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  1. [ubuntu] modprobe ndiswrapper --> next keystroke repeats infinitely
  2. [ubuntu] yaboot problem
  3. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro 2nd Gen. Suspend/Resume
  4. [ubuntu] WPA new iMac Problems
  5. [other] Mac Pro - Ubuntu Studio Fan Speed
  6. [other] Mac Pro - Ubuntu Studio AUDIO problems
  7. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] No sound in Hardy on imac20 aluminium
  8. [all variants] Installing another Linux along with Ubuntu on PowerBook
  9. [ubuntu] Wierd Video upon Install Attempt on Pismo G3 PB
  10. [ubuntu] Static/ lines on screen
  11. [ubuntu] PPC wifi via pcima PB G3
  12. [all variants] having trouble trying to get conky to display macbook fanspeed and temp
  13. [ubuntu] Wifi connection problem
  14. [ubuntu] Error Message on Startup
  15. [ubuntu] Open Source implementation of the OS X API?
  16. [ubuntu] Issue with Disk Sizes over Network
  17. [all variants] How to get the keyboard backlight working on the Macbook Air
  18. [ubuntu] Problems burning the .iso of 8.04 using a mac
  19. [ubuntu] boot from external firewire drive on PPC G5
  20. [ubuntu] Dapper, PPC, firefox 3
  21. [ubuntu] Ubuntu on BlueBerry iBook
  22. [ubuntu] Mac Mini G4 PPC, Need Java Runtime and Flash
  23. [ubuntu] trackpad doesn't work on random boots, is there a command to reload.. ?
  24. [ubuntu] Brightness Keys Do Not Work on Macbook
  25. [ubuntu] Quesitons about running Ubuntu on a Macbook.
  26. [ubuntu] How does Ubuntu 8.04 work on a new Mac Book?
  27. [ubuntu] Macbook Dual or Tri Booting and Single Data Store
  28. [all variants] [PPC] Inactivity shutdown script works on my G5 iMac
  29. [ubuntu] Java and Flash on G4?
  30. [xubuntu] Bluetooth tray "browse device" menu greyed
  31. [ubuntu] Sharing files Hardy/Leopard and Sound MB
  32. [ubuntu] Can't boot to Ubuntu after installation
  33. [ubuntu] Intel iMac Dual-boot leopard/ubuntu
  34. [ubuntu] New Ubuntu install wont boot (G5 PPC)
  35. [ubuntu] No WiFi on rev.3 MBP After Reboot
  36. [ubuntu] Ubuntu doesn't recognize screen and graphics card
  37. [all variants] macbook air
  38. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Re-Installed Ubuntu Won't Boot
  39. [ubuntu] Sound control is different depending on remote or keyboard
  40. [ubuntu] mouse freezes on keyboard press
  41. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] MacBook Pro - Suspend not working in Kubuntu 8.04
  42. [ubuntu] PPC Video Issues+
  43. [ubuntu] Dual Booting Ubuntu/Fedora on G4 Titanium III 667Mhz
  44. [xubuntu] Will ANYTHING run on this?!
  45. [all variants] [PPC] LCD backlight control is Back on G5 iMac!
  46. [ubuntu] Correcting /Users permissions on OSX (HFS+) partition.
  47. [kde] A problrm with ipod nano
  48. [ubuntu] What is the Process for Getting Ubuntu to Read and Write off of a HFS+ Partition?
  49. [ubuntu] VLC in PowerPC Hardy?
  50. [ubuntu] Safari in Ubuntu
  51. [ubuntu] Skype -MacBook mic not working!
  52. [ubuntu] powerbook g4 problem
  53. [ubuntu] macbook graphics card
  54. [ubuntu] Issues after updating
  55. [ubuntu] installing hardy on a g3 imac
  56. [other] Linux thru VMware Fusion on macbook
  57. [ubuntu] Mighty mouse scroll wheel
  58. [ubuntu] installing hardy on ppc xserve (no ide-core?)
  59. [ubuntu] Triple booting Troubleshoot
  60. [xubuntu] xubuntu 8.04 g3 mac strange error
  61. [ubuntu] Parallels Desktop
  62. [ubuntu] Rythmbox plays ipod songs but ipod can't see them
  63. [ubuntu] Problem booting with a Persistent Live-USB
  64. [ubuntu] Accelerrated graphics driver for Macbook Air?
  65. [ubuntu] Lost Linuxes on a PowerBook
  66. [ubuntu] VMware unity on mac wit Ubuntu
  67. [ubuntu] Ubuntu killed the wifi driver?
  68. [xubuntu] how do i find my MAC Specs on ubuntu?
  69. [other] Directory Fragmentation
  70. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Access ext3 partition from Leopard?
  71. [ubuntu] Keyboard/Bootloader Issue
  72. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Help needed: Hardy, Wireless, Powerbook
  73. [ubuntu] Installing Banshee 1.0 on PowerPC
  74. [other] Need help to know if linux will work on this machine
  75. [ubuntu] iBook G3 Detects Wireless but I Can't Surf the Web
  76. [ubuntu] OsX Need help with install and duel booting abilities
  77. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Hardy ubuntu-minimal on Powerbook: No sound
  78. [ubuntu] Login does a loop after recent Updates
  79. [kubuntu] LiveCD (6.06) fail to load
  80. [all variants] [SOLVED] Problems w/ imac g3 333mhz (tray loading) 96mb ram
  81. [ubuntu] WPA Access iMac 3.06ghz model with Hardy
  82. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Sound iMac 3.06ghz model with Hardy problems
  83. [all variants] [SOLVED] New kernel driver for the BCM5974 touchpad (Macbook Air, Penryn)
  84. [all variants] [PPC] Anyone running SMP with default kernel?
  85. [all variants] Touchpad middle click does not work on macbook
  86. [ubuntu] Download Ubuntu for iMac G5
  87. [ubuntu] Ugent trackpad issue!
  88. [ubuntu] iPod Touch + USB + Ubuntu 8.04 = HOW?
  89. [ubuntu] Streaming off of iTunes folder on mac partition
  90. [ubuntu] X11 Forwarding
  91. [ubuntu] iSight codes won't work
  92. [all variants] ibook g3 900mhz and hardy powerpc ppc
  93. [ubuntu] Installing and running 8.04 on MBP without rEFIt?
  94. [xubuntu] iBook 700mhz freezes
  95. [other] [ipod touch] iPod touch wont work with gutsy
  96. [all variants] memtest86+ on Intel Macbook (2.1) and Intel Mac Mini
  97. [kubuntu] Powermac g3 Beige MT - new video card woes
  98. [ubuntu] No Sound Through External Speakers
  99. [ubuntu] Viewing Ubuntu Partition on OSX Question
  100. [all variants] remastersys liveCD will not boot on intel macs
  101. [ubuntu] Mac Pro: Triple Boot Explained. The Easy Way.
  102. [xubuntu] Hibernate Problems
  103. [ubuntu] Triple Boot; Mac, Ubuntu, Windows XP64 Advice?
  104. [ubuntu] Will iPhone 2.0 run/work better with Ubuntu?
  105. [ubuntu] Yaboot Stopped working?
  106. [xubuntu] Almost
  107. [ubuntu] Looking for info before I install anything
  108. [all variants] Full Screen Terminal on Macbook 2,1
  109. [kubuntu] [SOLVED] 8.04 hang after refit, with "GRUB" after fresh install
  110. [kubuntu] Tibook G4/550 screen display not right with livecd
  111. [ubuntu] Macbook pro Triple boot (10.5, XP, Hardy) (Hal?)
  112. [ubuntu] New to Ubuntu!! Yayyy
  113. [ubuntu] Unbunto 8.04 for PowerPC
  114. [xubuntu] iMac G3
  115. [ubuntu] I've failed with yaboot.
  116. [kubuntu] installing Flash player for firefox browser
  117. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] My Macbook Pro screams when I close the lid
  118. [ubuntu] What I'm sure is a stupid backup question
  119. [ubuntu] No WiFi connection
  120. [ubuntu] iMac Insert Key
  121. [ubuntu] dapper drake ibook install - where is command terminal?
  122. [all variants] [SOLVED] Leopard can only connect to one Netatalk server at a time
  123. [ubuntu] Mac Pro configuration
  124. [ubuntu] Ubuntu can access OSX parition, but unable to get into iTunes music?
  125. [ubuntu] MacBook Pro headphone jack problem on 8.04
  126. [ubuntu] can no longer mount aes128 dmg files
  127. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] help a n00b please?
  128. [ubuntu] Powerbook Shutsdown Mid Update
  129. [ubuntu] panels not working?
  130. [ubuntu] Mac book sounds works, and then stops
  131. [all variants] Fix the macbook crackling sounds once and for all.
  132. [ubuntu] WPA password too long in 7.10
  133. [ubuntu] automatically mounting Macintosh HD
  134. [ubuntu] Wireless mighty mouse lost scroll
  135. [ubuntu] hibernate fails - Macbook
  136. [ubuntu] Deleting old Mac files?
  137. [ubuntu] Brightness and Backlight keys die after waking from suspend
  138. [ubuntu] AutoMount OSX and Enlarge Ubuntu Partition...HOW?
  139. [all variants] Problems removing KDE/Xfce with aptitude.
  140. [kubuntu] Ibook g4 not fully recognising ram
  141. [all variants] Rev. 1 PowerMac G3 Blue and white
  142. [other] Ubuntu Studio on MBP
  143. [all variants] imac dvdrom ejecting all cd's
  144. [all variants] [SOLVED] internal hd
  145. [ubuntu] Can't controll brightnes and fan on Powerbook G4
  146. [ubuntu] Classic Wallstreet video problem
  147. [xubuntu] Powermac G4 Problems
  148. [ubuntu] Wireless looks good but stopped working...
  149. [ubuntu] Touchpad????
  150. [ubuntu] Bare bones video hardware.
  151. [ubuntu] Latest xorg update (July 2nd 2008) kills video
  152. [ubuntu] Netatalk and programs corrupting files
  153. [ubuntu] Mac & Ubuntu
  154. [ubuntu] Help for a computer-challenged person
  155. [all variants] [SOLVED] MBP and Dual Boot MAC OS X & Ubuntu Studio
  156. [ubuntu] Kiba dock on ubuntu 64
  157. [ubuntu] rEFIt tottaled my system, need serious help please
  158. [SOLVED] Ubuntu on Apple MacBook
  159. [ubuntu] remote desktop leopard to Ubuntu
  160. [ubuntu] opening terminal on Macbook Pro without trackpad
  161. [all variants] [SOLVED] Turn Windows Partiton in Extra Ubuntu Partition
  162. [ubuntu] PowerMac G4 AGP resolution issues
  163. [ubuntu] Cannot change desktop picture
  164. [ubuntu] MacBookPro 4,1 temperature monitoring?
  165. [ubuntu] Mouse Frozen at Login (Hardy Heron)
  166. [ubuntu] hardware drivers disappeared!! HeLP!
  167. [ubuntu] [help] Hardy Heron on macbook, running perfectly except for the sound.
  168. [ubuntu] Turn on/off bluetooth
  169. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] gdm pannels
  170. [ubuntu] Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon?
  171. [ubuntu] From Leopard to Ubuntu - Gutsy or Hardy
  172. [all variants] [PPC] Question about video=ofonly in yaboot
  173. [all variants] [SOLVED] OS X showing HFS, Ubuntu showing HFS+?
  174. [ubuntu] Really frustated...have to switch back
  175. [ubuntu] Dual-Boot Mac OS and Gutsy without rEFIt.
  176. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Setting up an Ubuntu fileserver & gateway for use with OS X workstation
  177. [xubuntu] need help with xubuntu livecd/install
  178. [ubuntu] Hardy Server Kernel Held Back?
  179. [ubuntu] uvcvideo module won't compile on custom kernel
  180. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] CDs work, but not DVDs in Penryn MBP
  181. [all variants] Another fan speed question - have read wiki
  182. [ubuntu] problems accessing time machine backup (hardlinks on HFS+?)
  183. [ubuntu] Access files on a Mac hard drive in Ubuntu
  184. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 1.67 Mhz: Sound card not detected
  185. [all variants] USB Wifi under QEMU is it possible?
  186. [ubuntu] Unable to log onto ubuntu after installation
  187. [gnome] volume key nightmare, alsamixer works perfect, buy volume key makes weird jumps
  188. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] Flashing folder on single boot fix?
  189. [ubuntu] How to reduce MacBookPro power consumption - help needed
  190. [ubuntu] Need explanation on wiki how-to (MacBook Pro)
  191. [ubuntu] has anyone tried new ultra-thin aluminum keyboad?
  192. [ubuntu] my batter life:and yours? how to improve it?
  193. [ubuntu] Please urgent: Should he buy a Mac?
  194. [ubuntu] Virtualizing Ubuntu in OS X on PPC
  195. [xubuntu] [SOLVED] Revert to Mac OS
  196. [other] [PPC] It's official - Ubuntu only runs on Intel Macs - NOT!
  197. [all variants] Ubuntu and OS X
  198. [ubuntu] wiping os 9.2, fresh install of server Ubuntu
  199. [all variants] Open source VMWare
  200. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro
  201. [kubuntu] text corruption in Xgl
  202. [ubuntu] Powerbook G4 fan control
  203. [ubuntu] apple G3 Clamshell Help?
  204. [ubuntu] Cant Change Resolution from 800x600
  205. [kubuntu] Can I merge partitions on MacBook?
  206. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro / Hardy : USB mouse / keyboard issue
  207. [all variants] [SOLVED] Problem Booting
  208. [ubuntu] HowTo: Make Ubuntu A Perfect Mac File Server And Time Machine Volume
  209. [other] ibook g3 500mhz sleep problems
  210. [ubuntu] vi on a macbook
  211. [all variants] PPC: NEW Hardware
  212. [ubuntu] Changing Yaboot so OS X boots first
  213. [xubuntu] Dual Boot Xubuntu and OS 9?
  214. [ubuntu] Hardy, liveCD, G4 emac, no X window after booting
  215. [all variants] Installing rEFIt without OSX
  216. [ubuntu] Ipod won't connect
  217. [ubuntu] Apple Remote
  218. [ubuntu] Windows based Programs in Ubuntu
  219. [ubuntu] Boot Help for iBook G4 PPC 8.04
  220. [xubuntu] netinst image for PPC?
  221. [kubuntu] Having trouble with Wifi on iMac(C2D)
  222. [ubuntu] Motorola s9 bluetooth headset
  223. [kde] Ubuntu on MacBook vs. KDE on OS X
  224. [ubuntu] (5.10) Screen stays orange after log in
  225. [ubuntu] I can just boot the live cd?
  226. [ubuntu] Installing Ubuntu on my Intel Based iMac
  227. [ubuntu] Kernek question
  228. [xubuntu] g3 install keeps rebooting
  229. [ubuntu] PPC- Seeing shared files from Windows computers
  230. [ubuntu] Network printer on airport always "busy"
  231. [ubuntu] run testdisk on powerbook
  232. [all variants] iMac G4 no sound
  233. [all variants] MobileMe and Linux
  234. [all variants] Why do you own a Mac and why did you install Linux?
  235. [ubuntu] Powerbook Ti G4 1GHz Internal Modem
  236. [ubuntu] Trackpad Not Working
  237. [xubuntu] [PPC] Upgrade breaks networking
  238. [ubuntu] built-in mic not working
  239. [ubuntu] [SOLVED] The LOGIN LOOP Blues
  240. [ubuntu] editing etc files
  241. [ubuntu] Macbook Pro Temperature Heat
  242. [ubuntu] Keyboard problems in Ubuntu, unable to type.
  243. [ubuntu] Macbook Wireless not working
  244. [other] [SOLVED] Help With External HDD
  245. [all variants] Default catch, code=300
  246. [ubuntu] Screen Dimming is out of control
  247. [ubuntu] [PPC] 8.04 Hardy for PPC included in new Ubuntu book
  248. [all variants] my mac is really really hot...
  249. [all variants] linux on old IBook G4 with no cd drive?
  250. [all variants] Installation problems on Old World. Powerbook and Wireless.