuntu] xorg.conf got messed up after upgrade
  188. [ubuntu] grrrr....powermac g4 issues
  189. [ubuntu] PowerBook G4 Hardy issues
  190. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] cannot boot to CD on my Mac
  191. [xubuntu] ibook G3 - Getting Started Questions
  192. [ubuntu] rEFIt on EFI partition vs OS X partition
  193. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 LTS Desktop + AppleSMC + lm-sensors
  194. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] no isight after update to hardy
  195. [ubuntu] Followup: Keynote on Ubuntu
  196. [other] White macbooks have processor issues?
  197. [ubuntu] iBook G3 - pbbuttonsd
  198. [ubuntu] wifi broke!
  199. [all variants] Latest kernel upgrade broke suspendability
  200. [all variants] Journaled FS supported by Mac, Linux, and Windows?
  201. [ubuntu] Installing ndiswrapper / ndisgtk
  202. [ubuntu] A few basic questions.
  203. [ubuntu] Both wired/wireless connections out after last update
  204. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] G5 problems
  205. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on new (unibody) Macbook Pro?
  206. [all variants] minimal working kernel config
  207. [all variants] ftp access osx with ubuntu
  208. [ubuntu] 7.04 MacBook Dual-boot Install - Blank, black screen after rEFIt; unable to boot.
  209. [ubuntu] Dual booting ubuntu on powerpc mac
  210. [ubuntu] after reinstall xorg.conf
  211. [ubuntu] Has anyone goten hardy to work with ati graphics card.
  212. [ubuntu] Please im going nuts!!
  213. [ubuntu] ipod touch
  214. [ubuntu] updating from mini.iso Hardy 8.04
  215. [ubuntu] Help installing on iMac
  216. [all variants] rt kernel for ubuntu ppc
  217. [ubuntu] Backlight keeps getting darker on MacBookPro
  218. [other] YouTube with a PPC Linux system - is it possible?
  219. [other] install ubuntu ppc from within tiger
  220. [ubuntu] Acer 4520 and Apple airport extreme
  221. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on iMac & Macbook
  222. [ubuntu] Ubuntu en PowerPc de Apple
  223. [ubuntu] Super user?
  224. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] No sound in Ibex with a Macbook 2,1
  225. [ubuntu] iSight Firmware: Now Unable To Boot
  226. [ubuntu] airport driver help
  227. [ubuntu] Macbook right click without tapping
  228. [ubuntu] Is It Possible?(Linux on OS X 1)
  229. [all variants] Little Snitch equivalent?
  230. [ubuntu] Just cant get my MBP to boot!!!
  231. [ubuntu] How to access files on HFS filesystem in Ubuntu
  232. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Lirc on MacMini - Picking up signals from wrong remote
  233. [other] Triple-Boot 2005 PowerBook g4
  234. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] MacBook Pro Ethernet Broken, Wireless Works
  235. [all variants] Mactel Patches - All that or not?
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  237. [all variants] PPC or Intel in this forum? Or both?
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  239. [ubuntu] strange audio problems on ppc powerbookG4
  240. [ubuntu] 8.10 on mackbook (1st black model) install problems
  241. [ubuntu] Forgive a newbie...
  242. [all variants] PPC Install problems
  243. [ubuntu] Is Mac mini worth a go..??
  244. [ubuntu] imac g4 desktop effects problem
  245. [all variants] Comparing the early 2008 and late 2008 Macbooks for Ubuntu?
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  247. [gnome] sparse multiple selection in lists not working - ctrl+mouse btn1?
  248. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Old world mac with linux?
  249. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] mount mac os x install disc in linux
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