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  1. [ubuntu] Can I bless HD without os 9 or osx?
  2. [all variants] Control Power Profile in ubuntu
  3. [ubuntu] Internet?
  4. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 7/8 on Apple iMac, ATI Radeon 2400, Video Issues
  5. [ubuntu] external HD help
  6. [ubuntu] Install on iMac G3 333 Mhz
  7. [ubuntu] New Linux user, I need help setting up!
  8. [ubuntu] macbook black triple boot
  9. [all variants] [TUT] Installing OSX over *buntu
  10. [ubuntu] Java plugin working
  11. [other] Laptop Maintainence
  12. [other] Data Recovery after Laptop Theft
  13. [ubuntu] java help!! please!
  14. [ubuntu] True Crypt Problem HELP!
  15. [ubuntu] Can't use ubuntu with having the cd on the startup
  16. [ubuntu] Flash Player Help
  17. [all variants] Macbook rev2 Ndiswrapper
  18. [all variants] Macbook display slower when Compiz disabled
  19. [ubuntu] Heat, touch and hibernate - Hardy Penryn MBP
  20. [all variants] [SOLVED] Mac Mini G4 X issues
  21. [ubuntu] imac g3 (400mhz slot loading 512 ram) and usb wifi adapters
  22. [ubuntu] [2nd gen MBP, Hardy Heron] Using the Trackpad fully
  23. [ubuntu] Can you boot Linux over USB on a MacBook Pro?
  24. [xubuntu] Slow transfer times to USB within VMWare Fusion.
  25. [other] Print from OSX to Ubuntu printer
  26. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Internet Issues
  27. [ubuntu] Using automatic Mic input with Ardour & Jack on Macbook Air
  28. [ubuntu] Old iMac turns off after Ubuntu OS starts.
  29. [ubuntu] usb wl-167g ralink driver does not work on ubuntu 8.04 ppc
  30. [ubuntu] console no sound in tcd and mcdp
  31. [ubuntu] Do USB modems work for dial-up on PPC running 8.04?
  32. [xubuntu] PowerBook G3
  33. [all variants] Mac Mini hangs when booting with external drive switched on
  34. [ubuntu] Vmware/virtualbox
  35. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Hardy video, scrolling slow and jerky on TiBook
  36. [ubuntu] macbook_pro_jis_keyboard_problems
  37. [ubuntu] The Quest for Sound...
  38. [ubuntu] Try to using just external monitor on macbook 3.1
  39. [ubuntu] Controlling keyboard backlight on a Macbook Pro 4.1 (Penryn)
  40. [ubuntu] new to ubuntu, just have a quick question regarding live cd installer
  41. [kubuntu] Unknown "Windows" Partition
  42. [other] Noob's guide to witch power mac's are simple to run linux on
  43. [ubuntu] Setting up Ubuntu Server with Macbook Pro
  44. [ubuntu] [solved] b43 module and RROR: DMA for this device not supported and no PIO support
  45. [ubuntu] [solved] b43 module and RROR: DMA for this device not supported and no PIO support
  46. [ubuntu] Macbook randomly beeps after suspend
  47. [all variants] Citadel
  48. [ubuntu] Macbook, keyboard layout issue : "<" <=> "@" and ">" <=> "#"
  49. [ubuntu] EFI boot hardy
  50. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Can't boot 8.04 Live CD on iBook 800mhz
  51. [ubuntu] can install apple software in linux?
  52. [ubuntu] Firewire networking
  53. [all variants] Persistantly Poor Sound Quality in Ubuntu with C2D Macbook.
  54. [all variants] HOWTO: Fix random lockups on wireless atheros . MacBook Pro
  55. [ubuntu] Keyboard problems with the new 8.04.1 Alternate CD
  56. [ubuntu] good dual boot graphical loader?
  57. [all variants] low audio volume fix
  58. [ubuntu] Hardy on B&W G3 - Issues (and possible noobish stub)
  59. [all variants] [SOLVED] Pismo External Display Mirroring
  60. [ubuntu] Still cannot install Ubuntu on PPC iMac
  61. [ubuntu] Internet less reliable in Ubuntu than OSX? and special characters
  62. [ubuntu] High HDD temperature on MBP / Hardy
  63. [all variants] Ioncube issues
  64. [other] My way to solve screen resolution problem on iBook G3 600
  65. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu over OSX
  66. [ubuntu] A PhotoRec question
  67. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Canīt connect to the enthernet
  68. [ubuntu] MacBook 3.1 Definitive Sound Help?
  69. [ubuntu] Suggestions for Ubuntu install on eMac
  70. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] PowerMac G5 unable to boot PPC ubuntu 7.10
  71. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mounting an iPhone with firmware 2.0 or higher under 'buntu
  72. [ubuntu] iPhone linux compatible? Kinda
  73. [ubuntu] Boot different kernel with yaboot?
  74. [ubuntu] Need to apply FN patch to make my wireless keyboard works as well
  75. [ubuntu] Transfer files from Ubuntu to Mac
  76. [ubuntu] iBook G4
  77. [ubuntu] share files between mac and ubuntu partitions
  78. [ubuntu] installing ubuntu 8.04 from a Live Usb onto iMac
  79. [ubuntu] iTunes for ubuntu
  80. [all variants] USB/Firewire drive with HFS+ filesystem Read-only
  81. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 6.X PPC Identity crisis?
  82. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] PowerBook Pismo (Firewire) Install
  83. [ubuntu] Ubuntu MID on iPod Touch?
  84. [ubuntu] Disable optical sound on my macbook
  85. [all variants] Is it possible? Installing Ubuntu on a USB disk and booting it on an iBook G4
  86. [ubuntu] netatalk not working with default install
  87. [ubuntu] Graphics Card not working well (ATI X1600 Mobility)
  88. [all variants] imac dual(?) boot
  89. [ubuntu] Updating gnash
  90. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 8.04 install and boot from Mac OS X?
  91. [ubuntu] iMac G5 (PPC). Can't see any wireless network
  92. [ubuntu] Installed but can't boot (or find) Ubuntu on OSX Tiger!
  93. [ubuntu] imac g3 350 video
  94. [all variants] AirTunes support for Linux
  95. [ubuntu] How can I backup triple boot mac easily?
  96. [other] Reinstalling OSX on single boot macbook
  97. [ubuntu] Help with Atheros Wifi - Need a Chipset Flash
  98. [ubuntu] Triple boot help (osx, ubuntu, xp)
  99. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Bluetooth Problems With Macbook C2D
  100. [ubuntu] Trackpad Horizontal Scroll Reversed
  101. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Wine is unable to install on PPC Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy
  102. [ubuntu] Bluetooth not working on Hardy an Macbook Pro 4.1
  103. [ubuntu] Mac Pro alt sound outputs?
  104. [ubuntu] SRST failed - i cant install ubuntu in my imac
  105. [ubuntu] Older 1.45 GHz G5 Mini with Radeon 9200 chipset
  106. [other] iMac G3
  107. [ubuntu] MacBook - install Ubuntu on external FW drive
  108. [other] Mac OS X to Ubuntu undertaking
  109. [ubuntu] Can't Boot Ubuntu, OS X or off CD/DVD
  110. [ubuntu] Mac Pro help
  111. [ubuntu] No boot
  112. [all variants] try again - MacBuntu
  113. [ubuntu] Blue & White G3 Rev 1 Installation Fails
  114. [ubuntu] Touchpad not working
  115. [ubuntu] Performances comparison with Mac OSX
  116. Display error on PPC based Mac PC
  117. [ubuntu] Triple boot Macbook (OSX, Vista, Ubuntu) with extra storage partiton
  118. [ubuntu] MBP Pentryn on Ubuntu 8.10 daily
  119. [other] adding RAM to iBook G3 500 MHz
  120. [ubuntu] Trouble reading PPC disk
  121. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Bluetooth Problem on Fourth Edition MacBookPro (Penryn)
  122. [ubuntu] Mac Pro Audio
  123. [all variants] Aluminium 24" IMac: how to decrease brightness?
  124. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] yaboot help on failed hardy upgrade, help getting to prompt
  125. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] xorg.conf problems with old imac
  126. [ubuntu] Wireless not working
  127. [all variants] [SOLVED] Mini Core Solo Hardy microphone input issue
  128. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] [TriBoot Intel x86] Doubt reinstalling XP
  129. [ubuntu] 2.6.24-19-smp kernel won't load powermac soundcard
  130. [ubuntu] Best version for PB G4
  131. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Hardy sound problems on TiBook
  132. [ubuntu] cant get live cd to work:(
  133. [ubuntu] right click, can't enable it
  134. [ubuntu] No Volume Control on Macbook 2,1
  135. [ubuntu] MacBook Wireless Help
  136. [ubuntu] OldWorld PB G3, BootX
  137. [ubuntu] Problem with activity monitor
  138. [xubuntu] cant correct split messed up screen!
  139. [ubuntu] gnome-power-manager - Fails to start
  140. [ubuntu] ath9k wireless headsup
  141. [all variants] [SOLVED] dual boot tiger/ubuntu procedures?
  142. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] having trouble with grub
  143. [all variants] connect to ext hard drive through a powerbook g4 via network?
  144. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Wifi acts like it connects but no IP
  145. [ubuntu] System Hangs / Color depth broken
  146. [xubuntu] Homemade Xubuntu CD not booting on Mac
  147. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] problem getting sound for macbook 4.1 with hardy
  148. [other] (powerpc, ATI Rage 128) fbgrab produces bad colors
  149. [ubuntu] Imac g4 wireless
  150. [ubuntu] Having some minor but annoying harware issues.
  151. [ubuntu] iMac G4/800 15" no video
  152. [ubuntu] Running Ubuntu from LaCie External FireWire HD
  153. [ubuntu] problem trying to wirelessly sync my iphone using amarok
  154. [ubuntu] Sound stops working, have to reboot!
  155. [ubuntu] rEFIt can cause disk failure?
  156. [ubuntu] Reset Windows partition boot loader?
  157. [ubuntu] Bluetooth Keyboard Mouse
  158. [ubuntu] Ubuntu dissappeared and Windows no longer works
  159. [ubuntu] graphics card & display suddenly not recognized
  160. [ubuntu] ekiga dbus commands/functions
  161. [ubuntu] Wireless Networking
  162. [kubuntu] Ibook G3 Display Problems
  163. [ubuntu] firefox & dpkg probs from a fresh newbie
  164. [ubuntu] can't access osx backup
  165. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Screen Drivers/Display Crash
  166. [ubuntu] macbook keyboard not working
  167. [ubuntu] Bento/Filemaker like database
  168. [ubuntu] macbook pro 4.1 (Penryn) and wpa
  169. [ubuntu] No Boot Device
  170. [ubuntu] brightside hot corners help please.....
  171. [ubuntu] m key stopped working in terminal
  172. [ubuntu] Help with burning the iso in mac 9.2
  173. [ubuntu] MacBook 3,1 Cannot Connect To Secure Network
  174. [ubuntu] no DHCP on iMac
  175. [ubuntu] Suspend
  176. [ubuntu] Can't connect to unprotected networks!
  177. [ubuntu] Trying to Triple Boot OS X, XP, and Ubuntu on one machine
  178. [ubuntu] HFS+ (not journaled) is read only
  179. [all variants] ibook wont boot from the iso disk
  180. [all variants] Fixing HFS+ B-tree error
  181. [ubuntu] Deleting OS X
  182. [ubuntu] MBP 3.1 & nVidia driver problem
  183. [all variants] Wanting to setup a simple file server, with AFP support
  184. [ubuntu] No backlit keyboard with pommed 1.21 on mkbk pro 4.1
  185. [ubuntu] Trackpad click sticks
  186. [ubuntu] ext2fsx works in multiboot?
  187. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] ctrl+alt+backspace???
  188. [ubuntu] Deleting programs
  189. [ubuntu] Help! Stuck in Ubuntu! Can't get to Mac OSX!
  190. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on non intel Mac
  191. [other] will boot magic 8 work with my friends mac?
  192. [other] my silent nightmare
  193. [ubuntu] Fanspeed files not found !!
  194. [ubuntu] Titanium PowerBook boot problem...
  195. [ubuntu] memory management - out of memory errors
  196. [ubuntu] ubuntu 8.04 Macbook Air Mic not working
  197. [ubuntu] How do I get an Ubuntu partition on my Mac?
  198. [ubuntu] help with mac-fdisk in hardy for USB install
  199. [ubuntu] some problems
  200. [ubuntu] upgrading macbook3,1 to ubuntu 8.10
  201. [ubuntu] Broadcom driver for 4328 b/g/n wireless device
  202. [ubuntu] HFS+ drive on Ubuntu
  203. [ubuntu] Rapidweaver
  204. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Died - Trying to access the files
  205. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Installed grub to wrong place now windows boot loops in grub
  206. [ubuntu] How much space should I give my Ubuntu partition?
  207. [ubuntu] rEFIt on Macbook
  208. [ubuntu] Advice on how best to save a Linux volume and reinstall it on a PowerBook
  209. [ubuntu] get know
  210. [ubuntu] Epson Aculaser C1100 driver problem
  211. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Success with BootX?
  212. [all variants] installing ubuntu with dual boot camp
  213. [ubuntu] Mouse freezing just after booting
  214. [ubuntu] ubuntu laptop to Time Capsule Connection
  215. [xubuntu] iBook G3 Clamshell with xbuntu.
  216. [ubuntu] Keyboard can't work when choose boot OS
  217. [kubuntu] can anyone help me with wpa_supplicant
  218. [all variants] ibook g4 - most viable setup?
  219. [ubuntu] I have a REALLY old mac...
  220. [all variants] Partitioning Question (creating a shared storage drive)
  221. [ubuntu] is there a way???
  222. [ubuntu] No boot disk!
  223. [ubuntu] Can't get sound on Macbook 2.1
  224. [ubuntu] Pls help newbie set up a G4 powermac for ubuntu
  225. [all variants] Blueberry on steroids?
  226. [ubuntu] MyBook HFS Formatted Drive Not Recognized
  227. [ubuntu] Ubuntu + Winodows only, on a MacBook, possible ?
  228. [ubuntu] Why use VMWare to access your iPhone, when you can connect wirelessly with AirShare?
  229. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Blankscreen on Macbook
  230. [all variants] Disable touchpad while typing, but not for too long!
  231. [ubuntu] cannot for the life of me boot this mac from cd
  232. [ubuntu] Any body know how to get an imac's mic and webcam working?
  233. [ubuntu] unable to access NTFS share over netatalk
  234. [all variants] grub
  235. [ubuntu] How to install OS X on a partition using gparted
  236. [ubuntu] No wifi on macbook 2.1 and problems with ubuntu-studio
  237. [ubuntu] ubuntu on mac mini from usb drive ?
  238. [ubuntu] PowerBook G3 Pismo Won't Boot 7.04
  239. [kubuntu] No screens found..
  240. [ubuntu] iBook 500Mhz Quirks
  241. [ubuntu] Apple keyboard stopped working
  242. [ubuntu] BootCamp creates unstable Windows partition
  243. [xubuntu] System fonts all boxes squares rectangles invalid
  244. [all variants] xfonts-scalable
  245. [ubuntu] Complete newbie looking for help
  246. [kubuntu] Xubuntu-6.06.1 PPC Doesn't Pick Up Internet
  247. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu crashing hard drives in MacBook
  248. [other] [SOLVED] No longer seeing boot menu
  249. [ubuntu] Right-Click with a Macbook
  250. [ubuntu] Ubuntu for PowerPC's relationship with Debian?