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  1. [all variants] macbook with linux?
  2. [ubuntu] Good bye my fellows...
  3. [ubuntu] Intel Mac Pro RAID multi-drive triple-boot
  4. [all variants] MacBook Air kernel scheduling for ssd's
  5. [ubuntu] wifi macbook ubuntu
  6. [ubuntu] Apple Wirless Mighty Mouse
  7. [xubuntu] help im new..
  8. [xubuntu] so can i assume?
  9. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Macbook 3.1 sound issue
  10. [ubuntu] Apple G4 400mHz
  11. [ubuntu] installing on MacBook HELP!
  12. [ubuntu] Airport Extreme on a iBook G4 12.Ghz
  13. [ubuntu] Has anybody used the iPhone 3G with Ubuntu yet?
  14. [ubuntu] Wifi on Macbook, followed all tutorials, nothing has worked. Details inside...
  15. [ubuntu] Avahi Apple Bonjour compatibility layer
  16. [other] Any distro that works out of the box with Macbooks?
  17. [ubuntu] Latest batch of updates take working with
  18. [ubuntu] Apple MacBook MB403LL/A Wireless Question
  19. [kubuntu] Mac Pro fan control?
  20. [all variants] Numlock functionality now fixed in Hardy Proposed
  21. [ubuntu] rEFIT or no rEFIT? Which is the best way?
  22. [ubuntu] Acessing the Linux Partition from OS X
  23. [ubuntu] really frustrated! Need Help!!
  24. [ubuntu] cycling on loading second stage (8.04 on g5 powerpc)
  25. [ubuntu] Anyone tried using NiBiTor to undervolt their MBP GPU?
  26. [all variants] [SOLVED] 1 OS X Partition, 1 Ubuntu Partition, and 1 shared between them
  27. [other] Passing linker nondefault dylib local in Autoconf.in
  28. [ubuntu] Need Help Booting Ubuntu via Boot Camp
  29. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Powermac G4
  30. [ubuntu] Ubuntu triple-boot no longer booting :(
  31. [gnome] [SOLVED] Different File Manager
  32. [kubuntu] Mac Mini wireless
  33. [ubuntu] Extremely high temperatures when resuming from sleep mode
  34. [ubuntu] Packaging Information Needed
  35. [ubuntu] Difference between Mac and Ubuntu?
  36. [ubuntu] Display, audio and airport problems with ibook G3
  37. [ubuntu] "Column view" in a Linux file manager?
  38. [ubuntu] CPU whine :(
  39. [ubuntu] No hibernate on first-gen MacBook
  40. [all variants] HOW-TO send a mesage to mac osx from ubuntu using SSH
  41. [ubuntu] Import Apple Mail into Hardy Heron
  42. [ubuntu] Booting into ubuntu from OS X
  43. [xfce] Black box in corner of screen
  44. [other] PPC hardware question.
  45. [all variants] Rage 128 VR DRI
  46. [ubuntu] Unable to modify synaptics options on macbook.
  47. [ubuntu] Install on Macbook Pro Problem
  48. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Music stored as "Other" on ipod 80 GB Classic
  49. [ubuntu] iMac 20" 2.4ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
  50. [ubuntu] Macbook shutdown taking a while
  51. [ubuntu] Sound dies after hibernation
  52. [ubuntu] Does dual boot Leopard/Ubuntu cause Time Machine Error?
  53. [ubuntu] Mac Pro & Cooling
  54. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] HOW-TO connect from one ubuntu to a virtualized ubuntu in parallels with ssh
  55. [ubuntu] Install GRUB as the bootloader.
  56. [xubuntu] Realtek RTL8187 Drivers on iBook G3/700
  57. [ubuntu] mac4lin
  58. [all variants] Lightning 0.8 for Linux PPC
  59. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on MBP, no wireless or Firefox
  60. [ubuntu] flashing login screen
  61. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu disappeared from boot menu
  62. [ubuntu] Partition Named "Boot OSX"?
  63. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Install grub from Ubuntnu without reinstalling?
  64. [other] [SOLVED] Thinking of getting a Mac - any pointers?
  65. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] username and password for bootcd?
  66. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How do you get g4 powerbook to boot from external cd drive?
  67. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Solo
  68. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] No wireless OR wired? What the heck?
  69. [ubuntu] Registering Macbook Pro
  70. [ubuntu] Black screen when loading Ubuntu Studio on a MacBook
  71. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro no sound - Driver Help
  72. [all variants] Why no Flash for PPC?
  73. [all variants] Boot from external usb DVD Drive with REFIT?
  74. [ubuntu] Ubuntu iBook G3
  75. [ubuntu] key remaps no longer work
  76. [ubuntu] connecting ubunto to mac book
  77. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] How can i configure Bluetooth keyboard when I can't even log on?
  78. [all variants] Virtual Machines
  79. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Three seperate errors when starting up on a PowerBook G3 Pismo
  80. [ubuntu] Windows won't boot outside of grub...
  81. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Question about Apple warranty...
  82. [ubuntu] Wireless, but no wireless...
  83. [ubuntu] Changing Permissions / Deleting Files
  84. [all variants] Macbook Air: hardware compatibility status
  85. [ubuntu] Mac Mini Compatibility?
  86. [ubuntu] Need a CrossOver version that works with iMac
  87. [ubuntu] Successful without terminal Triboot (OS X Leopard, Ubuntu 8.04 & XP SP2) on Macbook
  88. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on an iMac
  89. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Installs But It Doesn't
  90. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on Parallels Desktop(Mac)
  91. [all variants] Before posting Intel Mac Questions
  92. [all variants] Making the LiveCD a LiveUSB?
  93. [ubuntu] Finally a solution to USB-booting ubuntu on a mac ;)
  94. [all variants] bless on linux
  95. [ubuntu] failed to initalize HAL! error iBook G4
  96. [ubuntu] External hard drive's file system becomes unknown in Gparted...please help
  97. [xubuntu] Unable to start Xubuntu on my iMac G3
  98. [ubuntu] airport extreme not recognized after broadcom install
  99. [ubuntu] Right click on Ibook
  100. [ubuntu] Media playback just.. stops.
  101. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] g4 powerbook hangs after hardy install
  102. [ubuntu] Where I get JRE Linux PPC
  103. [all variants] [PPC] PulseAudio still not primetime for Hardy
  104. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Ubuntu 6.06.1 Live crashes, can't install
  105. [ubuntu] Newest iMac having odd bugs with 8.04LTS...
  106. [ubuntu] Mac mini PPC does not power on after ubuntu disc
  107. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 667MHz 512MB - no Mac OS installed
  108. [all variants] Only OpenSuse Install DVD Boots on my G4 PPC
  109. [ubuntu] Installed Refit on MacBook Air but it does nothing?
  110. [other] Run Ubuntu on PPC Mac
  111. [ubuntu] QEMU for running MacOS as a "guest" on PPC hardware
  112. [ubuntu] How could Gparted do its job & lose Ubuntu in the process?
  113. [ubuntu] Compiz Fusion on MacBook Air?
  114. [ubuntu] iMac5,1 hardy wont launch from rEFIt
  115. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on a Mac mini
  116. [ubuntu] G4 Live CD Boot Problems
  117. [kubuntu] debtags doesn't correctly install in Kubuntu 8.04.1 PPC
  118. [ubuntu] Bad Performance
  119. [other] [PPC] Debian Etch-stable 4.0_r4 released
  120. [all variants] Linux Drivers for GeForce GO 4400 (old PowerBook G4)
  121. [ubuntu] Will Ubuntu run on a Mac?
  122. [ubuntu] Triple boot help
  123. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Want to reinstall OSX on an eMac running 8.04, but can't
  124. [all variants] Which distro for an iMac G3?
  125. [ubuntu] Dual-booting leads to blank grub command prompt
  126. [ubuntu] Problem with applesmc and fan rpm speed
  127. [ubuntu] This Whinning Is Killing Me
  128. [all variants] Ubuntu on apple computers needs your help!
  129. [ubuntu] Java For PowerPC Arch.
  130. [all variants] [PPC] External Firewire boot info updated
  131. [ubuntu] Video Resorce Problem on Macbook
  132. [ubuntu] error installing ubuntu on ibook G4
  133. [ubuntu] How To Access the BIOS???
  134. [ubuntu] refit icons and grub
  135. [ubuntu] Macbook 1,1 sound, Hardy Heron
  136. [all variants] ath9k
  137. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on MacBook Pro
  138. [ubuntu] MacBook pro + Ubuntu = ?
  139. [ubuntu] A Prettier rEFIt
  140. [ubuntu] Compiling SheepShaver on Hardy
  141. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Non-adjustable sound on iMac 5,1 with Ubu 8.04
  142. [ubuntu] Conky on Mactel
  143. [ubuntu] Converting HFS iPod to Fat32
  144. [ubuntu] Mac Pro + Ubuntu = Nirvana
  145. [all variants] [SOLVED] FTP w/ MAC issues
  146. [all variants] Autoboot cannot open file?
  147. [ubuntu] kernel update and boot problem
  148. [all variants] performa 5300
  149. [all variants] [SOLVED] Is it possible to run a "virtual mac" on my linux desktop?
  150. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Wireless freezes occasionally....
  151. [all variants] Can I forward a Mac OS X session to my linux box?
  152. [ubuntu] Can't install on G4 XServe, keep getting yaboot problems
  153. [ubuntu] Can't Install VMware Fusion Tools
  154. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] ubuntu won't run off the mbp hard drive! help!
  155. [ubuntu] Skype
  156. [ubuntu] Help! Trying to get Ubuntu on my 12" Powerbook G4 with a broken CD rom!
  157. [xubuntu] Need Help Install Xubuntu on an old iBook.
  158. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Incorrect keyboard layout on macbook
  159. [ubuntu] Macbook Wireless
  160. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Update 6.06 to 8.04 dpkg problem TiBook PPC
  161. [ubuntu] Synchronizing iCal dates with Ubuntu
  162. [ubuntu] Apple aluminum keyboard: disabling numlock
  163. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Install Sytem Freeze and Error
  164. [xfce] light desktops on a mac
  165. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] I installed Proprietary graphics driver, now there's no x server or GUI.
  166. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] i just can't....get...wireless!!!!
  167. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Santa Rosa - Undefined symbols in Ath_pci
  168. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] Triple Boot - Ubuntu and Windows suddenly freeze from rEFIt
  169. [ubuntu] New NTFS partition setup for sharing
  170. [all variants] Need to burn old mac cd image - imac G3 can't boot from cd burned in Linux??
  171. [all variants] Has anyone tried the WUBI installer?
  172. [ubuntu] Wireless network adapter not detected by Ubuntu
  173. [ubuntu] Macbook (1st gen) Wireless not working
  174. [ubuntu] formatting hd for both Apple and Ubuntu
  175. [ubuntu] LiveCD runs my wireless on Mini-Does that guarantee the install will?
  176. [ubuntu] Dreadfull high pitched screaming during startup
  177. [all variants] xorg is too touch clickety.
  178. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Bluetooth Keyboard & rEFIt don't seem to work together
  179. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] set ubuntu as primary OS
  180. [ubuntu] Madwifi wireless driver drops connection
  181. [ubuntu] Partitioning Advise for Ubuntu Install on PPC
  182. [ubuntu] REALPLAYER11 install
  183. [ubuntu] newbie in a twist (CPU stuff)
  184. [ubuntu] need help: iphone 2.0 and amarok
  185. [ubuntu] Mac wont let me dualboot?
  186. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] I always have to run code for rEFIt to work: any workaround?
  187. [ubuntu] Help !! I need to create a installation disk for ubuntu
  188. [other] After deliting first 200mb fat partition(efi?), OSX reinstallable?
  189. [ubuntu] Triple-boot issues (XP, OSX, Ubuntu) on a MBP 3.1 NEWBIE
  190. [xubuntu] Adding RAM to 333MHz iMac, what about Firmware?
  191. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Live CD freezes immediately on boot
  192. [ubuntu] eMac Ubuntu upgrade
  193. [kubuntu] Disk partitioning
  194. [kubuntu] iPod Nano
  195. [ubuntu] Weird problem with soundsticks on G4 cube.
  196. [ubuntu] Problem with sound on macbook pro. Works, but weird.
  197. [kubuntu] Reformatting Linux Partitions to HFS+ Safely?
  198. [ubuntu] Small Ubuntu window in Parallels
  199. [xubuntu] Trying to find a PPC printer driver
  200. [ubuntu] Trouble Installing 8.04 from Live CD to 1GB USB flash drive on G4 PowerBook
  201. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Mouse stops moving on keyboard input.
  202. [ubuntu] [6.10] [PPC] Sources wrong, and need decoders
  203. [ubuntu] Sabotaging OSX
  204. [ubuntu] Coping Files to an MacBook
  205. [kubuntu] ibook G4, kubuntu and batteries
  206. [ubuntu] Install on PowerPC G4 867Mhz, 640MB SD-RAM
  207. [ubuntu] [PPC] Flash-Video (Gnash / swfdec / ...)
  208. [ubuntu] [ppc] Frequency-Scaling not working properly
  209. [ubuntu] iMac G5 1.6 Ghz Install
  210. [other] LDXE for PPC?
  211. [ubuntu] wireless freezing
  212. [ubuntu] "ideal" OS for old G4??
  213. [ubuntu] How to: automatic access to network drives on Mac
  214. [ubuntu] Macbook 3,1- After following the instructions listed here, WIFI still does not work.
  215. [all variants] Screen Resolution only 800x600 in Parallels
  216. [ubuntu] MacBook 4,1 sounds tinny or not at all
  217. [ubuntu] Help adding winxp to lepard and ubuntu already installed
  218. [xubuntu] G3 iMac can't find root after install
  219. [ubuntu] Mid-installation, my PPC imac(g3)'s monitor shuts off!
  220. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] sound on G4 crapped out pulse, alsa
  221. [ubuntu] I've had no luck with CrossOver-what about Wine?
  222. [ubuntu] Will Steam work on a basic Macbook?
  223. [ubuntu] Installing woes
  224. [ubuntu] Connecting a Linux Box to a mac to get internet.
  225. [ubuntu] Compiling The Kernel
  226. [ubuntu] iMac Wintel Hardy Gnome Suspend/Resume Notes (Help Save the Planet)
  227. [ubuntu] Partitioning Help...
  228. [all variants] Help with going from Mac OS X to Ubuntu
  229. [ubuntu] Problems With My Macbook Pro
  230. [ubuntu] AirPort Extreme wired no IP
  231. [other] Trouble Booting Ubuntu Studio on My MacBookPro
  232. [ubuntu] error message on startup
  233. [ubuntu] Very bad sound quality with mac os x
  234. [ubuntu] apple
  235. [ubuntu] Ndiswrapper problem - HH 8.04 64-bit - MBP 3,1
  236. [ubuntu] ipod with songbird
  237. [kubuntu] No startup after hardy install, black screen
  238. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Harddisk Performance problems
  239. [other] Logitech G15 with Debian Etch
  240. [xubuntu] HFS/HFS+ Support
  241. [ubuntu] My Startup Usplash is dissolving
  242. [other] I would like to use flock
  243. [ubuntu] Can't Mount Ubuntu drive on my Mac
  244. [ubuntu] Macbook and USB HD Ubuntu
  245. [ubuntu] Can't boot from 8.04 LiveCD on Quad G5 - b43-phy0 errors
  246. [other] Apple products lifecycle tracking website?
  247. [ubuntu] Booting without Live CD
  248. [ubuntu] Why?!
  249. [ubuntu] Nautilus & GNOME error - New install. Help?
  250. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Can't boot or mount Ubuntu 8.04 CD on G5